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Posted on April 25, 2023

Big Mamma Restaurant – Paris, France

Kittens, let’s all go somewhere that’s green today. Sure, we could go outside, but why do that when there’s a cute little Parisian place with a well-stocked bar, just waiting for us? It’s TUESDAY. Have something French and breathe in the freshly made, artisanal oxygen.


On His Centennial, Richard Avedon Remains the Definition of Iconic
Brooke Shields, Miuccia Prada, Raf Simons, and more reflect on the legendary late photographer in a new exhibition and book.

Has anyone created as many iconic images as Richard Avedon? The late photographer took photo after photo that would leave an indelible mark on photographic history over the course of his 81-year lifetime, from the majestic Dovima with Elephants to his portraits of Marilyn Monroe looking both at her most glamorous and most exposed. His visual legacy is so outsized, in fact, that when the Gagosian gallery set about commemorating what would have been his 100th birthday by inviting some of the biggest names in fashion—in addition to high-profile collectors, scholars, and admirers in all manner of fields—to select their favorite Avedon image, they came up with more than 150. “Usually it’s about the voice of one artist,” Kara Vander Weg, who has worked with the Avedon Foundation through her role as a senior director at Gagosian for more than a decade says of the gallery’s unprecedented scope of curators. Fittingly for a photographer whose practice was about truly seeing people, “this is about letting the voice of one artist be seen through many.”


Making Waves: Halle Bailey On Reinventing The Disney Princess In The Little Mermaid
A Grammy-nominated sensation with an army of adoring fans and one of the world’s most famous mentors… Whatever will Halle Bailey do next? Jen Wang finds out.

When Halle Bailey received the call to audition for Disney’s live-action retelling of The Little Mermaid four years ago, she didn’t assume it would be for the lead. Despite the fact the singer-actor had been writing music since she was eight years old, opened for Beyoncé on the European leg of her Formation Tour at 16 and received five Grammy nominations before reaching the legal drinking age in the US, Bailey couldn’t picture herself playing Ariel, the Disney princess who gives up her voice and mermaid tail to be with a “spineless, savage, harpooning fish-eater” human, in the words of Ariel’s overprotective father, King Triton, from the 1989 animated original.
“The version of Ariel in my head was the one we all know and love: pale skin and bright red hair. She didn’t look like me,” the 23-year-old Atlanta native says, dressed in sweats, make-up free, her caramel locs pulled back in a ponytail, as she takes her trainers off and curls up on an overstuffed velvet sofa.


Double exposure: inside Alexi Lubomirski’s starry London exhibition
Celebrated in a new visual anthology and an exhibition at Claridge’s, Alexi Lubomirski’s portraits for Harper’s Bazaar capture a galaxy of stars from the worlds of film and fashion.

The son of a Peruvian-English mother and a Polish prince, Lubomirski only learnt of his aristocratic heritage at the age of 11, while living in Botswana – the same year his stepfather gave him his first camera, a discovery that enthralled him rather more. “I found the joy of taking pictures of friends, trying to show them in their best light,” he says. He returned to the UK to study for an art foundation degree at the University of Brighton, specialising in fashion, before moving to Paris in 1999, where he worked as Mario Testino’s assistant for four years. Subsequently, he began building his portfolio as a celebrity photographer, with early shoots featuring Renée Zellweger, Naomie Harris and Cate Blanchett.


Ilana Glazer Wants to Talk About the “P” Word — AKA Your Pelvic Floor
The comedian, mother, and newly minted advisor talks about her latest venture, Origin.

“Let’s talk about HER,” Ilana Glazer quips over Zoom. The “her” we’re talking about is bold, assertive, but often ignored — and will definitely make her presence known if neglected for too long. We’re talking, of course, about your pelvic floor, an often misunderstood body part that consists of your vaginal muscles, core, and diaphragm.
“If you lift your groceries and your kids using your pelvic floor, you’re making your whole body stronger. If you focus on strengthening your pelvic floor during sex, you’ll have stronger orgasms,” Glazer explains. “Improving your pelvic floor means improving your overall health!”


How to travel more sustainably this summer
From rail adventures to eco-conscious hotels, here’s how to make your holidays greener

Is sustainable travel an oxymoron? Is it even vaguely possible to be an environmentally and socially responsible traveller without sacrificing luxury and convenience? The questions surrounding eco-friendly holidays make this an admittedly thorny issue, but “travel can be a force for good,” says Justin Francis of Responsible Travel, an activist travel company that specialises in trips that are better for both you and the planet.
For starters, there are now plenty of opportunities for ‘regenerative tourism’ – in other words, travel that leaves a positive impact on the local community and environment. Travel is also “critical to understanding cultures”, notes Lucy Johnson, founder of Green Salon, the UK’s first sustainable lifestyle consultancy. “It’s all about how you travel.” Given all the recent progress, she adds that “becoming a net-zero citizen is actually incredibly exciting”.


Rachel Weisz on creative collaboration, playing complex women, and acting opposite… herself
The Oscar-winning actress sits down with Bazaar and the writer Alice Birch, to discuss their new project, TV show Dead Ringers

The show marks Weisz’s first real foray into television, after decades of unparalleled and award-winning cinematic performances and some seminal theatre roles. It is a challenge she seems to have long been eager to embark upon. “To get to sit with a character for that long and really develop them, it’s an extraordinary thing,” she remarks, before detailing the unique challenge posited by this show: playing two women and very often acting against herself. “They are both psychologically very complicated and very human – even in their extremes,” she says. “They are also so different in specific ways, and it is a fascinating thing to portray both. I just don’t think I ever anticipated how hard it would be practically to shoot. Every time we get close to one another it involved hours of shooting and logistics.”


Secrets of the Stylish: getting ready with Zoe Saldana and Armani Privé
The actress on dressing with confidence, the evolution of style and learning to love herself

When it comes to red-carpet style – from award ceremonies to premieres – Zoe Saldana rarely gets it wrong.
“Fashion is something that I enjoy; it’s an art,” she tells me ahead of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 event in Paris, to which she wore a beautiful sequinned design by Armani Privé. The actress has a clear love and respect for fashion and the styling process – the results of which speak for themselves.
Of course, she doesn’t work alone: over the past 15 years, Saldana has collaborated closely with not only her stylist Petra Flannery but also her hair and make-up team, with the aim of creating a moment that they’re all proud of. “I want to be their muse,” Saldana explains. “I want to feel good but also create a concept that we will all be excited about building together.”


The Queen from ‘Bridgerton’ Has Her Own Line of Tea
The enigmatic leader of London’s high society is the subject of a new prequel series on Netflix.

Before Lady Whistledown was spilling the Bridgerton family’s tea all over the Ton, a young Queen Charlotte was stirring up scandals and raising eyebrows in the first years of her marriage to King George III. And now, ahead of the Netflix spin-off prequel series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story premieres on May 4, you can order an official line of the fictionalized queen’s teas to sip right along with all of the upcoming drama.


Björk’s Futuristic Coachella Looks Were Inspired By Drones
For the past few years, Bjork has been busy on her Cornucopia and Björk Orkestral tours, and the artist says she wanted to bring the “unplugged” vibe of her latter tour to Coachella. “I decided not to change Orkestral and pile visuals on stage, rather keep the simplicity of it – but add drones in the sky,” says Björk. To do so, she worked with James Merry, the creative director of her concerts, to produce a special light show that riffed off the idea of sound and movement. “From the start, Björk was keen for the drone shapes to be quite architectural and organic, moving more like sound and waveforms,” says Merry. The singer adds, “Usually drone imagery has been very figurative, animals and so on, but I wanted more architectural and physics shapes – curves based on biology, like cells and microorganisms.”


Colleen Harris, The First Black Member Of The Royal Household, Recalls Her Years Working With King Charles III
As King Charles III begins his reign, His Majesty’s former press secretary Colleen Harris offers an inside glimpse of what’s to come.

“I sometimes wonder whether I should have asked myself more questions about the Royal Family’s colonialist history before I made my way beneath the arches of St James’s for the first time, but I was focused on doing a good job for both the prince and my parents. Before I became press secretary for His Royal Highness, I had worked in public relations for London museums, followed by more than two decades in various state departments. In every role, I had been a novelty. When I first joined government communications, I became the only Black person working in PR across the entire British government. I remember once arriving late to a meeting, and a senior civil servant asked me to fetch more milk for the tea, assuming I worked in catering. It wasn’t an isolated incident.”


You Can Buy 86-Year-Old Beer Brewed For Edward VIII’s Canceled Coronation
But maybe don’t drink it.

In the mid-1930s, British beermaker Greene King brewed and bottled a special ale to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VIII. The only problem? That king was never crowned. In 1936, Edward surrendered his chance to wear the crown, abdicating the throne only 325 days into his unofficial reign so that he could marry American socialite Wallis Simpson.
His coronation — which had been scheduled for May 1937 — was called off, his younger brother George VI became king, and all 2,000 bottles of that Coronation Ale were put into storage. Remarkably, that beer stash wasn’t discovered until 2011, when workers doing some renovation work stumbled upon it in Green King’s cellars.


Socialites of the Past Make a Return in Richard Avedon’s Centenary Exhibition at Gagosian
To celebrate what would’ve been Avedon’s 100th birthday, 150 cultural figures were asked to pick their favorite portrait by the late photographer. Among them are images of names such as Jacqueline de Ribes and Marella Agnelli.

On May 15, Avedon would’ve turned 100 years old and to celebrate, an exhibition of his career titled Avedon 100 comes alive at Gagosian in New York City this spring. The works featured in this retrospective were chosen by 150 cultural figures including including Elton John, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. And, for those who are unable to make it or perhaps want a slice of Avedon history in their homes, Avedon 100 is also being produced as a retrospective book by Gagosian.


The Honey Mango Is One of Our Favorite Fruits—Here’s What Makes It So Special
True to its name, this sweet, vitamin-packed fruit is the ultimate snack.

You might have seen an intriguing little fruit labeled honey mango in the produce section of your local grocery store. But before you commit to buying and trying it, you probably want to know if it lives up to its name—does this fruit really taste like honey and is it sweeter than other mangoes? Here, we explain what a honey mango is—and if it’s worth slicing into.


How to Make Compost Tea—and Use It to Encourage Plant Growth and Prevent Pests
The process of extracting nutrients and microorganisms from compost and turning them into a liquid, making compost tea is easy enough for any home gardener.

The most rewarding part of gardening is seeing your plants flourish. Whether that means healthy blooms on your perennials or robust vegetation on your tomato plants, witnessing your labor pay off is a goal many gardeners strive for. But if your flowers are looking a little lackluster or if your crops just aren’t growing, you may be looking for a solution. Enter: compost tea.
The tea-colored liquid is filled with micronutrients that can promote plant growth, increase yield, and keep pests at bay. While it may seem like a complex process with many moving parts, making compost tea at home is actually quite easy—all you need is the right compost tea recipe and water, compost, and a bucket.


The expensive, unrealistic, and extremely white world of “momfluencers”
Author Sara Petersen on how a certain image of motherhood took over social media and makes moms feel bad.

The momfluencer, obviously, is not a real person. She’s a construct, created by real mothers in the mid-aughts, in concert with tech companies and consumer brands, as a way of making a living on social media. Today, momfluencers are big business for advertisers, since women make the majority of household purchasing decisions, and moms in particular are often the ones choosing big-ticket items such as strollers and cribs. They also hold cultural importance — more than ever, they’re the ones communicating messages to the rest of us about what motherhood should look like.


The Duchess of Windsor’s 18 chicest style moments
The Duchess of Windsor, who died 27 years ago today, is remembered for her marriage to the Duke of Windsor – and her classic sense of style

The late Duchess of Windsor, who died 27 years ago today, is remembered as the woman who rocked the British Royal Family. King Edward VIII, the brother of King George VI and uncle of Queen Elizabeth II, abdicated from the throne in order to marry the then Wallis Simpson, an American divorcée who had already been married twice before. The couple wed in 1937 and moved to Paris, where the Duchess of Windsor spent years living in a magnificent mansion in Bois de Boulogne, known as ‘Villa Windsor’, until her death in 1986 (her husband predeceased her in 1972).


Florida at Center of Debate as School Book Bans Surge Nationally
Proponents say the laws aim to give parents control over their children’s education. But many educators say the rules have brought chaos and fear.

Historically, books were challenged one at a time. As bans in schools and libraries began increasing nationally in 2021, efforts were largely local, led by a parent or a group. But over the past year, access to books, particularly those touching on race, gender or sexual orientation, became increasingly politicized. With that came an increase in legislation and regulations in some states and school districts that affected which books libraries could offer.
The shift is particularly evident in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican-controlled Legislature and a rapidly growing network of conservative groups aligned to pass three state laws last year aimed, at least in part, at reading or educational materials. Among the books removed from circulation in one of the state’s school districts are Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” and Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


A New Show Celebrates the Guitar and Its Symbolism
Opening in May at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville, the exhibition will delve into the instrument’s myriad representations and stars who have played it.

“The guitar itself can have meaning, other than simply being beautiful or making music,” said Mark Scala, chief curator at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville, where “Storied Strings: The Guitar in American Art,” on view from May 26 to Aug. 13, will explore the guitar’s symbolism in American art, from late 18th-century parlor rooms to today’s concert halls.
On display will be more than 165 works: paintings, sculpture, photography, works on paper, illustrations, videos, music in multimedia presentations and musical instruments, including a rare cittern, a popular string instrument in the 18th and 19th centuries, and seminal guitars by Fender, Gibson and C.F. Martin & Company.


Taking Keith Haring Seriously
An in-depth show at the Broad museum in Los Angeles looks at the full arc of the graffiti artist’s career.

Certain images have become so embedded in our culture we forget that they were initially groundbreaking.
Keith Haring’s work falls into that category. The ubiquity of the graffiti artist’s colorful, cartoonish, kinetic figures — which continue to adorn T-shirts, posters and coffee mugs — can obscure Haring’s history as a serious artist whose activism around AIDS, L.G.B.T.Q. rights and environmentalism was well ahead of its time.
Now the Broad museum in Los Angeles is shining a light on Haring’s contributions with an ambitious show that opens May 27 and runs through Oct. 8, billed as “the first ever museum in Los Angeles to present Haring’s expansive body of work.”



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