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PinEl Clásico Restaurant – Madrid, Spain

Darlings, we regret to inform you that it’s MONDAY. Fortunately for us, we’re currently on a British Airways flight from London to Lisbon, so our day is looking pretty good. Fortunately for YOU, Lorenzo has picked out a fabulous LOunge and we have a whole bunch of posts lined up for today, including a podcast. The work never stops when you’re America’s favorite married gay bloggers (allegedly)! So settle into today’s bright, lovely LOunge and kvetch a little until the show starts.



Jessica Alba and Rachel Zegler on the Unifying Power of Latina Beauty
The two meet for an open conversation about Hollywood stereotypes, beauty standards, and being scrutinized by the public.

Both Jessica Alba and Rachel Zegler are used to being outspoken and staying true to themselves. For Alba, the founder and chief creative officer of The Honest Company, it’s in the name of her multimillion-dollar brand. Zegler, for her part, has gone viral for her honesty, once famously telling an interviewer that she took a movie role “because I needed a job, I am being so serious.” She’s since joined the SAG-AFTRA picket line to fight for better labor and payment protections. ELLE brought Alba and Zegler together for a more honest conversation—on beauty standards, how they’ve felt their Latin identity has been perceived in Hollywood, and the spiritual threads that tie Latinas together even when, like these two, they’ve only just met.


The 2023 Creative Aristocracy: Introducing the New Kings and Queens of Culture
Artificial intelligence is calling into question the legitimacy, and economics, of human ingenuity. The talent on this year’s list is keeping it regally, outrageously alive.

How do you succeed as a young creative person today? How do you make it? What does it even mean to make it now?
The old models, pathways, and rules—some not even that old—have been scrambled and upended in the past few years, as the traditional gatekeepers and arbiters are replaced by the herky-jerky algorithmic democracy of social media. In place of the lowbrow-highbrow divide, we spend much of our lives immersed in one of several competing popular cultures—Oppenheimer vs. Barbie?—that demand that you pick sides to participate. The question is no longer so much whether you should sell out, but how to sell at all, and to whom.


10 of the best bars and restaurants in Paris
As fashion week returns to the French capital, these are our favourite spots at which to recharge and refuel

Paris is a city famous for many things: romance, fashion and, notably, excellent food and drink. The French are fastidious about exquisite dining and even better wine, so it is perhaps unsurprising that their capital city is a veritable treasure trove of hotspots to visit, from the upscale to the low-key. […] Whether you’re hoping to book a moody bar for a couple of late-night cocktails, or a classic bistro for traditional French fare, we’ve sounded out the ideal spot – so take your pick, and get booking…


Anne Hathaway’s Style File: Every Single One Of Anne Hathaway’s Classic Red Carpet Moments
The Oscar-winning star knows how to nail pitch-perfect Hollywood glamour on the red carpet and beyond.

Anne Hathaway is no stranger to stealing the show. In fact, few actresses know their way around a dramatic gown as well as the Oscar-nominated actress.
With a wide ranging CV including The Devil Wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain, Alice In Wonderland and Catwoman, she’s had plenty of opportunities to perfect her polished red-carpet look. And with an enviably slender frame and luminous pale skin, it’s no surprise that a quick look through her style file reveals she favours the suitably feminine and elegant Valentino and Alexander McQueen.
Away from the cameras, she’s either sitting front row at the couture shows or revelling in off-duty preppy accessories and understated classic tailoring.
Take a look at her wardrobe hits, including her latest fresh-from-the-runway Versace…


The Stars Are Consciously Uncoupling From The Idea Of Consciously Uncoupling
While it might not be all that surprising to see celebrity couples crumble – with all those difficult work schedules, egos and on-set affairs (sorry, alleged on-set affairs) – what does seem to be different is the tone. Forget the trend, in recent years, for trying to keep any acrimony under the radar. The latest A-list divorcees are coming out swinging; the joint statements are passive aggressive, the details are public, the race to claim the narrative and paint the other person in an unflattering light is on. To wit: the era of the ugly celebrity divorce is back.


Prepare for These Chaotic Loewe Cocoon Coats to be Everywhere
They’re the closest you’ll get to wearing a quilt in public

The first model at Loewe’s Spring 2024 show wore a coat built like an actual cocoon with no sleeves, encasing her body like a silky spun nest of chunky yarn. At the show, I heard some audience members call it “crazy.” Backstage, Jonathan Anderson called it “civilized.”
With the latest collection, Anderson said he wanted to make the ordinary extraordinary. He wanted to subvert normal clothing by doing something just unsettling enough to make you tilt your head while looking at it and try to pinpoint what about it is weird. In that sense, coats can be tricky.


In Sarah Burton’s World, All Women Are Heroes
The creative director said goodbye to Alexander McQueen today, leaving behind her own powerful legacy

Earlier this month, Sarah Burton announced that she would be stepping down from the helm of Alexander McQueen after 13 years as creative director and nearly three decades at the house. Since taking over for Lee Alexander McQueen after his tragic suicide in 2010, Burton has shown a deep love for and mastery of the craft of her longtime friend and collaborator, while modernizing the label and demonstrating that she is one of the most profoundly talented designers of this generation. In Paris today, Burton showed her final collection for the British fashion house and, once again, she took our breaths away.


The 11 Best Nail Colors That Are Timeless and Go With Everything
Add these classic polishes to your arsenal ASAP.

When you regularly wear nail polish, you want to know your go-to classic shades. These are the colors that you can reach for when you’re looking for an understated, timeless polish that goes with everything. While it’s helpful for DIY manicures, it’s even more useful when you visit the nail salon because it means you don’t have to parse through the hundreds of options there. To save you some time, we tapped three celebrity manicurists to share their go-to best nail colors to serve as inspiration.


Lash Lifts Are the Low-Maintenance Alternative to Lash Extensions
Get long lashes that last, without the upkeep or damage.

Whether you’re dealing with the consequences of improperly applied lash extensions or you’re struggling to glue falsies that simply won’t stick, there always seems to be some sort of hurdle in the race toward long lashes. If you’re feeling discouraged by what can often feel like a grueling process, don’t worry, we’ve been there too! And because we resonate with your frustration, we would like to offer some assistance by pointing you in a new direction. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider a lash lift.


The 23 Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2023
From psychological thrillers to major biographies.

It’s always a good time to crack open a brand new book (or download one to your device), but there’s something especially nice about queuing up a new reading list for the fall. Maybe it’s the back-to-school vibes, or the crisp weather, or the publishing industry’s tendency to push some of its most exciting releases to the second half of the year—either way, the next few months have no shortage of new titles to dig into. From a whopping 800-page Madonna biography to Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri’s first short story collection, here are 23 of the most anticipated books of the season.


The messy art of posting through it
Social media is our public diary — and it’s only getting more intimate.

Oversharing in conversation is nothing new. Throughout thousands of years of social interaction, people have divulged certain secrets, vulnerabilities, and desires to perhaps the wrong listener, with results ranging from mild embarrassment to shattered reputations. Thanks to social media, the ability to make these confessions to a potentially much wider audience is easier than ever.


These Cinnamon Rolls Have an Unexpected Twist in Their Swirls
Claire Saffitz crumbles up not-too-sweet speculoos cookies for the filling in these fluffy buns, which stay tender for hours.

After making and tasting dozens over the course of my baking career, I had pretty much accepted that cinnamon rolls, like scones and madeleines, are good only when eaten fresh from the oven. A roll that is tender, moist and delicious when warm turns brittle, dry and lifeless just hours later at room temperature.
But with all of the techniques to produce soft, supple dough textures, I was convinced that a cinnamon roll with a longer shelf life was possible.


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