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PinMotta Milano 1928 Bar and Restaurant – Milan, Italy

We need a LOunge with some razzle-dazzle to it today; not because it’s THURSDAY. It’s because this week, the content muses have bestowed so many blessings on us that it’s our busiest week in over two months. Not that we’re complaining! One of the mysteries of daily blogging is that it’s actually easier when you have lots of posts to get out. But we felt like a loud, colorful, buzzing sort of spot was just the sort of thing we needed to get our engines running. You, of course, are under no obligation to be productive today. We grant you dispensation.


Murder, Musicals & A Royal Romance: The History Of Drury Lane, London’s Oldest – And Most Haunted – Theatre
Over the course of its 360-year existence, Theatre Royal Drury Lane has been demolished, burned down twice, struck by a bomb during the Blitz and forcibly shuttered by the Covid-19 pandemic – rising from the ashes each time to produce yet more world-renowned productions. Where better, then, to host an evening paying tribute to the indefatigable creativity of the London arts scene?


We Finally Have More Photos of Sofia Vergara’s Transformation for ‘Griselda’
This isn’t the ultra-glam Sofia we’re used to.

It’s been almost a year since Netflix announced that Sofia Vergara would be starring in Griselda, a six-episode limited series from the team behind the streamer’s hit series Narcos. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Vergara’s new show will arrive on Netflix next year, in January 2024. Of course, an announcement can’t come without a few sneak peeks, so Netflix also shared new photos of Vergara’s transformation into Griselda Blanco, an infamous drug lord who came to prominence in the 1970s and ’80s while running a ring in Miami.


Why spicy, woody perfumes will be everywhere this autumn
The season’s most enticing fragrances explore the spiritual side of scent

Warm and woody fragrances, from crackling-fireplace smoke to churchy incense blends, always come to the fore once the leaves begin to brown, but this year there’s a distinct change in the air. Perfumers are placing raw materials with ritualistic heritage at the centre of their most intriguing creations, resulting in scents that conjure a meditative mood.


Ariana Grande just opened up about having a ‘ton of filler and Botox’ over the years, with refreshing honesty
“For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me.”

Ariana Grande has got candid about her experience undergoing cosmetic treatments including Botox and lip filler in the past, while reflecting with refreshing honesty on her motivation for altering her appearance.
“I had a ton of lip filler over the years, and Botox,” she said. The comments were made during a video with Vogue, starring Ariana, where the 30-year-old star spoke in detail about her skincare regime and beauty secrets (spoiler alert: she likes a straight, Audrey Hepburn-style brow, and a ‘button nose’ contour. Cute.).


39 of the best hotels in Paris to stay at and embrace the Parisienne lifestyle
As luxe as Palais de Versailles itself.

Beloved not just for the endless boulevards and designer stores to browse (in which you will find all the best designer handbags and heels), but for its famous museums, eateries and iconic landmarks, too, Paris is one of the world’s most-visited cities and for good reason! Steeped in culture with plenty to see and do, it makes for a jam-packed weekend getaway. It draws you in, tempting you to commit to a life of breton tops, cliché berets and red lipstick while sipping an espresso and enjoying a pain au chocolate at a cute local café.
There are thousands of places to stay in Paris, from luxury hotels to B&Bs and private apartments – so choosing the best hotel in Paris can be a daunting task. The good news is, no matter what you choose, Parisian hotels have that je ne sais quoi that you just won’t find anywhere else.


2023’s Best Beauty Advent Calendars Have Opened Their Waitlists: Every One Worth Shopping
The countdown to Christmas may not be front of mind for you in autumn, but on the Vogue Beauty desk, it certainly is. That’s because the best beauty advent calendars are revealed well in advance of the festive season, making now the time to secure a spot on all the most coveted waitlists. Seasoned shoppers will be au fait with the annual beauty advent calendar rush, but for the uninitiated, it tends to go like this: luxury brands box up their bestsellers for a fraction of the cost, there is queuing and clamouring for calendars that sell out fast, and the early birds score a bounty of skincare, beauty and fragrance for the festive season and beyond.


25 Chrome Nail Designs to Help You Shine Bright
When Hailey Bieber arrived at last year’s Met Gala and debuted her “glazed donut” manicure, it took over our social feeds and ignited a trend. It started off with recreations of the model’s neutral chromatic look before giving way to an explosion of different chrome nail designs. Think: shimmer in an endless array of colors and finishes. Plus, all kinds of accents and patterns.


Le Creuset’s Newest Launch Is Filled with Spooky Cookware Essentials, and Prices Start at Just $25
We can’t resist these fall-themed pieces.

Now that it’s mid-September, all us fall weather enthusiasts finally have permission to start breaking out the cozy blankets and Halloween decorations. I’m one of those people who loves to break out the pumpkin-shaped kitchenware, which is why I am so excited about the Le Creuset Autumn collection. This Le Creuset collection of cookware and bakeware is a tribute to everything that makes fall fun: There’s the all black stock pot with the bat motif, and the cakelet pan complete with spooky ghost molds.


Girlhood, Interrupted Dylan Mulvaney is pretty sure she can win everyone over. Well, most everyone.
In March, an influencer-marketing team working with Bud Light took notice of Mulvaney’s social media, where she had been documenting her gender transition. She had racked up millions of followers on TikTok while cheerfully divulging every little detail of her life as a newly out trans Everygirl. Bud Light, presumably counting on her ability to reach a less fratty consumer than is often associated with the beer, sent her a can with her face on it. Mulvaney duly uploaded some sponcon to Instagram. Then a spectacular shitshow ensued with right-wing pundits, politicians, and provocateurs launching a transphobic anti–Bud Light crusade. In the process, Mulvaney became a “woke” villainess to some — and a queer heroine to the rest of us.


Fans want an NSYNC reunion tour — but they’ll have to settle for the band’s first new single since 2002 for now
NSYNC reunited for an appearance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week.
A day later, the boy band teased an announcement in an Instagram post.
The group are releasing a new song for the upcoming “Trolls Band Together” movie.


Joe Jonas — and the celebrity PR machine — isn’t fooling us anymore
Nobody trusts tabloid spin anymore, for better and for worse.

In the year of the celebrity breakup — Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, and Chelsea Handler have all announced splits in the past few months — the news that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are divorcing could have just been another instance to add to an already long list of famous blonde women ending long-term partnerships. Instead, it’s turned into something else: a publicity battle playing out in the tabloids, one that uses all the traditional elements of PR warfare, except the difference is that this time, the public isn’t buying it.


Colorado’s First Michelin Restaurant Guide Serves Up Few Stars
The French arbiter of fine dining gave a single star to each of five restaurants, fewer than what other regions have won, after tourism officials lobbied for a guide in the state.

Five restaurants in Colorado — three in Denver, one in Aspen and one in Boulder — each won a Michelin star on Tuesday night, and no two- or three-star restaurants were anointed by the influential culinary guide in its first round of awards in the state.
The chef Kelly Whitaker, who runs a small empire in Boulder and Denver focused on Colorado’s culinary traditions and local ingredients, was the night’s big winner, with one star each for the Wolf’s Tailor and Bruto, a Bib Gourmand for Basta and a Recommended rating for Hey Kiddo.


A Spectacular Marble Cube Rises at Ground Zero
The Perelman Performing Arts Center, a glamorous $500 million project, may yet turn the World Trade Center into a neighborhood, our critic writes.

The new Perelman Performing Arts Center is the most glamorous civic building to land in New York in years.
The official ribbon cutting is on Wednesday. You may have noticed the building under construction if you were near the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan during the past year or so. A floating, translucent marble cube, it nestles at the foot of One World Trade Center, just eight stories high, a runt in a herd of mega-tall commercial skyscrapers but impossible to miss.


Sean Penn’s Crusade: Why He’s Risking It All for Ukraine, Furious at Will Smith and Ready to Call Bulls— on Studios’ AI Proposals
Sometimes it’s not clear what role Penn is playing as he appears live from this year’s hot spot: Journalist? Activist? Global gadfly? Penn says he’s not a journalist — he wryly offers in “Superpower” that he’s no Walter Cronkite — but merely a concerned citizen who knows his celebrity status can provide him an all-access lanyard to international actors.
One of Penn’s magic passes took him on a 2015 clandestine trip to Mexico for a meeting with fugitive drug kingpin/murderer El Chapo for Rolling Stone. He says he went to better his understanding of international drug trafficking. Alas, that was not the world’s takeaway.


47 Tasty After-School Snacks That Kids Will Love
From preschool to senior year, your kids will love nibbling on these delicious dishes.

After a long day at school, kids can’t wait to unwind and enjoy an afternoon snack. After all, it’s been hours since lunchtime—but it’s still too early for dinner. While this hunger witching hour might seem like it’ll make dinner a lost cause, the right after-school snack can serve as a nutritious and satisfying appetizer that’ll help them power through homework and afternoon activities. We’re sharing some of our favorite easy, quick, and delicious foods for your young ones to munch on; they’ll make your afternoons simpler and theirs fuller.


10 Things You Should Clean Every Fall—From Closets to Gutters
Consider this your fall cleaning and maintenance checklist to prepare your home—both inside and outside—for colder weather.

While spring has a reputation for being the ultimate time to deep clean your home, each season has its own specific must-dos when it comes to caring for your space. When the summer heat breaks and fall is on the horizon, it’s time to prepare the interior and exterior of your home for fallen foliage, colder weather, and even snow. To ensure you stay on top of autumn’s most important maintenance tasks, we’re sharing our complete fall cleaning checklist.


What Is Patina—and How Does It Differ From Rust and Tarnish?
Patina adds character to copper and bronze antiques—just don’t confuse it with rust.

When it comes to metal—be it a copper pan or an antique made from bronze—differentiating between a patina, tarnish, and rust can be tricky. While natural discoloration on these pieces is often highly sought after, other color changes are sometimes seen as an eyesore. Knowing the difference between a patina and rust can help you determine the condition your metal pieces are in—and make it easier to restore their luster.


How to Buy, Store, and Cook Okra, an Often Overlooked (but Delicious) Vegetable
When cooked properly, okra adds a delicious crunch to soups, stews, and more.

When you think of okra, what comes to mind? For some people, the vegetable is a mysterious finger-shaped pod with a notoriously slippery texture. But if you’ve had the privilege of eating properly cooked okra, you know how just how versatile (and delicious!) the summer vegetable can be. Here’s everything you need to know about buying and storing okra, plus how to prepare okra, and how to cook okra for the best texture and flavor.


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