2023 Cannes Film Festival: Fan Bingbing in Yanina Couture and Christopher Bu

Posted on May 17, 2023

Our favorite part of covering Cannes has to be the many opportunities to feature Fan Bingbing. She not only never fails to bring it, but has an almost superhuman ability that allows her to wear the most gimmicky looks you ever saw and never get overwhelmed by them. She is the perfect red carpet walker, never looking less than flawless, always serving something worth looking at. You probably scrolled right past this to get a further look at the dresses above and frankly, we don’t blame you.


At the Opening Night Ceremony Dinner in YANINA COUTURE

It’s drag eleganza and it’s gimmicky as hell – especially with the matching, feather trimmed gloves – but damn if she doesn’t look chic and stunning in it. We think the lack of jewelry and the impeccable hair are doing a lot to tamp down on the exuberance of the outfit and give it a restrained elegance.


At the  Opening Ceremony in CHRISTOPHER BU

Come ON. WHOMST could pull this off nearly as well? And by “this,” we refer not only to that insane gown covered in rocks, tigers and bamboo, but the highly matchy mega jewels and the sprig of bamboo in her hair. Just describing it makes it sound like the most ridiculous outfit you could think of but here she is, looking elegantly badass somehow. A true fashion sorceress.

Style Credits:
First Look: Yanina Dress from the Fall 2022 Couture Collection
Second Look: Christopher Bu Strapless Tiger Print Gown

Styled by Wish Gui 桂菁鸿 | Makeup by Hu Yiyin 胡子桾


[Photo Credit: IPA/INSTARimages, Abaca Press/INSTARimages]

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