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Posted on March 17, 2023

Peruke & Periwig Bar and Restaurant – Dublin, Ireland


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, darlings! In the tradition of the day, we encourage you to spend it in a bar drinking brown things! It’s what Patrick would have wanted. Alternately, you can try Tom’s recipe for Irish soda bread to help you get in touch with your green side. Even better, you can choose to do nothing at all and sit in a quiet corner with a book and a pint. It’s all good in the T LOunge.

The Hair Inspiration for ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Includes Stevie Nicks and Diana Ross
The show’s lead hairstylist MaryAnn Hennings gives InStyle the exclusive details.

The ‘70s are defined by carefree vibes, rock, disco, and — at least where beauty lovers are concerned — big voluminous hair. And right now, there’s one TV show delivering nostalgia feels and ‘70s hair inspiration more than any other: Amazon Prime’s latest hit, Daisy Jones & The Six.
Based on the fictional novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six chronicles the rise and fall of one of the biggest bands in America. The show follows the bandmates, their partners, and their friends as they navigate fame, addiction, and messy relationships, all culminating in the band’s breakup at its peak. The premise alone is gripping, but there is no denying that the look and style of the show are a huge part of its appeal.


Vera Wang Is More Than Just Her Age
Vera Wang is 73 years old. It’s a fact the internet is quick to point out, considering her fresh, lit-from-within complexion. Youthful, ageless, and even immortal are all adjectives that are typically associated with the designer, who, despite having spent her entire career in the fashion industry and famously launching her own namesake line at 40, in recent years has become known just as much for her appearance as her bridal wear. But when I speak to her over the phone last week, the jig is seemingly up. “I’m very flattered that people think I’ve aged well, but it was never my goal,” Wang says matter-of-factly. “I drink vodka, I sleep, I avoid the sun. But I like to work. I don’t want to be pigeonholed.”


Fashion’s New Origin Story
Curious how your clothes were made? There’s now an app—and new cutting-edge blockchain technology—for that, which could transform the concept of luxury.

Do you know where your sweater came from? If it’s one of Loro Piana’s cloud-soft merino-wool knits and you wave your iPhone over the label, a digital certificate will pop up on your screen that gives detailed information about the bucolic Australian or New Zealand sheep station where the ultrafine fibers were shorn and the factories in Italy’s Piedmont industrial region where they were washed, scoured, carded, drawn, spun, woven, and dyed. You’ll also learn that Loro Piana’s proprietary merino wool, called the Gift of Kings, is the finest in the world—at 12 microns, it’s less than one fifth the diameter of a human hair—and comes from just a handful of breeders who focus on pasture management and grazing practices that preserve biodiversity. While that may sound like a futuristic experience straight out of Minority Report, it relies on advanced technology you likely already use in your daily life: The data is encoded in a blockchain and shared with your mobile device via a QR code.


Happy Birthday, Isabelle Huppert! 22 Exquisite Old Pictures of One of France’s Greatest Stars
For more than 50 years, the great Isabelle Huppert has carved out a career of remarkable style and unusual daring. Born in a comfortable Parisian suburb in 1953, she made her acting debut as a teenager in the early 1970s, going on to work with the likes of Maurice Pialat, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, Claire Denis, Mia Hansen-Løve, and Paul Verhoeven in France and Márta Mészáros, Aleksandar Petrović, Mauro Bolognini, and Hong Sang-soo abroad. (She is also, somehow, almost always in a play: Since 2021 alone, she’s done both The Cherry Orchard in Avignon and The Glass Menagerie in Amsterdam.)
Now, as Huppert celebrates her 70th birthday, not only does she have five (!) new films in the offing, but a parallel vocation as something of a hair influencer—and a forever style icon. To mark the occasion—and because her filmography is such a rich text—scroll on for some fabulous old photos of one of France’s greatest talents.


I made a traditional Irish breakfast and while it was a lot of work, it took me back to my roots
When I was young, my first-generation Irish grandparents often served me a full Irish breakfast.
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to make a traditional Irish breakfast for myself.
I enjoyed the sausages, white pudding, and beans on toast, but I would skip the tomatoes next time.


What If Living Longer Could Also Mean Living Better? A New Book Reframes the Conversation Around Aging
The term aging has long been feared in beauty circles, ultimately giving rise to the term anti-aging—or the idea that there are, in fact, myriad products and treatments that can help reverse the physical signs of a long life, one wrinkle, fine line, and sun spot at a time. Then came the 21st century’s wellness awakening, with its nods to self-care—and self-love, which vilified the idea that any of these things needed reversing in the first place and embraced the notion that each passing year should be celebrated rather than dreaded and feared as the end of vibrancy and vitality. Feeling good is the new looking good, our modern adage insists.
But what if every chronological year means feeling worse—creaky, tired, and, well, old—even if the latest biohacking fad promises a few more years of longevity?


Historic, Possibly Haunted English Pub Has to Be Rebuilt Brick-By-Brick
A district judge ordered the developers to rebuild the Inn brick-by-brick. And he means that literally.

The Punch Bowl Inn was believed to have been built in the 1700s and had also developed a reputation as one of the most ghost-filled pubs in northwest England. Regardless of whether those spirits exist, the Inn will haunt the property developers who have been ordered to rebuild it. Last year, a magistrates court found the five of them guilty of illegally demolishing the pub, and they have since been ordered to pay a combined £70,000 ($85,000) in fines and court costs.


The New Frank’s RedHot Sauce Flavor is for Pickle Lovers
We can’t wait to put this hot sauce in our bag.

Frank’s RedHot is tugging on the heartstrings of pickle lovers nationwide with its newest hot sauce release.
This week, the spicy flavor company revealed its dill pickle hot sauce in its attempt to go after what the New York Times named the flavor of the summer. The new tangy and spicy sauce is already available online. And starting this fall, the company plans to stock it on grocery shelves across the U.S.
“While Frank’s RedHot fans love our Original Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce, we know they’re also flavor seekers looking to try new, adventurous flavors, specifically through hot sauces,” Valda Coryat, VP of Condiments and Sauces for McCormick & Company, tells Food & Wine. “This is largely driven by Gen Z hot sauce aficionados who seek out unique heat and flavor combinations.”


‘Great British Bake Off’ Finds New Co-Host in ITV’s Alison Hammond
ITV presenter Alison Hammond has been tapped as the new co-host on “The Great British Bake Off,” replacing Matt Lucas.
Hammond confirmed the news on Friday morning with a short clip featuring the full “Bake Off” hosting line-up in figurines made out of icing. “It’s Official!! It’s happening The Great British Bake off ! let’s have it – The cake that is [emoji] so excited,” she tweeted.


‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Star Nabiyah Be Talks Simone’s Queer, Black Love Story
Simone Jackson doesn’t fade into the background. While readers of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones & the Six” just got a taste of the character, Prime Video’s series adaptation gives the disco diva, played by singer-songwriter Nabiyah Be, a much more significant arc outside of her relationship with Daisy (Riley Keough).


‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Costume Designer on ’70s Coats, Cowboy Boots and a Subtle Elvis Connection
The vibe for costumes in Amazon’s “Daisy Jones & the Six” ranges from boho chic to lots of denim and earthtones oozing ‘70s California vibes. Costume designer Denise Wingate spent many weekends scouring thrift shops and flea markets to build the wardrobe that consisted of over 1500 changes for the series based on the best-selling novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid.
Riley Keough stars as Daisy Jones, the lead singer of the rock band The Six, which is shown as it climbs the music charts. Showrunner Scott Neustadter wanted the visuals to look “realistic and not costumey,” says Wingate, who started by putting together individual mood boards for the principals.


‘Ted Lasso’: How Versace and ‘Star Wars’ Influenced the Production Design of Rupert’s Office
Production designer Paul Cripps had the exciting task of creating new spaces befitting characters we love — and love to hate. In early conversations with set decorator Kate Goodman and showrunner Jason Sudeikis, they knew Keeley’s new company, KJPR, needed to reflect the quirky person she is, as well as the confident businesswoman she is growing into. “Keeley’s house is very unique to her style,” Cripps says. “Her confidence comes out through her surroundings, rather than through herself.”


James Gunn Will Direct the Next Superman Movie Himself
The new DC entertainment chief also wrote the screenplay for Superman Legacy, planned for summer 2025.

James Gunn, who recently took over as one of the heads of DC Studios, will write and direct the next Superman movie, which will inaugurate a new, more interconnected universe for the superhero brand, Warner Bros. announced Wednesday.
Gunn will formally wrap up his ties to comic book rival Marvel this May with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the conclusion of his misfit space-heroes trilogy. Then he will helm the first chapter in a planned reboot of the DC universe: an entirely new take on the Man of Steel called Superman Legacy.


At 70, Isabelle Huppert Does French Beauty In The Chicest Way
The whole world is obsessed with the French aesthetic, but Isabelle Huppert is out there living it. In addition to starring in everything from The Lacemaker to The Piano Teacher, the acclaimed actor has a knack for looking impossibly chic with apparently minimal effort. Parisian to her core, she has a penchant for a statement red lip, and has experimented with different hair lengths over the years – most recently settling for mid-length tousled waves.
With alabaster skin and a healthy glow, she has shunned injectables in favour of a more natural approach to her skincare routine – and looks good for it. Huppert also knows the power of remaining a touch mysterious. “Over my career, I have made more than 100 films, shot a lot of magazine covers, and walked endless red carpets,” she previously wrote for British Vogue. “Yet there is still nobody outside my inner circle who could tell you what I do on a Saturday night. In an age of overexposure, when every aspect of our lives is chronicled and shared, there is something decidedly powerful about keeping something to yourself.”
As she turns 70, we take a look at some of Isabelle Huppert’s best beauty moments.


Ben Affleck on ‘Air,’ New CEO Gig and Those Memes: “I Am Who I Am”
The actor, filmmaker and budding mogul on the disruptive production company he launched with Matt Damon, why he’s done with D.C., getting Michael Jordan’s blessing for his new film and the advice wife Jennifer Lopez gave him for this interview.

There’s a version of your life now where you direct a movie every couple of years, go to your kids’ basketball games and hang out by the pool with your wife. So why are you adding this new role of running a company?
“My wife doesn’t have a lot of downtime. But that does sound great. You’re making assumptions that I wish were true but aren’t, which is … I’ve had a number of movies I wanted to direct that were like, “Yeah, we want to do it in Bulgaria.” And I’m like, “In Bulgaria?”
One of the reasons I did it was, I’m divorced. I share custody. I don’t want to go to Austin and New Orleans and Georgia anymore and not see my kids. It just doesn’t work. These years are too important. If I miss them, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. And then I thought, “OK, well, if I’m in Los Angeles and I’m in an office and I’m doing this work, I can step out for the basketball game or the jazz performance.” So I protect those things.”


How to Get Rid of Moths—and Prevent an Infestation in Your Home
Learn how to remove these pests from your closet, pantry, and other areas, according to pest management and cleaning experts.

Whenever you see any type of pest in your house, your first thought is probably, “How do I get rid of it?” The second is (gulp), “What if there are more?” This is particularly true when you spot an invasive species, like moths, which typically congregate in one of two places: the pantry or your closet (or wherever you store clothes). Pantry moths eat the dried goods in your kitchen, while clothes moths dine on your clothes’ wool fabrics. Thankfully, with the right techniques, you can learn how to get rid of both moths and keep them out of your home for good.


How Long Does Canned Food Last?
Here’s what the dates on the cans really mean. Plus, learn how to make sure your canned food is stored properly so it retains its quality over time.

From protein-packed tuna to savory tomatoes, canned goods are an essential component of every well-stocked pantry, since they’re convenient, versatile, and inexpensive. Canned foods can also be just as nutritious as their fresh and frozen counterparts, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Perhaps the best characteristic of canned food is its long shelf-life, allowing you to stash away ingredients for emergencies and last-minute meals. But how long is “long,” exactly? Here, food safety experts explain how long canned foods last, plus the best storage methods to prevent spoilage.


The Right Way to Defrost Your Freezer, a Task You Should Be Tackling Twice Per Year
Defrosting a freezer is a simple job—but you may need to carve out several hours to get this task done.

After a busy workday, reaching into the freezer for a last-minute meal is an easy solution. Pans of lasagna, batches of beans, and hearty goulash all freeze beautifully, and are a real boon when you’re pressed for time or options. But what if the solution to tonight’s dinner is blanketed in frost or buried in ice? Then it’s time to defrost your freezer (and clean) your freezer—and maybe rustle up some grilled cheese sandwiches, instead.


NASA’s New Spacesuit: It’s a Look
NASA and Axiom Space have unveiled the first major spacesuit redesign in four decades. Astronauts are getting hip.

Space is getting a new look — sort of. On Wednesday, just a week after the end of the Paris fashion collections and with the sort of sonic crescendo attached to the most extravagant runway shows, NASA unveiled the new Artemis III lunar spacesuit at Space Center Houston. Which is to say, the first real reconsideration of the spacesuit in 40 years.
Unlike the spacesuit redesigns of private companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, the Artemis III spacesuit is not meant to be worn solely within a spacecraft but on the surface of the moon too, specifically the never-before-visited lunar south pole.


24 Kid-Friendly Recipes
We asked, and readers answered: These 24 recipes are happily approved by kids and their grown-ups.

“What’s for dinner?” Depending how I respond to that question, I’m sure to be met with toddlerlike squeals of delight (chili, nachos) or preteen groans of disgust (almost anything green). While my kids aren’t the pickiest eaters I’ve ever encountered, they both have long, evolving lists of likes and dislikes. My husband and I refuse to be short-order cooks, but we’re not interested in enforcing the clear-your-plate, you-get-what-you-get mentality we grew up with either. And so we are, forever and always, in search of those almost miraculous, unquestionably delicious dishes that please everyone at the table.


Florida Scoured Math Textbooks for ‘Prohibited Topics.’ Next Up: Social Studies.
Behind the scenes, one publisher went to great lengths to avoid mentions of race, even in the story of Rosa Parks.
The nitty-gritty process of reviewing and approving school textbooks has typically been an administrative affair, drawing the attention of education experts, publishing executives and state bureaucrats.
But in Florida, textbooks have become hot politics, part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign against what he describes as “woke indoctrination” in public schools, particularly when it comes to race and gender. Last year, his administration made a splash when it rejected dozens of math textbooks, citing “prohibited topics.”
Now, the state is reviewing curriculum in what is perhaps the most contentious subject in education: social studies.


Rick Steves Just Told Us His Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid — and His Best Piece of Travel Advice
Every year, Rick Steves’ Europe takes 30,000 people on small-group tours — and this is the one thing they’re not allowed to bring.

Rick Steves never checks a bag when traveling — and he strongly encourages all of his fellow globetrotters to do the same.
“It’s more important than ever to travel light,” he said. “Two weeks, two months, man, woman, winter, summer, it doesn’t matter, you just need a carry-on bag.”
Steves is known for his popular European guidebooks, tour company Rick Steves’ Europe, and public television travel show. As a professional international traveler, Steves is an expert at avoiding common travel mistakes like lost luggage, overbooked restaurants, and crowded sights.





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