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Posted on April 19, 2023

Prada Caffè at Harrods – London, England

Come meet us at the Prada Caffè, darlings! It’s WEDNESDAY! What better reason to seek out the coolest, chicest vibe imaginable and stay there until they kick you out? Even better: what it no one ever kicks you out and everything’s free? Reality’s overrated. Have a seat.


Toheeb Jimoh Is Here to Put a Smile on Your Face
The Ted Lasso star’s warmth and bubbly personality came together to make Sam Obisanya a fan favorite.

Toheeb Jimoh doesn’t consider himself to be a celebrity — though if you asked anyone else, starring in one of the world’s biggest shows should make its stars, well, stars. But the Emmy-nominated actor, who plays fan-favorite Sam Obisanya on Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso, swears that things have essentially remained the same since he booked the role — besides, of course, attending award shows and sitting front row at fashion shows for Hermès and Dior.
“For the most part, I feel pretty normal. For the first two seasons I was still living at home,” he admits. “I’d leave work, I’d come back home, my parents were there. I’d eat home-cooked meals and not pay rent. I guess having my family around me has kept me super-grounded. I’m aware that my career has changed, and I’m at a different stage now than I was when I started in 2019. In terms of the day-to-day life stuff, I feel the same.”


The 24 Best Pearl Necklaces, from Beachy to Preppy
With varied textures, colorful beadwork, and unconventional shapes, these necklaces make a timeless classic feel modern.

Gracing the necks of first ladies and pop icons, the best pearl necklaces are fixtures in fashion history. The late First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore multiple beaded strands at a time with crisp shift dresses, cementing them as a preppy essential. Making a bolder statement circa 1994, Princess Diana accessorized her “revenge dress” with a multi-strand pearl collar flaunting an oval shaped sapphire encircled by diamonds at its center. Pearl necklaces’ opulent streak continued that decade with the rise of the supermodel—most notably at Chanel, where Karl Lagerfeld piled pearl necklaces on the likes of Linda Evangelista and Helena Christensen.
From demure seed pearl strings to decadent opera necklaces accented with gemstones, versatility is precisely what cements the best pearl necklaces as timeless staples, according to MATEO founder and designer Matthew Harris.


The 18 Best Coffee Brands for the Perfect Morning Brew
Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my Ethiopian single origin 100% Arabica pour over.

Coffee has come a long way in the last few decades. Once simply a warm jolt of caffeine to get you going for the day, the good old cup of joe has blossomed into a vast beverage category where connoisseurs can argue over the precise proper temperature for steeping beans, the merits of roasting styles, and the benefits of one growing region over another, while also embracing the wackiest, most exciting, most social media approved trends (see: dalgona coffee, the parmesan-topped espresso martini.) Whether you’re a classicist, a cold brew evangelist, or a trend chaser, the beans that go into your brew matters. For that reason, we’ve rounded up some of the best coffee brands around for your morning cup or gifting to your favorite coffee addict.


How to Have a Perfect Multi-Generation Family Vacation
It probably isn’t the most onerous element of being a member of the sandwich generation, but it’s not easy to be mid-level on the family tree when you’re planning a multi-gen family vacation. Not to diminish my lovely parents’ decades of wisdom and experience, but the needs posed by my four children and my seventy-something parents are not dissimilar: Sleeping arrangements require careful consideration, long waits of any variety are not generally appreciated, and the meal schedule should not be left up to happenstance. Of course, these are concerns that apply to all of us. But there is something admirably stripped-back and unaccommodating in the expectations of the young and not-so-young.


Why on-screen ‘girl gangs’ matter
As Yellowjackets returns and The Rise of The Pink Ladies debuts, we examine the power of on-screen female friendships

The release of this unexpected Grease prequel coincides with the arrival of the second series of the hugely popular Yellowjackets. Both, in their disparate ways, tackle the dynamics of a female friendship group; a ‘girl gang’. Sure, one does so through big musical numbers and the other through a cannibalistic survival cult but, well, representation is representation.
Because that’s the thing. Seeing honest and bold depictions of female friendships is still a rarity on screen.


The gender-health gap is felt at every level in society – and particularly at work
From menopause to miscarriage, conversations about women’s health have been stifled for too long, say these campaigners advocating for change

Fifty-one per cent of this country’s population face obstacles getting the care they need. That was the headline finding published in the government’s first ever Women’s Health Strategy for England last summer – an overdue project that marks the start of a slow journey towards closing the gender-health gap, whose impact is felt at every level of society, but particularly in the workplace. The taboos around menstruation, menopause and other gynaecological conditions are such that only one in three women is comfortable talking about health issues at work; many are choosing to leave their jobs or take extended sick leave rather than seek support from their employers. Why, as a nation, are we continuing to fail our own workforce?


‘Renfield’: How David Bowie Inspired Nicolas Cage’s Dracula Wardrobe
Count Dracula’s bold extravagance has never been an oversight for costume designers, but “Renfield’s” Lisa Lovaas wanted to add a bit of “rockstar flair” to Nicolas Cage’s take on the Prince of Darkness.
While Lovaas still aimed for a “current but timeless” wardrobe for the iconic vampire, she pulled inspiration from David Bowie as well as classic versions of Dracula.
As the film concludes and Renfield seeks his revenge on Dracula, Lovaas wanted to pay homage to former versions of the vampire in an unexpected way. Audiences’ last glimpse at the horror icon is him at his most extravagant, in an ultra-luxe deep burgundy velvet suit.


Jonathan Majors & Manager Entertainment 360 Part Ways; Actor Facing Domestic Violence Allegations In NYC
Talent manager Entertainment 360 has dropped Jonathan Majors, several sources tell us. The recent move by Majors’ longtime manager comes three weeks after the Magazine Dreams star was arrested on domestic violence charges in New York City.
Currently starring in Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Majors’ departure was due to issues surrounding the actor’s personal behavior, we are informed.
As a more minor element of this, Majors and fashion house Valentino “mutually agreed” that the actor would not be attending this year’s Met Gala as one of its guests.


Jennifer Lopez Just Exhibited The Classiest Way To Wear A Low Ponytail
She’s promoting her new movie ‘The Mother’ and she really is Mother

Jennifer Lopez has been promoting her new Netflix movie The Mother, and the title couldn’t be more fitting for a J-Lo movie, because she really is mother. We’re bowing down. And her hairstyle for the press day? Exceptional.
The leading lady wore her hair in an endlessly elegant low pony, falling down between her shoulder blades. But with just as much to admire in the front, hair stylist Lorenzo Martin gave her two extra long face-framing tendrils in her honey blonde locks, and it’s just so classy I feel like I need a manicure and a blowdry to even look at her.


Anime Confronts a New Apocalypse
In the postwar era of plenty, a master storyteller took anime to the stars. But now the art form is turning inward, reflecting the diminished horizons of a younger generation.

The death of the manga artist and animator Leiji Matsumoto in February, at the age of eighty-five, marked a sad moment for his fans around the world. His œuvre ran the gamut from teen romances and erotic comedies to the iconic space-opera series “Space Pirate Captain Harlock,” “Queen Millennia,” and “Galaxy Express 999.” Outside of Japan, he is better known for his collaborative projects: “Interstella 5555,” which is a linked series of music videos that he designed for Daft Punk, and, even more popular, the long-running epic “Space Battleship Yamato,” which débuted on Japanese television in 1974 and appeared in the United States, as “Star Blazers,” in 1979. Co-created with the producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki, that series recast the Imperial Japanese flagship Yamato as a spacecraft on a daring mission to save humanity from the aftermath of an alien attack. “Yamato” was a major hit, integral in raising the first generation of serious anime fans.


Michelle Yeoh’s ‘Section 31’ Is the Start of ‘Star Trek’ Phase 2 at Paramount+
Sources say franchise captain Alex Kurtzman wants to do a streaming movie every two years as he boldly steers the ship beyond ‘Discovery’ and ‘Picard.’

Set course for Phase 2.
The next chapter of Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek franchise at Paramount+ is beginning to come into focus. On Tuesday, the Paramount Global-backed streamer announced that its long-gestating Section 31 series will indeed be a movie that brings newly minted Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh back on board with a feature film rather than what was originally intended to be a spinoff of Discovery, which reignited Star Trek for the conglomerate.


Covid Took My Toddler’s Last Living Grandparents, and We’ve Only Begun to Measure the Loss
Without a Grandma or Grandpa of his own, my son has started looking for grandparents everywhere.

If my son’s late grandfathers were still on this earth, he’d know that neither remotely resembled Larry the Landlord. My father was a mustachioed Puerto Rican whose face answered the question, “What if Freddie Prinze, Sr. had lived to 75?” My partner’s parents, on the other hand, emigrated from the Philippines in the 1960s.
My kid doesn’t seem to care that the silver-haired folks he’s publicly claimed as his grandparents are mostly strangers who respond with kind, silent smiles. He’s too young to fully grasp that his last two living grandparents were among the one million Americans who died of complications from Covid-19. When he’s not making up stories about their adventures together, his sole grandparent-related question is, “Where are they?”


Blueberries Really Are a Superfood—Here’s What Makes Them So Good for You (and How to Use and Store Them)
These summer berries top every superfruit list, and for good reason.

Equal parts juicy and sweet, blueberries are one of the most popular fruits in the produce aisle. They’re also deliciously versatile and can be easily incorporated into baked goods, drinks, and savory dishes, just to name a few. What’s more, blueberries have been touted as a superfood for years, thanks to their impressive list of health benefits.
To better understand what makes blueberries so good for you, we checked in with nutrition and cooking experts. Here, they share everything you need to know about blueberries—including their biggest health benefits, storage tips, and best applications in the kitchen.


How to Deep Clean Your Home in a Single Day—Plus, the Hourly Schedule You Need to Get the Job Done
Use our schedule if you’re short on time, but still want to enjoy the results of a thorough deep clean.

One of the hardest things about deep cleaning your home is setting aside the time to do it. Between work and family obligations, finding the consecutive hours needed to give your house the intense attention it deserves can not only feel daunting, but downright impossible. We understand completely—and have a solution. Instead of scrambling to find an elusive window of time, block off an entire day to refresh your home from top to bottom.
To help, we tapped a few cleaning experts to find out how you can cross a whole-house deep clean off your to-do list in just one day. Spoiler alert: It’s all about creating and sticking to a schedule (and we have that, too). Here’s how cleaning professionals recommend loosely structuring your day if you’re ready to give this method a try.


How Grace Kelly’s wedding raised the bar for future royal nuptials
67 years ago this week, the eyes of the world were on Monaco for the royal wedding of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly

The Kelly effect was immediately evident in Monaco. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by 20,000 well-wishers – out of the 23,000 who lived in the principality. Ever stylish, Grace Kelly came with 80 pieces of luggage, full of chic ensemble after chic ensemble for her new role as a princess. The first major look she debuted was at the civil ceremony on 18 April, wearing a suit custom-made for her by long-time collaborator Helen Rose, a costume designer for MGM Studios. Featuring delicate floral embroidery in a cream and pink hue, it epitomised the elegant, refined style that would be her royal signature. Later that evening, the couple celebrated at the Monaco Opera, with Kelly slipping into a silk Lanvin gown, in a nod to her new French neighbours.


King Charles III’s Coronation coaches: everything you need to know about the Gold State Coach and Diamond Jubilee State Coach
There will be two magnificent Coronation processions, involving two State Coaches: the Gold State Coach and the Diamond Jubilee State Coach

King Charles III’s Coronation will involve two magnificent processions. The first will involve King Charles and the Queen Consort travelling to Westminster Abbey in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach; the second, larger procession will involve the couple riding in the Gold State Coach. Here, Tatler reveals everything you need to know about the two state coaches.


A Dancer’s Life: Chita Rivera on Working Hard and Learning From the Best
A new memoir traces the three-time Tony Award winner’s life and career working with Balanchine, Robbins and Fosse.

In her new memoir, Chita Rivera says she could never relate to the song “I’m Still Here,” Stephen Sondheim’s beloved ode to persevering despite the odds. She liked the song just fine, but, as a nose-to-the-grindstone professional, there was no time for nostalgia — she was always looking ahead to the next gig. Then the pandemic arrived and, “like the rest of the world, there I was.”
Even when the pandemic presented her with an occasion to hit pause, her urge to look back was borne out of a desire to pay it forward. “I really wanted a memoir that kids could read and apply themselves to,” Rivera, 90, said over tea last month at the Laurie Beechman Theater in Midtown Manhattan. “It’s not as much of a memoir as it is an opportunity for kids to realize that if they want this, they can have it — but they have to work hard.”


Rob Lowe Remembers Being
Young and Famous in the ’80s

Rob Lowe was Hollywood’s newest heartthrob when he met Jodie Foster at the Park Lane Hotel so she could interview him for this magazine’s May 1984 cover story. Lowe, who was 20 at the time, was riding high from his breakout role in The Outsiders the year before, while he and Foster were coming down from the overwhelming experience of shooting their drama The Hotel New Hampshire. “We did the interview and then went to a club called Area,” says the 59-year-old actor today. “If I had to look back on not only the year, but the month and the week and the day, it was probably the most fun time of my life.”


10 Incredible Destinations in Europe You Can Fly to Nonstop From the U.S. This Summer
Maximize your time abroad, minimize your time in the airport.

Summer travel to Europe never goes out of style. This year, however, will be busier than ever. The three big U.S. carriers — American, Delta, and United — have increased transatlantic flying by 22 percent over 2022, according to aviation analytics company Cirium.
This summer is the first since the onset of the pandemic in which travelers won’t have to deal with COVID-19 restrictions or entry requirements in the EU. Add in a strong U.S. dollar and more flexible work arrangements, and you’ve got a recipe for a Euro summer boom. Thankfully, those looking to enjoy aperitivo in an Italian piazza, sample tapas in a Spanish mercado, or sunbathe on the Athens Riviera will find many seasonal nonstop flight options. And that’s not just to the major European hubs — like Paris or London — but to the tertiary European destinations that are particularly appealing in the summertime.
To maximize your time abroad, and minimize your time stuck in airports, we found 10 European destinations with excellent nonstop seasonal flights this summer.


This City in Norway Is Nicknamed the ‘Heart of the Fjords’ and Is Surrounded by 7 Mountains
Here’s what you need to know about visiting Bergen, Norway.

Most towns have one or two main attractions — a beautiful mountain setting, interesting architecture, or a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And then there are places like Bergen, Norway, which seem to have more than their fair share of natural beauty and charm.
The town is situated on the southwestern coast of Norway between two of the country’s biggest fjords, the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord. It’s surrounded by seven mountains, two of which are accessible by cable car, and entire neighborhoods cling to the steep hillsides. Down near the water is Bryggen, a picturesque wharf lined with colorful wooden buildings that you’ve likely seen on Instagram. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is not far from where the scenic Bergen Railway sets out from the city.



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