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Posted on September 26, 2023

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We’re in a London sort of mood today, darlings. If you’ve been paying attention to our ramblings then you know why. We’re jetting off to the UK to spend our vacation with Wills and Cathy because they invited us. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of opinions to throw your way while we’re partying with the royals. Grab a barstool or settle into a wingback today. It’s TUESDAY, which practically begs for a little irresponsibility.

Inside Yves Saint Laurent: Form and Fashion, a new book that captures the spirit of the legendary designer
Discover the best examples of Saint Laurent’s exquisite creations over the years

Throughout his decades-long career, the legendary designer and couturier Yves Saint Laurent masterminded new silhouettes, ways with colour and a whole attitude to fashion that is still influential today. In this new book, Yves Saint Laurent: Form and Fashion, which accompanies an exhibition at Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris, his incredible talent is documented, photographed and explored.
“Yves Saint Laurent was a man of contrasts. Classic and modern, baroque and minimalist, a colourist and a master in the use of black, he concealed within his work an infinite number of possible interpretations,” says Elsa Janssen, director of the museum. “Here we discover the work of an artist who was of his time, surrounded by his peers and influenced by the same breaks with the forms of the past.”


Inside the Downton-worthy, star-studded wedding of Michelle Dockery and Jasper Waller-Bridge
The great and the good gathered at Orleans House, a Palladian villa in southwest London, to toast the nuptials of Dockery and Waller-Bridge

British and Irish acting royalty converged upon St Nicholas’ Church in Chiswick, West London, this weekend, as Downton Abbey’s doyenne, Michelle Dockery, married her partner of four years, TV and film producer, and brother of Fleabag star Phoebe; Jasper Waller-Bridge.
Gathering on the leafy streets of West London, in blessed sunshine, the guests were a veritable who’s who of British acting, including Imelda Staunton, James Norton and Lesley Manville, with Jasper’s sister, Phoebe, turning heads in a hot coral Etro trouser suit, fetching black necktie, and black-trimmed straw hat. Attending with her long-time partner, Oscar-winning Irish filmmaker Martin Macdonough, eagle-eyed spies were quick to spy a rather sizeable diamond ring on her own engagement finger.


I’ve been wearing this surprising perfume since I was 17 and people always ask what it is
No, it’s not Chanel.

I’ve been stopped on the tube, cornered in a nightclub, and I actually caught my husband sniffing at the perfume bottle the other day.
I really wish I could say ‘thanks, it’s Chanel Coco Mademoiselle’ when people ask me what fragrance I’m wearing, but I’m proud and mortified in equal measure to admit the scent I’ve been dousing myself in since I was 17 is actually Fantasy by Britney Spears. Yes, the £36 iridescent pink, crystal-embellished bottle that houses a scent my friends have likened to a ‘delicious sweet shop’.


‘Before’ and ‘after’ weight loss photos are back – here’s why they’re seriously problematic
We never see a transformation where the subject has gained weight paired with a positive message, do we?

‌It took me a long time to realise that these images were problematic. They weren’t serving as inspiration or motivation; they were merely reinforcing in me that I wouldn’t be happy until I got my ‘after’ picture – something that proved very unattainable and unrealistic to me without developing a full-blown eating disorder.
‌But that only scratches the surface of why these transformation pictures are so damaging. They perpetuate weight stigma and anti-fat bias by portraying larger bodies in a negative light and equate things like worth and happiness with thinness.


Everything To Know About Netflix’s Newest True Crime Documentary, ‘Who Killed Jill Dando?’
Journalist Jill Dando’s murder in 1999 was one of the biggest criminal investigations of the decade, but it still remains open to this day.

When one of Britain’s most beloved TV presenters, Jill Dando, was killed by a single gunshot to the head (thought to have been fired by a lone gunman) outside her home in April 1999, the mystery that unfurled sent shockwaves across the country.
In 2001, the police followed a theory that the culprit was an obsessed fan and subsequently arrested Barry George, who lived near Dando’s west London home. George was convicted in 2001 and jailed, before being acquitted seven years later.


Victoria Beckham Reveals The Personal Stories That Inspired Her New Fragrances
As Victoria Beckham prepares to launch three debut scents from her eponymous brand, she talks to Anders Christian Madsen about the stories that inspired them.

Victoria Beckham prefers masculine scents such as tobacco and suede. “Mine and David’s favourite flower is hyacinth. And I love honeysuckle,” she says. At home, she favours candles, but she’s not into lavender. “There have been too many cheap plug-ins in my past.” Founded in personal experiences, the debut scents from her eponymous brand are the antithesis to that memory. Launching this month, the three genderless eau de parfums, £170 each, have been handcrafted by perfumer Jérôme Epinette. “I spent a lot of time with him. I started with the stories and built the fragrances around them.”

All The Times Cate Blanchett Has Proved She’s The Queen Of Red-Carpet Rewears
“It’s chic to repeat,” Cate Blanchett’s stylist Elizabeth Stewart posted on Instagram as the actor rewore a series of looks at Venice Film Festival in 2020. First, there was the sequined gown by Esteban Cortazar that she first wore at the London premiere of Carol. Then there was the reworked Alexander McQueen dress, which she had transformed into a top that she could pair with trousers – showing what a dash of imagination can do in the world of red-carpet fashion.


Lenny Kravitz Revives His Ginormous Blanket Scarf In His First TikTok
Picture this: it’s the year 2012, and Lenny Kravitz steps out for a nice crisp walk in New York City. He’s dressed in a leather coat, knit beanie and fringed scarf – only, his brown knit scarf is so large that it almost looks like he threw a blanket over his shoulders. The oversized accessory instantly went viral and ignited thousands of memes, where internet users with too much time on their hands proceeded to Photoshop the scarf bigger and bigger. “I cannot escape this [scarf,]” joked Kravitz back in 2018. But now, Kravitz is in on the joke: he just joined TikTok and revived that iconic scarf for his very first post.


Princess Diana’s 35 Most Iconic Blazer Moments
The Princess of Wales had a well-documented love of blazers—and is the perfect style inspiration for fall.

Princess Diana’s legendary sense of style is remembered and celebrated to this day for so many reasons. Her wedding dress was simply iconic; her appreciation for printed statement sweaters continues to inspire; she was even ahead of curve on the athleisure look, with casual style that influencers are still copying.
However, amidst her affection for polka dots and statement collars, one of Diana’s biggest sartorial signatures was her love of blazers. From formal occasions to casual outings, Diana never failed to impress in a chic jacket. In fact, the Princess of Wales made blazers an instant style staple for fabulous women everywhere–and, it’s a trend that her daughters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have continued today.


Meet Actress Lily Gladstone, the Breakout Star of Killers of the Flower Moon
Gladstone had a major moment at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Gladstone plays Mollie Kyle, based on Mollie Burkhart, a real Osage woman. “I consider it a true gift and great responsibility to be trusted with Mollie Burkhart, and will hold her preciously with both arms, close to my heart. My most profound thanks to Osage Nation, it is a remarkable gift to be welcomed by you, and to be able to tell this story,” she wrote upon news of her casting. “Iiksukapi, niksokowaiks. The very best to you, my friends” For the film, Gladstone learned to speak Osage.


Kelce-Swift Is a Dream Pairing for the N.F.L.
The romance between the Chiefs tight end and the world’s biggest pop star represents an alliance with the only cultural force in America bigger than the league itself.

On Sunday, when the Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears, there she was, in the flesh, in his suite, next to his mom. Swift wore a white tank top and a red Chiefs jacket. Her red lips formed a perfect “O” when she cheered. Her red nails flashed when she clapped or clutched her hand to her chest. She looked delighted. Donna looked delighted. The dude to her left, whom she gave a celebratory chest bump, looked delighted. Everyone in her orbit, in fact—the crowd, the commentators, the Chiefs players, the television audience, the millions of Swifties dispersed around the globe, the millions of people who were only now learning that Swift has a thing for friendship bracelets—seemed vaguely delighted by her presence.


The cinematic glory of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s game-day date
Miss Americana is a master of weaving her love life into her art.

Is this whole thing one big calculated publicity play? Look, probably it is, at least a little bit. Swift’s got her forthcoming 1989 rerelease to hype up; Kelce has a podcast to sell. These headlines are a win-win for both of them. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t information to mine here.
Swift used to put her love life at the center of her public image. In the early 2010s, the gossip sites were full of incredibly fake looking shots of Swift strolling down the street sipping maple lattes with Jake Gyllenhaal or frolicking in the ocean with Tom Hiddleston. Those images would later encode themselves into some of Swift’s most vulnerable and emotionally authentic songs.


5 Places to Bask in Spectacular Foliage This Fall
It was a summer of heat, droughts and deluges. Experts say that stress could make autumn colors especially vivid. Here’s where you can savor them before they’re gone.

Heat domes, droughts, smoky skies, tropical deluges: After a record-breaking summer of extreme weather events, dare we dream of crisp nights, cozy sweaters and the colors of fall?
“This summer really was a chaotic mix of record wettest and record driest, and fall colors will reflect that,” said Austin Rempel, director of forest restoration at American Forests, a nonprofit forestry organization. The Northeast and parts of the northern Rockies and Southern California had extremely wet summers, while the Southwest had one of its driest on record, he said.


The Pumpkin Spice Latte Will Outlive Us All
Twenty years in, Starbucks’ star drink has never exactly been cool. But that’s how you stand the test of time.

Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, which turned 20 last month, has survived blistering political environments, harrowing global recessions and endless cycles of beverage and diet trends by refusing to be cool. Now, it’s a touchstone of the American palate.
The P.S.L. has evaded irrelevance by appealing to our need for a reliable marker of passing time. It offers a Pavlovian feedback loop: Give up a few dollars, receive instant nostalgia for chilly nights spent curled up watching “Practical Magic,” and a sweet reminder of the approaching holidays.


12 Types of Olives, Including the Best for Snacking, Stuffing, and Martinis
Also, why some olives are green, some black, and some purple … but only one is red.

If you want to infuse your food with a taste of the Mediterranean, reach for olives. When you add various types of olives to your meal, you’re also putting a piece of history on your plate. Olives can be traced back millennia to when ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, cultivated them.
Olive trees bear different types of fruit (yes, all olives are fruit). From the buttery and mild Castelvano to the tangy and subtly smoky Gaeta to the robust and fruity Kalamata, the olive family showcases a diverse palate of flavors and complements a wide array of dishes from many different cuisines.


How to Make Homemade Dog Shampoo Using Just 3 Ingredients
Clean and deodorize your pup with this easy, all-natural recipe you can mix up in minutes.

While a specially-formulated dog shampoo designed for a pup’s skin is the cleaning option vets recommend, knowing how to mix up your own quick, non-toxic cleaner can help you get out of unexpectedly dirty or stinky situations.
This shampoo recipe, developed by Chloe Mackintosh of Boxwood Avenue, uses three simple ingredients: baking soda, castile soap, and water. “Living on a ranch gives my dog the opportunity to get into a lot of things that don’t exactly make him smell like roses!” she says. “As I’ve worked on making more of my own homemade green cleaning products, I wanted to come up with a great all-natural recipe for my pup.”


The 20 Most Affordable U.S. Destinations for a Fall Getaway
Fall brings colorful leaves and mild temperatures that make exploring the outdoors all the more ideal.

Fall is here, ushering in a brand-new season for travelers to enjoy. From coast-to-coast, and north to south, cities across America offer something unique for travelers to adore, including fall festivals, music events, and lengthy hiking trails to explore, all covered in a blanket of colorful fall foliage. And the mild temperatures that come with autumn make sightseeing in some of America’s hottest towns (both literally and figuratively) a lot more enjoyable.



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