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Posted on August 11, 2023

PinThroubi Restaurant at Andronis Concept – Santorini, Greece

There it is, darlings. The view you’ve been working toward all week. Claim it. It’s FRIDAY and the horizon is yours for the day. We, however, will not be spending the day serenely gazing into the distance and pounding down cocktails. We have a bunch of red carpet looks, a bigass TV review, and a podcast to sling at you before the sun fully sets. Off we go! Talk amongst yourselves.

Ayo Edebiri Is Suddenly Everywhere
Before she was striking, the actor-writer was working — a ton. Now ‘The Bear’ star is hitting screens in ‘Ninja Turtles’ and two buzzy indie comedies and sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week. Next up, Team Marvel.

Edebiri, open, warm and quick to banter, has spoken in the past about having little in common with The Bear‘s Sydney Adamu, the earnest and occasionally vexing sous chef (and eventual chef de cuisine) to Jeremy Allen White’s culinary wunderkind Carmy, but it quickly becomes clear they share a fastidious attention to detail, a need to get things just right. “Sometimes when I do these interviews, I can tell I’m a writer because when I speak, it’s just a first draft,” she says of her tendency to correct herself or cast around for the best turn of phrase. “I’m deleting and editing in real time.”


The History of the Hero: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
The story behind a serum so famous, it simply goes by an acronym

Serums are an integral part of any skincare regime, often taking centre stage as the most important step due to the fact that they are (or should be) packed with repairing and rejuvenating qualities. But back in the early 1980s – when the ‘three step’ system (cleanse, tone, moisturise) was the status quo – you’d find many a dressing table without a serum. That was, until ANR came along.
Launched in 1982, when Estée Lauder was still at the helm of her famed eponymous cosmetics company, Advanced Night Repair (simply known to many as ANR) not only became perhaps the first serum to claim household name status, but was the first ever nighttime serum in the market.


Rihanna releases her first maternity collection
“I want to remind people that you can still channel sexiness and feel-good while being a parent”

Rihanna’s maternity wardrobe had everyone talking, so, it comes as no real surprise that she’s just announced the launch of her own maternity collection, under her label Savage x Fenty.
For the first time, the global superstar has introduced a capsule collection for other parents and mothers-to-be, featuring three bralettes and an oversized graphic t-shirt.


Phoebe Dynevor is starring in Fair Play, a ‘taut relationship thriller’ coming to Netflix
Here’s everything you need to know about the high-stakes financial drama, featuring the Bridgerton actress

The end of the summer is looming, but that’s no reason to be disheartened: plenty of must-watch TV is coming to our screens this autumn, including Fair Play – a tense thriller starring Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor, which will launch on Netflix in October.
Dynevor is taking the lead role of Emily, a financial analyst who begins a secret affair with her co-worker, Luke (played by Alden Ehrenreich, who you’ll know from this season’s biggest hit, Oppenheimer).


Jennifer Lopez looks like she’s having the time of her life in Italy
You know that vibe when you’re just feeling yourself? Your hair fell just right, your makeup turned out great, and you’ve got a new dress to twirl in? Jennifer Lopez is clearly brimming with confidence on vacation in Italy right now, because she’s posing up a storm on a boat with friends, and we can totally see why.
Hair? Bouncy. Jewellery? Expensive. Sunglasses? Huge. This is J.Lo, of course they’re enormous. And to top it all off, a pansy-patterned sundress that screams “pretty girl alert!”
If you’re happy and you know it, raise your arms and stick your tongue out…


Every Book That Carrie Bradshaw Has Been Reading In ‘And Just Like That…’
Many of them were hand-selected by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Whether you’re looking for an injection of summer outfit ideas or a beach read to lose yourself in on your next getaway, And Just Like That… is proving to be a treasure trove of inspiration.
The Sex And The City sequel has become as renowned for its cast’s covetable closets as it has for the contents of their bookshelves, most of which were hand-selected by Sarah Jessica Parker herself.


The Disturbing True Story Behind Netflix’s Painkiller
The new series delves into the origin story of America’s opioid crisis.

The snowballing opioid crisis in America has been a focal point for many acclaimed movies and TV shows in recent years, from Hulu’s Emmy-winning Dopesick, which tracked the roots of the epidemic both at Purdue Pharma and in the rural communities where their drugs did most damage, to Laura Poitras’ documentary All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, which won the top prize at last year’s Venice Film Festival. Netflix’s Painkiller is the latest entry in the genre.


It’s Officially Hot Irish Guy Summer
Long overshadowed by their British neighbors, these attractive men are finally getting their due.

Irish men have long been overshadowed by their British neighbors, overlooked for their equally alluring accents, commitment to brooding, and ability to look handsome in literally any sweater. Taylor Swift did not, for example, make a song called “Dublin Boy.” Instead, she sings about the charm of British men, high tea, and the West End—“They say home is where the heart is,” she croons, “But God, I love the English.” But this summer, with Irish men on the picket lines, at the box office, and on TikTok, they’re finally getting their hotness due. Here, an extremely important taxonomy of Irish hotties. And remember, Jamie Dornan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers walked so these men could run.


The Genius of Andy Warhol, Prophet of the Future
After surviving a near-fatal shooting, Andy Warhol returned to the limelight in the ’70s, when we profiled the visionary forever a step ahead of his times.

It is hard to believe that he was once chubby, even roly-poly, cute enough to get away with signing one of his pictures, “Andy-Pie.” Today, at 42 going on 43, Andy Warhol is skin and bones, all knobby knees through the soiled and rumpled jeans, and long bony arms. The cords of his neck stand out around the prominent Adam’s apple. The ugly-handsome face is thin and pale and pockmarked, the expression pensive and a little frightened, topped off by the celebrated Warhol trademark, the shaggy silver-white toupee. But most arresting are the hands—non only thin, long-fingered, and delicate but also gnarled and calloused and strong looking, the hands of a fragile steelworker.


Dunkin’ Spiked Coffee and Tea Are (Apparently) Coming Soon
Get ready for a different kind of Dunkin’ buzz.

If you’re a Dunkin’ regular, relying on their coffees and cold brews to kickstart your day, then get ready for a slightly different kind of Dunkin’-branded buzz. The Massachusetts-based coffee giant seems like it’s planning to launch Dunkin’ Spiked, a new line of hard iced coffees and hard iced teas.


Why Did ‘Barbie’ Bomb in South Korea?
A lack of cultural nostalgia attached to the toy and wariness of the film’s feminist messaging may have kept the Korean audience away from the Hollywood mega-hit: “There is no real fan base for ‘Barbie’ in Korea.”

While Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has taken the global box office by storm and shattered numerous records — the film raced past the $1 billion mark in just over two weeks — it hasn’t connected with audiences in one major market, South Korea. Some observers cite cultural differences as the reason — especially the film’s feminist messaging.
According to the Korean Film Council, Barbie only managed an eighth-place finish at the box office in Korea over the Aug. 4-6 weekend, grossing $273,414, with only a 1.2 percent advance ticket sales rate, compared to 35.8 percent for the other half of the “Barbenheimer” juggernaut — Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer — which is set for release in South Korea on Aug. 15.


American Airlines passenger in viral videos of her screaming and having a breakdown said it’s wrecked her life
A marketing executive went viral after accusing an American Airlines passenger of not being “real.”
The woman, later identified as Tiffany Gomas, told DailyMail.com that her life had been “blown up.”
Gomas told the outlet that people had gone through her mail and staked out her house in Dallas.


The Unpublished Interview: Emmy Nominated Ray Liotta Recounts The Iconic Roles And Goodfellas That Defined His Career
When we last talked, Ray Liotta was thinking a lot about mortality. “I’m at the age now there are some things you just forget,” he mused. “60 was a motherf*cker for me.” He was 64 at the time, soon to turn 65, but somehow his face, which once seemed older and wiser than its time, now seemed timeless. “Some people age better, and with some it’s like, ‘Whoa, what happened there!?’” he laughed.
“You’re like me,” he told me. “We look younger. You’ve got a babyface and you’re not lined. I have really oily skin. In high school it sucked because I had zits, so I have a whole complex about that to this day.”


You still need to tell your friends if you get Covid
The virus is surging again. Here’s how to be your own contact tracer if you get sick.

Over three years since the emergence of Covid-19, the virus is once again gaining steam. Because testing for Covid-19 and reporting of positive cases remain inconsistent, wastewater surveillance is one of the best measures of the virus’s prevalence in the community, Vox’s Dylan Scott notes. As of late July, Covid-19 in US wastewater has doubled, per Biobot Analytics; Covid-19 hospitalizations rose 12.5 percent between July 23 and July 29, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.
This summer also brought a new subvariant of the virus, EG.5 — unofficially dubbed Eris — which has become the dominant strain. EG.5 descended from the omicron variant, Vox’s Rachel DuRose reports, and while the symptoms of EG.5 don’t differ much from other omicron subvariants — cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, loss of taste or smell, and headaches — it may be more contagious.


Which historic crown features on the new 50p coins marking King Charles III’s coronation?
The new coins, which entered into circulation yesterday, features a crown destroyed hundreds of years ago

A new commemorative 50p coin celebrating the coronation of King Charles III has gone into circulation. The coin depicts King Charles III wearing the Tudor Crown, while the reverse side depicts Westminster Abbey, in a nod to the historic crowning.
Five million coins will begin to be used from this week, the Royal Mint announced. It is the second 50p coin depicting King Charles III. The first, ‘the Memorial 50p’, entered circulation in December 2022 and marked the transition from Queen Elizabeth II to the new reign. The coins are part of a special commemorative collection which has been released to mark the coronation, which also includes a £5 coin and a number of ‘ounce coins’.


The New Look in Cocktails? Layers and Stripes.
Drinks with colorful bands of liquors that float to the top or sink to the bottom are grabbing attention at bars all over.

Bartenders call it “the fajita effect.” As an eye-catching cocktail sails on a tray through a room, it inspires several more orders of the same drink. Fajita favorites of recent years have included the espresso martini, all manner of blue cocktails and any drink on fire.
The latest, though, has something else in common with fajitas besides contagious appeal: layers of colorful ingredients. In a layered cocktail, the various liquid components settle out in separate strata, giving the drink a striped or ombré look.


Travel Insurance: What It Covers and When to Buy It
In the wake of Covid, travel insurance sales have spiked with the rebound in travel as people seek to protect their investments against flight delays and cancellations, extreme weather events and the persistence of the virus. But travel insurance is complicated with a range of benefits, inclusions and prices. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.


Women Composers Finally Dominate in Emmys’ Music Categories
One of the most remarkable statistics to emerge from this year’s Emmy nominations is the number of women cited in the music categories: nearly 27 percent (14 of 52 noms) are female, the highest percentage in any Emmy competition to date.
Another first: the category of music composition for a limited or anthology series, movie or special, was dominated by women. They scored three of the five nominated shows: “Ms. Marvel” by Laura Karpman, “Prey” by Sarah Schachner, and “A Small Light” by Ariel Marx.


Kate Middleton Receives New Titles from King Charles — with a Tie to Her Grandfather
King Charles announced military appointments for working members of the royal family, including Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Kate and more

Kate Middleton is adding to her royal résumé.
On Friday, Buckingham Palace and King Charles announced new military appointments for nine members of the royal family including the Princess of Wales. The King, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Prince Edward, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, Prince Richard and Birgitte, the Duchess of Gloucester have also been awarded new royal roles. The cohort already held a range of military affiliations, and the update comes a month ahead of King Charles’ first Accession Day.


How to Wash Throw Pillows the Right Way
Remove pet hair, bacteria, and stains in a few simple steps.

Throw pillows add extra comfort to your sofa and up its wow factor. But just like your couch, your pillows experience regular wear and tear, too. Over time, pet dander, stains, and even dust mites can build up on and inside the pillows you keep on your couch, which is why regular maintenance is key. Luckily, restoring these decorative pieces to their former glory can be accomplished with just a few basic household supplies.


4 Ways to Remove Grass Stains From Clothes
These cleaning solutions will remove grass from a handful of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and synthetic blends.

Whether you were mowing the lawn or your children were rolling around in the yard, grass stains happen—especially during the warmer months. While grass stains are possible to remove, they can set in very quickly if not tended to in a timely manner.
How you treat these types of stains depends on the fabric you’re cleaning. To help, we’re sharing a few different cleaning methods suitable to a variety of materials. Before treating grass stains, be sure to patch test your chosen cleaning solution on a small part of fabric to ensure it doesn’t damage it.


This Underrated Italian City Has UNESCO-listed Monuments and Delicious Food and Wine
Here’s how to plan a memorable trip to Ravenna, Italy.

From Florence and Rome to Positano and Capri, Italy is home to many must-visit destinations. Of course, the beautiful European country also has a plethora of less-visited spots ranging from charming hilltop villages to postcard-perfect coastal escapes. While Ravenna isn’t quite a hidden gem, it’s certainly not a requisite stop on most tourist routes either — and this charming northeastern Italian city provides many reasons for travelers to take a detour from Bologna for a few days. Located close to the Adriatic coastline of Emilia-Romagna, the former capital of the Western Roman Empire brims with history and beautiful, diverse architecture that reflects the many groups who have occupied the city over the years. Besides UNESCO-listed monuments and eye-catching mosaics, visitors can look forward to genuine hospitality and superb food and wine.


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