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Posted on March 15, 2023

Piur Restaurant – Valencia, Spain

Darlings, it is WEDNESDAY and we’ve still got a whole bunch of Oscar-related gownery to discuss. We suggest you plant yourself fabulously in today’s fabulous LOunge. Once we wrap things up this week, we’ll be going on our first European vacation in FAR too long. We are a-tingle with excitement. But we’d never abandon our child (this site), so we’ll be scraping together whatever celebrity or fashion or television-related content we can gather next week. Anyway, off we go for another day of heavy opinionating. We started a tab, so order whatever you want.

Michelle Yeoh Is Joining Ariana Grande, Cynthia Erivo, and Jonathan Bailey in Wicked
Wicked, the wildly successful Broadway musical that made global stars of its leads Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, is finally heading to the big screen. Set to play Glinda the Good Witch and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West? None other than Grammy-winning superstar Ariana Grande, and Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award recipient Cynthia Erivo. And accompanying them as their dashing love interest Fiyero? Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey, of course.


In Praise of Well-Seasoned Women
Paulina Porizkova and Naomi Watts are changing the national conversation on women and aging. They talk to each other for the first time about sex, loss, and menopause. Yes, there will be tears.

Paulina Porizkova and Naomi Watts should have met much earlier. As a supermodel and author (her new book No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful came out in November), Porizkova first became famous in the 1980s for being awarded the highest-paid modeling contract at the time and appearing on the cover of multiple magazines, including this one. Shortly before the pandemic, she suddenly lost her husband, and soon became an active chronicler of the process of grieving, aging, and betrayal—all on Instagram, leading the New York Times to call her “Paulina Porizkova, Full-Frontal Emotion.”

The Crown
Has Found Their Young Prince William and Kate Middleton

Netflix has cast unknown actors to portray younger versions of William and Kate.
Netflix announced two unknown actors have been cast as William: 16-year-old Rufus Kampa will take on the role of Prince William aged 15, and 21-year-old Ed McVey will portray William in his later teenage years.
The actress playing Kate Middleton, too, was announced: 19-year-old Meg Bellamy will appear opposite McVey’s William as Kate. Season six could focus on the early days of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship; they met at the University of St. Andrews in 2001.


The Iconic Hollywood Restaurant La Dolce Vita Rides Again
This was the celeb favorite hideaway La Dolce Vita, first opened in 1966 with Frank Sinatra and George Raft as investors, and featuring a design by five-time Oscar-winner set designer Lyle Wheeler, who conceived the look of movies like The Wizard of Oz—perfectly capturing the distinct feel of a New York Italian restaurant in the center of Beverly Hills. “It always had this charm,” says Marc Rose of the windowless, ultra-private venue that eventually shuttered in 2020. “Med [Abrous] and I would have a lot of dinners here, and we just always loved this place.”


Coors Light Releasing Beer-Flavored Popsicles
Coors wants to help you keep things chill throughout March Madness.

The 2023 NCAA tournament tips off today with the “First Four” games to figure out who we’ll be slotting into our brackets next. And, for basketball fans (with apologies to our bosses and loved ones), the tournament will be all we can think and talk about for the next several weeks. Well, that and Coors Light’s new beer-flavored popsicles.
On Tuesday, the Colorado-based beermaker announced the release of Coors-icles, a non-alcoholic treat that tastes like you’ve just cracked into an ice-cold can to help you “chill out” if your bracket goes sideways or your favorite school gets knocked out.


Drinks Innovators of the Year 2023
Our second annual Drinks Innovators of the Year reveal the extraordinary creativity and ambition going on in the drinks world right now.

For our second annual Food & Wine Drinks Innovators of the Year, we combed the ranks of brewers, winemakers, and distillers to single out the people changing the way we drink. But innovation doesn’t necessarily just mean a new tweak to a process or a new category of alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverage. It can mean exploring new ways of looking at how we drink, or working with raw materials that play a role in the changing environment of our planet. Innovation doesn’t have to be technical; it can also be social. We don’t enjoy our favorite beverages in a vacuum.


Mary Katrantzou on creating true collectors’ items for Bulgari
The designer has teamed up with the heritage brand on a second collection of bejewelled handbags

My work has always been about storytelling and Bulgari’s rich archive is full of symbolism,” says designer Mary Katrantzou of why she has chosen to team up with the heritage jewellery brand on another collection of high-end bejewelled handbags. “It’s inspiring to decode a DNA so full of history and filter it through my own perspective.”
The Greek designer, who is best known for her use of bold prints and colour, has brought her unique perspective onto Bulgari’s fascinating history, dipping into the archives for her inspiration and creating unique accessories that she says “encapsulate the beauty of the natural world”.


Shawn Mendes Just Created A Collection Of ’90s Classics For Tommy Hilfiger
American designer Tommy Hilfiger and singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes have joined forces to create a collection inspired by classic preppy hero pieces. In particular they looked towards the early ’90s, with a focus on retro silhouettes and fit, and have modernised these Tommy Hilfiger icons with sustainable fabrics and innovations.


What It’s Like To Be Harry Styles’s Tour Photographer
Lloyd Wakefield has described the last year as “kind of mental”. The 26-year-old, who’s currently travelling the globe as Harry Styles’s Love on Tour photographer, was working at a grocery store in the UK not long before joining Styles.
At nearly 50 concerts, Wakefield has captured all the glee and glitter of a performer quickly reaching icon status. His delightfully chaotic and intimate shots of Styles feel like instant additions to the canon of tour images that live in our collective musical memory: of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Rolling Stones.


61 Breakfast Toast Ideas That Go Beyond Jam and Avocado
Your toast is a blank canvas for all kinds of flavors, from nutty, bubbling cheese to fresh fruit and even tinned fish.

For many of us, toast is the great unifier. Comforting and easy and a familiar breakfast go-to, it’s what our mothers might have sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and given to us on a rainy day or cut into strips called soldiers and served with a boiled egg.
But there’s more to breakfast than these simple variations and toppings—and the same is true for avocado, a modern darling. All you have to do is think beyond triangles of golden-brown toast (like those that accompany eggs in every diner across America) or break out of your usual toast and jam routine. To help, we’ve gathered over 60 inspired ways to elevate your crunchy bread. From cheese and fruit toppings to salty-and-sweet combinations, these breakfast toast ideas will bring unique flavor to everyone’s favorite meal of the day.


How to Make a Terrarium—and Help Your Miniature Ecosystem Thrive
It’s as simple as layering a few common gardening materials together in a glass container.

Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, terrariums act as small, self-sustaining ecosystems all on their own. They’re a great place to grow plants that thrive in high humidity and low light, like tropical ferns, mosses, selaginella, peperomia, cryptanthus, and air plants. While it may seem like an intricate process to replicate these miniature worlds, it’s as simple as layering pebbles, horticultural charcoal, and potting soil together in a glass container.


The Right Way to Remove Pet Hair From Clothes, Furniture, Bedding, and More
Plus, learn the key to minimizing your pet’s shedding in the first place.

There’s a lot we’re willing to do for our pets, from upping our spending habits to making them personalized toys. But there’s one thing every pet owner could surely go without: all that pet hair. Whether you’re constantly spotting it on your clothes or finding yourself covered in it after sitting on your couch, anyone with a furry four-legged friend knows the struggle of cleaning up their hair.
If you also live with someone with allergies, dealing with pet hair can be more than just a slight nuisance, since the fur can cause flare-ups. Fortunately, there are a few ways to minimize the buildup of your pet’s daily shedding. We tapped cleaning and home experts to share their best tips and tricks for removing pet hair from any surface.


For Paul Mescal, Oscar Night Was All About Family
The first-time nominee for Aftersun discusses his style icons and red carpet rituals.

The 27-year-old Irish actor has had a banner few years, rising to fame during quarantine as the Internet’s favorite boyfriend Connell in Hulu’s Normal People. Since then, a slew of film roles have cemented Mescal’s leading man status including his Best Actor-nominated turn as a young, complicated father in Charlotte Wells’s Aftersun. When his nomination was announced, it had its own viral moment thanks to his sister Nell, a 19-year-old singer, sharing a heartfelt Tweet celebrating her brother’s success just as their mother, Dearbhla, was beginning chemotherapy for a recent cancer diagnosis.


A Long Life as a Disney Animator
For nearly seventy years, Burny Mattinson drew many of the studio’s best-loved characters.

Mattinson had wanted to be an animator ever since his mother had taken him to see “Pinocchio” at a theatre, in San Francisco, when he was six years old. He soon developed a knack for art. “He would draw endlessly,” his son, Brett Mattinson, told me recently. “If he drew a bee, he would draw every single hair on that bee.” Burny’s father was a professional musician, and the family had moved to Los Angeles; auspiciously, they lived within striking distance of Disney Studios. In a bold move that can, perhaps, be attributed to the guilelessness of youth, Mattinson showed up at the studio gate with his portfolio as soon as he finished high school, in 1953. The magical part of this story is that, instead of shooing him away, the security guard liked his drawings and called the head of personnel to take a look.


Next Year’s Oscar Inclusion Rules Are Already Sparking Debate
While the standards are well-intentioned, some producers say gathering data is confusing and bumps up against privacy law: “How are we going to know who’s gay when it’s illegal to ask?”

Last fall, an independent filmmaker was filling out an online form to put forward his movie for Oscar consideration when some questions on the Academy’s submissions site caught him off guard. The site asked about his cast and crewmembers’ race, gender and sexual orientations, and had some questions about their health — whether they had autism, for instance, or dealt with chronic pain or mental illness.
“I don’t know, maybe someone on my crew was neurodivergent,” this filmmaker says. “It’s not my place to ask. Did they do their job? Great. And how are we going to know who’s gay when it’s illegal to ask people?”


Tara Fitzgerald, an original bright young thing, on the return of Belgravia
She was one of the ‘young, posh, pretty faces’ of the 90s, now Tara Fitzgerald speaks to Tatler about those defining roles and what she’s planning next

Tara Fitzgerald was part of a clique of girls in the ‘90s – that also included Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sadie Frost – which the Guardian described as the ‘young, posh and pretty faces’. In a 1996 interview, Fitzgerald was described as falling ‘somewhere in-between established British actresses like Helena Bonham-Carter and Emma Thompson and young upstarts like Kate Winslett and Minnie Driver: beautiful, but lacking clout.’
That was written nearly 30 years ago – and, certainly, her career trajectory, still in full flow all these years later (and spanning stage and screen), would suggest otherwise.


Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and the Joy of Playing Villainous Goddesses
The “Shazam!” actresses say they signed on for their first superhero movie because the roles are a leap forward for women.

“A good thing about being about magic and gods was that they didn’t have to be in a similar age or anything like that,” the director David F. Sandberg said by phone. “We could just cast the best people we could get.” That turned out to be Helen Mirren as the bossy eldest sister, Hespera, and Lucy Liu as the steely Kalypso. (Rachel Zegler, from “West Side Story,” plays younger sibling Anthea, whose relationship to humans is more ambiguous.)


The Unsinkable Marilyn Maye
Nearing 95, the inimitable singer is about to make her Carnegie Hall solo debut. In an eight-decade career, it’s a crowning moment — and just another gig.

Still enterprising and still twinkling at nearly 95, Marilyn Maye is the last of a great generation of American Songbook singers. She is both the endurance runner and the mystical Sphinx, a “consummate master of the stage,” the trumpeter Wynton Marsalis says, on the brink of her birthday and her solo debut at Carnegie Hall, where she will perform with the New York Pops, conducted by Steven Reineke, on March 24.
Maye is famous for many things: She made 76 television appearances (the most of any singer) on “The Tonight Show,” and was a friend and favorite of Ella Fitzgerald’s. She works nonstop all over the country, and has had hit runs with birthday concerts, including 10 sold-out nights at 54 Below in Manhattan called “94, Of Course, There’s More.”


‘Ted Lasso’ Comes Back Today on Apple TV — and You Can Book an Overnight Stay in His Favorite Pub to Celebrate
Airbnb is hosting a few very special overnights at The Crown & Anchor in honor of the third season of ‘Ted Lasso,’ which is out today on Apple TV.

Get your biscuits and football jerseys ready, because Ted Lasso is back. And we’re not the only ones celebrating. To honor the beloved Apple TV show’s third season, which comes out today, Airbnb is offering one special night in a Lasso-loved spot: The Crown & Anchor pub.
The pub, known in real life as The Prince’s Head, in Richmond, U.K. (a town slightly southwest of London), has been turned into an overnight accommodation, and actress Annette Badland, who plays bar owner Mae in the show, will be on hand as host.




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