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Posted on April 28, 2023

Kavouras Sea View Restaurant – Kallithea, Thessaloniki, Greece

No time for talk today, kittens. The content goddesses have bestowed a bounty on us and we have a post-Oscars amount of red carpetry to show you today. Enjoy the sin, sea and sky. Yes, that’s a typo, but it’s so delicious that we simply had to keep it in. Enjoy the sin all day, darlings!


The first Karl Lagerfeld hotel is opening this summer
The only hotel fully designed by the late fashion powerhouse is set to launch in June

Combining style and extravagance in a way that fully befits its namesake, The Karl Lagerfeld Macau – an opulent, five-star hotel conceived by the late designer – is opening on China’s southern coast this summer.
The Karl Lagerfeld Macau, situated at The Grand Lisboa Palace Resort, is the only hotel in the world to have been wholly designed by the fashion powerhouse and former Chanel creative director, from the lavish rooms right down to the bathrobes and bedsheets. Slated to open in June this year, there are 271 rooms at the hotel, each inspired by Chinese artistry: think custom-made headboards that reflect motifs found on coins, porcelain vases handmade in Jingdezhen and circular room dividers based on traditional Chinese moon gates.


Zendaya’s best vintage moments on the red carpet
From Valentino to Versace, the actress consistently dips into the archives for her biggest fashion moments

There is no doubt about it, Zendaya is one of our favourite stars to watch on the red carpet. Over the past few years, the actress – thanks partly to her stylist and image architect Law Roach – has pulled off some of the most highly-rated red-carpet looks, from her bright and beautiful Oscars’ look to the times she has subtly paid tribute to the movie she is promoting with what she wears. But, perhaps our favourite thing about Zendaya’s approach to the red carpet is how she so often dips into the archives, choosing the most show-stopping vintage pieces.


How to be more posture-conscious: 5 strategies to correct poor posture habits
The key posture mistakes caused by modern life – and evidence-based strategies to avoid them

The most common posture-related mistake we all make? Assuming that it only affects our appearance. It’s true – we do look better when we stand up straight, but it goes way beyond that. Poor posture habits can “lead to an array of musculoskeletal issues” says Luis Ribeiro, one of the UK’s leading physiotherapists. The founder and clinical director of London’s Club Health says that improving your posture bolsters both your wellbeing and longevity.


12 vintage Gucci handbags to invest in now and love forever
From Horsebit hardware to Guccissima leather, there are plenty of iconic signatures in store

At a time when sustainable fashion has never been so important, the rhttps://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/what-to-wear/g40044096/vintage-gucci-bagsise of consumer interest in buying vintage comes as no surprise. Pair that with the fact that the Nineties and Noughties revivals are in full swing and it’s a no-brainer that everyone is rushing to purchase a throwback bag.
Investing in a pre-loved designer handbag not only allows you access to an iconic slice of fashion history that you can pass down through generations, but it’s an investment that, should you choose to re-sell, will in most cases retain its value if not exceed it.


A First Look At Firebrand, The Most Intriguing Period Drama Since The Favourite
Our collective fascination with the Tudors refuses to wane. In lieu of another Anne Boleyn biopic, director Karim Aïnouz will make his English-language debut chronicling the life of Katherine Parr – Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, who outlived the trigger-happy monarch. Killing Eve screenwriters Henrietta and Jessica Ashworth have penned the Firebrand script, with Alicia Vikander appearing as Katherine and Jude Law as Henry. Rather than following the usual period drama template, Firebrand is described as a psychological horror capturing the reality of being married to a tyrant.


See The First Trailer For The Explosive New Hunger Games Prequel
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, starring Rachel Zegler and Hunter Schafer, is set to tell the fascinating origin story of our favourite supervillain. Ahead of its release, here’s what you need to know.

Set 64 years before the events of the Hunger Games series, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is based on Suzanne Collins’s 2020 prequel of the same name. It centres on Coriolanus Snow, the white-haired president of Panem, played with elegant malevolence by the incomparable Donald Sutherland in the four record-breaking films adapted from Collins’s best-selling trilogy between 2012 and 2015. Back then, Snow was only an ambitious teenager who, despite being orphaned and teetering on the edge of poverty, managed to excel at the Academy and was assigned to mentor a tribute for the 10th Hunger Games: the fierce (and musically gifted) Lucy Gray Baird from District 12. Their relationship, as well as the blood-soaked tournament which set Snow on the path to tyranny, is the subject of the hotly anticipated new release.


50 of the Best LGBTQ Films to Watch All Year Long
There’s something for everyone here.

Movies are a place to experience catharsis, joy, a sense of connection connection, and a good cry (or laugh). They can be an escape for when the real world gets especially challenging. For the LGBTQIA+ community, representation in film is particularly needed right now.
Fortunately, the past few years have offered a plethora of new LGBTQIA+ stories. But don’t forget the classics either (yes, there are some). Pride may only be celebrated for one month out of the year, but there are enough classic queer films and brand new releases to keep you busy for eons. There’s comedy, drama, documentary, and lots of historical romance.


Everything to know about Karl Lagerfeld’s impossibly chic cat, Choupette
Fashion’s favourite feline will be an honoured guest at this year’s Met Gala

The celebrated German-born fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was known for many things – among them, his designs for the world’s biggest fashion houses, his unique personal style, and his endearing relationship with his white Burmese cat, Choupette.
Through the years, Lagerfeld was often photographed cradling his furry muse with joy, occasionally even making her an expected plus-one at high-fashion events.
The former Chanel creative director once told Numéro magazine of Choupette: “She’s peaceful, funny, fun, graceful, she’s pretty to look at, and she has a great gait — but her main quality is that she doesn’t speak. It was love at first sight.” Another time, he joked to CNN that if he could marry his cat, he would.


Dylan Mulvaney Addresses Online Hate After Bud Light Backlash: ‘Dehumanization Has Never Fixed Anything’
Dylan Mulvaney is addressing the online hate she received following a brand deal with Bud Light that prompted backlash from conservatives.
After a several-week break from social media, the influencer — who has been documenting her transition via TikTok since March 2022 in a series called “Days of Girlhood” — posted a video on the app Thursday to her 10.8 million followers. Though she didn’t mention Bud Light by name, Mulvaney’s message was clear: “dehumanization has never fixed anything in history, ever.”


A Look Behind the Hollywood Curtain With Photographer Greg Williams
From Saoirse Ronan FaceTiming her mom to Tilda Swinton relaxing on a plane, Williams catches moments no other photographer can—and with his new book, he’s ready to share his secrets.

Throughout his book Photo Breakdowns, out May 9, Williams emphasizes the importance of being ready for the moment, whether you’re a professional like Williams, who’s photographed virtually every A-list actor alive, or an amateur with an iPhone. “The idea of the photo breakdown is to demystify photography,” says Willams, a frequent contributor to Vanity Fair. “It’s free to understand light, it’s free to understand composition and exposure. All you need is the phone in your pocket to do that, and that idea is something I’m putting into a lot of things I do.”


Rachel McAdams Says ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret’ Is the Perfect Story for Any Generation
Judy Blume’s beloved book hits the big screen five decades after its initial publication.

“I actually had not read the book growing up. I read a lot of Judy Blume when I was younger, but I had not read Margaret, which I was sad about when I took on the project,” McAdams says, though it’s understandable when Blume’s impressive oeuvre includes titles like Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Deenie, and Blubber, all of which have become classics in the world of young adult literature. But having fresh eyes on Margaret ended up working in McAdams’s favor. She’s a mother of two now and thanks to that life experience, she could identify with Margaret and Barb.


Uber’s Annual Lost and Found List Will Have You Clutching Your Egg Cartons for Dear Life
Note to self: Do not forget the eggs.

Ever have that sinking feeling when you get out of an Uber that you forgot something important in the backseat? That’s OK. You can always call your Uber driver to return it — and you’re far from alone in being forgetful.
On Thursday, Uber released its seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index, showing which items riders leave behind most often, including some very important groceries.
“With warmer weather ahead and Mercury going into Retrograde on the horizon, we’re back with the seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index,” a spokesperson for Uber shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. “As you get going this summer, try to remember your belongings when you exit the backseat. In case you do lose a precious Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, a beloved pet Toy Poodle or six cheesecakes, Uber is always happy to help return those items.”


30 Spring Dessert Recipes Featuring Rhubarb, Strawberries, Lemon, and More
As soon as we hear the first robin chirping or see flower buds start to bloom, we know that spring is here. And that means it’s time to start indulging in a variety of different seasonal produce, such as rhubarb and lemon, as well as our favorite spring treats, including carrot cake, fruit crumbles and crisps, and frosted sugar cookies.


10 Types of Trim That Will Instantly Elevate Your Home
Although it may seem like a minor detail when it comes to curating the perfect home, trim is an easy and affordable way to instantly elevate your space.

Typically used to fill in gaps between two areas (like the wall and the ceiling), trim can also be highly decorative when used creatively. The material comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is often used to frame wall art, highlight door frames, and create an accent wall. To tackle these projects, it helps to first understand the difference between popular types of trim and how to use each to create unmatched beauty in your home.
Learn how to use trim to accent picture frames, make a room appear bigger, and protect walls from damage.


How to Prevent Dust Before It Forms, According to Cleaning Experts
While it’s impossible to eliminate dust entirely, you can drastically slow down how fast it builds up in your space by heeding these helpful tips.

Wherever you live, one thing you’ll inevitably have to deal with is dust. It forms on your television, shelves, in corners, and under your furniture. But what if there was a way to proactively tackle dust before it forms, rather than constantly cleaning up the aftermath? Believe it or not, it’s possible. There are a few simple maintenance measures you can take to minimize the dust in your home, like regularly changing your air filters, grooming your pets, and frequently washing your bedding.


Green with envy: 30 enchanting emerald pieces
If you are a May baby, you’re lucky enough to have emeralds as your birthstone. Marilyn Monroe made us believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but according to Hollywood’s quintessential femme fatale, Marlene Dietrich, the best gemstone (for blondes particularly, she believed) is an emerald.
Dietrich was an avid jewellery collector, owning many iconic pieces from the great designers and Maisons including Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Verdura, but her two most legendary emerald pieces, both bracelets, were designed by Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin and Flato.
If you are a May baby, you’re lucky enough to have emeralds as your birthstone. Marilyn Monroe made us believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but according to Hollywood’s quintessential femme fatale, Marlene Dietrich, the best gemstone (for blondes particularly, she believed) is an emerald.
Dietrich was an avid jewellery collector, owning many iconic pieces from the great designers and Maisons including Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Verdura, but her two most legendary emerald pieces, both bracelets, were designed by Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin and Flato.


Delve into the Tatler archives to discover unmissable coverage from past coronations
The pomp, patriotism and, most of all, the parties: Tatler has always been the must-read for the scoop on coronations

When The Tatler relaunched in the summer of 1901, it did so with a promise to readers that it would report on ‘society and the drama more brightly and more genially’ than any other magazine. And nothing would be more replete with drama or brimming with society figures than the forthcoming coronation of Edward VII. It seemed that, with a new monarch and a new century, the new Tatler had positioned itself at the heart of coronation festivities.


WATCH: The fascinating history of King Charles III’s Coronation Regalia revealed
With King Charles’s Coronation just days away, Tatler explores the Coronation Regalia, uncovering how three of its most spectacular pieces – St Edward’s Crown, the Sovereign’s Orb, and the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross – have evolved through time

With the eyes of the world on King Charles III ahead of his Coronation on 6 May, Tatler is shining a light on the historic treasures that will play a key role in the Westminster Abbey ceremony. Expert Joe Kendrick investigates the Coronation Regalia, delving into three of its most significant – and dazzling – pieces: St Edward’s Crown, the Sovereign’s Orb, and the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, uncovering how these historic objects have evolved through time.


Colorful Stories for Children, With the Darkest History as Backdrop
Whimsical children’s books signed El Pintor were a success in the Netherlands during World War II. Behind the pseudonym was a Jewish couple who used the proceeds to help the resistance.

During World War II, a clutch of whimsical children’s books were published in the Netherlands under a pen name, El Pintor. One book shows children flying on the backs of sparrows. In another, they float, attached to balloons. There is a pop-up book with people and animals nestled in trees and an activity book with paper cutouts.
The books sold thousands of copies, and were popular not only in the Netherlands, which was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany in 1940, but in Germany as well. The books did more than entertain children during the grim days of war.


What Is Coronation Chicken? The History Behind the Dish.
This curried chicken salad recipe with a regal history is well worth making for coronation watching and beyond, Melissa Clark writes.

No matter how you feel about King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s recently revealed signature quiche, it seems unlikely to eclipse the most famous coronation dish of all — coronation chicken.
Created for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the posh, delicately flavored chicken has, like Britain itself, changed a bit since. What was originally an aristocratic paragon of classic French technique has been democratized into a weeknight-easy chicken salad. Though enormously popular in Britain as a sandwich filling and baked-potato topper, this ocher-tinted, raisin-studded dish would be unrecognizable to any of the 350 dignitaries who partook of its regal ancestor.


The World’s Newest National Park Just Opened With the Planet’s Oldest Animal Fossils
Nilpe­na Ediacara National Park opened in South Australia on April 27.

Australia is the flattest and driest inhabited continent on the planet, thanks in large part to the Outback, which covers most of the country. Yet, what many people don’t know is that much of the Outback was once an ocean floor — and it still hides the fossilized remains of the oldest animals on Earth.
These ancient fossils, called Ediacara biota, are now protected as part of the new Nilpe­na Ediacara National Park, which opened to the public for the first time on Thursday, April 27. The park is already making waves for its fossil beds, which visitors can see up close, and the ongoing work by Mary L. Droser, an American paleontologist who unearthed one of the Nilpena’s most renowned fossil beds.


Is Ancient Glass Unbreakable?
No. But here’s how vessels have survived for thousands of years

The fact that any ancient glass object remains intact enough to be displayed in a museum may seem remarkable—and it is, especially to anyone who has accidentally dropped a drinking glass and had to sweep up the shards. But many ancient glass vessels have survived thousands of years relatively undamaged.
Why many of these vessels are still intact, and how museums keep them safe is due to glass’s cherished, highly protected place in both ancient homes and modern galleries.



[Photo Credit: Kavouras Sea View Restaurant]

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