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Posted on August 25, 2023

PinLa Terrazza Restaurant at Splendido Mare – Portofino, Italy


And just like that (to coin a phrase), it’s FRIDAY. The sun, the sky and all of the horizon are yours and yours alone. You’ve earned it, have you not?


‘The Crown’ Producers Say They Filmed Princess Diana’s Death With “Enormous” Sensitivity: “The Show Might Be Big & Noisy, But We’re Not”
The producers of The Crown say they have filmed the death of Princess Diana with “enormous sensitivity” as they brace for what could be the most controversial moment in the show’s history.
Speaking during an Edinburgh TV Festival session celebrating The Crown, executive producers Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie were at pains to point out how thoughtful Left Bank Pictures and Netflix have been about capturing Diana’s fatal accident in Paris in 1997.


You Can Now Own Carrie Bradshaw’s Feathered Bridal Headpiece – For About $70,000
If you’re a major Sex and the City fan, then you already know about Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic bridal headpiece: the big, blue feathered topper she wears to marry Big in the first film, punctuated by her striking Vivienne Westwood wedding dress. (Carrie also re-wore it in an episode of And Just Like That, when attending the Met Gala) The accessory has become one of the franchise’s most famous fashion moments – and now, you have a chance to own the headpiece, too. But spoiler alert: It’ll cost you.


Paul Mescal And The Hot Priest Are Pairing Up For A Surreal Romance
Directed and penned by Andrew Haigh – the British filmmaker behind the sensitive gay romance Weekend, and the critically-lauded coming-of-age saga Lean on Pete – it’s been described as a surreal, metaphysical love story. The intriguing log line reads: “One night in his near-empty tower block in contemporary London, Adam (a screenwriter, played by Andrew Scott) has a chance encounter with his mysterious neighbour Harry (Paul Mescal) that punctures the rhythm of his everyday life.


Fruit nails are dominating my feed this summer—and there’s a design for everyone
These are the best of the ‘bunch’

Whether you want to add sweetness to a simple mani or make your pedicure pop, there’s no doubt that fruit nails is one of the biggest nail trends of the summer. While blueberry milk nails have had their moment, this season we’re being introduced to a different kind of fruity nail.
And don’t just take my word for it—you only have to look at the top summer nail colours to see the fruity connotations. Coincidence? I think not.


Why do we still shame Jennifer Aniston for being single?
The actress has recently opened up again about being on her own – and with studies showing single women are the happiest, it’s about time we celebrated those going solo

No one has had their love life so scrutinised, by the press or by the public, than Jennifer Aniston. Her marriage to Brad Pitt was the stuff of Nineties dreams, but the pair’s separation generated even more headlines than their partnership, when Pitt struck up a relationship with his Mr & Mrs Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie. Who could forget those cruel ‘Team Aniston’ and ‘Team Jolie’ t-shirts, and the narrative which so often painted Aniston as a victim – a sadly single woman, designed to be pitied?


What to see, do and experience in Malaysia: the ultimate guide
Returning to Malaysia after three decades, our features director finds a country where the cultural riches of the past merge with the pleasures of modern day living

My mother, Agnes, first took me to Malaysia when I was three, and I remember rows of bicycles taking up the full width of the lanes; later, aged eight, I heard the thrum of mopeds all about me. Returning as a young adult, I found Kuala Lumpur alive with cars, a medley of overhead freeways and rush-hour traffic.
These piecemeal impressions, though distorted by age, time and a romantic disposition, do reflect the development that has shaped the capital.


Why Is No One Talking About Pregnancy Shame?
Finding out you’re ‘plus one’ can be a time of great joy. But for some pregnant women there’s also a feeling of deep shame.

There hasn’t been single day in the last seven years when I haven’t not wanted a baby. That’s a huge admission, one that gives even me the ‘ick’, but it’s true. But despite how desired, needed, and sought after my pregnancy was – is – to me, I’ve uncovered a darker underbelly about motherhood I couldn’t have foreseen.
I was 30 years old when I first realised that I wanted a family. At the time, I was in a relationship with someone I loved, and who loved me, but who it turned out didn’t want kids yet. Eventually, that factor drove us apart three years later. He wasn’t ready, and I was. Tale as old as time (or at least, Tinder).


A Comprehensive Guide To Air Drying Every Hair Type
By now we all know the virtues of using a hairdryer. To state the obvious, it speeds up drying time, the diffuser attachment does wonders for curls and if you’re a seasoned pro at simultaneously wielding a hairbrush and a hairdryer, you can achieve that bouncy, glossy blowout. But, let’s not discount the fact that not everyone uses a hairdryer.


Patricia Field on Returning to And Just Like That… to Dress Kim Catrall’s Samantha Jones
“I wanted to bring Samantha back because the fans were clamoring for her.”

The mastermind behind the franchise’s most memorable looks, Field tells ELLE.com that she was pleasantly surprised by Cattrall’s return and that when the call came in about dressing the actress for the occasion, it was an easy yes, as they’re friends in real life. “[Jones] was such a popular character and, even though she was the oldest of the four women, she was the funniest in her own way, and that always inspires me,” she explains about curating Samantha’s look. “Her style is that of a woman who is confident in her sexuality. But it also includes her comedic side, her sense of humor and irony.”


Alicia Kennedy’s No Meat Required Is Out to Challenge Your Preconceptions About Plant-Based Cooking
If you’ve ever been tempted to dismiss plant-based eating as a SoCal/woo-woo fad fit only for the Goops among us, you desperately need a copy of Alicia Kennedy’s new book, No Meat Required, which places vegetarian and vegan diets within their centuries-old cultural contexts while reframing their potential benefits in an increasingly consumer-driven and resource-scarce world. Vogue recently spoke to Kennedy about the two kinds of responses her work most frequently gets, the books that helped her envision her own, and the joy of cooking with easily accessible tropical fruits in Puerto Rico.


Restaurants in This Swanky French Town Are Reportedly Requiring Diners to Spend a Minimum of $5,000 Just to Get a Reservation
Think they’ll take a check?

One way to say “swanky” in French is “Saint-Tropez.” You know, the top-shelf vacation destination on the French Riviera that’s a long-time fave of A-listers like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Saint-Tropez is the home of the luxe Nikki Beach Club — the kind of poolscape where you can choose from over a dozen different Champagnes — along with some of the most expensive real estate in France, and even a new Louis Vuitton café. It’s such a luxe place that some visitors are reporting being denied tables at its upscale restaurants because they can’t guarantee a $5,000 minimum spend.


Italy will have 24-hour armed guards put in place after German tourists caused $10,800 in vandalism at a historic landmark in Florence, authorities say
Florence’s Vasari Corridor, a 460-year-old historic landmark, was vandalized this week.
Italy’s Culture Ministry said the repairs will cost $10,800 and 24-hour armed guards will be put in place.
The director of the Uffizi Galleries called for harsh punishment of the vandals.


30 Best Spanish-Language Books for Kids, From Beginners to Fluent Readers
Reading is a good way to help kids learn (and remember) a language.

Adding Spanish language books to your home library enriches a child’s literary journey in many ways. For bilingual children, it helps strengthen their Spanish vocabulary and helps them see both languages as equally important. If your child is just beginning, Spanish books are an easy way to immerse them in a fun, educational activity where they are learning new words simply by exposure. Either way, adding Spanish language books to their routine opens the doors to a new world of learning, and our list is full of fun titles.


Princess Charlene of Monaco in her own words, at home in the royal palace
As her marriage is back in the spotlight, revisit Tatler’s December 2010 cover interview with Princess Charlene, then Charlene Wittstock

Princess Charlene of Monaco has found her marriage back in the spotlight this week amid reports she is living apart from her husband Prince Albert II. Although the family were seen enjoying themselves on a yacht holiday earlier this summer, reports published by French and German tabloids suggest Princess Charlene is currently living in Switzerland, while her husband remains in Monaco with their eight-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.


The Best Times to Visit Argentina — From Buzzy Buenos Aires to Rugged Patagonia
These are the best times to go to Argentina for every type of traveler.

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America and the eighth-largest country globally, so there’s always plenty to do, no matter what time of year you visit. As a full-time digital nomad who has spent more time in Argentina than anywhere else, I can attest that each season has something special to offer. And with the help of Joy, owner of Joy of Buenos Aires and a licensed tour guide with more than 13 years of experience, we have put together a complete guide to the best times to visit Argentina for every type of traveler.


How to Clean Bronze and Restore Its Luster
Tarnish and stains on your bronze items can be removed with a few basic cleaning supplies.

You likely have a lot of things in and around your home that are made of bronze, from lamps and jewelry to niche collectibles and even musical instruments. Keeping these items clean can be tricky, as bronze naturally loses its luster over time. The metal alloy reacts with substances in the air and water, causing a layer of tarnish to develop. While this discoloration can be removed, doing so incorrectly can permanently damage your bronze pieces. To avoid this, it’s important to know how to clean bronze correctly and which cleaning supplies are best suited to the material.


A Rare Super Blue Moon Occurs Next Week and Won’t Be Visible Again for 14 Years—Here’s How and When to See It
The Blue Moon will light up the night sky at the end of August.

Supermoon summer is in full swing. The third of the season’s four full moons—the Blue Moon—will occur on Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday August, 31. It is slated to be the largest and closest supermoon of the summer.
A full moon occurs when the moon hits the opposite side of Earth from the sun, according to EarthSky.org. A full supermoon happens when the full moon is at or near its closest point to Earth during its monthly orbit, causing the moon to look slightly larger and brighter than usual. The phenomenon is also referred to as a perigee.


Creative Infused Water Ideas That Go Beyond Cucumber and Lemon
Our water flavor combinations range from fruity to herbal—and make hydrating taste that much better.

Hydration can be a struggle, but it’s important—especially in the intense heat of summer. We’re open to any opportunity that makes getting those eight glasses a day easier. Whether you’re hosting a party or are just looking to add some intrigue to your daily water intake, infused water made with fruits and vegetables is a delicious, creative, and visually beautiful way to quench your thirst.



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