T LOunge for May 17th, 2023

Posted on May 17, 2023

Inn on the Pier at The Royal Pier – Aberystwyth, UK

Let’s all spend the day in a LOunge that looks like a Doctor Who episode, yes? After all, it is WEDNESDAY and that calls for whimsy, according to an international panel of experts known as us. Slide into a colorful booth and take some time off from the real world for a bit.


Croisette Queen: Julianne Moore’s Best Cannes Red Carpet Style
As the fest veteran prepares for another trip up the Palais steps for Todd Haynes’ competition title ‘May December,’ Moore’s former stylist (who remains a dear friend) picks five of her favorite Cannes collaborations.

No one doubts Cannes’ credentials as one of the most glamorous places in the world, but it can also be quite chaotic. Never for Julianne Moore.
“I always felt that there’s something very comforting about being around Julianne,” says veteran stylist Leslie Fremar, who styled Moore for years, including the majority of her couture-clad appearances on the steps of the Palais in Cannes. “She gives off an aura that nothing is going to go wrong, and she shines that light on her entire team. Everyone then feels that we’re good, we got this. She’s the captain of that, and it’s really infectious and calming.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Candid on Career, Failures, Aging: “My Plan Is to Live Forever”
The action icon — set to make his series TV debut in Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’ — sounds off on his ‘Terminator’ and ‘Conan’ futures, identity politics and why emotions are overrated: “We have to work our ass off and stop worrying about feelings.”

Despite his years, Schwarzenegger is hitting new levels of productivity. He’s making his series television debut with a Netflix action-comedy, FUBAR, that premieres May 25. A couple of weeks later, Netflix drops a three-part documentary, Arnold, chronicling his life. He has an upcoming self-help book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, and is doing nonstop fitness promotion (his new, self-published daily newsletter has racked up 432,000 subscribers) and elder statesman activism (his viral video about the Ukraine war generated 100 million views).



Martha Stewart Reacts to Critics of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover: ‘I’ve Had Absolutely No Plastic Surgery Whatsoever’
At 81, the lifestyle mogul is the oldest person to be featured in the magazine’s annual bathing suit issue

Martha Stewart had just two months to get ready for her already iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.
She upped her Pilates to three times a week, watched what she ate and stopped drinking alcohol. “I had my regular facials but maybe more frequently and I also got a spray tan,” Stewart, who is up for three Daytime Emmys this year, tells me during a phone interview on Tuesday. “And I’m not a hairy person, but I got a complete body wax.”
At 81, Stewart made history as the oldest SI swimsuit model. A model in her 20s, Stewart worked with legends like Richard Avedon. “When I was a model and posing all the time in bathing suits and sporty sexy things, that’s the time I should have been on the cover,” she says before adding with a laugh, “But I wasn’t $75-an-hour model then. I was only a $50- and $60-an-hour model.”


‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Required Over 3,000 VFX Shots for Rocket’s Backstory, Cosmo and ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’ Battle
It took a village of 10 visual effects houses, including Weta FX and Framestore, and 3066 visual effects shots to help bring James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” to life over 15 months of post-production.
From studying baby raccoons for the backstory of Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) to golden retrievers for talking dog Cosmo, the VFX supervisors spent months putting together the sequences — some with explosions and complex action, including the film’s already iconic two-minute one-shot scene timed perfectly to the beats of the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”
The teams break down the process behind some of their VFX magic and how they navigated some of the most challenging scenes.


Steven Yeun Collides With His Own Past for Beef
Like his character in the hit Netflix series, Yeun was raised in the Korean church, and dug deep into an exploration of rage and shame for his role.

The chemistry between you and Ali Wong is key in this story working. Did the two of you know each other well before filming this?
“We knew each other, I guess just being Asian Americans in the business. I was on Walking Dead when her first special came out, and I remember watching it in my trailer and being so blown away. I immediately DMed her on Twitter and was like, “You’re so great. Thank you for holding it down.” Then we just kind of briefly met here and there. We worked on Tuca and Birdie together, but we never really got to see each other consistently. So when we were building up to do this show, it just kind of felt right from the very get and we didn’t have to do a lot of chemistry things. If anything, we just had to remind each other, not explicitly but like through hanging out on set, that we actually like each other so that when we got on set and had to say the words that were written, we could just go there because we felt safe.”


Zendaya Coleman’s Style File: Every Single One Of The Multi-Hyphenate’s Most Epic Looks
The actor, singer, and designer, plus her stylist Law Roach, always slay the red carpet.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, known to the world simply by her first name, is ELLE’s extreme girl-crush. A talented actress and singer, she’s also known for her fierce outspokenness and extraordinary, ever-changing style. Check out an array of her best looks…


See Inside Jackie Kennedy’s Childhood Summer Home In the Hamptons
Lasta, the former Bouvier family vacation house, is currently on the market.

Lasata, the seven-acre East Hampton, New York estate where Jackie Kennedy spent her summers as a child, is back on the market. Kennedy’s grandfather, John Vernou Bouvier, Jr., owned the home—whose name comes from a Native American word for “Place of Peace”—in the 1920s.
The property at 121 Further Lane includes the eight-bedroom main house, two-bedroom guest cottage, caretaker’s cottage, pool house, and a three-car garage, on approximately 7 acres. It was last sold in early 2018, bought by producer David Zander from fashion label Reed Krakoff. After he moved in, Zander redid the house with new interiors from interior designer, Pierre Yovanovich, and new gardens by landscape architect Louis Benech. The property is listed with Eileen O’Neill of The Corcoran Group and Ed Petrie of Compass.


34 Iconic Beauty Moments From Cannes Film Festival
For more than half a century, cinephiles and silver-screen darlings have flocked to the Cannes Film Festival, which debuts the biggest and most boundary-pushing new films of note. Wardrobe choices have run the gamut throughout the event’s 72 years—who can forget the epicene effect of Aymeline Valade’s Pallas tuxedo, worn at the premiere of 2014’s Saint Laurent biopic with a freshly platinum dye job?—while hair and makeup have trod a similarly versatile line between glamour and ease.
Perhaps it was Elizabeth Taylor, with her glittering diamond tiara, who started the festival’s tradition of decorative hair accessories in 1957—followed by Catherine Deneuve’s white headband and Sophia Loren’s slim-brimmed hat. In 1974, Jane Birkin brought a distinctively French insouciance to the red carpet with natural makeup and air-dried hair that felt like a sign of the times—a tactic her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg embraced more than 30 years later with a fresh complexion heightened by a tangle of waves and a subversively chic leather jacket and jeans.


Brace Yourself: Beyoncé Is Launching a Hair-Care Line
Celebrity beauty lines abound, but there’s always room for royalty. Beyoncé took to Instagram today to tease a forthcoming hair-related announcement, the enterprise rooted in family and salon culture. The three-part carousel featured a present-tense Queen Bey and a mane of natural curls, a younger Beyoncé having her side-swept cornrows tended to (likely at her mother’s hands), and a thoughtful message about the launch—and the meaning behind it.
“How many of ya’ll know that my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon?” began Beyoncé, who went on to note that Destiny’s Child got its start performing for clients in said salon’s chairs and that the space introduced her to women, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of hair (and of community) for healing.


Mary & George Brings to Life a Torrid Jacobean-Era Love Affair
Over the course of her decades-long career, Julianne Moore has played everyone from Virginia Woolf to Maude Lebowski, President Coin to Dora Maar, yet the Oscar and BAFTA winner never signed on for a courtly period drama—until Oliver Hermanus’s Mary & George came along. Due out on Sky Atlantic in the UK and AMC in the US later this year, the Living director’s seven-part series recounts the true story of Mary Villiers, mother of the notorious 1st Duke of Buckingham, who effectively ruled England in the latter years of James I’s reign.
It’s Mary who’s credited with orchestrating the Duke’s rise to power—drastically elevating her own status in the process. Born into humble circumstances in 1570, she married Sir Villiers, a member of Leicestershire’s minor landed gentry, as a teenager and gave birth to four children. It’s her second son, George, that she decided was marked for greatness—dispatching him to the French court to cultivate his political talents and then on to London to win the approval of James I on behalf of the family in 1614.


A Survey Found That People Need a Very Specific Amount of Coffee to Feel Productive
Now this is one relatable survey.

If you don’t have one of those “Don’t Talk to Me Until I’ve Had My Coffee” mugs on your desk, then you probably have at least one coworker who does. It turns out that more than half of us need a hot cup of joe to kickstart our mornings, and over three-quarters of us turn to coffee when we need a midday mood boost.
In April, market research company OnePoll surveyed 2,050 U.S.-based office workers on behalf of the Flavia hot beverage system, and the results showed that, well, we really like our coffee. A steaming hot cup of coffee is the go-to “first drink of the day” for over half of respondents (66%), while almost half (47%) said that they could also go for an iced coffee when they get to work, followed by water (45%) and flavored water (30%).


IHOP Is Selling Pancake-Flavored Coffee That You Can Make at Home
Get ready for your entire house to smell delicious.

If you’re one of those people that likes to dunk pancakes into your morning coffee (no judgment here), we’ve got good news — after 65 years in business, IHOP has launched pancake-flavored coffee beans, so you can skip dunking altogether.
Made with 100% premium arabica beans, the pancake house’s roasts come in three flavors: a Signature Blend, Buttery Syrup, and its best-selling pancake flavor, Chocolate Chocolate Chip.


Rimowa Is Launching A 125-Year Retrospective In Tokyo, And It Includes The Suitcases Of Billie Eilish And Pharrell Williams
To celebrate its 125th birthday, the Cologne, Germany-based luggage brand Rimowa is launching a traveling exhibition that’s as much a timeline of its history as it is an object study in peripatetic curios.
Called “SEIT 1898” (“seit” is the German word for “since”), the expo features a modular series of dioramas, which spotlight everything from the company’s highly recognisable grooved aluminium cases–which were first introduced in 1950, paying homage to the cladding on a 1919-invented Junkers aircraft–to “Special Purpose” one-offs, like violin or wine carriers, to a wunderkammer of artist editions and collaborations (Supreme, Off-White, Palace Skateboards, Porsche, and Dior to name a few, many of which have happened since LVMH acquired Rimowa in 2016). SEIT 1898 opens in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighbourhood on June 8, rolls to New York City in September, and concludes in Cologne in early 2024.


From banning hugs to gentle parenting, how are you supposed to raise kids, anyway?
The endless cycling — and recycling — of parenting advice.

To parents, it can seem like a new child-rearing trend pops up every few years, complete with new buzzwords and new ways to screw up. Each parenting philosophy presents itself as the definitive way to raise happy, well-adjusted, hard-working kids. The advice we get, however, is often both more and less than we bargained for. The effect can be dizzying — are we doing gentle parenting now or what? Indeed, child-rearing advice tends to be cyclical and reactionary, with each trend reversing what came before.


Your chance to dine alongside King Charles III’s head gardeners at spectacular Sandringham banquet
For £120, gardening enthusiasts will be given a window into the world of royal horticulture as they rub shoulders with gardeners from Sandringham, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Dumfries House

In recent months, King Charles III has been praised for his lifelong love of the natural world. Now, gardening enthusiasts will be granted a window into his world thanks to a one-off opportunity to mingle with head gardeners from the King’s estates. For £120, guests will be able to dine alongside gardeners from Sandringham Estate, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Dumfries House.


Hotels Roll Out the Red Carpet for Pets
Doggy menus, plush beds, nose balm and pet sitting: As people increasingly travel with their four-legged friends, hotels are stepping up with more amenities.

If you wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without your pet, you’re in luck. Hotels and resorts are increasingly catering to them with new packages and amenities (or “pet-menities,” as Virgin Hotels puts it), be it an in-room dining menu for dogs with a “beef woofslider” at Andaz Mexico City Condesa, or a posh pet blanket made of recycled wool from one of the Marine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts in Britain. Perks abound, like “puppuccinos” at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., and paw-and-nose balm at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass.
With more and more guests wanting to travel with their pets, especially since the pandemic, major hotel companies such as Marriott, Hilton and Kimpton are rolling out or expanding their programs across thousands of hotels and vacation rentals.


Concert Tees? Try Trial Merch.
Modern legal spectacles are now must-see entertainment — and the inspiration for a growing (if not niche) type of merchandise.

When Jessica Clary visited Los Angeles as a teenager with her mother in 1995, the attraction they were most excited to see was not the Hollywood sign or Rodeo Drive. It was the courthouse where O.J. Simpson stood trial for murder.
Ms. Clary, who grew up in Plano, Texas, said that like millions of Americans, she and her mother became transfixed by the case then described as “the trial of the century.” On the day the women went to see the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, they were not the only people on the streets outside. Several vendors had come to hawk merchandise.


25 Frosty Treats That Start With Store-Bought Ice Cream
Purchasing a gallon or two of your favorite flavors makes these delicious dessert recipes so much easier.

Go ahead and trade your usual scoops for a milkshake, sundae, ice cream sandwich, or a celebration bombe—thanks to store-bought ice cream, they’re easy to make and entirely impressive. A good place to start is by concocting refreshing drinks, like the ice cream floats pictured here. They’re riffs on the root-beer float that sub in surprising soda flavors like O-So Orange with coconut sorbet to make a tropical dream-sicle, mix cherry Cheerwine with vanilla ice cream for a slushie-inspired sensation, and drop chocolate ice cream into a Cafello espresso for a frosty mocha.


How to Add a Cozy Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen Without Renovating It
Transforming an unused kitchen corner is easy with the right table and chairs—plus a few extras, like considered lighting and colorful pillows.

There’s something timeless and classic about a breakfast nook. It invites your family to casually gather together in their pajamas and robes as you nibble on pancakes and sip on coffee to start the day. For busy, active groups, a breakfast nook also doubles as a homework station or a place to enjoy an afternoon snack. If you’ve often double-tapped photos of breakfast nooks on Instagram, but felt like you couldn’t make it happen in your home without a pricey renovation, think again. You can create this cozy spot in your house with a few low-budget purchases and careful styling choices.


How Long Common Leftovers Last in the Fridge, From Chicken to Pizza
Refer to our handy chart before you reheat Tuesday’s tacos or the soup you made over the weekend.

Leftovers can be a lifesaver on busy nights when you don’t have time to cook or plan a meal—and they’re an easy way to reduce food waste, save money, and get the most out of each dish. However, as perishable food items, leftovers can pose safety concerns if they’re not enjoyed within a certain time frame. Read on to learn how long leftovers can last in the refrigerator and freezer—plus, discover tips and best practices for storing leftover food according to food safety professionals.


This Town on Santorini Offers a Quintessential Greece Vacation — Whitewashed Houses and Sunset Views Included
Here’s what you need to know to visit the famous town of Oia on Santorini.

Whitewashed walls, blazing blue-domed roofs, and azure waters all around: This must be Oia, Greece.
Sure, visitors can find scenes like this all over the Greek Islands, but none may be as picture-perfect as those found in Oia, the famed village on the island of Santorini. Located on a craggy cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the centuries-old town has become the star of the show thanks to an idyllic look that made it ultra popular on social media. However, this quaint community is more than just a backdrop to your snaps. Here’s everything you need to know about Oia for your next trip to Greece.


15 Best Castles in New York, From Manhattan to the Finger Lakes
Spend the night in a castle-turned-hotel, attend a murder mystery dinner show, or grab a drink in a dungeon — it’s all possible.

The state of New York is home to lots of magical and historic small towns, and of course its ever-thrilling capital city. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s also dotted with fairytale-esque castles. These enchanting sites run the gamut from eerie, abandoned masterpieces to fully functioning luxury hotels and former forts. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite castles across New York, from lower Manhattan and Long Island to the northern Thousand Island region. Here’s where to go for a royal — or haunting — experience.


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