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Posted on August 09, 2023

PinChow Chase Bar and Restaurant – Karlstad, Sweden

Happy WEDNESDAY, darlings. Let’s all hunker down in a cozy LOunge today away from the heat and bother of the world. There are soft seats and flattering lighting schemes all around you. Pick one and settle in.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will adapt a best-selling romance novel for Netflix
Carley Fortune, author of Meet Me at the Lake, revealed the exciting news on Instagram

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are officially entering the moviemaking business.
Prince Harry and Meghan will adapt New York Times best-selling romantic novel Meet Me at the Lake as part of Archewell Productions’ creative partnership with Netflix.
The book’s author, Carley Fortune, shared the news in an Instagram post: “I never thought I’d be making this announcement, but since I am, it feels fitting that I’m doing it from the cottage where it all began.”


Riley Keough on Growing Up Presley, Losing Lisa Marie, and Inheriting Graceland
Daisy Jones & the Six propelled her to stardom even as she navigated tragedies, new motherhood, and a legal struggle with Priscilla.

Keough is now the sole custodian of Graceland and the family shares of Elvis Presley Enterprises, all of which were worth just $5 million at the time of Elvis’s death and are now reportedly in the neighborhood of $500 million. She’s also a rising star, producer, and director: The award at Cannes was for the drama War Pony, which she codirected with Gina Gammell, about two Lakota boys on a reservation in South Dakota. Everything that happened to Keough this year, good and bad, happened in full public view—and will continue to.


51 best horror movies that will have you hiding under the covers all year round
Things are set to go bump in the night…

Best horror movies ever… everybody certainly has their own choice when it comes to their favourite scare that is guaranteed to send chills down their spine. But you know what? They are perfect all year round viewing. Yes, honestly! Even when the sun is shining, sometimes we just feel the need to curl up under the covers and test our spooky limits with some of the most terrifying flicks out there.


Unique homeware artists for every style and taste
From metalworkers to weavers, it’s worth investing in these timeless makers

There are few things more special when it comes to interiors than having something that feels totally original. Dotting your home with a few bespoke objects can add points of interest and texture – and these days, it’s never been easier to seek out unique pieces.
Instagram has democratised interiors, allowing you to search for artisans from the palm of your hand; with it has come a renaissance of traditional craft. Online boutique stores like Glassette, The Shop Floor Project and The New Craftsmen specialise in curating homeware artists and even the high street is now collaborating with traditional makers. More than ever, there is a focus on transparency too, with designers using sustainable, environmentally conscious materials to create timeless pieces.


Syrup nails are the latest mani trend taking off on TikTok
And they’re exactly as sweet as they sound…

K-Beauty has yet again inspired another rising mani trend. This time it’s the turn of syrup nails which are steadily gaining clout on TikTok having already generated nearly 10 million views. So we asked Jin Soon Choi, pro celebrity nail artist and founder of nail brand, Jinsoon, to run us through everything we need to know about the delicious aesthetic.


Princess Diana’s Little-Known Style Secret Is Sweeping 2023
It turns out that Princess Diana was ahead of her time when it came to her shoes. We don’t mean the ballet flats by French Sole she wore with her more casual outfits, nor her two-tone shoes. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the Princess of Wales was sporting what has become one of the most popular trends of summer 2023: silver shoes. You could say the metallic shoe was Diana’s secret weapon when it came to footwear.


Renaissance Hair Is Here To Let You Live Out Your Historical Fantasies
Sometimes, the most striking hair trends are inspired by centuries-old approaches. A quick search on TikTok finds the term “Renaissance hair” sitting at 5.5 billion views, filled with tutorials showcasing long, soft waves festooned with braids, ribbons, flowers, and baubles (the numbers padded by a wealth of looks inspired by Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, naturally). Renaissance hair is what happens when you’re ready for a new chapter of the cottagecore trend – an ode to full-on fantasy, grounded in history.


O’Shae Sibley Was Killed While Voguing At A Brooklyn Gas Station. Last Weekend, New Yorkers Rallied To Honour His Memory
The scene could have unfolded anywhere in America. A group of five friends stopped at a gas station in Brooklyn on their way home from a trip to the Jersey shore, playing the Beyoncé album Renaissance from their car while talking, laughing and – yes – voguing. These were the circumstances under which dancer and choreographer O’Shae Sibley was killed last month, as a group of men yelled homophobic and anti-Black slurs at him before one of them fatally stabbed Sibley in what is now being charged as a hate crime.


The 10 Most Iconic Shades of Red Lipstick
These must-have favorites stand the test of time

The best red lipstick shades aren’t just beautiful—they’re a timeless makeup staple that somehow always feels fresh, no matter the decade.
Hardcore red lipstick fans can spot the difference between scarlet, brick red, and true red. They also know that these coveted shades are holy-grail favorites that deserve to be swiped on again and again, to expertly complement a subtle eye or luminous skin.


Taylor Swift Proves Custom Stationery Is Always in Style
Her letterhead is going viral, thanks to Alicia Keys.

Swift has proven that the art of the thank you note is alive and well. Years ago, she shared her love for handwritten letters. “I love writing thank you notes. There’s something very nostalgic to me about the feel of a card and putting pen to paper,” she told Esquire in 2014.”How many times in our lives are we required to put pen to paper anymore? There’s something romantic and sort of lost about it. I like things you can touch and things you can keep, because every bit of communication we have is ephemeral in nature. You can just delete an e-mail and it’s like it was never there.”


Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston! 35 Classic Photos of the Divine Diva
For Whitney Houston, it wasn’t a matter of if she’d become a superstar, but when. Her mother, Cissy, is a powerhouse gospel singer who toured with Elvis Presley and sang backup on Aretha Franklin records. Her cousin Dionne Warwick defied every expectation for a Black pop singer in the ’60s with crossover hits like “Walk On By” and “I Say a Little Prayer.” Born in 1963, Houston inhaled Chaka Khan records in her youth and sang in the choir at Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church, where Cissy acted as musical director. Word quickly spread around town about Houston, the teenage girl with the octave-spanning voice of an angel.


‘Nobody Can Take Your Power’: Megan Thee Stallion in Her Own Words
Megan Thee Stallion assumed she would be believed. But after coming forward about her shooting by fellow rapper and onetime friend Tory Lanez after a Los Angeles party in July 2020, she faced vitriol from gossip blogs, online strangers, and even peers. Here, for the first and only time since her assailant’s guilty verdict on three felony counts, she talks about moving past what happened.


Trust Me: Never Having Children Doesn’t Mean You’re Going to Be Lonely
Last summer, I was at a festival with about 25 friends. We all camp together, something of an annual tradition, our numbers swelling year on year. Some of these people are among my oldest, closest friends; some are very new ones, whom I might see only once or twice a year; and some have gone from being the latter to the former. Looking around one morning when we blearily, cheerfully gathered for a communal breakfast, I was struck by a realization: in this large group of people, everyone was child-free.


A New Avocado Variety Could Be the Fruit of the Future
Researchers have developed the “Luna” avocado, which requires less room and water to grow.

According to Mary Lu Arpaia, a UC Cooperative Extension horticulturist and one of the would-be patent holders on the Luna avocado, this new fruit is grown on small trees, which would allow avocado growers to plant them in dense close rows. On top of that, its flowers are particularly good pollenizers for other avocados, which would benefit other varieties that are planted near the Lunas.


Stanley Tucci says Americans are way too critical about British cuisine: ‘Are you kidding me? Have you tasted your food?’
Stanley Tucci said Americans don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to judging other cuisines.
Specifically, he said Americans are too hard on British food on the “Desert Island Discs” podcast.
The actor, who lives in the UK, also said produce in London is far better than in New York City.


You Can Smell the Spritz on These ‘90s Hair Looks
Hairstylist Nikki Nelms honors the more-is-more Black hairstyles from the past while redefining them for the present.

One time for your Aunt Tonya in 1996. She went to Freaknik and came back with her updo intact. A moment for Miss Lisa, your mom’s hairstylist who wore her hair only one way: bob-length box braids, curled up at the ends. It’s time to give your old next door neighbor Juanita some props: She perfected the technique for finger waves at her bathroom sink.
The ‘90s was a generation-defining era for hair artistry and Black women were the primary canvas for it. Whether it was on a billboard for the B*A*P*S* movie or in line at the grocery store, the creativity and dynamic skill of Black hairstylists was on display.


The Toughest ‘Barbie’ Critics Are Barbie Collectors
These longtime fans of the doll had high expectations, and concerns, for her big-screen live-action debut.

“Barbie,” starring Margot Robbie, has become an unequivocal phenomenon, raking in a billion dollars at the box office and inspiring audiences to dress in their finest pink. But collectors like Maar were fans of Barbie long before. They own hundreds or even thousands of dolls and had high expectations for their main gal’s live-action big-screen debut. I spoke with 10 collectors — many of whom showed up for our video interviews wearing hot pink Barbie merch with their dolls proudly on display — to find out: Did the film pass muster with this most demanding group of fans?


In Ireland’s ‘Forgotten County,’ a Tiny Inn Does It Right
Breac House is among the many establishments in County Donegal whose owners rely on regional talent and resources, resulting in a local, yet contemporary, take on accommodation, food and design.

In a place known as Ireland’s “forgotten county” — largely because of its position in the far northwest of the Republic of Ireland, next to Northern Ireland and far from tourist draws like Dublin or Galway — there’s a flourishing and robust ecosystem of great contemporary food, design and craft just starting to become known to the rest of this island nation and to the world. The people behind this are young and old, longtime residents and newcomers, business neophytes and seasoned entrepreneurs.


24 Heirloom Tomato Recipes to Make While These Big, Juicy Fruits Are in Season
We wait all year for tomato season and are especially excited about the arrival of heirlooms in the market. These are the dishes we make with them.

Tomatoes are the essence of summer, and heirlooms are the best of the bunch. Need some ideas on how to make the most of your farmers’ market haul and savor the season’s colorful crop well past August? This heirloom tomato recipe collection highlights the best ways to enjoy this tasty summer staple. We share how the fruit can shine in an array of dishes, from refreshing salads to delicious tarts, cool soups, and more.


10 Vacuuming Mistakes That Might Actually Be Making Your Floors Dirtier
Are you spreading more dust, dirt, and debris than you’re suctioning? If you’re making these (fixable) errors, the answer could be yes.

When you spend considerable time vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake that spreads the mess. And while vacuuming seems straightforward, there are actually multiple ways that you could be dispersing dust and debris throughout your home while you think you’re suctioning it up.


Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder: The Differences Between These Popular Leavening Agents
They’re indispensable in baked goods and have the power to make your creations rise (and shine!). Here’s how baking powder and baking soda differ.

When it comes to baking yeast-free treats like cookies, muffins, quick breads, and cakes, you usually can’t achieve stellar results without baking soda or baking powder. Sometimes a recipe will call for both, other times it lists one, but rarely does it omit the category of leavening agents altogether. (Yeast, by the way, is also a leavening agent.)


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