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Posted on March 06, 2023

Basta Restaurant – Östersund, Sweden


It’s MONDAY, kittens! LET’S GET LOUD! Today’s LOunge is the perfect place to make a lot of noise and clatter as you kvetch, debate and procrastinate through the day. Just look at all of those colorful liquor options available to you! Best get to work on sampling them immediately.

Inside Riley Keough’s ’70s Rockstar Transformation for Daisy Jones & The Six
Costume designer Denise Wingate and makeup lead Rebecca Wachtel reveal how they turned the actress into the singing sensation.

Whether performing in front of a sold-out crowd at Soldier Field, appearing on Saturday Night Live, partying at Chateau Marmont, or pumping gas, Daisy Jones embodies the ’70s sartorial cool that continues to inspire nearly 50 years later. Yes, Daisy might be a fictional character—portrayed by the equally magnetic Riley Keough—but she captures the stylish essence of a period in rock and roll history that we still obsess over today.
The adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s beloved novel Daisy Jones & The Six has been several years in the making, with a production put on pause due to the global pandemic, but it is well worth the wait. Produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and Amazon Studios, the show follows rock band The Six and singer-songwriter Daisy Jones, whose paths collide before propelling each other to global stardom. The 10-episode limited series primarily takes place across the 1970s, when the likes of Fleetwood Mac ruled the stage—and the gossip columns—and boho chic and disco glam took over the runway.


A Timeline of Fleetwood Mac’s Dramatic, Decades-Long Saga
Between illicit affairs and ever-changing lineups, here’s a look inside the turmoil that nearly tore the band apart.

Fleetwood Mac’s legacy was solidified with the 1977 release of Rumours. The album, which features hits like “Dreams” and “The Chain,” turned the band into bona fide rockstars. With over 40 million copies sold, Rumours is one of the highest-grossing albums of all time.
After Fleetwood Mac’s formation in 1967, constant lineup changes, crippling addictions, and tumultuous romances threatened to derail the group’s success. With the additions of Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac spun inner discord into gold, creating breakup songs that would resonate with multiple generations of rock fans.


The Daisy Jones & the Six Soundtrack Is Packed With Vintage Gems and More Original Songs
We’re tracking all the songs in each episode, by the titular band and other artists.

The original tracks from Daisy Jones and The Six’s album Aurora aren’t the only songs that appear in the new Prime Video series about the band. Embedded in the sepia-toned and whiskey-soaked scenes, there lie tracks by very real artists who graced stages and airwaves in the ’70s—and some even earlier—from The Byrds to Carole King. That can be credited to music supervisor Frankie Pine (Magic Mike, Nashville), who helped nail down the vintage feel of the series with some well-curated ditties.


We’re Getting a Second Season of And Just Like That…
Brace yourself for more Che Diaz.

In new on set images for season 2, Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed strolling with Sara Ramirez (Che Diaz) on a rainy New York City day. Wonder what they’re talking about?


Chris Rock Addresses The Slap One Year Later in Live Netflix Special
The comedian spoke on the viral moment in his first recorded comments.

Chris Rock spent the weekend before the 2023 Oscars joking about the controversial moment at last year’s ceremony where Will Smith slapped him onstage over a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.
The comedian’s latest stand-up special Selective Outrage premiered on Netflix last night, including his first public comments on the slap. Though Rock has previously joked about the moment while touring, the special marked the first time that the wider public heard his thoughts of the infamous moment.
Rock began his set, which was streamed live Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre, with comments on woke culture and off-hand references to the incident, including one moment where he said, “Anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face.”


Tan France and Gigi Hadid Aren’t Your Typical Reality Show Judges
The Next in Fashion co-hosts talk bringing a new generation of designers to the table in Season 2.

Next in Fashion is a reality competition that challenges 12 designers to create different looks over a number of weeks for the chance to win $200,000 and a debut namesake line with Rent the Runway. While France and Hadid serve as the co-hosts and judges, every week guest judges join the venture; these include some of the biggest names in fashion such as Donatella Versace, Isabel Marant, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and more.


Europe’s Most Luxurious Train Rolls Again!
The fortunate few traversed the Continent on trains like this a century ago. Isn’t it time for your champagne adventure?

At the start of Agatha Christie’s 1934 Murder on the Orient Express, a certain M. Bouc, contemplating the train’s dining car and his fellow passengers, says to his tablemate, detective Hercule Poirot: “If I had but the pen of a Balzac! I would depict this scene…It lends itself to romance, my friend.” That romance of high-end European rail travel, mothballed for decades, is having a major comeback. The Orient Express Company (part of Accor) will be launching newly built La Dolce Vita trains in 2024 (and is already taking bookings for one- and two-night trips from Rome). Belmond, meantime, which owns 17 of the original Orient Express’s carriages from the 1920s and ’30s, is restoring them and adding itineraries.


A Sneak Peek Inside a Legacy of World-Class Collecting
Weary of the Windsors? The Sassoon family are this season’s new It dynasty.

In recent months the saga of the Sassoon family has been a hot topic. It was chronicled onscreen in Benediction, a biopic directed by Terence Davies that focuses on the tormented, glamorous life of First World War–era poet Siegfried Sassoon, and in print in The Sassoons: The Great Global Merchants and the Making of an Empire, by historian (and descendant) Joseph Sassoon, which charts the rise and fall of the family’s empire, across three continents and two centuries.
Now a major museum exhibition, “The Sassoons,” is opening March 3 at the Jewish Museum in New York. It presents perhaps the most vivid picture yet of the family, through more than 120 superlative works of art they commissioned or collected.


Nancy Cunard Was the Original Renegade Heiress—But Also So Much More Than That
A must-read new biography of the infamous international character dives into her Jazz Age life among Paris’s cultural elite.

Yes, Nancy Cunard was a rich girl. Her father was the heir to the Cunard Line shipping fortune, and her mother Maud, who later changed her name to Emerald, was one of London’s best-known hostesses. Nancy grew up with every advantage, but that isn’t what makes her fascinating. Instead, it was the way she chose to live her life—among an army of artists, writers, agitators, and rabble-rousers, many of whom she dated—that captivated generations of admirers. Her habit of putting her money where her mouth was, supporting human rights and political freedom in Europe and America alike, has become her enduring legacy. In Anne de Courcy’s new biography, Magnificent Rebel: Nancy Cunard in Jazz Age Paris, Cunard’s hijinks and heroics are explored, in a book that tells the story of a complicated and compelling woman who lived life definitively and became one of the original renegade heiresses.



On the Trail of Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Matisse in the South of France
A lover of Paris alights for the first time in Provence—and sees how three artists who painted there transformed modern vision and remade Western art. Call it the power of place.

In the southern French region of Provence, there is, or seems to be, what we call a roundabout and the French call a rond-point every 30 feet. Thirty feet is doubtless a physical exaggeration, but it is not so perceptually: One traffic circle follows another with such relentlessness that you feel you are proceeding not in a straight line but circularly, like a spider racing around its web. You spin around each roundabout looking for the exit for, say, Arles or St.-­Tropez—the A55 or the D44, the latter of which may also be called the D95 or the Boulevard General Léclérc (every French road has at least three names, two cryptically numeric and one grandly historical)—and you often must go around again before finding it. That accomplished, you drive for a bit and come to another circle. Everyone in Provence will tell you that you will find it maddening until you see how functional it is. In almost two weeks of driving in Provence, we never saw how functional it was.


Travel Around the World in Six Omelets
How to make an omelet — rolled, folded, stuffed, or souffléd — from cuisines around the globe.

Few words strike fear into the heart of a new cook like “French rolled omelet.”
It’s such a famously elemental dish that some restaurants use it to test a chef’s skill level. With only a few simple ingredients, there’s no room to hide mistakes, and a short lapse in attention can, in a matter of seconds, morph a custardy masterpiece of soft-set eggs into a spongy, acrid mass.
The French are not alone in putting the omelet on a pedestal. In every corner of the world, cooks rely on a combination of precise technique and close attention to coax eggs into tender, satisfying dishes.


Finally Some Good News, America’s Oldest Cheese Shop Has Found a New Home
America’s oldest cheese shop will live on in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

When news spread of Alleva Dairy’s closing due to financial hardship, supporters across the nation flocked to social media to express their disappointment. But, in a fortunate turn of events, many will be excited to hear that Alleva Dairy plans to reopen its doors. But this time, in a whole new state.
The legacy of America’s oldest cheese shop will live on in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, at 9 Polito Avenue, to be exact. The New Jersey town has one of the largest Italian populations in America, making it a prime second home for Alleva Dairy.


This was the most expensive Oscars dress ever worn
The Academy Awards 2023 is almost here, and before the ceremony on Sunday we’re admiring the best Oscars dresses ever, which had us questioning which star has worn the most expensive dress at the Oscars?
Every year, A-list actresses take to the red carpet in the most exquisite couture gowns, from the likes of Valentino, Dior, Chanel, Prada and other premium designer houses.
Naturally, with so much work going into them (most of them take hours and hours to make, especially if they’re embellished), there comes a hefty price tag.


Why I’m Rooting For Jamie Lee Curtis This Awards Season – And Always
There is no statue of Jamie Lee Curtis that can be found anywhere in the United States, I learned from a cursory and near-debilitating Google search. My heart immediately sank. Things didn’t improve when a continued search had me discovering – and “much to my chagrin” doesn’t quite cover it – that there are no known statues of Jamie Lee Curtis, in existence anywhere. Lincoln gets a whole memorial, and Jamie Lee Curtis can’t get her face carved into a mountainside? Unsurprisingly, I’m not one for manual labour, so I guess I’ll do the next best thing: attempt to summarise my love for a woman that, as Ariana DeBose recently noted, is “all of us”.
What that means exactly, we may never know, but a fact transgresses: Jamie Lee is a rare famous person that we seem to be collectively rooting for.


70 Years Ago, The Oscars Red Carpet Was A Radically Different Proposition
This year’s Oscars will mark 70 years since the ceremony was first televised, bringing the eyes of the world onto the annual parade of Hollywood’s finest. Since its inception in 1929, the Oscars has been a formal white-tie affair, which has always meant one thing: full throttle glamour. However, in the early days, the architects of this movie star style template were the all-powerful studio costume designers – not fashion labels. The looks created were intended to maintain the mystique and supernatural-ness of the actors.


How to Make a Better Bed—and Style It Like a Professional
From adding a bedskirt and learning crisp hospital corners to arranging throw pillows, there are a handful of ways you can elevate your bed’s aesthetics.

Your bed serves as the focal point of your room, so you want it to look its best. Everything from decorative pillows to how you lay down your top sheet can dictate how effectively your bed elevates your room. If your current setup has the basics needed for comfortable sleep, but you want to transform its appearance, there are a few key elements that can help you do so. With some simple tweaks, your bed (and, in turn, your room) will look and feel like it was designed by a professional.


8 Factors That Determine How Often You Need to Water Your Vegetable Garden
Help your edible garden grow by establishing a foolproof watering schedule.

Unlike the household chores that you can schedule—like loading the dishwasher daily, handling laundry every Saturday, or taking the trash out on Wednesdays—the frequency of watering your backyard vegetable garden relies on a variety of factors, both within and outside of your control. Since over- and under-watering can prevent your plants from reaching their full potential, it’s crucial that you get it right by taking into account these eight considerations.


Ralph Lauren Debuts Michael B. Jordan’s Custom ‘Creed III’ Looks for Made-to-Measure Clients
Knocked out by the ensembles worn by Michael B. Jordan in his new MGM boxing pic? Ralph Lauren has a solution by offering the tailored looks to consumers via a Made to Measure program.

Want to dress like Adonis Creed?
That will be possible starting March 2 at select Ralph Lauren stores and online as the iconic American designer has revealed a collaboration with MGM Studios on Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III. Ralph Lauren provided a series of exclusive tailored looks for Jordan’s character, Adonis Creed, that will be available to consumers via a special Made to Measure program.
The collection consists of six looks worn by Creed throughout the film, from the casual to dressy. Those looks include double-breasted suits in pinstripe gray and navy, sweatshirts in a luxurious heavyweight terrycloth fabric, a classic black trench coat and more. Each piece boasts a “Custom Tailored for Adonis Creed” label.


The Last of Us Taught Bella Ramsey To Be Authentically Themself
The actor discusses the upcoming season finale, using humor to tap into Pedro Pascal’s acting abilities, and what’s next on the horizon.

Ramsey certainly projects confidence, both in conversation and on screen, but they are also on a very public stage. Even before it debuted, The Last of Us was highly anticipated as the adaptation of one of the most lauded video games of all time, the story of a girl with immunity to a fungal virus that turned most of the world’s population into raving beasts. Now, more than 7 million people watch Ramsey as spunky teen Ellie, who treks through a post-apocalyptic America riddled with the so-called “infected” each Sunday on HBO. (Fans are just two weekends away from the season finale on March 12.) And while there was initial backlash to their casting from gamer fans who thought they didn’t look like the character, that has mostly morphed into a positive response both about the show and Ramsey’s persona. “I’ve had people message me and say that it’s helped people come to terms with who they are,” they say. “That’s been really nice to hear as well. I guess I just want to be authentic.”


Greening the Burial of the Dead, in Brooklyn
The historic Green-Wood Cemetery—the final resting place of Leonard Bernstein and half a million others—explores a cutting-edge method of processing human remains: electric cremation.

Long before Richard J. Moylan became the president of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, his job was to help with the landscaping. “I started cutting grass here in ’72,” he told me, as he showed me around the grounds, which span four hundred and seventy urban acres. Moylan’s father and grandfather were both contractors at Green-Wood, too. “He’s here,” Moylan said, of his father, who died in 1982 and was buried at the cemetery, four years before Moylan became president. “Originally, I had picked a grave for him up by the Prospect Park West entrance. But the superintendent at the time, who I used to fight with terribly, came to me and said, ‘Rich, you don’t want to bury your dad there. Let me find you a nice spot.’ He found a beautiful spot, on a hill.”


Everyone messes up. Here’s how to say you’re sorry.
It’s easy to give a bad apology. Here’s how to give a good one.

If you can’t remember the last time you apologized: congratulations, you are perfect — or at least you believe you are. For the rest of us, apologizing is a common, if difficult, part of life.
Among the earliest lessons imparted to children is the art of saying sorry, yet these skills don’t always transfer neatly to adulthood. Relationships are messy and both parties often have some level of culpability. However, the biggest obstacle to apologetic bliss isn’t a complicated argument — it’s self-protective motivations.
Good apologies are notoriously hard to come by, partly because of an inherent resistance to making them in the first place. People are hesitant to apologize because they falsely believe it affects how outsiders perceive them, says ‪Amy Ebesu Hubbard‬, a professor at the University of Hawaii Manoa School of Communication and Information.


For the love of dogs! Exquisite new exhibition celebrates human devotion to their canine companions
‘Portraits of Dogs: from Gainsborough to Hockney’ opens at The Wallace Collection on 29 March

Dog lovers of the world, rejoice! A magnificent new exhibition showcasing the most exquisite canine portraits will go on display at The Wallace Collection later this month.
‘Portraits of Dogs: from Gainsborough to Hockney’, which will run from 29 March-15 October after being delayed due to the pandemic, celebrates human devotion to dogs over the centuries through a carefully curated selection of 50 paintings, sculptures, drawings and taxidermy.


Is that you, Mr Bond? The 20 hottest contenders to be the next 007
Amid rumours that Daniel Craig’s as-yet-unnamed successor has been chosen, Tatler weighs up the leading runners and riders to fill his suave spy shoes

The wait is (almost) over: the next James Bond has reportedly been decided upon. Writing in the Daily Mail, Richard Eden states that he was told as much by one of the hotly-tipped contenders, Rocketman star Taron Egerton.
The actor reportedly told Eden: ‘They’ve already got someone — and it’s not me… I’ve never been part of the conversations. I’ve never met [the producers]. They’ve never enquired about me. I just don’t think I am the right person for that.’


10 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the U.S.
We predict you’re going to be very shutter happy.

Vacations (or daycations) take many forms. Sometimes, it’s about getting out and seeing beautiful scenery. If that’s the aim, few things beat the pull of a brilliant blue body of water.
While overwater bungalows floating above shimmering lagoons in the Maldives or Bora Bora, calm Caribbean snorkeling spots, and cenotes in the Yucutan likely spring to mind, the U.S. has many picture-perfect places to see — and snap: lakes, ocean beaches, rivers, waterfalls, estuaries, and bays that don’t require packing a passport. Just remember to bring along your camera.


How to Responsibly See the Wildflowers Bloom This Spring, According to Experts
Nobody wants to be *that* park visitor.

The warm air is starting to tickle your cheeks. The sun’s rays are beating down just a little warmer, and off in the distance, you can hear the distinct and utterly adorable sound of freshly hatched baby birds chirping as they await their daily worm. Yes, spring is nearly here, and with it, comes fantastic wildflower blooms, which remind us all that new beginnings are around the corner. But, before you pack up your camera and your hiking boots to see those blooms, there are a few things you need to consider — including the fact that some of the most famous wildflowers in America are currently off-limits.





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