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Posted on September 20, 2023


PinBon Bon Bar – Gothenburg, Sweden

It’s WEDNESDAY, darlings. That calls for a soothingly fabulous LOunge that shuts out the world and offers comfy seating and flattering lighting. Let’s congregate.


As She Turns 89, Here Are 16 Of Sophia Loren’s Best Vintage Beauty Looks
It bodes well for Loren if she feels as good on the inside as she has always looked. The Roman siren’s take on Italian glamour has always been a whole beauty mood – it is timeless. There is the trademark feline flick and voluptuous eyelashes; the bold lipsticks, from red to pink; glamorous blow dries; and her bold eyebrows, expertly filled in. Hers are looks that continue to be emulated today, and she is regularly name-checked backstage at fashion shows. Here, we take a look at some of her most show-stopping beauty looks over the years.


Sienna Miller And Scarlett Johansson Play Dysfunctional Sisters In Kristin Scott Thomas’s Directorial Debut
After an almost four-decade-long career as a revered actor, Kristin Scott Thomas, the Oscar-nominated star of The English Patient, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Gosford Park and Darkest Hour, is turning her hand to directing – and her first project is decidedly buzzy.
Titled North Star (previously My Mother’s Wedding), it’s billed as a compelling family drama about three romantically dysfunctional sisters who are trying to navigate their mother’s third wedding.


Ayo Edebiri, Melanie Lynskey, and Sharon Horgan on Making Prestige TV With a Twist
The actors, who star in The Bear, Yellowjackets, and Bad Sisters, respectively, discuss the allure of their off-center shows and what keeps them engaged and excited in their work.

The Bear, Yellowjackets, and Bad Sisters, all Emmys contenders this year, have managed to stand out from the rest for the exquisite tone they have been able to strike, somewhere between comedy and drama, as they capture the tensions, farces, and struggles of modern life. The hilarious, deeply thoughtful actresses who help lead them lend levity and endearing portrayals of complex women to plotlines that, at times, can be downright macabre.


Where to sleep, eat and retreat in Crete’s charming city of Chania
In this picturesque city, mythical history meets modern charm

Chania (also spelt Hania – as it is pronounced) is Crete’s second largest city, situated on the northwest coast of the captivating Greek island.
Known to some as the ‘island of diversity’, Crete caters to a wide range of visitors, from the sun-seekers to the nature lovers, night owls, foodies and mythology enthusiasts. Encompassing this Cretan spirit, Chania specifically is steeped in historic culture, while boasting picturesque beaches, quaint villages and lively nightlife. Here, there truly is something for everyone.


Is an Oura ring really worth it?
We trial the fitness tracker ring that promises both style and efficiency

This is what drew me to the Oura ring, which partners exclusively with the Natural Cycles app, pulling your temperature statistics automatically at the same time each morning, ensuring the most accurate readings.
I soon discovered that Oura offers much more than I had originally expected. First, there’s the sleek, minimal design: a rare find in a fitness tracker. In fact, my smooth gold Oura is often mistaken for another luxury ring in my jewellery collection.


The autumn nail trends to know for 2023, according to the pros
Who’s ready for a change of scenery? Us too. To get a kickstart on the autumn nail trends, we asked our favourite nail artists to spill the deets on their top trend predictions for the nail art and nail shades we’ll be wearing for the season ahead, whether you’re more of a mani minimalist, or you want something super statement.
So, if you want to swot up (and jump in) early, here’s the autumn nail trends to have on your radar…


24 henna designs and meanings to inspire you
Plus everything you need to know.

We love Henna designs – they’re beautiful, intricate and offer a stunning way to express your personality and individuality. The ancient body art has been popular in parts of India, Pakistan, Africa, Egypt and the Middle East for over 5,000 years, and the temporary brown dye is well-known for its decoration of hands, feet arms and legs ahead of important celebrations. In South Asia, it forms an integral part of the mehndi party for brides ahead of their wedding day, where it symbolises good health and prosperity, plus a deep bond the deeper it goes. And it’s used to symbolise joy, kindness, health, wealth and peace across many cultures. But aside from looking pretty, how much do you know about Henna?


“I Want People To Fall In Love With Gucci Again”: New Creative Director Sabato De Sarno Shares His Plans
The designer will step into the spotlight with his debut show as Gucci’s creative director on Friday, which will mark the beginning of Gucci’s next chapter.

A graduate of Milan’s Istituto Secoli, with stints at Prada and Dolce & Gabbana before a decade-plus run at Valentino, De Sarno has been in fashion for 20 years, but prior to Gucci he worked behind the scenes and he was comfortable there. “This is a very new moment for me,” he says. “I’m a dreamer, but honestly I’ve never dreamed of something like this.”


From Cowboy Copper To Cinnamon Cookie Butter, Red Hair Is All About Personalisation Now
Trends, by definition, come and go — but some would-be fleeting moments prove to have natural staying power. This goes double if the look is, well, natural. This time around, red hair is transmuting from passing fad to tried-and-true hue, with a new guard of colours (organic-looking and otherwise) designed to ensure the shade is a match for anyone looking to bring some blaze to their trail.


This Is Officially The Best Hotel In The World
The 50 Best Rankings aren’t without their critics – see the Twitter discourse around restaurant PRs’ influence on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony back in June – but there’s still something undeniably appealing (and, yes, clicky) about a “definitive” list, even if you disagree with much of its contents (and I usually do). And yet I will brook no argument with Passalacqua taking home the top prize at the inaugural ceremony for The World’s 50 Best Hotels, held in London on 19 September.


12 of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Roles to Date
From a tragic Shakespearean hero to a millionaire stockbroker, Leonardo DiCaprio has depicted a broad range of weird and wonderful characters across our screens for three decades. After his breakout in the Academy Award-nominated What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and, later, his tear-jerking performance in Titanic, he solidified his status as a ’90s heartthrob. More recently, we have seen him play a charismatic con man, a legendary tycoon, and a rugged frontiersman, all the while scooping up countless awards along the way. Here, we look back on his most impactful roles to date.


Bake These Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes and Your Kitchen Will Smell Like Fall
These cupcakes are scented with pumpkin pie spice for a fall treat anyone can enjoy.
Baruch Ellsworth, pastry chef at Little Saint in Healdsburg, California, created these vegan cupcakes as part of the restaurant and coffee bar’s plant-based menu. He whips together chickpea aquafaba and vegan butter to make the creamy vegan buttercream on top.


I teach dining etiquette to Americans. Many people miss the basics — here are the most common mistakes I see.
Jayne Withers teaches classes about dining etiquette to both children and adults in Florida.
She learned about etiquette while studying at Cambridge University.
The most common mistakes she sees are missing the “please and thank you” and eating too quickly.


78 Easy and Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids to DIY This Spooky Season
From toilet paper spiders to paper plate ghosts, browse simple projects for kids of all ages.

We have a creative range of family-oriented crafts for toddlers, kindergartners and ghouls and gals of all ages. Think painted pumpkins, paper plate spiders, skeleton garlands and googly-eyed veggie monsters. Some of these DIYs even double as decor (bleach pen napkins and spider-webbed placemats are just a few fun examples). Other crafts on the list make for cool Halloween games — ever played pumpkin tic-tac-toe? Even better, many of the crafts are budget-friendly and can be made with basic craft supplies like craft sticks, pool noodles, pipe cleaners and construction paper. And did we mention they’re incredibly easy to make with adult supervision?


The Amber Gleam of Yakgwa, South Korea’s ‘It’ Cookie
These glossy cookies come from ancient Korea, but their ginger-honey flavors are timeless.

Perhaps no Korean dish represents the value of honey more than the ancient dessert yakgwa, a deep-fried honey cookie soaked in syrup. Yakgwa (“yak” means medicine and “gwa” means confection) is more than a vessel for coveted sweetness. It connects generations and tells the story of Korea’s reverence for tradition and optimism for the future.


Whatever Happened to the Off-Season?
The heat, mobs and high prices of recent summers are making off-season travel more popular — perhaps too popular, some say, as they watch prices rise and crowds grow.

As a traveler who prefers the off-season for its more affordable prices and fewer visitors, I try not to fly in July and August, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. I wait until fall when rates for flights and hotels normally plunge and crowds shrink. Or they used to.
This year, hotels in Florence, Italy, in September were charging close to summer highs. I was priced out of Key West, Fla., in November, a historically slow month. Considering the eco-friendly resort Playa Viva near Zihuatanejo, Mexico, for the first week of December — long a bargain time to travel — I could find only one night available at rates below $500. What, I wondered, happened to the off-season?


Here’s How Often You Should Wash Your Comforter
It’s likely more often than you might think, and depends on several factors, our experts say.

A comforter is a staple piece of bedding for many, especially when the weather cools down. But its size and thickness can make it difficult to wash. Despite how much of a chore cleaning your comforter may feel like, it’s a task that should be done regularly in order to prevent a build-up of bacteria and allergens. How often you wash your comforter, however, depends on a few different factors, like whether or not you use a top sheet or duvet cover.


How to Organize Your Coat Closet Like a Professional
Interior designer tips on cleaning out your coat closet and keeping it organized for good.

A well-organized coat closet is a splendid thing. Not only does it offer a space to store (and grab) your favorite jackets when you’re on-the-go, but a streamlined coat closet also allows you to keep all of your out-the-door essentials—like umbrellas and snow boots—in one easy-to-access place. But how exactly does one turn a small box of an area into a storage-savvy space?



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