2023 Cannes Film Festival: Helen Mirren in Del Core at the JEANNE DU BARRY Screening and Opening Ceremony

Posted on May 16, 2023

When we first saw the shots of Helen Mirren at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Johnny Depp’s supposed triumphant return to the screen, Jeanne DuBarry, we noted her purple hair and her little fan with some amusement and nothing more. “Dame Helen’s doing her thing again,” we assumed.


But then we wondered about that hashtag. Is this some sort of L’Oreal “Because I’m worth it” spon con? Because that doesn’t sound like our queen and it feels a little tacky to do something like that on the red carpet of a major international film festival. Her stylist Lee Harris mentioned on instagram that she was there “representing L’Oreal,” and she’s long been a brand ambassador, but even so, it seems strange of her to use a moment like this for such a naked bit of brand promotion.

You should have heard the gay gasps that erupted from us when we took a second to google the hashtag that we realized the entire outfit, from the purple hair to the hashtag, could be seen as a form of support for Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard, based on two social media campaigns launched by her supporters, “Purple for Amber” and “Amber is #Worthit.” We choose to see it that way, at least. Remember: a true queen of shade knows how to drop an insult and make you wonder if she’s really insulting you or not.


And THAT, motherfuckers, is why she is Queen Helen of the sovereign nation of Fuckinfantastica, now and forever more. Bow down to her.

EDITED TO ADD: Ah, well. Nevertheless. Dame Helen has stated that she was not making a statement, but we still like our version of the story better. She remains a queen. The brand-hawking is a little tacky.

Style Credits:
Del Core Dress
Sole Bliss Shoes

Styled by Lee Harris


[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages, Abaca Press/INSTARimages]

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