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PinNan Bei Bar and Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

Darlings, it’s WEDNESDAY, our plane touched down in London several hours ago, and we’re feverishly blogging in our hotel room as we speak, We definitely have a few posts lined up for you today, so settle in and talk amongst yourselves!


Angelina Jolie Shakes Up Fashion with the Launch of Atelier Jolie
In November, the actor, director, and former UN Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy will open the doors on Atelier Jolie, a somewhat broadly defined effort to bring her globally minded, socially conscious values to the world of fashion. She envisions it as a space of collaboration, a kind of cultural center–meets–design workshop that combines tailoring and upcycling services with a gallery space for local artisans and a café run in partnership with refugee organizations.


Secrets of the Stylish: getting ready for the Dior show with Elizabeth Debicki
The actress on Princess Diana’s iconic style, fashion that makes her feel good and her love of a cashmere tracksuit

“Clothing that allows you to feel like yourself is what puts you at ease,” says Elizabeth Debicki. “But it can take a long time to figure out what that is.”
We’re talking over Zoom as the actress is preparing to attend Dior’s Paris Fashion Week show, where she sat front row alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Anya Taylor Joy and Jenna Ortega. Debicki is an ambassador for the fashion house, fronting the brand’s jewellery campaigns, and has worked with the team for a long time. But, irrespective of that working relationship, she says she’s always been drawn to Dior’s rich history and classic, timeless designs.


Victoria Beckham on her new trio of fragrances
Meet the Posh take on scent

Launching with three genderless sophisticated scents, the range draws on stages of her personal life and its parallels to pop culture: Portofino ’97 (a romantic scent embodying her first romantic getaway with husband David), Suite 302 (inspired by whirlwind weekends in Paris) and San Ysidro Drive (a motivating aroma anchored in California).


Report: The Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Situation Has His Jersey Sales Doing Numbers
Calling it now: “Football Taylor” will be the “it” Eras Tour movie outfit.

Fanatics, e-commerce partner of the NFL (which is kind of Kelce’s boss, when you think of it—they must be so proud of their boy), confirmed to People on Monday that fans were more eager than usual to put Kelce’s name on their back.
“Yesterday, Travis Kelce was one of the top five selling NFL players and saw a nearly 400% spike in sales throughout the Fanatics network of sites, including NFLShop.com,” the rep said.


The Queen fan-girled this popular perfume as much as the rest of us
According to a hand-written note from the late monarch.

The Queen was known for her discretion, which is why it was rare to get a glimpse inside her makeup bag. Over her long reign, we were able to get wind of a couple of her favourite beauty products. We know, for instance, that she favoured Essie’s bare pink nail polish, Ballet Slippers. And she was known to apply Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour Lipstick in Fig, But, now a new exhibition has spilled the tea on a scent that was close to the Queen’s heart.


Natalie Portman Becomes Julianne Moore In The First Trailer For May December
Of all the sweeping epics heading to the big screen this autumn, Todd Haynes’s latest offering remains one of the most anticipated: May December, an emotionally charged drama following a woman in the public eye (Julianne Moore) whose life is set to be dramatised, with a prominent actor (Natalie Portman) poised to play her.


A Nostalgic Guide To Gwyneth Paltrow’s Best Onscreen Moments
She proved she can wear a bonnet and adopt an English accent with ease as the lead in the 1996 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, and put a modern twist on a period classic opposite Ethan Hawke in Alfonso Cuarón’s take on Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations. Of course, her big moment came in 1998 as Viola de Lesseps in Shakespeare In Love – she took home an Academy Award for her performance.
As she celebrates her 51st birthday, we present a nostalgic look back at GP’s best onscreen moments to date.


Miranda July’s First Novel In A Decade Puts Midlife Female Sexuality Front And Centre
What happens when a curious, creative, sexually active woman reaches the midpoint of her life and questions her direction? Is there a dissonance to being queer yet finding yourself in a heterosexual marriage and a nuclear family? And what does it mean when said woman embarks on a road trip from Los Angeles to New York to recalibrate, but finds herself heading no further than Monrovia, on the outskirts of the city; holing up in a dingy motel off the highway; and feeling inexplicably drawn to a young man who works at a local branch of Hertz – and his interior decorator girlfriend?
All these questions (and a few more) are weighed in Miranda July’s masterful upcoming novel, All Fours – and the answers July finds, however tentative, are just as brilliantly funny and strangely touching as you might expect.


20 Ballerina Nails to Inspire Your Next Manicure
When you’re rocking nails with some length, you get to play around with the shape. Ballet nails are a shape that sits halfway between an almond nail (tapered with a round tip) and a coffin nail (tapered with a sharp tip). “Ballerina nails have a soft, tapered square shape that resembles the pointe shoes in ballet,” says expert Amy Oung. “As long as the sides are softly tapered in, and the free edge isn’t too sharp, it will give the delicate ballerina nail shape.”


These Are Zendaya’s 40 Best Outfits of All Time
Don’t make us pick a fave.

Zendaya is the embodiment of a multihyphenate. She’s rapidly ascended to icon status in every facet of her career. From her early dancing days on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up to winning multiple Emmys for her captivating portrayal of Rue in Euphoria, she’s shown her depth and range. She’s an undeniable force in the entertainment world, transitioning seamlessly to lead roles in films like Malcolm & Marie and Dune, and of course, the Spider-Man franchise.


Why Royal Fans Think Princess Kate May Wear a Tiara Soon
She has worn a tiara only a handful of times since marrying into the royal family

Since marrying Prince William in 2011 and becoming a royal herself, Princess Kate has worn a tiara on only a handful of occasions.
Though the British royal family owns a variety of glittering, bejeweled tiaras, royals themselves hardly take them off the shelf—unless it’s for a prestigious engagement. One such opportunity may soon be coming the Princess of Wales’s way.
Buckingham Palace announced today that King Charles III will be hosting the president of the Republic of Korea later this fall.


Julia Garner on Fragrance, Fashion, and Self-Care
The actor continues her partnership with Gucci as the face of Gucci Guilty Elixir

Actor Julia Garner is known for her captivating camera presence, whether she is portraying a strong female lead or showing off her flaxen curls and doll-like visage on the red carpet. As one of the faces of the Gucci Guilty fragrance collection, the 29-year-old starlet represents a new era in the campaign imagery for the brand’s latest evolution: the Gucci Guilty Elixir.


Tourists in Italy Say They Were Charged $1 for an Extra Spoon and Somehow That’s Not Even the Most Ridiculous Extra Charge This Year
What kind of TripAdvisor review would you leave?

Look, we all know that visiting touristy destinations usually means paying a premium for food and drinks. But sometimes, even the littlest surcharge can throw us right over the edge. That’s exactly what happened to one traveler who was charged an additional fee for an extra spoon so she could share a scoop of ice cream with her husband in Italy.


Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn Uncovers the Dark Side of the British Upper Class
The deceptive charm of the British upper crust is central to Saltburn—as is the fashion. The mid-Noughties—it being a time of footless tights and ballet flats, when the dregs of boho were giving way to nu-rave and indie sleaze—is rarely romanticized, but Fennell has managed it (think The Libertines’ shrunken military jackets and Lily Allen’s trainers and tulle) with such precision it’s as if she is still standing in the queue for Kate Moss’s first Topshop collection.


Duchesses, Baronesses, Princesses; Tatler heads to Paris to investigate how Balenciaga became the couturier du jour for 20th century high society
Style editor Chandler Tregaskes spends 24 hours with Balenciaga, and the impressive archive of the pioneering designer

In France, for one weekend in September, the country celebrates European Heritage Day by opening the doors to usually closed-off buildings, private art collections and esteemed heritage sites. Luckily, both Balenciaga and parent luxury group Kering were taking part in the festivities, sharing the wonders of 40 rue de Sèvres, once a chapel and hospital originally built during the reign of Louis XIII and now HQ for the high-fashion empire. I hotfooted it over the stoney courtyard of this 17th century marvel of design to witness a very exclusive display of art and fashion.


8 Mistakes to Avoid for Casserole Perfection
Find out what you should do instead so everything bakes up golden, bubbly, and just right.

There is nothing more comforting or nostalgic than a homemade casserole for dinner. It’s delicious as a hearty weeknight meal and even better as leftovers. Casseroles are always a crowd-pleaser and an easy way to feed the whole family. As wonderful as casseroles are, sometimes things go wrong and the dish isn’t as delicious as expected. To make sure you don’t end up with mushy, overcooked vegetables or undercooked rice or pasta in your casserole, we’re sharing the most common casserole-making mistakes and how to avoid them, so your dish bakes up perfectly every time.
14 Persimmon Recipes Everyone Should Make This Fall
Get to know this underrated fall fruit that deserves just as much attention as apples or pumpkins.

Persimmons, vivid orange fruits of autumn, have been cultivated in parts of Asia for at least 1,000 years but remain mysterious to many of us in the United States. We’re finally catching up, and that means that we’re discovering ways, both new and old, for using persimmons in savory preparations as well as sweet ones throughout fall.


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