Emma Corrin and Diane Kruger at the Miu Miu Fashion Show in Paris

Posted on March 08, 2023

The Miu Miu show in Paris was attended by a whole bunch of Euro stars we don’t tend to cover much around here. We opted to single out these two Euro stars for two simple reasons: we cover them both fairly extensively and also because we feel the need to document the fashion violence that has been done upon them this day. Yes, their thousand-yard stares are real. Brace yourselves.


Emma Corrin

The logo branded white turtleneck upsets us on many levels, but not nearly enough as those thong boots, which are absolutely NOT a thing that should exist. We’ll be interested to see what the coat looks like when it’s done. This is, we’re sorry to tell you, the better of the two ensembles featured here. Again, we say this to prepare you.


Diane Kruger

Look what they did to your girl. In this case, we think the logo tag is appropriate, because someone needed to be taking the blame for this one.




[Photo Credit: Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images for Miu Miu]

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