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Posted on August 08, 2023

PinSablier Rooftop Restaurant and Bar at The Circle – Zurich, Switzerland

Since it’s TUESDAY, the most evil and Satanic of weekdays, we think a little grandeur and drama is needed. Spread out and speak loudly today, darlings. Let’s not be small or silent. How’s your week going? We’re actually going to show you some celebrities wearing fashion today, which makes it a good day for us. Since yesterday was kind of a wash on that front, we beat the heat and went to see Barbie a second time. Still holds up! In fact, it’s probably a little better on a second viewing because you already get the vibe. Anyway, we’re off to the content orchards. Talk amongst yourselves.


How ‘The Crown’, ‘Queen Charlotte’ Designers Created Emmy-Nominated Royal Heads of Hair
The Netflix dramas feature detailed interpretations of their monarchs’ coifs, but while one sometimes has to re-create a look exactly as it appeared on camera, the other has full creative license.

Throughout the respective seasons of The Crown and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the audience watches two royal women, Princess Diana and Charlotte, take charge of their narratives. Their evolution also is visible in their hair.
Diana’s hair grows out from her iconic crop in the fifth season of the Netflix drama, eventually getting sleeker and more glamorous as she liberates herself from her marriage to Prince Charles. “For me, that evolution is of someone who is taking her independence and realizing her own value, her star value and what she was doing,” says The Crown hair designer Cate Hall. “She sort of looked like a film star by the end of that period.” It coincides with a change in hairdressing: “Her hair was silkier. Everything looked more glossy.”


Gwyneth Paltrow Just Shared A Fridge Tour And We Have So Many Questions
So. Many. Beverages.

If you ever wanted a reminder that you are in fact *not rich and famous*, take a look inside a celebrity’s fridge. From Kim Kardashian’s full on walk in fridge, to Yolanda Hadid’s see through glass door refrigerator full of fresh veggies, celebrities’ fridges are an organiser’s dream filled with the best produce their local farmer’s market can provide. Not a crumb of mouldy cheese or questionable leftovers in sight.
And now Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest celebrity to give us a rare insight into what they actually keep in their fridges, and we have some questions.


The best pink lipsticks – and how to find the one for you
Barbie was on to something…

Thanks to the internet’s obsession with all things Barbie, our collective love for pink is at an all-time high. It’s everywhere you look – from the Insta-famous Ettore Sottsass mirror (Bella Hadid has one) and celebrities sporting head-to-toe pink on the red carpet to yes, even pink bridesmaid dresses. It’s a pink, pink, pink world and beauty is fully on-board; just ask the myriad of rosy manicures spotted on A-listers everywhere.


How Sydney Sweeney became fashion’s favourite new muse
She has never worn a bad look. Never.

She might be best known for her Euphoria character, Cassie Howard, or for her White Lotus alter ego, Olivia Mossbacher, but if you’ve been sleeping on the *actual* Sydney Sweeney then may we politely recommend that those of you with any sort of an interest in matters of the wardrobe wake up?
Because while her much-loved characters may have some pretty major fashion moments – Cassie’s countless Y2K-inspired looks in particular – Sydney is fast-becoming fashion’s favourite new muse. And for very good reason…


Maya Hawke will be seen in two major films this year – one starring her mother and the other directed by her dad
A true family affair.

Maya Hawke is someone we have been obsessed with since she graced our Netflix screens as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things.
And things are only gearing up to be bigger and better for the 25 year old actress, who will soon be seen in two major new films this year. And guess what? Her famous parents will be involved in both of them!


Noah Schnapp’s Coming Out Journey: The ‘Stranger Things’ Star ‘Would Still Be Closeted’ if Not for Will Byers Being Gay
Noah Schnapp was stuck in his drafts. The 18-year-old actor, who’d become a household name on Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” kept putting off posting a video he’d shot on his phone — an announcement he’d been contemplating making for a few months. His closest friends kept texting him: When are you going to post it? I want to see the world’s reaction! Schnapp kept replying: No, I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready.
But on Jan. 5, after his family dropped off his twin sister, Chloe, at college in Boston, he felt ready. As they started the hourslong drive back to their home in Westchester, N.Y., he posted the eight-second video to more than 31 million followers on TikTok.


Halle Berry Just Posted The Most Beautiful Afro Selfie And Powerful Statement About Hair
‘My man loves this. Forward all complaints to him’

Halle Berry’s latest Instagram post is equal parts stunning and powerful. While posting with afro-textured hair shouldn’t still be a statement, it often is, especially when seen on a star we’ve never or rarely seen it on before, or when worn in un-polished casual styles. But what makes Halle’s a statement, is the caption.


Women In Motorsport: The Revolution
With interest in motorsports growing rapidly – especially among women – could we finally see real change in the industry?

There have been concerted efforts to draw women into the slipstream of single-seater racing’s ascendance over the years. Leaning on growing fandom, Dare to be Different (2016) and Girls on Track (2019) initiatives strove to bring an influx of young girls into karting, widely recognised as the training ground for professional racing. And the W Series (2019-2022), an all-female open-wheel championship, tried to establish a platform for women to prove their mettle on a level playing field, outside of the perceptibly sexist structures of the Formula races. And yet, progress in the last decade has been incremental at best. Women’s participation in motorsport racing has still never risen above 5% of the pool, and the W Series went into administration less than a year after its third season.


Meet The Brides Cutting Their Dresses – And Hair – Mid-Wedding
Not even an hour into her after-party, Kirra Bixby knew that she needed to cut off half of her wedding dress. Spilled champagne had mixed with dirt tracked in from the outdoor wedding venue, resulting in a layer of grime coating the dance floor. While none of the attendees in floor-length dresses were spared from dirty hems, Bixby’s white gown tracked mud like a Swiffer. “The bottom of it was black within 30 minutes,” she says.


A Man Renovated His Home—and Found an Entire Ancient City Under His Basement
“Would’ve kept this a secret and made the bat cave.”

From secret bunkers to creepy messages under a layer of wallpaper, it seems as if everyone is finding the craziest (and coolest) things in their home. And, if you thought uncovering a sunken living room or indoor swimming pool was the ultimate too-weird-to-be-true, the internet just reminded us that a man found an entire city under his home back in 1963. (Yes, you read that correctly: A city.)


Krispy Kreme’s Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts Are Here Whether You’re Ready or Not
It’s never too soon for pumpkin spice doughnuts, right?

Sure, we may be in the thick of one of the hottest summers on record, but that doesn’t mean autumn isn’t right around the corner. You know where this is going: It’s August, meaning it’s the official start of pumpkin spice season. Beating everyone to the pumpkin-spiced punch this year is 7-Eleven, which debuted its pumpkin spice latte on August 1. But not far behind is Krispy Kreme, and if you’re not quite ready for a cupful of hot espresso and milk just yet, the doughnut chain’s gourd-tastic offerings might sound a bit sweeter, even in the sweltering heat.


Goose Island Adds Rice Pudding-Inspired Beer and Cask-Finished Stout to Bourbon County Lineup
This year’s lineup includes boozy tributes to rice pudding, bananas Foster, and backyard berry-picking.

It’s already time to start looking ahead to that hectic time of year when long lines give way to elbowing shoppers hoping to score the perfect present for others, or perhaps even themselves. No, I’m not talking about Black Friday at the big box stores, but I am talking about the day after Thanksgiving at Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co.
Each year the brewery releases its slate of stout beers aged in bourbon barrels, and 2023 is no exception. For the lineup’s 31st expression, Goose Island’s brewers are releasing six variants, five of which will be available nationally and one that will only be procurable in the Chicago area.


The future of cities, according to the experts
Cities aren’t going anywhere, but they do need to change.

Since the pandemic upended the world, we’ve been getting plenty of mixed signals about cities. We’ve heard both that cities like New York are over and that they’re immensely popular. Are they bastions of disease that people will forever avoid? Then why is the rent so damn high? Remote work means that people can work from anywhere — and they are, with the percentage of working days from home settling in at 30 percent — and yet companies keep calling people back to the office. At the same time, economists are predicting the demise of a lot of office buildings and the tax windfall they bring for urban governments, meaning cities could run out of money to fund some of the things we love about them.


The new crisis of masculinity
What’s the matter with men — and how do we fix it?

What’s going on with men?
It’s a strange question, but it’s one people are asking more and more, and for good reasons. Whether you look at education or the labor market or addiction rates or suicide attempts, it’s not a pretty picture for men — especially working-class men.
Normally, more attention on a problem is a precursor to solving it. But in this case, for whatever reason, the added awareness doesn’t seem all that helpful. The “masculinity” conversation feels stuck, rarely moving beyond banal observations or reflexive dismissals.


How the pandemic messed with our perception of time
A neuroscientist explains how history, mood, and surprise can make life feel like a slog — or go by in a blur.

It’s tempting to imagine memory as a videotape that stores and plays back the past just as it happened. But the workings of the mind are not so simple. Memory is more of a creative act, reconstructing the past under the often hasty and biased influences of the present.
The “creation” of memory doesn’t only influence what we remember, it influences our sense of time’s duration too. Having more memories available for recall can stretch our sense of how much time has passed, while our moods and emotions can tune the richness of what we remember up or down.


Ireland Says Goodbye to Sinéad O’Connor
In the coastal town of Bray, south of Dublin, the site of Ms. O’Connor’s last Irish home, mourners gathered to pay their respects to the singer.

At the close of a life poised between tradition and rebellion, Ireland gave Sinéad O’Connor a send-off on Tuesday that embraced both.
In keeping with an old Irish custom, her coffin was first carried past her last family home in Ireland, in Bray, County Wicklow.
But many of those who gathered, or who left her tributes, brought a spirit more in keeping with her life as a rebel who took on the establishment — most notably the Roman Catholic Church — and who spoke up for the oppressed. Among the signs left in front of her family home was one that read “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” “GAY PRIDE” and “REFUGEES WELCOME.”


What You Discover When You Garden at Night
Daytime heat forced a writer with a green thumb to change her routine. She found unexpected pleasures.

When it’s too hot to garden during the day, what is there to do but garden at night? Neither floppy hat nor gobs of sunscreen will lure me into the glare of a hot and humid, possibly record-breaking, 90-plus-degree day. Or, as our local meteorologist reports: one with a heat index of 103. So instead, I venture out into the garden after dinner, dogs in tow, surveying the raised beds in the coolness of evening.


Good Eggplant Parmesan Takes Time. But It Doesn’t Have to Take Forever.
This streamlined version of the Italian American classic skips the frying for a recipe you’ll make over and over again.

Even the worst eggplant Parmesan is pretty good. But one thing it will never be is unapologetically crispy.
“Eggplant Parm is just kind of …,” Angie Rito paused before finishing her sentence, “ … mushy?” Not in a bad way, said Ms. Rito, who owns Don Angie, an Italian American restaurant in the West Village, but “almost custardy, soft.”


The Difference Between Peaches and Nectarines
These two stone fruits have many similarities—and a few notable differences—and can often be used interchangeably
Ripe, juicy peaches and nectarines are as iconic to summer as beach towels and campfires. These two stone fruits look and taste similar, so what’s the difference? Can you use them interchangeably for cobblers, pies, crumbles, and preserves?


How to Use Paint Swatches the Right Way (and Pick the Color You Really Want)
Paint swatches and chips have their place in the design process—but it may not be where you think.

Everyone who has ever painted a room based on paint swatches or chips—and without the help of a professional designer—has a horror story about a choice that went wrong: Maybe it was a navy too dark for the dining room or a grassy green that looked almost neon on the wall.
While these mini shaded strips and squares have their uses, experts say they are not always the best way to find the right color for your room. “Paint swatches can be a useful tool, but they shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision-making process,” says interior designer Kati Curtis. But by understanding the drawbacks of paint swatches—and the benefits they can provide when used the right way—you can pick the perfect color every time.


30 Best Things to Do in Nashville, From Civil Rights Exhibits to Live Music
Locals weigh in on how to explore this energetic capital city.

If Nashville holds a spot on your must-visit list, you’re not alone — in 2022, more than 14 million people made their way to Music City to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the cultural hub (and yes, that number includes bachelorette parties). While Nashville’s reputation as a country music destination precedes itself, there’s more to Tennessee’s capital than the honky tonks on Broadway, the Grand Ole Opry, and The Bluebird Cafe (although travelers should make a point to visit all three). It’s home to top-tier museums, sprawling green spaces, historical markers, and no shortage of places to eat or grab a drink.



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