FAST X Star Jason Momoa is MEN’S HEALTH’s May/June Issue Cover Star!

Posted on April 27, 2023


It’s Jason Momoa’s next big flex. As MEN’S HEALTH’s May/June issue cover story, the newly single FAST X villain gets real about facing his greatest challenge, fighting for change, and finding a new path. Plus, in his MEN’S HEALTH “Gym & Fridge” cover video, Jason invites us into the Aukland duplex warehouse he’s currently living in to explain everything from his beer and poi filled diet, to the workout routine that helps him prepare for fight scenes, how he stays fit on set and more.




On playing the superhero Aquaman: “Well, to be perfectly honest, I was absolutely baffled that Aquaman was received so well. I’ve done things that are amazing that no one sees and no one gives a shit about. You just don’t know in this business. I don’t go do things and think, Oh, I’m gonna get $1 billion on this one. I go in and do my best job.”

On being a fierce advocate for banning single-use plastic bottles: “We’re just killing our planet. We’re choking our planet out. Why the f*ck are you drinking out of a plastic bottle of water? It’s crazy, ’cause it’s easy to change. Like drink a can of Coke, beer, or sparkling water.”

On how his status as eco-warrior, elevated by his role as Aquaman, enables him to make a difference. He says it’s a calling from deep, deep in his soul, his mana. “It’s my kids’ generation, and they’re looking up to me, going like, ‘You’re Aquaman, you’re Aquaman.’ I’m not f*cking Batman or Superman. That’s really cool to me—it really is.”

On how his passion for climbing, which his mom introduced him to it as a teen, informs his outlook: “Climbing is what keeps me grounded in a chaotic world that just wants more of me. It keeps me centered, keeps me in the dirt, keeps me humble, and keeps me stoked.”

On sharing his passion for climbing with his kids: “That’s the thing I try to teach my children right now. There’s nothing worth doing if it’s not gonna be hard and it’s not gonna be a struggle. It’s okay to fall. You fall, you get back up and do it again. They wanna be perfect and they’re afraid; they think if you fall, it’s bad. But I’m like, ‘No, falling is great, man. Falling is great ’cause you’re gonna succeed if you keep doing it.’ I would never teach acting, but the one thing I could teach is climbing. It gives us this massive bond, and we go outside and do it. It’s the ultimate thing for me.”

On how he wants it to inspire his children: “I don’t get to see my kids right now for a very long time. I gotta share things with them. I’m doing everything that I want to do, everything that I’m designed to do. And you’ve got to do that. I want my children to know that and do that. I worked for a very long time when they were young doing shIt I didn’t want to do to put food on the table. And now? You should only work with the people you wanna work with. You should create with the people you wanna create with. And if you’re not, then you got one shot in this life—you gotta get the f*ck out. Whatever situation you’re in, you gotta find your path, you know?”


The May/June 2023 issue of Men’s Health hits newsstands nationwide on May 9.


[Photo Credit: Jason Roman for Men’s Health Magazine]

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