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PinBar sur le Toit at La Fantaisie – Paris, France

Let’s be super-twee and full of whimsy today, darlings. It’s MONDAY, we’re leaving on a jet plane, and the WGA strike is over. Two out of those three things are good, so let’s celebrate them. Order something pink to drink and settle in for the day.


Writers Guild Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios and Streamers
In a significant development that could bring an end to a historic writers strike, the union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers announced a provisional deal on Sunday.

The Writers Guild of America emailed strike captains the news on Sunday night, and shortly after, its negotiating committee informed all members. “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA, which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language,” the latter message stated. “We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”


Usher Is Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performer
Surprise! Usher has been officially announced as the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show performer. The R&B singer will hit the main stage on 11 February 2024, at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas – the first time the Super Bowl is being held in the city.
Every year, the Super Bowl Halftime Show plays host to some of music’s biggest acts. Last February, Rihanna stole the show when she revealed she was pregnant (in a red Loewe jumpsuit, no less). Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé are among the other high-profile names to have graced the stage.


The First Teaser For Netflix’s New Squid Game-Inspired Reality Series Is As Surreal As You’d Expect
The frankly chilling social experiment will consist of 10 episodes due to drop on 22 November, as revealed in the first teaser for the series that landed on 22 September. In it, we see the players spy the ginormous prize pot, climb up those pastel-coloured staircases, and race towards Young-hee, the creepy motion-sensing doll from “Red Light, Green Light”.


When A T-Shirt Is More Than Just A T-Shirt
Teo van den Broeke’s forthcoming memoir, The Closet, traces his path from an insecure teen growing up in suburban Surrey to a leading fashion journalist through the clothes that shaped him. Below, read an exclusive extract about finding a vintage Vivienne Westwood T-shirt that altered his understanding of himself.


Wedding dress inspiration from real-life brides
A round-up of beautiful gowns worn by real brides on their wedding day

Hunting for The One doesn’t just end with meeting your partner; then begins the search for that all-important wedding dress. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more contemporary, at the top end of the scale or more affordable, or perhaps even something pre-owned in a bid to be more sustainable, there’s an incredible array of options out there.
But where better to get inspiration than from real women on their wedding days? Here we bring you a selection of beautiful brides on their big day, all with very different tastes, styles and budgets. Prepare to feel inspired.


The best room sprays for enhancing your home
Home fragrance is big news this season – here, see the blends we’re filling our living spaces with

When shopping for a housewarming or birthday gift, a candle is likely top of your list – but a room spray can make a chic alternative.
A fragrance for your living space, these perfumed spritzes can breathe new energy into any room in seconds. Create calm via something steeped with chamomile, or lighten the mood with an uplifting floral accord. For refreshing a kitchen, something bright and citrussy always works.
Not just an olfactory win, today’s best bottles look pretty chic, too. Diptyque’s classic offering looks as good as it smells (which is delicious indeed), while Cire Trudon’s grand flacons are perfect for the interior maximalist.


The ‘butterfly bob’ is this season’s most-Googled hairstyle because it adds serious movement to hair
The butterfly bob is just a more flexible, laidback version of your standard bob.

Just when we thought we’d seen every iteration of the bob hairstyle, the butterfly bob came along to cement its status as the hairstyle of the season.
The traditional bob’s more flirty sister, the ‘butterfly bob’ is up 93.8% on global Google search, and the hashtag has amassed 382k views on TikTok as people scour the internet for their next autumnal haircut. The style has already been worn by Jenna Ortega and Zendaya so what’s not to love?


Pose Star Angelica Ross Is Over It: “Fuck Hollywood”
In a bridge-burning interview, the Pose and American Horror Story star explains how and why she decided to air her alleged experiences with Ryan Murphy and Emma Roberts.

In an interview, Ross says that she had “no problems whatsoever” with Murphy during her time working with him. However, she did recall an incident where the two exchanged a heated phone call after Ross took issue with a crew member on AHS wearing inappropriate and racist T-shirts to set. Ross says that after she flagged the issue to Ryan Murphy Productions, cryptically tweeted about it, and refused to leave her trailer until it was handled, Murphy called her on the phone and began “cussing me out.” Eventually, Ross says, Murphy apologized. “Angelica, I want to be your number one champion,” she recalls him saying. “I see the work that you’re doing out there and I want to be a support and I want to know and learn.”
The Fashion Week Runways Are A Lesson In Embracing Your Natural Hair Texture
SS24 is all about letting your hair do its thing.

Rather than perfectly crafted styles, the runways were awash with natural hair textures, from air-dried curls to bed-head kinks and not-quite-straight lengths at the likes of Simone Rocha, JW Anderson and Tove – styles that are easily achievable in less time, and using less heat than your normal routine. We’re sold.
You don’t have to wait until spring 2024 to channel the look, either. As we head into autumn, the weather will take a windy, rainy turn for the worse – the enemy of every polished hairdo. So there couldn’t be a better time to start working with, rather than against, your hair’s natural texture.


‘Naked Attraction,’ Brutal Full-Frontal Nude Dating Show, Quietly Added to Max
Singles eliminate potential dates by scrutinizing and critiquing their nude bodies in controversial series: “This is the craziest s–t I EVER watched on TV.”

It’s like being on Tinder, but so much worse.
One of the U.K.’s most infamous dating shows was quietly added to the Max streaming service last week.
The streamer has imported six seasons of Naked Attraction, a game show that promises to “start where a good date often ends — naked.” In each episode, a single “chooser” critiques and eliminates six potential dates standing on a stage by scrutinizing their fully nude bodies, which are gradually revealed one part at a time (faces are revealed last). When only two potential dates remain, the chooser strips out of their own clothes too, giving the remaining two contestants the opportunity to critique them. The final couple then go out on a date, with their clothes on.


Taylor Swift’s big night with Travis Kelce, from hanging out with his mom at Kansas City Chiefs game, dropping a ‘LFG’ when he scored a touchdown, and leaving together in a convertible
Taylor Swift finally accepted Travis Kelce’s invitation to watch him play with the Kansas City Chiefs.
Fans have recently been speculating whether they are dating.
Here’s a quick breakdown of what went down at Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game.


80 Group Halloween Costumes Everyone in Your Circle Will Love
The cutest, spookiest and most popular outfit ideas for squads of four, five, six and more!

Trick-or-treating solo or with your significant other is always a blast, but hitting the town with a trio or larger groups of four, five, six or even 10 can be more of a thrill. That’s where the search for group Halloween costumes comes in. With the spooky season approaching on October 31 (it’s never too early to start shopping!), you and your squad can don any of the outfits below. Whether you’re with family members, friends or coworkers, you’ll find a coordinated look you can all proudly show off together.


How to advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office
Speaking up for yourself in a medical setting is a skill. Here’s what to know.

“Even if you don’t have the medical background,” he says, “you know your body better than anyone else.” Discrimination can look like a medical professional making you feel inferior, less-than, or outright unsafe because of your race, weight, sexual orientation, education level, physical disability, or age. Providers may also dismiss your pain by insisting your symptoms are a byproduct of psychological factors or that you’re “dramatic.”


Tina Sinatra tells Tatler why now’s the time for a musical about her father, the legendary Frank Sinatra
As the world premiere of the new show opens in Birmingham, Sinatra’s daughter reflects on her father’s music, his romance with Ava Gardener and being a Savoy girl at heart

One of Tina Sinatra’s lasting memories of being in the UK with her father Frank took place in the lobby of Claridge’s. ‘I remember coming to London to meet him; I guess I was in high school,’ she recalls. ‘I remember the concierge quietly, politely came over to me, with my long brown hair and bell-bottom jeans and quirky wedged shoes, and he said “Would you mind leaving the lobby?”.’ […]
Yet the youngest daughter of one of the world’s most enduring musical figures (and sister of Nancy and Frank Jnr.), has found herself back in the UK as Sinatra The Musical gears up for its world premiere at the Birmingham Rep on Saturday 23 September.


Lost Artemisia Gentileschi painting – found after over a century in a Hampton Court Palace storeroom – goes on display at Windsor Castle
After being misattributed at least two centuries ago, Susanna and the Elders, a rare work by Gentileschi , will go on display following extensive conservation treatment

A painting that has been in store at Hampton Court Palace for over 100 years is now on display at Windsor Castle following extensive renovation, after being misattributed at least two centuries ago. Susanna and the Elders is a rare surviving painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, considered to be one of the greatest female artists of her generation.


So You Think You’re a Travel Expert? Prove It.
You glide through airport security like Michael Phelps through the pool. You have your passport number memorized. And you’ve been asked more than once to stop bragging about how your carry-on bag fits perfectly in the overhead bin. But how well do you know the latest travel buzzwords? What is skiplagging? What is set jetting? What does open jaw signify?


Kerry Washington Goes Deep
In her memoir, “Thicker Than Water,” the famously private “Scandal” star opens up about the family secret that made her question whether she was playing the lead role in her own life.

For years, Washington has guarded her personal life with the same tenacity she’s breathed into characters like Olivia Pope on “Scandal” and Mia Warren in “Little Fires Everywhere.” Her June 2013 wedding to Nnamdi Asomugha was a secret. She never posts pictures of their three children. She was the one who chose her alma mater as a venue; she wasn’t going to invite an inquisitive stranger to her home in Los Angeles.
Now, with a memoir coming out on Sept. 26, the Emmy-winning actor is opening the door to her inner sanctum. “Thicker Than Water” tells the story of a Black girl from the Bronx making her way in white Hollywood while feeling as if she didn’t belong in her own family.


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