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Posted on August 24, 2023

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It’s THURSDAY which calls for both celebration and a dramatic, sweeping view, wouldn’t you say? Let’s not be responsible today. There’s always Monday for that sort of thing.


Rebellious Teens, Reckless Grifters And An Extravagant French Queen: A Look Back At Sofia Coppola’s Most Stylish Films
Sofia Coppola is a bonafide style icon, not simply for her own pristine uniform of button-downs, denim and ballet flats, but also because every single one of her films is catnip for fashion lovers, from the decadent fantasia of Marie Antoinette to the tongue-in-cheek ’00s-era styling in The Bling Ring. A passing glance at the auteur’s Instagram feed is enough to confirm that her next release, the ravishing biopic Priscilla, will be no different, crammed as it seems to be with candy-coloured ’60s shifts and dainty kitten heels, to say nothing of that unforgettable, lace-trimmed wedding dress. Ahead of its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, we take a look back at the director’s eclectic but always impeccably styled oeuvre.


It’s High Time Salma Hayek Was Cast As A Bond Girl
Salma Hayek is a woman who lives well. A quick scroll through her Instagram suggests that she has spent the entire summer season drinking from coconuts and slurping the heads off butter-soaked langoustines while dressed in nothing but a bikini and a diaphanous sarong. Holiday photos like this (and this) read less as a “wish you were here!”, and more as a tacit audition to be the next Bond girl.


Wilderness, starring Jenna Coleman, is the thrilling new revenge drama featuring one of Taylor Swift’s very fitting re-recorded hits
Look At What You Made Her Do…

Wilderness is the new thriller show coming to Prime Video that not only has us excited for its premise and incredible British cast but also its very fitting soundtrack by a certain big industry name.
Yes, none other than Taylor Swift has teamed up with the streaming service to debut the re-recorded track “Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor’s Version)” from her album Reputation as part of the opening credits for the UK original thriller, which is set to release next month.


This TikToker just shared a fascinating insight into how her husband’s porn addiction ruined her body image
The realities of living with a porn addict.

The question about how much pornography consumption is healthy is common concern for many couples and one TikToker has taken to social media to show the true cost that pornography has had on her own body image and her marriage.
Jourdan Kehr @thatsnotlove openly talks about her husband’s addiction to porn on the platform as a way to warn others about the secrets spouses may be hiding from their partners.


20 Years Later, Uma’s Kill Bill Trainers Are Making A Comeback
Nearly 20 years ago, The Bride (Uma Thurman) showed up at a Tokyo restaurant to duke it out with Yakuza boss O-Ren Ishii. The epic fight sequences in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol I introduced instantly famous looks, from O-Ren’s snow-white kimono to her teen bodyguard Gogo’s school uniform, but no outfit has stood the test of time like The Bride’s yellow tracksuit with black stripes, worn with sneakers – the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 – to match.


Why Taylor Swift Reportedly Is ‘in No Rush’ to Play the Super Bowl
The 2024 Super Bowl is still half a year away, but talk of Taylor Swift playing the halftime show has picked back up in August 2023. All evidence points to Swift not playing at the big game in 2024—or even in the near years to come.
“She will do it eventually, but she is in no rush at all to do it in Vegas or do it in the next couple of years. She knows she is at her peak in her career and each move from this point on is as important as the next. Working on her current tour and recording her old music and working on new music and living life are taking up the majority of her time.”


Where to Stop on the Grand Tour of Switzerland
Buckle up for the drive of a lifetime.

Once you arrive, the easiest and most efficient way to hit every highlight is via the scenic route: the Grand Tour of Switzerland. This picturesque drive takes you 1,020 miles around the country, through four linguistic regions, five Alpine passes, 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and two biospheres, as well as by the banks of 22 lakes.
Hop in an electric car (Europcars can be rented all over Switzerland), and power up at charging stations installed at points along the entire drive. When you work up an appetite between cities, there are 50 stands en route where you can pick up a sampling of Swiss treats in every region (best enjoyed picnic-style amid all that staggering scenery, of course).


A Century of Kennedy Weddings
From Jackie and JFK’s fancy affair to Robert F. Kennedy III’s clam bake on Cape Cod.

With the Kennedy name comes a headline-making celebration anytime one of their many, many relations ties the knot. What did JFK and Jackie’s cake look like? Which lucky couple rode in an open-air carriage straight out of a fairytale? From the matriarch herself’s big day to modern nuptials on the Cape, take a look back at more than a century’s worth of Kennedy weddings.


With Help From John Wilson, a New Documentary Unravels the Colorful Personalities in the World’s Carpet Capital
Filmmakers Emily MacKenzie and Noah Collier started from the bottom—quite literally, the floor.
As documentary-film road warriors, “we stay in hotels an inappropriate amount of our lives,” Collier explains. “We’ve spent many nights in hotel lobbies, staring at these incredible designs and envisioning a psychedelic opium den of designers coming up with patterns somewhere.”
An internet rabbit hole brought them to the small Georgia city of Dalton, the so-called carpet capital of the world, where 80% of American-made carpets and 40% of the world’s carpets are produced. And six years later that has led to their debut feature, Carpet Cowboys (screening this weekend at New York’s Metrograph), which weaves among a cast of idiosyncratic personalities in and around the busines.


Indigenous Creativity Shone at the 101st Santa Fe Indian Market
More than a thousand Indigenous artists from more than 200 tribes gathered at the annual Santa Fe Indian Market in New Mexico this weekend. Now in its 101st year, it’s a longstanding tradition for artisans to showcase and sell their pottery, textiles, jewelry, and more. The two-day event—organized by SWAIA—delivered both a vibrant street style scene and an innovative runway show, featuring top Native designers such as Orlando Dugi, Lauren Good Day, and Jamie Okuma (who recently became the first Native designer ever to become a member of the CFDA).


A Teeny Tiny Village in Italy Is Home to Some of the Best Focaccia on Earth
Get ready to fall in love with Camogli.

I had never considered food a time machine. Yet, here I was, holding a fresh piece of focaccia, and suddenly I was transported back to a decade ago, when I first visited the positively quaint community of Camogli, a village nestled along the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea in northern Italy. As I watched the waves gently lap the pebble-laden beach in front of the promenade, I realized that this favored destination hadn’t changed one bit. And neither has its magical bread.


It’s So Hot in Kansas, One Man Baked Cornbread in a Pan on the Street
Though he wasn’t impressed with the results.

Like many parts of America, Kansas has been experiencing extremely high temperatures, and several long-standing heat-related records have been broken within the past week. The historically high numbers on the thermometer even prompted one Wichita man to bake a side dish right on the ground.


The Failed Real-Estate Porn of “And Just Like That . . .”
Where “Sex and the City” was defined by Carrie’s eclectic fashion and iconic brownstone, the new series offers disappointingly generic displays of affluence.

For a franchise (and nostalgic viewers) struggling to recapture a precise mix of material fantasy and emotional relatability, Carrie’s apartment has been an oasis. It’s arguably the only facet of the series that’s been updated without losing its former magic, the giant teal flowers in her living-room wallpaper and the matching jewel-toned bookshelves as exuberant and unexpected as the best of her fashion.


Priscilla Presley Entrusts Sofia Coppola to Tell Her Story: “I Felt She Could Get Me”
In a year marked by personal tragedy and estate drama, Elvis’ famously private ex-wife debuts ‘Priscilla,’ a portrait of her tumultuous marriage directed by a fellow showbiz royal: “Growing up, people are looking at you in a different way.”

Some 60 years later, now 78, Priscilla has heard and seen a lifetime of other peoples’ stories and opinions about her relationship with Elvis. In Priscilla, a new movie written and directed by Sofia Coppola, audiences will get a rare look at the couple’s story from Priscilla’s point of view. “I’m so nervous because it’s my life,” she says of the film, which will premiere Sept. 4 at the Venice Film Festival, ahead of A24 releasing it in theaters Oct. 27. “The people who are watching, they’re living it with you, and you hope and pray that they get it. They get your feelings, your hurts, your sensitivity.”


What to expect from the V&A’s major Chanel exhibition: ‘Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto’
Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto will open at the V&A in London on 16 September – but tickets are already selling out

From the ‘double C’ logo to the quilted leather handbag; the wool skirt suit to the camellia motif; the signatures of the French fashion house of Chanel are perennially chic – and in demand. After the V&A gave designers Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior the fashion blockbuster treatment, it will soon be time for Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel to have her moment in the spotlight.


We’re Having a Cowboy Moment
A cultural mash-up brings together Barbie, Beyoncé and the gang from “Yellowstone.”

Cowboys ride in and out of popular culture every few years, propelled by a hunger for stories that are wild, tumultuous and unvarnished. Now, as western style spreads across fashion and entertainment once more, that spirit of reinvention is being applied to reinvent the western itself, inflecting an old genre with new viewpoints.
“There’s a longstanding tradition in American history of looking West,” said Andrew Patrick Nelson, a historian of American cinema and culture at University of Utah. “Part of the appeal is the idea you can live a more authentic, exciting and rugged life.”


Queer Stories Strike Back! ‘Heartstopper,’ ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ and ‘Bottoms’ Lead a New Surge of LGBTQ Content
Within a three-week time span this August, audiences have been able to watch two British teenage boys wrestle with when to come out as a couple to their school (in Season 2 of the Netflix series “Heartstopper”), the first son and the prince of England make passionate love in a plush Parisian hotel suite (in the Amazon Prime Video rom-com “Red, White & Royal Blue”) and a pair of lesbian BFFs start a fight club at their high school to cajole the hottest cheerleaders to sleep with them (in the MGM sex comedy “Bottoms”). This is, to put it mildly, unusual.


And Just Like That star Sara Ramirez responds to continued Che Diaz criticisms: ‘I am a human being’
“I am not the fictional characters I have played,” the actor says, “nor am I responsible for the things that are written for them to say.”

Sara Ramirez would like to remind everyone, once again, that they are not actually Che Diaz.
The And Just Like That star, who uses they/them pronouns, addressed the continued criticisms surrounding their controversial character in an Instagram post Wednesday, writing, “I am not the fictional characters I have played, nor am I responsible for the things that are written for them to say.”
Ramirez continued, “I am a human being, an artist, an actor. And we are living in a world that has become increasingly hostile toward anyone who dares to free themselves from the gender binary, or disrupt the mainstream.”


24 Breakfast Recipes That Don’t Use Any Eggs
You won’t miss the eggs with these satisfying breakfast recipes.

From sunny-side up to hard-boiled, eggs are so synonymous with breakfast that it can be difficult to conceptualize a morning meal that doesn’t contain them. But there are plenty of breakfast recipes we all know and love that are naturally egg-free, like overnight oats, smoothies, and flaky biscuits. Other recipes rely on protein-rich ingredients, like tofu or quinoa, for a satisfying alternative to eggs.


What Is a Credenza? Here’s What Makes This Stylish Storage Piece Unique
Plus, learn what makes a credenza different from a sideboard or buffet—and how to choose and style one in your space.

Thoughtful interior design always blends utility and beauty. Yes, you need a place to sit, but you want to make sure that a sofa or chair adds character to the space. And of course a room needs storage solutions that hide away items when they aren’t in use—but they should also feel sophisticated, not clunky. That’s exactly where credenzas come in.


How to Clean a Pizza Stone So It Lasts Forever
Steer clear of the soap and water and follow these cleaning tips, instead.

If you love to make homemade pizzas, complete with all your favorite toppings, then a pizza stone is an easy way to take your gourmet pies to the next level. These flat ceramic or stone slabs are designed to preheat to high temperatures and then bake a pizza crust evenly, drawing out any water into its porous surface. The result is a crispy pizza that cooks quickly—which is exactly why the pizza stone will become one of your favorite kitchen tools.


15 Best Things to Do in the Dolomites — Skiing, Hiking, and Village-hopping Included
From ski mountains to scenic drives, these are the top things to do in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains.

The Dolomites, a mountain range in Northern Italy, are what outdoorsy dreams are made of. The range, which is part of the Southern Limestone Alps, covers some 350,000 acres across its 18 peaks. It’s a region that’s ideal for those who want to get out and experience the freshest air in the world, look out on awe-inspiring landscapes, and challenge themselves to a few unforgettable hikes.


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