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Posted on May 11, 2023

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Well! There’s your lip color sorted out for the day, kittens. Put on something red and join us in today’s super-swanky LOunge, because it’s THURSDAY, dammit.


‘Doctor Who’ Unveils Jonathan Groff First Look
Jonathan Groff has begun filming his Doctor Who scenes and the BBC has unveiled a first look. The BBC is keeping details about Groff’s character close to its chest but the images show him dressed in Victorian-style clothing flanked by the new doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, and Millie Gibson, who is playing companion Ruby Sunday. Groff, who shot to fame in Glee and has since starred in the likes of Knock at the Cabin, Mindhunter and The Matrix Resurrections, is one of the most high profile stars to have landed a role in the new season, which will air later this year.


The most beautiful pearl necklaces to invest in
This classic piece of jewellery has been given a contemporary makeover in recent years

An iridescent gemstone that’s been used as finery for millennia, pearls are one of the most classic jewellery choices you can make. A long and storied history, it is thought that pearls were gifted to Chinese royalty as far back as 2300 BC. Later, they proved so precious in ancient Rome that Julius Caesar declared only the ruling class could wear them.
Over the last few decades, a string of pearls had come to be associated with the preppy elite – a little dowdy, a little twee – but thanks to a host of designers, the pearl necklace has been refreshed and is back and more popular than ever. Worn in recent years by the likes of Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, A$AP Rocky and Harry Styles, it’s certifiably cool again.


How to achieve the Princess of Wales’ signature blow-dry
Bouncy locks fit for a royal

Her timeless style informs her beauty choices too, with the royal favouring a fresh colour palette with soft smokey eyes. Hair, however, is where Kate flexes her creative side. By royal standards, she isn’t afraid to experiment with various looks – from intricate chignons to playful ponytails – but it’s her glossy, bouncy, blow-out that’s become a signature ‘Princess Kate’ look. While she undoubtedly has a team of experts to ensure her hair appears picture-perfect at every angle, achieving the look at home isn’t impossible.


“Being a model was taxing on my value system”: Cara Delevingne on eco-activism and fast fashion
The actress discusses her new environmental project and how small changes can make a big difference

Delevingne’s development into an eco-activist has been, she explains, a gradual awakening. Over the years, she’s become more concerned about climate change and its causes, specifically looking at the fashion and beauty industries. “Growing up, I wasn’t really aware of environmental issues, but I want to have children, and the world is now a scary place,” she says. “When I was a model, I was kind of ignorant, you know? I didn’t know how bad fashion could be for the environment, but learning about it really helped me to move away from it. I think that was part of the reason I did, really.”


“She Doesn’t Follow Trends”; Dolly Parton’s Longtime Stylist on Her Over-the-Top Style
Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks will co-host the 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM Awards) on Thursday in Frisco, Texas. Parton is no stranger to the ACM stage: She’s performed at the ceremony many times over the years, and collected many awards at it, too. However, this year, Parton will debut the lead single of her forthcoming rock album, titled Rockstar, at the show—and she’ll be doing it in style. “She’s going to wear a lot of diversity,” says Steve Summers, Parton’s longtime stylist, of her upcoming ACM wardrobe. “She’ll go from very bright, to very demure to very country—and a little bit of everything in between. Her performance at the end of the show is going to be epic.”


Miuccia Prada Talks 30 Years of Miu Miu, Her Greatest Experiment
As the wildly popular label celebrates its 30th anniversary, the designer reflects on her all-time favorite looks.

There are many things that Miuccia Prada hates: The banality of luxury, “good taste,” and the bourgeoisie are just a few of the topics that come up during a conversation from her art-filled home in Milan. These bugbears, however, have been useful over the years. They have given clarity to her work and provided her with something to react against in her collections, beginning in the 1980s with the introduction of handbags and backpacks made of practical black nylon, and continuing ever since with an aesthetic that the designer once described as “ugly chic.”


63 Nineties Movies That Will Take You Back To The Era Of ‘Wazzup’, Butterfly Clips And Slip Dresses
From the Oscar winners to the rom coms

We are all living for the 1990s. We’ve seen throwbacks to the glory days of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman with The Last Dance, not to mention the Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Clueless remakes that are also supposedly in the works, plus the ubiquitous 90s fashion resurgence of slip dresses, strappy sandals, Calvin Klein underwear and scrunchies. Who can forget scrunchies?
The evidence is there, that though we might be in 2023, we can’t get enough of the 1990s. So, with that in mind, here’s our round-up of the best 1990s movies to revisit for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.


Why Won’t People Just Let Me Not Be a Mom?
No, I’m not a “fur mama,” a “plant mommy,” and I did not “birth” my new book.

“I never loved babies or children, either,” my mom encouraged me in my adult years. “Until I had you.” Someday, she promised, I’d feel the same way about my own little ones. I’m sure I would have if I’d ever had any, but, in the end, I decided not to, because I didn’t want them. I kept waiting to want them—to feel that mythical “maternal longing” kick in—and it never did. That’s not to say I always felt clear in my choice. I spent a good decade on the fence, at a loss for evidence that, as a woman, you could forgo raising a family and still lead a fulfilling, happy life. Almost no one talked about this path, or made it look fun and normal, especially not in the media.


How Much Water Is Too Much to Put in Your Whiskey? Scientists Have the Answer
A Washington State University-led study determined when diluted whiskey starts to lose its characteristics.

If part of your personality is “whiskey drinker,” then you’ve probably accumulated a large collection of whiskey stones from various birthdays and holidays, and you probably have at least one ice cube tray designed to make oversized frozen spheres. But according to a study recently posted in the journal Foods, that one big ice cube could be crucial for enjoying your whiskey to its fullest, and its all because of what happens when that particular spirit gets too watered down.


A Definitive Guide to Curtain Bangs for All Face Shapes and Hair Textures
“Curtain bangs give off a vibe of summer simplicity while elevating your entire look,” says Xavier Velasquez, a celebrity hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair studio, of what makes the look so desirable as the season kicks off. For the California-born-and-bred pro, shaggy fringe calls to mind the characters of a groovy Paul Thomas Anderson films while also nodding to Jane Birkin in the French Riviera circa summer 1973. It’s true that curtain bangs have distinct ties to the “Me Decade,” but the style is right at home in 2022. They do hinge on individuality, after all.


‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel in the Works With Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis
The duo starred in the 2003 body-swap comedy from Disney.

Lohan and Curtis are expected to reprise their roles as a mother and daughter who wake up one Friday and find they have swapped bodies. Elyse Hollander is penning the script to the sequel.
Freaky Friday was based on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel, and grossed $160 million globally. Directed by Mark Waters from a script by Heather Hach and Leslie, Dixon has remained a cultural touchstone, with Curtis referencing it during public appearances over the years. It has become synonymous with the body-swap genre, spawning homages such as the Blumhouse horror film Freaky.


How to Grow and Care for Gerbera Daisies, One of the Happiest Flowers You Can Plant in Your Garden
From soil to sunlight, here’s what you need to know about growing these colorful blooms like a professional.

If you’re a fan of big, colorful flowers, you’ve probably come across a gerbera daisy or two in your day. Also known as Transvaal daisies, gerberas originate from South Africa and come in an array of eye-catching hues, including orange, pink, and yellow—making them a popular pick for any size or style of garden.
“Gerbera daisies are exuberant and playful,” says landscape architect Janice Parker. “Gerbera daisies are a popular choice for at-home gardeners due to their electric, hot colors, velvety petals, and long bloom season (spring to fall!). They help support a healthy garden by attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees, and are excellent for making floral arrangements for the home.”


Clustercore Is Trending—and It’s the Perfect Decorating Style for Collectors
This aesthetic encourages you to make curated vignettes with your most prized possessions.

Social media has a way of taking an interior design trend, giving it a marketable moniker, and inspiring people to try it in their own homes. It’s given us everything from breezy coastal grandmother to mountain modern design—and now clustercore is being propelled into the spotlight.
Not to be confused with cluttercore (which is far busier and often skews chaotic!), clustercore encourages you to collect and carefully display trinkets, art, and baubles. Think of it this way: Clustercore is a celebration of your most prized possessions—and is the ultimate decorating style for avid collectors.


Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan Talk ‘Freaky Friday’ at 20
The stars of the 2003 comedy still keep in touch and are in talks for a sequel, which Disney says is in the works.

It has been 20 years since Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, playing a mother and daughter forever at odds, magically swapped bodies in Disney’s “Freaky Friday,” the Mark Waters remake of the 1976 comedy. Before restoring balance, the two are forced to see the world through each other’s eyes as they get caught up in wedding prep and high school drama. This version left an impression on a generation of millennials who grew up on a steady diet of Lohan films, contemplating bleached hair streaks and chipped nail polish.


Asparagus Season Is Here. Make It Count With These 3 Stellar Recipes.
Put those gorgeous stalks to work in a creamy pasta, a filling grain bowl and a bright, beautiful soup from Melissa Clark.

Asparagus season sneaks up on me every year. I anticipate it so hungrily, so ardently, that I have to put it out of my head as May approaches. Stay calm, I tell myself on the way to the farmers’ market, asparagus will be here soon enough.
Then, suddenly, there it is, in bunches and bunches of mauve-tipped stalks, as many as I can carry home, with more on the way. It’ll keep coming through June until — with cucumbers and the first cherry tomatoes on the horizon — the cycle of longing begins again.


Luxury and Power: inside the gloriously decadent new exhibition at the British Museum
Filled with ravishing magnificence, the British Museum’s new exhibition has opened, and features artefacts from Persia and Greece
Prepare to be dazzled: a brand new exhibition of unabashed decadence has just opened at the British Museum. ‘Luxury and power: Persia to Greece’ features some of the rarest, most precious metals, jewels and stones of an opulent past age.
When the Greeks discovered the command tent of the Persian king during the Greco-Persian Wars 499–449 BC, inside they found a magnificent collection of precious metals in the form of drinking vessels, plates and jewellery. But these prized treasures came to symbolise so much more than mere opulence: they were status symbols of the highest potency, marking their owners out as major power players of their day and age.



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