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Posted on April 24, 2023

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Darlings, it’s the start of a brand new week and, because the T LOunge is forever a safe space, you have the option of greeting it with wild optimism or shunning it like a vampire facing a sunrise. It’s all good here. Grab a stool or a cute little table outside and get down to the serious business of frivolous nonsense.


Parker Posey Jumps Right In
In Beau is Afraid, the actor cuts through director Ari Aster’s surrealist haze with her signature blend of kookiness and confidence.

Posey is fresh off of an extended off-Broadway run of Thomas Bradshaw’s adaptation of The Seagull/Woodstock, NY. In this version of Chekhov’s early modernist classic, she plays the lovingly narcissistic Irene, the magnetic center of an endearing, often laugh-out-loud production. The two show a day, six day a week endeavor wrapped up just as Posey’s latest role, in Ari Aster’s surrealistic Oedipal nightmare comedy Beau is Afraid, is being shared with the world.


Happy birthday, Prince Louis! Prince William and Kate share two delightful new photos of their youngest son as he turns five
Celebrate Prince Louis’ fifth birthday with these adorable pictures – including one featuring his mother – taken in Windsor earlier this month

Birthday wishes are in order for Prince Louis, the youngest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, who celebrates his fifth birthday on Sunday. To mark the occasion, Prince William and Kate Middleton have released two new photographs of their son, taken earlier this month in Windsor by Millie Pilkington.
In the first photograph, Prince Louis is seen smiling in a wheelbarrow being pushed by his mother, the Princess of Wales. The birthday boy is dressed in a pair of blue shorts, a shirt and a fair isle knit jumper, while Kate wears a Breton striped top. The second photo, also captured outside in a garden, is a close-up photo of young Louis smiling and looking off camera.


All the Fan Theories to Know for Yellowjackets Season 2
We’re breaking down the show’s biggest mysteries week by week.

It’s finally Yellowjackets season. The hit Showtime series returned for its second season this weekend, checking back in with the survivors of a 1996 plane crash across two timelines: months after the crash as the girls face their first winter in the woods, and twenty-five years later as the now-adults live with the trauma of their unspeakable past. As the mystery-filled series airs over the next few months, we’ll be following all of the most compelling plot theories week by week. Read on for the biggest fan theories following the season 2’s fifth episode, “Two Truths and a Lie.”


17 Books to Read to Prepare for King Charles’s Coronation
From biographies of King Charles III to books Charles himself has written, here’s what to read just in time for the coronation.

As we gear up for the coronation of King Charles, there’s no better time to learn about the history of coronations and about the man who will be crowned on May 6, 2023. Both King Charles and Queen Camilla are avid readers, and Charles himself has even authored a few books (and written forewords for others).
“To me, reading is a great adventure. I’ve loved it since I was very small and I’d love everybody else to enjoy it as much as I do,” Camilla said in 2021. “You can escape and you can travel and you can laugh and you can cry. There’s every kind of emotion that humans experience in a book.”
Why not pick up a book about Charles, Camilla, and the coronation? Here are some picks—for all ages!


As Succession Goes Scandi, Here’s How to Follow in the Roys’ Footsteps in Norway
Jagged mountains, bright blue fjords, roads that snake out towards the sea—it’s no wonder that Norway’s exhilarating landscape drew the producers of Succession to film there. The next episode of series four, in which the Roy siblings make the trip to fight for the deal, won’t just capture Norway’s dramatic scenery, however. It’s an enticing glimpse into a country that, from its rugged west to its buzzy capital, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for a trip spent indulging in long Michelin-starred lunches, exploring fairy-tale surroundings, and relaxing at cool, contemporary spas. Here’s everything you need to know.


Zendaya Channeled Euphoria Style for her Surprise Coachella Appearance
You simply never know what will happen on-stage at Coachella. Last night at weekend two, Labrinth delighted the crowd when he brought out Zendaya as a surprise guest. The audience went wild, and it’s no wonder why, given it was Zendaya’s first live musical performance in over seven years. (Her self-titled album was released back in 2013, but she has since focused on her acting career.) Zendaya joined Labrinth on stage to sing two hits from the Euphoria soundtrack, both of which she is featured on. They sang “I’m Tired,” which she co-wrote, and “All for Us.”


The Importance of Living Wild
I grew up on my great-grandfather’s ranch in Santa Clara, California, but I don’t think I ever thought about it as a place that was “wild” in those days, even if I essentially lived outside for so much of my childhood. But really, my sense of wildness came from meeting Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, and falling from a rancher’s life into a climber’s life. It was the 1960s and ’70s, so conventions were being blown to bits, we were rejecting almost everything from our parent’s generation. I think I was born into a moment that really allowed unbelievable freedom—moving from the confines of a more conservative, strict family into this movement for free love, feminism, peace, civil rights. It was a profound moment to grow up in.
A certain type of person will see injustices that are going on—in our case, what was happening to the natural world—and just go for it. We knew we would have a take-no-prisoners approach. Some of our personality traits, for better or for worse, come baked in the cake. And it might be in my Scottish-Irish roots, but I’m a fighter at will, which was a perfect fit for conservation work and activism.


Beyond the Wedding Band: The Loveliest Bridal Jewelry to Wear on Your Big Day
As any bride knows, no wedding detail—from flower arrangements to makeup for the big day and, of course, the best bridal jewelry—is too small to be overlooked. Naturally, the engagement ring and wedding bands have long been sorted; however, no bride ever said no to a little extra sparkle.
The best bridal jewelry can add sophistication, whimsy, the aforementioned sparkle, or a personal touch to the wedding day look. Whether you want to dress up a courthouse wedding dress or still need to incorporate something vintage, Vogue has all your wedding day jewelry needs covered.


HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Sets Cinematography Episode Submissions for Emmy Consideration
HBO’s “The Last of Us” dances between terrifying post-apocalyptic scenes with zombie-like creatures known as clickers and intimate moments between Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie.
Cinematographers Eben Bolter and Ksenia Sereda, who captured some of the series’ most captivating and visual spectacles, will be vying for Emmy consideration in the Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series (One Hour) category.
HBO has confirmed that Bolter, who shot Episodes 3, 4 and 5 will submit the third episode, “Long, Long Time.”


How the Music of ‘Chevalier’ Enlivens the Story of an 18th-Century Creole Violinist in Marie Antoinette’s Court
It took the combined talent of composers Kris Bowers and Michael Abels to help filmmaker Stephen Williams ensure Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges’ music lives on after his life story was erased from the history books.
Williams’ new film, “Chevalier” tells the story of the illegitimate son of a plantation owner and slave. Played by Kelvin Harrison Jr., Chevalier is a promising young Black musician who excels at fencing, playing the violin and wooing the court of Marie Antoinette.
In dividing their tasks, Abels wrote the music for the on-camera performances while Bowers composed the film’s score.


Duchess Meghan Responds To Speculation Regarding Her Personal Letter To King Charles
The duchess addresses ‘ridiculous’ claims that she’s skipping the coronation due to the exchange.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has addressed recent reports regarding her correspondence with King Charles III.
The duchess has given a response to media speculation following a report published yesterday by The Telegraph, which revealed new details of her correspondence with the monarch following Prince Harry and Meghan’s 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey. In a statement to Bazaar.com, Ashley Hansen, global press secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, says that claims that Meghan is not attending King Charles’ coronation over the matter are ‘ridiculous.’


Timothée Chalamet’s Style Confirms His Fashion Fanboy Status
Timothée Chalamet first declared himself a fashion fanboy in 2018, but he hardly needed to spell it out: by then, the ease with which the young Hollywood actor navigated everything from red-carpet dressing to junkets and off-duty fashion moments was very much evident.
His films Call Me by Your Name and Lady Bird had been released to critical acclaim, and Chalamet had successfully breezed through promo tours and perfected the statement street-style look. As his star continued to rise, he began cultivating relationships with fashion designers, like Haider Ackermann and Virgil Abloh, both of whom have produced bespoke looks for Chalamet. Think about Timothée Chalamet’s most memorable outfits, and that Louis Vuitton “bib”, a silver Haider Ackermann suit, a backless Haider Ackermann look and fuchsia Stella McCartney tailoring spring to mind.


With The Breakout Film Past Lives, Greta Lee Is Stepping Into The Spotlight
Past Lives made its triumphant debut at Sundance in January, garnering predictions that first-time director Celine Song’s romantic drama would rank as one of the best films of the year. It’s a stirring tale of love, fate and what-might-have-been, with Lee anchoring the story as Nora, an ambitious New York playwright reconciling her feelings for her Korean childhood sweetheart, Hae Sung, with the commitment she has to Arthur, her American novelist husband. Audiences familiar with Lee’s most memorable characters – Marnie’s art world frenemy Soojin from Girls, Russian Doll’s free spirit Maxine, and shrewd wunderkind Stella Bak in The Morning Show – may be shocked by who they encounter in this film.


Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Mother’s Collection of China
Tea cups, saucers, serving bowls, and more all deserve showcasing beyond your cabinet.

As family gatherings and parties become more casual than they were in the past, china sets, silver, and other formal items you may have inherited from your parents or grandparents are often underutilized. And without the the space to display them, your cherished collections are most likely packed away, only to resurface on the rare occasion you host a formal party.
It’s an honor to inherit these items, but what to do if your china collections don’t fit your lifestyle? Turn to these fun and functional ideas for incorporating pieces into your home that honor the gift and giver—without overwhelming your space.


The Right Way to Grill Fish, From Fillets and Steaks to Whole Fish
Grilling is one of our favorite ways to enjoy this protein.

Grilling is probably the quickest and easiest technique for cooking fish. Plus, there’s something tantalizing about the smoky aromas and flavors of grilled food that simply can’t be beat. If you’d like to learn how to grill fish, our expert guide from fishmonger and chef Mark Uzewicz will help you get familiar with the technique.
When charring up some fish, there are three different categories to think about (and each comes with its own set of grill guidelines): steaky fish, fillets, and whole fish. Ahead, we explain how to grill each type of fish the right way.


How Math Became an Object of the Culture Wars
As was true in the nineties, today’s fights about math are not entirely about what kids actually learn in their classrooms.

As was true in the nineteen-nineties, today’s fights about math are not entirely about what kids actually learn in their classrooms, or how well those lessons prepare the U.S. for competition against a geopolitical enemy. I’d argue that the spectre haunting today’s discord over math education is a growing suspicion of the equity-based movement of educators who, as in the early twentieth century, largely come from graduate education programs like the ones at Stanford and Columbia’s Teachers College.


Crying can teach you a lot about yourself
Consider where, when, and around whom you cry.

For some people, the well of tears has run dry. The stereotype that criers are seen as weaker or less masculine contributes to the well-trodden notion that boys (and men) don’t cry. Indeed, women report crying more frequently than men and with shorter gaps in between crying episodes than men. Then, there’s that thorny feeling of vulnerability associated with sobbing; to betray the veneer of stoicism is deeply uncomfortable for some, to admit you need help can be seen as a failure.
But have you ever stopped to consider why you’re crying? The root cause of the sadness or overwhelm? What about what you can learn from your tears? Mining the depths of your emotions can shed light on deeper insecurities, fears, pleasures, and relationship complications.


Are you a good listener? The answer may surprise you.
What we miss when we don’t pay attention to others.

Are you a good listener?
Most of us probably believe we listen to people all the time. But how much of what we think of as “listening” is really just some form of active hearing where we’re waiting for our turn to say something clever or funny or thoughtful?
That’s not really listening. At best it’s a rough approximation, but one that falls short in some crucial ways. The truth is that most of us are quite good at acting like we’re listening. We nod affirmatively and say “uh huh” and “yep” and “for sure.” Sometimes we even bust out the fake laughter to paper over a little bit of awkwardness when we need to.


Exceptionally rare portrait of Katherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII, will be auctioned at Sotheby’s
The portrait of Katherine Parr, who survived her husband, is the only contemporary painting of the subject in private hands

An exceptionally rare portrait of Katherine Parr, the sixth wife of King Henry VIII, is set to star in a summer sale at Sotheby’s. Dating to the mid-16th century, it is the only known contemporary portrait of the Tudor queen consort in private hands. Experts believe it could have been commissioned by King Henry VIII before his death, or by his son, King Edward VI, who enjoyed a good relationship with Katherine. It is expected to sell for between £600,000 – £800,000 when it is auctioned in July.


Los Angeles Is a Doughnut Town
The market has been saturated and competitive for decades, but new shops keep coming with offerings like a taro doughnut from Hawaii.

Southern California is rich in small, local chains and independent shops, including many owned by first- and second-generation Cambodian immigrants, like the 24-hour California Donuts, which fries custom, bubbly-letter-shaped doughnuts that can spell a phrase — a consistently delightful item to bring to a party, depending on the message you choose.
The 2020 documentary “The Donut King,” by the filmmaker Alice Gu, told the story of Southern California’s distinctive doughnut industry through Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian refugee who arrived here in 1975 and went on to build an empire — becoming a multimillionaire in the process.


Rachel Weisz and the Glorious Horrors of Pregnancy
Her brilliant streaming remake of the psychosexual thriller “Dead Ringers” has a refreshing new perspective on childbirth.

Weisz had been fascinated by both Cronenberg’s “Dead Ringers,” which she saw in the theater in 1988, and the real-life story of the Marcus brothers (renamed Mantle in the film), twin gynecologists who, having withdrawn from public view, were found dead in the apartment they shared in New York City in 1975, their messy lodgings strewn with bottles of opioids and barbiturates. These “miracle workers” who specialized in helping barren women conceive and give birth, met an end that cast doubt on the infallible authority of doctors. The story cut to one of the insoluble tensions in reproductive care: that the individual assigned to work so intimately with your hopes and fears and physiology is essentially a complete stranger — maybe even a dangerous one.


Lizzo unleashes fierce army of drag queens during Tenn. concert in response to anti-drag bill
“Thank you to these beautiful drag queens for showing their pride in Tennessee,” the “Special” singer tweeted.

Drag hasn’t been this controversial since Asia O’Hara released some poor dead butterflies during the season 10 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, yet here we find ourselves at this point in herstory where Tennessee has tried to pass a so-called “ban” on being — what — sickening.
With Gov. Bill Lee’s controversial attempt at distracting from real issues affecting his state, pop superstar Lizzo took a DNA test and turns out she doesn’t give a f—. At precisely bad bitch o’clock, Lizzo invited a horde of drag queens, including some Drag Race alumni, to join her onstage during her concert in Knoxville.


21 Beautiful Places to Visit in Arizona — From Stunning National Parks to an Underground Restaurant
From must-visit Grand Canyon National Park to lesser-known sights around the state, these are the best places to visit in Arizona.

Arizona’s landscapes are nothing short of stunning. Towering buttes meet hills covered with saguaro cacti, and red rock canyons hide towering waterfalls. The otherworldly landscape — that often feels better suited for Mars than our planet — is grounded by what has become Arizona’s other great draw: the proof of human history found in the sites and settlements of Ancestral Puebloans. These archaeological sites, which include cliff dwellings, sandstone homes, and petroglyphs, dot the state, offering a reminder of the people who came before.



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