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The Vault Wine Bar – Zürich, Switzerland


It brings us no pleasure to announce that it’s TUESDAY, darlings. We can do this. We just need a soothing fantasy space in which to hide out until it all blows over. Join us!


Ashley Park Is Finally in the Driver’s Seat
With Joy Ride, she’s officially putting her quirky-best friend past in the rearview.

Emily went to Paris, but as soon as she arrived, it was tough for viewers to ignore Ashley Park’s Mindy Chen, who managed to steal the spotlight even after the show’s titular character transformed herself with those bangs. It wasn’t just the musical numbers, the sheer catsuits, or the color-blocked … everything that let Park shine, but it was also the undeniable charm that she packed into every second of screen time, even though she was technically a supporting character. And when she surprised viewers with a more dramatic role in Netflix’s Beef alongside Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, Park was still impossible to ignore, especially with the way she expertly delivered some of the series’s most cringe-inducing lines.


You Look Like A Movie: 14 Of Adele’s Best Beauty Looks
Adele is the superstar musician we all adore. The national treasure and former British Vogue cover star has not only blessed our ears with her moving ballads over the years, she has also honed a signature – and timeless – beauty look. Whether she’s keeping things retro with a classic feline flick or flaunting Old Hollywood waves, Adele never misses. As she turns 35, Vogue charts Adele’s beauty evolution over the years – and revisits some of her most memorable looks.


From Gerri’s Evolution To What’s Really Going On With Shiv: Succession’s Costume Designer Answers All Our Burning Questions
The fashion of Succession has been crucial to the success of Jesse Armstrong’s foul-mouthed Shakespearean epic from the very beginning. Who could forget Shiv’s roster of slippery silk shirts during her heyday as a slick political consultant? Or Kendall’s ill-judged Lanvin trainers, worn to impress the founders of an achingly cool start-up? Or Greg’s transition from rain jackets and deck shoes to a boardroom uniform that echoes Tom’s?
All of that is the work of the Emmy-nominated costume designer Michelle Matland, who has been outfitting the Roys and their ambitious hangers-on since season one, perfecting both the stealth wealth aesthetic of Waystar Royco’s most senior executives and the unbecomingly flashy ensembles of interlopers who don’t know any better.


From Registry Office To Destination Do: 4 Mother Of The Bride Outfit Ideas For The Wedding Season Ahead
From matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses to white bridal gowns: there are countless fashion-centric wedding traditions that have been challenged in recent years. The idea of “age appropriate” mother of the bride dressing is certainly one of them. Customarily, the mother of the bride was supposed to wear a shade that adheres to the wedding party colour scheme, but truthfully, there’s no need to play by the rules anymore. More and more people are discarding the frou-frou fascinators and fusty florals for ensembles that are contemporary, cool and undeniably cutting-edge.


Cindy, Christy And Helena Had An Original Supers Reunion – And Their Equally Photogenic Kids Came Too
There’s nothing like a reunion with old friends to spark joy, is there? Just ask Helena Christensen, whose day ones just so happen to be her fellow original supermodels, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington.
Having met up with her one-time runway co-stars and their children, Christensen documented their get-together on Instagram, and highlighted her gratitude and love for her old pals. Some thirty years after they shot to fame, the trio are all in their mid-fifties and look as luminous as they’ve ever been.


Yes, Chef! The Bear Season 2 Will Arrive This Summer
Universally hailed as one of the best new shows of 2022, Christopher Storer and Joanna Calo’s heart-stopping culinary epic is returning for a second instalment sooner than you might have expected. Here’s everything we know so far.

In a nutshell: Carmy, Sydney and co will remain in the kitchen for a second season of the critically acclaimed Disney+ drama, which will track The Original Beef of Chicagoland’s transformation into the former’s new restaurant, named The Bear.


In Yellowjackets, Simone Kessell Confronts Lottie’s Deepest Fear
In season 2, the actress dives deep behind the spectacle of a wellness guru.

I ask Kessell what she thinks we, as audience members, are meant to interpret from these on-screen conversations about healing and trauma and repression. After some consideration, she throws the question back to me: What do I think is the takeaway? Stumbling over my words, I tell her I consider these scenes an acknowledgment: an understanding of the fear inherent in healing. Many of us living with mental illness or trauma come up against the concern that, should a specific method of healing fail (or reveal itself as inauthentic), we might be forced to look elsewhere for survival. And what if there is nowhere else? What do we do then?


A Major Keith Haring Exhibit Comes to L.A.’s Broad Museum
L.A.’s first Keith Haring museum exhibition gives an East Coast mood its moment in the sun.

California is a fine place to live,” the comedian Fred Allen once quipped, “if you happen to be an orange.” But in recent years aspects of the stereotypical California lifestyle have invaded the Big Apple. Much has been made of the proliferation of juice bars, the legalization of marijuana, and the growing number of car owners in the city. In January the New York Times asked, “Is New York City turning into Los Angeles?”
Between May 27 and October 8, however, the tide will turn. That’s when “Art Is for Everybody,” the first L.A. museum exhibition of the quintessentially New York work of Keith Haring, will be at the Broad, bringing with it art from the subway, ephemera from Haring’s Manhattan studio and Pop Shop, and programming inspired by the legendary East Village artists haunt Club 57.


Prabal Gurung and Phillip Lim Turn Costume Designers for the New Disney+ Series American Born Chinese
There’s little doubt that American Born Chinese, the new series from Disney+ premiering later this month, will be must-see TV, what with three of its stars hailing from the much-loved, and many Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once. Michelle Wu, Ke Huy Quan, and Stephanie Hsu all have roles in the genre-bending show, which is based on a graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang that tells the story of an average California high schooler mixed up in a fight with Chinese mythological gods. Here’s another reason to tune in: In their first Hollywood project, the New York fashion designers Prabal Gurung and Phillip Lim have created costumes for two of the show’s main characters—Yeoh’s Goddess of Mercy Guanyin and Daniel Wu’s Monkey King.


Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter
Collaborating on his memoir, “Spare,” meant spending hours together on Zoom, meeting his inner circle, and gaining a new perspective on the tabloids.

I was exasperated with Prince Harry. My head was pounding, my jaw was clenched, and I was starting to raise my voice. And yet some part of me was still able to step outside the situation and think, This is so weird. I’m shouting at Prince Harry. Then, as Harry started going back at me, as his cheeks flushed and his eyes narrowed, a more pressing thought occurred: Whoa, it could all end right here.


10 Farro Recipes That Will Inspire You to Cook This Versatile Grain
Nutty and chewy, farro plays well with strong ingredients like kale, beets, and salty cheese.

Nutty and satisfyingly chewy, farro is a so-called ancient grain that has gained a modern following. While it does contain gluten, farro is also full of protein and high in fiber.
Interestingly, what most Americans call farro is really one name for three different types of wheat: Einkorn, Triticum monococcum; emmer Triticum dicoccum, and spelt, Triticum spelta. In the United States, emmer is the most common farro we find in stores. Each type behaves a little differently, although for our purposes—and in this collection of our best farro recipes—they can be used interchangeably.


The hidden force that shapes everything around us: Parking
It’s fueling the affordable housing crisis, worsening flooding, and driving us nuts.

Most Americans, especially those living outside of major cities, need to drive to get around, and so the need to put one’s car somewhere when we’re not using it — ideally somewhere safe, free, and convenient — is a quiet force that often dominates how we get around. But how parking works (or doesn’t work) is something we rarely stop to consider.


King Charles and Queen Camilla wear crowns and regalia in new official Coronation portraits
King Charles and Queen Camilla are joined by working members of the Royal Family in one of four Coronation portraits

Their Majesties were photographed at Buckingham Palace by Hugo Burnand, a former Tatler photographer, following the service at Westminster Abbey. There are individual portraits of the King and Queen in their Coronation regalia, a photo of the couple together, and a fourth image of Their Majesties with the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Anne, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy.


Why Do American Diners Have Such a Limited Palate for Textures?
Complex taste sensations play a crucial role in food around the world — but have long been shunned stateside.

Not only does English lack a robust vocabulary for food textures but, whether as corollary or coincidence, English speakers also tend to value a narrower range of textures. There have always been differences in what people of different regions eat, based on the flora and fauna supported by local climate and geography. Europe, to which the majority of Americans trace their heritage, is far less biodiverse than Asia, Africa and South America, where what many Americans consider more challenging textures are celebrated, from the viscosity of soups thickened with ogbono (bush mango seeds) in Nigeria to the sponginess of ubre asada (grilled cow udder) in Chile.


Nice Guy Meets Iron Man in the First Novel by Tom Hanks
Whimsically chronicling the creation of a Marvel-style movie, “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece” sags under a deluge of detail.

Titled “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece,” the book arrives at a crossroads for Hollywood. The Writers Guild of America went on strike this past week, seeking pay increases in an age of streaming and protections from that thundering Godzilla, artificial intelligence. The consequent halt of film and TV production deprives not only audiences, but also the vast number of workers required to get stories onscreen: extras, editors, costume and lighting designers, makeup artists, caterers, drivers, gofers, key grips.


Flamenco and Fervor: Inside Spain’s El Rocío Pilgrimage
The annual spectacle, featuring fanciful caravans and riders on horseback, is arguably the most potent visual representation of Andalusian culture.

The El Rocío pilgrimage is a high-octane religious spectacle — a multiday annual fiesta, held in Andalusia, the southernmost region in Spain — of flamenco dresses, caravans and religious fervor that seems to grow ever stronger, despite the ever-waning influence of the Catholic Church.
Participants can spend months in preparation: planning menus, hiring tractors, arranging for caravans. It also requires the selection of a dress that permits the wearer to relieve herself behind a bush while exuding all the elegance of Goya’s Duchess of Alba.


[Photo Credit: russellsagestudio.co.uk, zurich.fivehotelsandresorts.com]

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