TED LASSO Season 3 Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 08, 2023

The Ted Lasso cast came out to celebrate the series’ third season premiere and let’s just say an extremely wide range of efforts were on display.


Annette Badland

This is really cute and does the job of making her stand out well in a photo. Hair and makeup look beautiful, the accessories are fun and they pop. All of that, plus comfy shoes.



Billy Harris

He looks fantastic here. The pants obvious didn’t survive the car ride over, but it’s a really nice look for him.


Brendan Hunt

We realize he’s going for a whole vibe, but the suit and kicks are so well paired that we tend to think the shirt kind of ruins the effect. He was so close to chic.



Brett Goldstein

He looks great. If we said otherwise, he would clearly murder us with his bare hands, judging by his pose.


Cristo Fernández

We probably wouldn’t love this on anyone else but he’s so well suited to it. In what will be a repeating motif for this group, the footwear is a letdown.



Ellie Taylor in CeliaB

Verbatim T Lo editorial meeting, Interior, early morning, cats:

Lo (who doesn’t watch the show): Who’s that? Is she in the cast?

Tom: That’s Sassy!

Lo (getting annoyed): Right, but who is she? Is she in the cast? 

Which is to say, this dress certainly lives up to her character’s name. It’s also a very silly dress for anyone who isn’t currently celebrating her seventh birthday.


Hannah Waddingham in Tarik Ediz

You can’t tell from these shots, but it’s a big comfy jumpsuit and it’s nice to see her take a vacation from her usual body con preferences, if only to broaden her style a little. Given the range of attempts here, we think it’s great that she chose something relatively easy and casual but still delivers some impact.


James Lance

And now another example of our high adeptness at the backhanded compliment: Sir, your hair is far too nice for those hideous pants.



Jason Sudeikis

It’s actually a really nice track suit and it photographs really well. Would we have liked to have seen perhaps a bit more effort from the star of the show? Yeah, but we’d be fools to deny that this isn’t on point. He’s basically doing what Sarah Jessica Parker has done for decades. He’s dressing in a more red carpet-ready version of his character.



Jeremy Swift

He’s happy to be here and that’s all that matters. (not really but we’re being  nice because we’re scared of Ted Lasso fans)


Moe Jeudy-Lamour



Phil Dunster

He looks hot from roughly the chest up. The fit on the suit is not very kind to him. He’s much better off in a more fitted style.


Sam Richardson

We go back and forth on this one. We don’t love the color, but we think the monochromatic quality of the ensemble is the whole point of it. He’s not doing the best for it by posing that way, but we think this mostly works. The footwear does nothing for it.


Stephen Manas

It was really nice of him to offer to stay to help break down the backdrop and roll up the carpet after this is all over.


Toheeb Jimoh

The suit is nice, but we’re going to have to go with our guts here and say that it’s not the right kind to pair with those kicks. White ones might have worked. He looks great otherwise.


[Photo Credit: Ryan Hartford/startraksphoto.com/Cover Images, Abaca Press/INSTARimages]

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