Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci at the Gem Awards

Posted on March 20, 2023

There are patterns in the world of red carpetry and you really have to be obsessively tuned into them to see them play out. We think we qualify on that front. One of the things we’ve noted is that the week or two post-Oscars is when the real ones step up. By that we mean that smart, attention-grabbing fashionistas know that this is a fantastic time to accept any invitation to wear something sickening and pose for pictures because almost no one else in that world is doing it. All of this is a slightly wordier way of saying “And now, Miss Jodie Turner-Smith, ladies, sirs, and gentlefolk.”


Can’t stop, won’t stop. If there’s a sparkle to be served or a Gucci to be modeled, then she’s your gal. If we’re being honest, there’s a lot about this that doesn’t appeal to us, from the shape to the pattern created by the beading, both of which distort her figure. Even so, it’s working in the manner most of her red carpet ensembles work; by being so dazzling and so hard to miss or forget that you can’t help loving it more than you should. We’re LOVING the mullet wig, which is such an unexpected way to style the outfit. Her best looks succeed because there’s something in the styling that makes it look completely different from the way anyone else would wear it. That’s how you win the red carpet game.

Style Credits:
Gucci Black and White Ensemble

Styled by Wayman + Micah


[Photo Credit: Roger Wong/INSTARimages]

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