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Posted on March 10, 2023

Fandango Restaurant – Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain

Here it is, you’ve got it for the whole day, we started a tab for you, you’ve earned it, gotta go. Sorry, kittens. We hope you enjoy today’s LOunge but we are now entering the flashing-red-lights period of Oscar weekend and we’ll be working pretty much around the clock for the next 96 hours or so. Enjoy your day! We’ve got a metric fuckton of “Ology” posts to get to, starting now.

Soft power: Keira Knightley on the strength of a woman
In the past, Knightley has been open about the unfair demands of motherhood, railing against the gender scripts that are written into society. In 2018, she contributed an essay to Scarlett Curtis’ collection Feminists Don’t Wear Pink, detailing the effects of having a child on her body. On accepting her trophy at Bazaar’s Women of the Year Awards five years ago, for her performance as the French writer Colette, she echoed this sentiment by declaring that she had been “leaking milk” even as she played these convention-breaking roles. But today, she seems more sanguine. In her group of friends, the men are heavily involved in the rigours of family life.


Karl Lagerfeld to Be Played by Daniel Brühl in Upcoming Disney+ Original Series
The German actor will portray the late fashion icon in the highly anticipated, “Kaiser Karl” 6-part series.

German actor Daniel Brühl will star as the late fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, in the 6-part series Kaiser Karl. The actor, who previously had roles in All Quiet on the Western Front and Captain America: Civil War, is tasked to tell the story of Lagerfeld’s ascension into the ultra-competitive world of 1970s Parisian fashion. The show will be the first dramatic series based on the (heavily documented) designer, and will make Brühl the first actor to ever portray Lagerfeld in such a way. (A movie biopic is also being made on Lagerfeld and will star Jared Leto.)


Jenna Ortega Says ‘Wednesday’ Changed Her Style
“I have a hard time getting her off of me, at least clothing-wise.”

Jenna Ortega doesn’t remember a time before soccer — “My parents put cleats and shin guards on me as soon as I could remember,” she tells InStyle over Zoom. The 20-year-old played the Beautiful Game for over a decade before she had to choose between the sport and her acting career after booking a show in Los Angeles.
Last month, the Wednesday actress became the face of Adidas’s new Sportswear line, the brand’s first new label in 50 years, as well as its new All That You Are campaign, which celebrates “the comfort found in self-expression,” per a press release. She’ll be rubbing shoulders with the campaign’s other stars, like Premier League player (and current Golden Boot holder) Son Heung-min from Tottenham Hotspur F.C., basketball player Trae Young, Women’s Super League forward Mary Fowler, and gamer Carolina Voltan.


Drew Barrymore Thinks Unrealistic Self-Care Routines Can Be “Irritating”
Forget bubble baths and massages — the multi-hyphenate and mother of two is all about keeping her home (and her sanity) in line with the help of her latest partnership with Grove Collaborative.

“Having less, having systems, making a commitment to live a more peaceful life through less chaos, that’s my version of self-care,” Barrymore says. “Because the whole massage thing, I never get massages. My neck feels like steel. Every time someone touches it, they’re like, ‘Oh, are you stressed?’ I’m like, ‘What do you think?! We’re all stressed! That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever heard! You just stressed me out more!’”


Buckingham Palace Updates Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet’s Titles on the Royal Family Website
They are sixth and seventh in line to the throne, respectively.

Better late than never. After six months of speculation, Buckingham Palace is officially acknowledging Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor as prince and princess.
This Thursday morning, the palace updated the royal line of succession on its official website to reflect the titles Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s two children were afforded after their grandfather King Charles III became monarch in September 2022.


For These Women of Color, Historical Dressing Is a Modern Art Form
If fashion is a form of self-expression, what does it mean to forgo modern trends in favor of 18th-, 19th-, or 20th-century silhouettes?
It’s a pressing question for people of color who have embraced antique or historical clothing. A common refrain is “vintage style, not vintage values”; in other words, “we may dress this way, but please don’t assume we want to actually revert back to the 1950s or the 1860s.” So says Christine Millar, M.D., an anesthesiologist and historical costumer who favors 18th-century European gowns adorned with ruffles. “I do think it’s important to put ourselves out there, because there aren’t that many minorities in historical costuming. Those of us saying ‘vintage style, not vintage values’ are also saying that there were people of color in the past, and they [also] wear these fashions.”


A Lavish Series Charting the Life of Karl Lagerfeld Has Found Its Lead
According to its log line, Kaiser Karl will chronicle “the rise of Karl Lagerfeld through the world of 1970s Parisian high fashion. In 1972, a 38-year-old Karl Lagerfeld aspired to become the most famous French fashion designer, at a time when Yves Saint Laurent reigned supreme. After meeting and falling in love with Jacques de Bascher, a young dandy, he found himself in competition with Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, the head of the most prestigious fashion brand around. Full of clan rivalries and ego battles, partying and decadence, tragic love affairs and magnificent friendships, this is the story of Kaiser Karl, and his frantic quest for recognition.”


Van Leeuwen Launched a Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream, and We Got a First Taste
Maybe have some french fries handy on the side.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is well-known for its quality ice cream and some seriously out-there flavors. After all, this is the brand that brought the world Grey Poupon Ice Cream and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream. The brand is at it again — this time, with everyone’s favorite dressing, ranch.
On Thursday, the brand announced seven new spring flavors, which are set to be sold exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide. One of them is Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream.


Dole Whip, Everyone’s Favorite Disney World Snack, Is Coming to Grocery Stores
No need to battle the theme park crowds for this sweet treat anymore.

There are few foods that recall memories of Disney World more than Dole Whip. The sweet treat is a dairy-free soft-serve ice cream that tastes like taking a bite straight out of a pineapple. Other flavors are available (raspberry, cherry, mango, and lime, to name a few), but a cup full of pineapple has become synonymous with afternoons spent waiting in ride lines.


How Oscar Hopefuls Like ‘Elvis’ and ‘Aftersun’ Took Advantage of Creative, Cost-Effective Locations
The producers of Hollywood blockbusters and arthouse films alike are on the lookout for the most cost-efficient locations. Recent examples include several of the year’s Oscar nominees, from “Aftersun,” which shot in Turkey; “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris,” which went to Budapest; to “Elvis,” in Australia.
“Budapest offered an affordable alternative to both London and Paris,” says Jonathan Halperyn, managing director at Budapest-based Hero Squared and a co-producer on the film. “Hungary often comes up as a shooting destination when there is a budget crunch.”


Michelle Yeoh’s Best Red Carpet Looks Prove She’s Been Bringing the Glamour for Over 20 Years
Crazy Rich Asians introduced Michelle Yeoh to a new generation of fans, but the actress has been hard at work since the ‘80s. The Malaysian-born actress started her career in martial arts films (where she did her own stunts, by the way) for a while before making the move to Hollywood with a major role in the 1997 James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Star Trek: Discovery, Yeoh has been on both the big and small screen for decades, working the red carpet the whole time. Since her role in Crazy Rich Asians, though, Yeoh has seemingly found her style niche, and it can be summed up with just two words: royal glamour. The actress loves gowns fit for a queen, sparkling, off-the-shoulder pieces, often with an attached cape detail. It’s because of that preference that Yeoh usually taps Elie Saab for her premieres and events. Next up, Yeoh will hit the Oscars red carpet, where she’s nominated for her role in Evertything Everywhere All At Once. As we wait to see what she will wear, let’s take a look back at over 20 years of red carpets from the actress.


At 80, Senga Nengudi Is Having Her Moment in the Sun
The trailblazing artist has changed the way we view sculpture as a medium. And this year, she’s finally getting her due.

For more than five decades, Senga Nengudi has pushed the limits of abstract art. Born in Chicago in 1943, she studied visual arts and dance at California State University, Los Angeles—but went on to create a rich body of work across photography, poetry, painting, sculpture, and performance. The Colorado Springs-based artist is most known for her cutting-edge, performance-based sculptures that often draw on her dance background to reflect on matters of the human body. And this year, the trailblazing American artist is finally getting her due.


What Are We Protecting Children from by Banning Books?
Reading the titles that have been challenged and removed from public-school libraries across the country.

You can find, on the Web site for Duval County public schools, in Florida, a list of books nominated for removal from the district’s libraries between 1978 and 2009. It’s a revealing artifact: a map of cultural anxieties and a portrait of books as enduring flash points. The challenges range from endearing and silly to sinister. Some preoccupations remain with us: race and history, profanity, sex. Roald Dahl (“vulgar, unethical”) was a frequent offender. “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” by Judy Blume, got challenged once, in the eighties, for irreligiosity and again, in the two-thousands, for “introduction to pornography.” Other nominations are more idiosyncratic: in 1983, “Little Red Riding Hood” was side-eyed for “violence, wine”; a goofy poetry collection, “The Robots Are Coming,” drew criticism, in 2004 and 2005, for “voodoo, the Devil, etc.”


Host Jimmy Kimmel Is Prepared for Another Oscar Night Slap
The late-night emcee on the “preposterous” expectations around ratings and run time, whether he’ll joke at attendee Tom Cruise’s expense and what’s on tap if a punch is thrown on his watch: “If I’m bigger than they are, I beat the shit out of them on television.”

“Third time’s the most charming,” read the latest barrage of promos for Jimmy Kimmel’s turn as host of the 95th Oscars, set to unspool from the Dolby Theatre on March 12. Having emceed in 2017 and 2019, Kimmel’s selection is seen as a homecoming, to say nothing of a safe choice at a fraught time for both the Academy of Motion Pictures and award shows at large. “It’s so important to have a host who knows how to handle live television and a live audience,” Academy CEO Bill Kramer noted recently, adding of Kimmel’s appeal: “He’s funny, he’s respectful, his edges aren’t too sharp.” In late February, Kimmel took a break from his day job, as longtime host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, to discuss the delicate balance of being both funny and safe, the unrealistic expectations around ratings and run time and what, exactly, he’d do should someone storm the stage and slap him, as Will Smith infamously did to Chris Rock at last year’s ceremony.


The Rose Bun Is Poised to Be Spring’s Most Elegant Hair Trend
The fashion week cards have spoken and the trending updo will be in full bloom this season.

The beauty of this updo is its ability to take on different shapes and sizes based on both your hair and how you choose to execute the look. At New York Fashion Week, stylists straightened models’ hair to take sleek to the next degree, but waves, curls, and coils can be spun into this floral design just as well. It’s like a ballerina bun — with a lot more character. “Just like flowers, each bun should take its own personalized form,” says hairstylist Lacy Redway, who dreamed up the hairstyle for the Cristian Siriano show.


How to Peel Fruit Quickly and Easily
Discover the best techniques and tools to use—and how to peel all kinds of fruits, from apples and mangoes to (tricky) pineapples and peaches.

We’re trying hard to eat more fruit. An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but we know that swapping out a serving of fruit for a mid-afternoon processed snack is better for us and the planet. Plus, fruit is delicious—but just thinking about the work involved in peeling a pineapple is enough to make us reach into the cookie jar.
Each type of fruit is different. Some must be peeled to be eaten, while others shouldn’t be peeled at all. Some have thick skins, while others have thin ones. And some are just more difficult to peel than others. To make the process easier, we asked a chef and cooking teacher and a registered dietician which fruits should be peeled—and the best way to remove the rind or skin. Heed our tips, and you’ll be reaching for a piece of fruit more often.


33 Old-Fashioned Recipes Just Like Grandma Used to Make
There’s nothing like the taste of Grandma’s home cooking. The old-fashioned recipes in this collection are like leafing through her favorite cookbook. You’ll find comfort food classics like tuna casserole, chicken and dumplings, and breaded pork chops. And of course, Grandma always had something sweet waiting for you when you visited, whether it was butterscotch pudding or pineapple upside-down cake. Her food felt like a warm hug—and these old-time recipes capture that cozy, nostalgic feeling.


Inside the ‘Top Chef’ Industrial Complex
Entering its 20th season, the sprawling Bravo franchise has changed the way Americans eat and become a mirror of the restaurant industry.

Through its 17 years on television, “Top Chef” has reflected the evolution of America’s culinary world, from the foam-crazed molecular gastronomy of the mid-2000s to the tattooed rejection of fine dining’s pretensions to the reckonings around #MeToo and workplace equity.
With the new season, “Top Chef: World All-Stars,” the show is looking to create a sort of Olympics for chefs. Set mainly in London, it is the first season filmed entirely outside the United States and features participants from the 29 licensed spinoff shows created in 23 countries. The flagship show airs in more than 175 international markets.


California’s Largest State Park Has the Best Wildflower Super Blooms in the State
How to see some of the best blooms in California this spring.

Wandering down a trail lined with wildflowers can be reinvigorating. When the pandemic first began, I drove my family to the closest field of California poppies I could find that spring, and the gold blooms brought a sense of brightness and relief during an otherwise dark time. If you live in Southern California (or are headed there for a trip), one of my all-time favorite destinations to see wildflowers is the Anza-Borrego Desert, home of some of the state’s most famous super blooms.


11 Lakes With the Bluest Water in the World
A welcome case of the blues.

Few landscapes foster calm like clear, cerulean waters, and you don’t have to head to the coast to enjoy Mother Nature’s bright blue eye candy.
Lakes around the world shimmer in all shades of blue, from turquoise alpine fresh water to jewel-hued waters that double as mirrors for the forests that flank them. Many of the world’s bluest lakes can thank minimal amounts of algae and other substances for their eye-popping colors, according to LakeScientist.com.
Whether you’re admiring the colors from the shore or jumping in head first, here are 11 of the world’s bluest lakes to add to your travel list.


The 100 Best Songs of 1983, the Year Pop Went Crazy
The musical world of 2023 was born here — featuring Run-DMC, Prince, Madonna, and many more

IT WAS THE year pop went crazy. 1983 shook up all of the old rules about how music worked. Suddenly, anything could happen. All the music that matters in 2023 — it kicks off somewhere here in 1983. So many timeless classics. So much wild innovation, all around the margins. Every genre is booming. The old stylistic boundaries don’t hold anyone back anymore. It’s the year of the pop revolution.
So let’s break it down — the 100 best songs of 1983, 40 years later. One of the most amazing, most innovative, most insanely packed music years ever. Prince took over once and for all. Michael Jackson dropped the pop blockbuster of all time. Madonna stepped into the spotlight. Lionel Richie learned to dance. Hell, Rodney Dangerfield made a rap record.




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