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Posted on August 23, 2023

PinLe Grand Salon Cocktail Bar at Hilton Paris Opera – Paris, France

Let’s be just a weensy bit extra today, darlings. It is WEDNESDAY, which calls for such things. Affix your tiara to your head and start swanning about the room. Or, even better, sit in a corner and judge everyone else. It’s all good. Drinks and nibblies are on us.


Cue Horror And Euphoria: And Just Like That Will Be Back For Season 3
It’s official: Carrie’s much-discussed last supper will not be the last supper. Because, even after the Aidan-resurrecting, Big-denying, abortion-dodging, Nya-ignoring, wildly divisive whirlwind that has been the second instalment of Michael Patrick King’s And Just Like That, it will indeed be back for another round of ill-advised and frequently baffling shenanigans.


What the Hell Is Going On in Scooter Braun’s Empire?
First Justin Bieber, then Demi Lovato, then Ariana Grande: reports of artists leaving Scooter Braun’s management stable have been piling up faster than indictments for a certain former president.
Yet unlike indictments, there is little solid information to be found on what is being positioned by some as an exodus from Braun’s SB Projects. Lovato’s “amicable” departure has been confirmed off the record by sources from both camps.


27 best period dramas on Netflix that are perfect for a spot of nostalgia
Throw it back with these classics

Period dramas on Netflix are like our on-screen versions of comfort eating – they give us that warm, cosy feeling inside, perfect as a little escape from the current status quo. And who doesn’t want a good dose of comfort at all times? We are hankering for ‘the good old days’, and period dramas are the perfect way to bask in the golden age.
Maybe it’s the corsets? The crowns? The ballgowns? Or even the strapping suitors in black-tie?! Whatever the reason, sometimes a dose of high society drama is exactly what we need for a bit of escapism.


These are the 9 best pedicure shades to take to your next appointment, according to the pros
There’s nothing quite like getting a fresh pedicure—feet scrubbed to perfection and shiny new lacquers meticulously painted on toes. But choosing the perfect pedicure colour is always a challenge. While there’s heaps of inspiration out there on the best nail trends, pedicure choices seem to be less diverse. We’ve called in some of the best experts in the industry to share their top toenail colour trends so you never make the wrong shade choice again.


The Elle Guide To Wedding Wine
How to save hundreds, on the best bottles.

So, you’ve said ‘yes’ to the wedding dress, chosen your shoes and decided on a photographer. Now it’s time for some very important maths. Yes, we’re talking wedding wine. Whether you plan to serve it from noon until the early hours, or just with your wedding breakfast, you’ll want to make sure the bottles you go for are loved by all (and importantly, come into budget).
To help ensure you buy the best bottles, and enough of each, we’ve trialled four wedding wine services, picking out the best red, white and sparkling buys from each retailer.


30 Movies on Hulu You Can Count on For a Good Laugh
From classic comedy movies to brand new releases, Hulu has built quite the roster of funny films

Sometimes, we all need to laugh. Whether you’re a fan of gross-out comedies or subtler indie fare, Hulu has got you covered. British flicks like All My Friends Hate Me and horror-infused comedies like Fresh will surprise viewers, while cute rom-coms like Rye Lane will help everyone believe in love again, while laughing, of course. From classic comedy movies to brand new releases, Hulu has built quite the roster of funny films, meaning that there’s something here for every comic taste. If you’re in the mood for a laugh, here are some of the best comedies available to stream on Hulu right now.


Where to Stay in Lisbon, From the Classic Spots to Apartment Hotels and Airbnbs
When looking for Lisbon hotels, you’re met with a myriad of enticing—albeit unconventional—options. While you’ll certainly find your crop of classic stays, it’s not a city brimming with traditional hotels. The best places to stay in Lisbon provide a more immersive plunge into the culture of the old city, including self-serviced apartments designed to feel like a home away from home, former 18th-century buildings renovated by famous Portuguese architects offering on-site communal dining, and a family home-turned-hotel where the family acts as your host. There’s also an abundance of stylish Airbnbs in any neighborhood of your choosing if you prefer to go that route.


Burberry Trench Coats 101: A Guide to Shopping the Iconic Weatherproof Jackets
When it comes to timeless outerwear, Burberry’s trench coat doesn’t set the bar; it is the bar. In 1856 Thomas Burberry established his namesake brand with the intention of making clothing that could withstand any weather conditions, especially the notoriously rainy days of Great Britain. After more than 20 years of research, his quest to find a way to make jackets both waterproof and breathable culminated with the invention of gabardine in 1888. That lightweight, drizzle-proof woven cotton textile transformed the fashion industry, and to this very day, the patented material is used by many brands in their own interpretations of rainwear.


Can You Wear Black to a Wedding?
While basically everyone knows not to wear white, can you wear black to a wedding?
The shade used to be off-limits, reserved solely for those in mourning: In the Victorian era, widows were expected to wear black for at least one year after the death of a spouse (or longer: Queen Victoria wore it for the rest of her life after the death of Prince Albert). Meanwhile, families who had experienced the loss of a parent, grandparent, or sibling did so for at least six months. Attending parties and other celebratory occasions was strongly discouraged during that period—so no one wore black to weddings because, well, if you were in black, you weren’t attending them in the first place.


That Lemon Slice on Your Cocktail Is Contributing More Than Its Fair Share to Climate Change
Does anyone even want garnishes anymore?

When it comes to rethinking cocktail garnishes, there are two camps. The first is set on abolishing them. That means no garnishes, no waste, and, more importantly, that whatever is in the glass needs to stand on its own. The second lean into a more revisionist approach by making closed loop cocktails, where waste is diverted and transformed into new ingredients. Think dehydrated lemon peels turned into salt for the rim of a glass, for example. Each effort speaks to how bartenders are looking inward on the ways in which their practices affect not only the environment through waste, but also their bottom lines with regards to inventory cost.


A couple bought an abandoned farm in Portugal for $103,000 and turned it into an off-the-grid homestead where they’re raising 2 small kids — see how they did it
A couple moved from the UK to Portugal to live on an abandoned farm they bought for $103,000.
John and Tara Newby wanted to build a sustainable, off-grid homestead where they could raise their sons.
They’ve turned their renovation journey into a YouTube career that lets them spend more time with their kids.


Netflix is justing giving DVDs away now
Netflix is finally completing its pivot away from shipping DVDs — and it’s not asking for its discs back either.

Netflix is treating the end of the DVD era like a birthday party — or a funeral, depending on your point of view. The company announced in April that it would send its last DVD by mail on September 29, a little over 25 years after it sent the very first one. (Fun fact: The very first red Netflix envelope contained Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.) If you’ve never heard of DVD.com or you thought Netflix got out of the disc-shipping business years ago, that’s understandable. But now is your chance to own a piece of it.


The rise of Ruth Wilson! Tatler hails the brightest – and bravest – actress of her generation in the unmissable October issue
In a blazing succession of mesmerising roles, Ruth Wilson has revealed herself as a defining talent of British film, theatre and television. With her new thriller, The Woman in the Wall, about to air on BBC, the actress tells Sarah Crompton about taking risks in Tatler’s October issue, on newsstands 31 August

Showing all sides of being human is what the 41-year-old actress is all about. She seems constantly searching, always curious. That quality has been seen in her Olivier-, Bafta- and Golden Globe-recognised roles; in her TV triumphs in Luther and His Dark Materials; in her emotionally charged film True Things. And it’ll be seen in her latest project, a BBC television drama called The Woman in the Wall, which uses the envelope of a thriller to cast new light on one of Ireland’s biggest scandals, the Magdalene Laundries.


The Thrill of Watching a Film That Isn’t Online Anywhere
They are a reminder of the countless histories that don’t exist there — and the work demanded to sustain them.

We often let ourselves believe that everything, now, is available to us — that nothing is lost and every experience can be accessed and repeated with the right subscription. But this blinds us to all the material that has not been translated to the new media, that no one is clamoring to see in part because we don’t even know it exists. […]
Many of us know the feeling of trying to summon an old season of a favorite TV show and coming up empty-handed, as companies unceremoniously disappear beloved works of art and avoid paying royalties to the people who produced the “content.”


A Biography Examines Anna May Wong, a Revered and Reviled Chinese American Star
Yunte Huang, who has written two other books on Asian American cultural icons, said he is drawn to complex characters whose contradictions reflect the country’s fault lines.

Huang, an author and English professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, smiled and walked back to the red-leather booth where he was finishing his fried tofu lunch.
He is hardly new to these kinds of assumptions. His next book, a biography of the great Chinese American actress Anna May Wong, out on Aug. 22 from Liveright, considers the epic sweep of Wong’s life and her success in the face of the profound anti-Chinese sentiment of her day.


The Difference Between Peaches and Nectarines
These two stone fruits have many similarities—and a few notable differences—and can often be used interchangeably.

Ripe, juicy peaches and nectarines are as iconic to summer as beach towels and campfires. These two stone fruits look and taste similar, so what’s the difference? Can you use them interchangeably for cobblers, pies, crumbles, and preserves?


The Right Number of Glasses to Buy for Everyday Use and Entertaining
Not sure if you should get wine, water, and cocktail glasses in sets of four, eight, or 12? We asked experts for definitive guidance, so you can stock up on the right amount for your needs.

Whether you have a dining room table for four or 14, identifying the right amount of place settings for your everyday (and special occasion) needs can be tricky. Everyone thinks they’ll entertain a crowd at some point—for a far-off holiday, a birthday, or that milestone anniversary party—and need a surplus of dishes, cutlery, and, of course, glassware as a result.


How to Make a DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Baking Soda and Vinegar
Make homemade toilet bowl cleaner with just a few household ingredients.

If there’s one area of your home that benefits from regular cleaning, it’s your toilet bowl. Frequent maintenance prevents the build up of bacteria and grime, leading to a healthier home environment. To make this process easier and more cost effective, we recommend making a DIY toilet bowl cleaner. A homemade formula is a budget-friendly alternative to store-bought cleaners and gives you more control over the ingredients, so you can avoid using harsh chemicals or fragrances.


America’s Best Small Towns of 2023
As curious travelers, we’ve ventured to bustling cities and sprawling countries across the globe, and we’ve found something to love in each of them — but it’s some of the smallest towns right here in the U.S. that have stolen our hearts in the biggest way. They may not have designer shopping, popular restaurant chains, or even stoplights, but what they lack in cosmopolitan “buzz,” they more than make up for in warm hospitality, creative small businesses, and local character. Now, it’s finally time to celebrate them.



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