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Posted on September 12, 2023

PinL’Officine du Louvre Cocktail Bar at Hôtel du Louvre – Paris, France

Well, it’s TUESDAY. May as well get on with it – but only if we can spend it in a fabulous Parisian hotel bar. Meet us there! We’ll save you a couch and start a tab. Once again, we are pleased to report that we have many things to show you today. Settle in for hours of judging time!


Kate Winslet on War Photographer Lee Miller, and the Film She Was Born to Make
Kate Winslet is an actor at the top of her game. She has honed her craft through 37 feature films and several highly regarded miniseries, working with many of the great directors of the day—Jane Campion, Todd Field, Ang Lee, Steven Soderbergh, Danny Boyle—and starring opposite the best actors of her generation: Leonardo DiCaprio, Harvey Keitel, Susan Sarandon, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Jodie Foster, Saoirse Ronan. She has been nominated for seven Oscars, winning in 2009 for The Reader, in which she played a former concentration camp guard who embarks on a postwar affair with a teenage boy, and has won five BAFTAs, five Golden Globes, four SAG awards, and two Emmys.


Tenniscore Has Officially Reached Fever Pitch
From fashion to social media, tennis is taking over and women are fuelling the fire.

For the first time in a decade, this year’s US Open is being aired on Sky Sports’ main channels. The prime television spot has been previously reserved for the beautiful game, but due to a rising interest from consumers, particularly women, to be part of the sport has led the media giant to back the sport in a big way. ‘Tennis is the number one women’s sport in the world, arguably by a long way,’ explains Laura Robson former British player and Sky Sports commentator. ‘The players, the product, the personalities are all amazing and you, as a spectator, get drawn in by that – whether that’s following players throughout the year or playing yourself.’


Bad Bunny on Sex, Social Media, and Kendall Jenner
The genre-busting megastar opens up about his life off the global stage. Just don’t ask about his new album.

Martínez had declared a year of rest after cementing himself as one of the most thrillingly prolific artists working today, a powerhouse whose superlatives include a Grammy album of the year nomination, more Spotify streams in 2022 than Beyoncé or Taylor, and the launch of the highest-grossing tour ever by a Latin artist, El Último Tour del Mundo (in support of two of the three albums he’d released in 2020 while the rest of us were dabbling in tie-dye).


Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film is coming soon – here’s what you need to know
The singer’s sell-out tour is coming to a cinema near you.

The film will give fans the chance to experience Swift’s tour even if they haven’t managed to score tickets. The filming for the movie took place during three shows at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, and the result documents the experience – which, at three hours and 15 minutes long and comprising 44 songs grouped into 10 acts, is Swift’s longest show to date.
A sneak-peek of the film has been released, which shows Swift performing on stage to thousands of cheering fans. “This has been the most extraordinary experience of my entire life,” she says as her hit song, ‘Cruel Summer’, plays in the background.


Why the cuff bracelet is the perfect power accessory
The striking design is enjoying a major comeback right now

Indeed, in Wonder Woman 1984, which debuted in 2020, Gal Gadot can be seen expertly wielding her bracelets in battle, before reuniting with her long lost beau while wearing Elsa Peretti’s iconic Bone cuff design for Tiffany & Co, which also celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020.
The inimitable Italian-born jeweller, who passed away in 2021, is said to have modelled the cuff on actual bones she smuggled out of a 17th-century Capuchin church as a child. Since its launch, the sensuous bracelet has been adopted by a host of similarly dynamic and creative women such as Liza Minnelli, Catherine Deneuve, Angelina Jolie and Tracee Ellis Ross.


Using cloves in your shampoo is the new TikTok hack for the longest, glossiest hair
If you dream of a Rapunzel’s mane, you might want to try this.

One new hair trend rising the ranks on TikTok involves adding cloves to your shampoo, apparently leaving anyone who can be bothered to try it with the longest, glossiest, healthiest-looking hair. Best of all, unlike many TikTok beauty trends, this one requires an item you probably already have sitting in your cupboard.
We took on the task of researching all things clove-related to find out if it’s really the secret that our hair has been calling out for all this time (or not). Want to know the answer?


17 Era-Defining VMAs Looks To Reminisce Over (Lady Gaga’s “Meat Dress” Included)
There’s been a shortage of major red-carpet moments of late, due to the on-going SAG-AFTRA strikes. But the MTV Video Music Awards, otherwise known as the VMAs, on 12 September will certainly deliver on the fashion front, with the likes of Shakira, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Olivia Rodrigo all on the guest list.
Of course, the VMAs has brought us some unforgettable looks since the very first ceremony in 1984. From Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Katy Perry’s full-denim outfit (an homage to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake), here are 17 era-defining fashion looks that will go down in sartorial history.


Eight Authors on How It Feels to Have Their Books Banned
The writers of America’s most frequently banned books talk about the threat to creativity and democracy

Jacqueline Woodson is the author of nearly 40 chapter books, picture books, and novels for young and adult readers. Her 2018 illustrated exploration of diversity in schools, The Day You Begin, and her 2014 YA memoir in verse about growing up in the 1960s and ’70s, Brown Girl Dreaming, are just some of her titles that have been subject to bans in Texas and Florida.
“No one has ever been able to take away our folks’ joy. I find talking about the ridiculousness of the bans sometimes brings laughter, in the ways our people have learned to laugh to keep from crying. We do what we need to do: we resist, we inform, we amplify, we write.”


A River of Wine Flowed Through a Portuguese Village After a Tanker Spilled 600,000 Gallons in the Streets
The people living in São Lourenco do Bairro, a small village of fewer than 2,500 full-time residents in northern Portugal, got quite the surprise on Sunday when their streets turned into a raging river of wine.
According to local media, the gasp-inducing event was all thanks to two tanks owned by the local Levira Distillery bursting, causing some 600,000 gallons of wine to pour out. And thanks to the community’s position on the side of a steep hillside, the wine quickly made its way through the narrow streets, creating an unforgettable scene.


Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress was made by a secret society dressmaker
Rediscover this captivating piece of fashion history on what would have been the 70th wedding anniversary of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy

On their wedding day, Jacqueline Bouvier floated down the aisle of a Newport, Rhode Island, church in an ivory silk-taffeta gown, with a portrait neckline and full, bouffant skirt made of almost 50 yards of fabric with her grandmother’s heirloom rose point lace veil, held in place by clusters of orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of pink and white spray orchids and gardenias. A wedding look that has been etched in sartorial history ever since.


Robin Roberts and Amber Laign Speak ‘Freely, Openly and Passionately’ About Their Love
The couple were wed Sept. 8 in an intimate ceremony at their home in Farmington, Conn. The newlyweds spoke to The New York Times in an exclusive interview about their relationship.

On a recent Thursday morning, after ABC’s “Good Morning America” had finished its broadcast, Robin Rene Roberts and Amber Laign sat in the corner table of a restaurant a couple hundred feet away from the studio. They were giddy because their wedding day was two weeks away, and they were excited to share their love story.
“I could not have imagined as a young girl growing up in Mississippi that I’d be sitting here with you in New York City, with my fiancée who is a woman, and freely, openly and passionately talking about it,” said Ms. Roberts, a host of “G.M.A.”


The Secret Ingredient Your Salads Are Missing
Marinating tomatoes is a quick and easy way to coax out their juices and make them the perfect complement to leafy greens, Melissa Clark writes.

Chunks of ripe tomatoes are subtly improved by a short soak in a sweet, vinegary dressing. Time gives the salt a chance to work its magic, coaxing out the fruit’s nectar so it can mingle with the garlic and herbs. Left alone for a little while, a simple tomato salad will quietly transform into a deeply flavored, marinated one.


How to Blend the Perfect Smoothie Every Time (No Recipe Required)
Our tried-and-true formula helps you build a better smoothie with confidence.

A good smoothie is a quick and delicious way to pack fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins nto your diet. Whether you’re enjoying a smoothie at the beginning of your day, for a snack in the afternoon (or after school for the kids), or drinking it to replace a meal altogether, smoothies have become a health food staple. Thanks to high-powered blenders and high-quality frozen fruits you can easily find today, it’s never been easier to whip up a tasty smoothie—and the best part is that you don’t need a recipe! Follow these basic guidelines to build your smoothies with ease and confidence every time.


24 Vegetables to Plant in Your Fall Garden That Will Survive—and Flourish—in the Cold
These cool-weather vegetables will fill your landscape with color—and your plate with a delicious bounty.

Add color to your garden and extend its growing season by planting cool-season vegetables. There are many edible plants that don’t just deal with the cold, but flourish in it—more so than they would when temperatures are high. Vegetables that tolerate cold weather and even severe frosts give you the opportunity to continue growing throughout fall and winter, plus they’re less likely to encounter damage from harmful pests. If you want to keep your vegetable garden going even as temperatures drop, get started by planting some of these fall vegetables recommended by gardening experts.


25 Best Things to Do in Iceland, Glacier Lagoons and Volcano Treks Included
Experts recommend how to explore the Nordic country.

There are few places in the world quite as magical as the country of Iceland. From natural wonders like Gullfoss Waterfall and the Northern Lights to the buzzing culinary scene and fascinating history and culture of this Nordic island, Iceland has much to offer travelers.
If you’re planning a trip to the land of fire and ice, it can be challenging to narrow down what sights and activities to put on your itinerary. I experienced this myself when I planned a hot springs tour around the country a couple of years ago; this time, I turned to the pros for advice.


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