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Posted on February 07, 2023

Lobby Bar, Oroya Restaurant and Punch Room at Edition – Madrid, Spain


No time for talk, kittens! We’ve got a ton of red carpetry to get through today, so grab a spot in this gorgeous LOunge and prepare to be distracted all day long.


Gillian Anderson Will Play Emily Maitlis In A New Netflix Film About Prince Andrew’s Newsnight Interview
The fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown dedicated an entire episode to Princess Diana’s shocking Panorama interview – an almost-hour-long extravaganza in which the then Princess of Wales opened up about the difficulties in her marriage and her struggles with her mental health to the now disgraced Martin Bashir. More than two decades later, it remains the most jaw-dropping royal interview ever to be broadcast on the BBC, but there is a close second: Prince Andrew’s startling conversation with Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis in 2019, which saw the Duke of York discuss his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. It should come as no surprise, then, that the streaming giant is now turning its lens on the latter with an explosive new feature film.


Inside Clarence House, King Charles and Queen Camilla’s London Home
The royal couple’s residence has a fascinating history, and has been redecorated several times over.

For nearly two centuries, Clarence House has been home to senior members of the British royal family. Nowadays, the house is known as one of the London homes of King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, but the residence has a fascinating history of its own, and has undergone many a reinvention over the years.

Yes, Black Leggings Can Be Chic! Here Are 7 Ways to Style the Wardrobe Staple
Sometimes, going back to the basics is best—and what is more foundational in a wardrobe than a sleek pair of black leggings? Like any closet classic, there are more ways than one to style the staple, be it with a perfect pump on nights out or with a stylish sneaker and white T-shirt on the weekends. These days, the best black leggings strike a balance between loungewear to even workwear, thanks to a roster of brands like Totême, The Frankie Shop, Wardrobe.NYC, and more. A trouser-esque legging is also a favorite among the street style scene, with fashion darlings sporting pairs with oversized blazers, timeless trench coats, chunky loafers, and the latest in It bags.


The Savory Cocktail Is Dominating Cocktail Menus, and We’re Here For It
Brine-packed, ultra-spicy, and spiked with food-ish flavors, welcome to the year of savory cocktails.

The ’90s were dominated by sugary-sweet, disco-hued drinks. The 2000s? We leaned on classics from cocktail history — Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds, and other precisely-made drinks. Over the last few years something has shifted, and we now want our drinks savory, salty, packed with umami, or even pulled directly from the vegetable drawer.


Wearing Kitchen Shoes Will Change How You Cook
These stylish and functional clogs are a boon for chefs and home cooks alike.

I attended my first day of culinary school in cowboy boots. It was a rookie move; the shoes, comfortable in most contexts, stood up poorly to four hours of kitchen work and made my whole body ache. The next day, I bought my first pair of proper kitchen shoes — comfortable, slip-resistant, closed-toe Dansko clogs — and since then, I have developed a small collection of kitchen clogs. The ones that I am complimented on the most are my colorful Calzuros.


An earthquake kills thousands in Turkey and Syria— here’s how to help
At least 2,300 people have died from the disaster

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and northern Syria yesterday morning, killing thousands.
The quake concentrated on the town of Pazarcik, in Turkey’s southeastern Kahramanmaras province, and was followed by a 7.5 quake and several powerful aftershocks. Photos and videos show massive buildings collapsing to rubble and terrified residents running through the streets to escape the destruction. Around 2,834 buildings have been destroyed, according to the Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.
More than 2,300 people have died from the disaster in Turkey and Syria—at least 1,500 across Turkey, per the Turkish Emergency Management Agency, and at least 843 in Syria, according to the Syrian Health Ministry.


The Most Pirated Film Titles of 2022
The results reveal that superhero films held a dominant share of illegal viewing in 2022, with Marvel and DC releases collectively accounting for 70% of piracy demand (that is, illicit streams, downloads and the like) for the top 10 most pirated film titles of the year. DC’s “Black Adam” alone claimed a 9% share despite being released as late as October.


How to Make Brownie Mix Better
Upgrade your boxed brownie mix with these tasty ideas.

Brownies from boxed brownie mix is what my childhood was built on. Now that I’m a bit older, as much as I still appreciate basic boxed brownies and the nostalgia that comes with them, I want something with a bit more depth and flavor. This convenient treat deserves some extra care and can absolutely be improved upon. With a few simple additions and tricks, you can turn ordinary boxed brownie mix into a decadent treat.
Here are four ways to upgrade boxed brownie mix to make a deliciously simple yet extravagant treat.


Veteran Fashion Journalist Hilary Alexander Has Died Aged 77
The prolific fashion editor and TV personality Hilary Alexander died on Sunday 5 February, on her 77th birthday. Julia Robson, who was Hilary’s deputy when she was fashion director at The Daily Telegraph, remembers a much-loved industry figure.
Hilary Alexander, one of the original Fleet Street fashion journalists and former fashion director of The Daily Telegraph, who has died age 77, was a prolific reporter and writer who epitomised the fashion-loving, dizzy industry doyenne. With cigarette in hand, spectacles perched on the nose and favourite faux Mayan breastplate necklace clanking as she dashed to cover a fashion show – usually in heels – or to interview whichever new designer she had discovered, Hilary, a self-confessed workaholic, was a blur of activity living a life dedicated to her craft.


I Used To Judge People For Putting Mother In Their Social Media Bios. Then I Had Children
It’s absolutely no wonder that women identify first as mothers – in life and, more controversially, in their social media bios. Because after years of reconditioning, years of raging hopelessly against the myth of what we were sold versus the rather more unvarnished reality, we have to rebuild ourselves anew: no longer defined by our jobs and talents, by the way we look and the way we dress, by our choice of partners and friends, but by the little people we chose to bring into the world.


Exploring the Idea of Domesticanx Through Art
A new exhibition at El Museo del Barrio in New York City examines gender roles, domesticity, and identity—updated for 2023.

When I first visited the Domesticanx exhibition at El Museo del Barrio in Harlem, I experienced something I don’t always feel at a museum. I was comfortable and at ease—how I feel when I’m at my tia’s house, or in the company of other close family members. That sort of kinship is part of the exhibition’s intention: Domesticanx brings together works from seven intergenerational artists in conversation about the home as a space for healing, spirituality, self-realization, and resistance.


Why Some Florida Schools Are Removing Books from Their Libraries
“If I weren’t living through it, I wouldn’t believe it’s happening,” one parent, who has worked as a substitute teacher, said.

In late January, at Greenland Pines Elementary, kids attended a party for an annual event called Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! There was an escape room and food trucks. Brian Covey, an entrepreneur in his late thirties, came to pick up his daughter, who’s in second grade, and his son, who’s in fifth. His kids looked confused. “Did you hear what happened at school today?” his daughter asked. “They took all the books out of the classrooms.” Covey asked which books. “All the books,” she said. Covey’s son had been reading “Measuring Up,” a coming-of-age story about an immigrant to the United States from Taiwan. Students who read from a list of pre-selected books, including this one, were rewarded with an ice-cream party. “They even took that book,” Covey said.


Yes, There Is a Right Way to Measure Flour—and It Makes All the Difference to Your Cookies and Cakes
If you’re simply dipping a measuring cup into a bag of flour, expect too-dry baked goods.

Measuring flour might seem like the most basic kitchen task, but you’d be surprised by how many people get the technique wrong. In many countries, bakers use a scale to weigh ingredients like flour, but in the United States, most home bakers use recipes that call for flour in cup units—this is called measuring by volume.
That sounds straightforward, but there’s a right way to get that flour into your measuring cup. Depending on the method and the tool you use, you might be adding more flour than the recipe needs—and too much flour can cause your cakes, cookies, breads, or pastries to be dry, dense, and crumbly. Baking experts share why mastering this simple technique is so important and how to do it the right way each and every time.


Why It’s Important to Serve a Cocktail in the Right Glass
It’s not just about looks—the size, shape, thickness, and curve of the glass all impact your drink’s flavor.

When it comes to getting the most out of your cocktails, the glass you use can actually make a big difference. Think about it—would you drink a cold, clear martini out of a thick ceramic coffee mug? Unlikely. The reason, though, is as much about aromatics, alcohol content, presence of ice, or other accoutrements as it is about aesthetics. A lot more goes into it than you may know. To learn more, we checked in with Zane Harris, the skilled bartender and spirits specialist who designed Riedel’s Drink Specific Glassware.


Mark your calendars, dear reader: the Queen Charlotte Bridgerton prequel is set for a glorious spring debut
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will go back in time to follow Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and beloved characters like Lady Danbury and Lady Violet Bridgerton in their younger years

Bridgerton Season 2 smashed Netflix records to become the most-watched English-language series on the platform. And with Season 3 in the works, fans have even more period drama escapism to look forward to, as filming has now wrapped on an upcoming Queen Charlotte spin-off series – which is set to premiere this spring.
Entitled Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the Netflix/ Shondaland collaboration will go back in time to chronicle the origin story of one of the most beloved Bridgerton characters, played by former Tatler cover star Golda Rosheuvel. Her younger counterpart will be portrayed by rising star India Amarteifio, who recently dazzled at Tatler’s Little Black Book party in November last year.


From ‘Be Mine’ to ‘Youda Best,’ the Candy Conversation Changes
The sweet messages on those valentine hearts require careful planning and editing from year to year. And they speak volumes about the state of our lives and loves.

After more than a century of expressing emotion in the vernacular of the moment — “Call Me” became “Fax Me” became “Page Me” became “Email Me” became “Text Me” — the candy heart has become something of a barometer. If the former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams can stage her comeback with a song about candy corn, maybe the nation can gauge the state of love through its candy hearts.


Is Nazi Loot Amid His 6,000 Oils, Some Grenades and Napoleon’s Toothbrush?
The daughter of an eccentric Swiss collector has asked an independent panel to review whether items in his massive collection were stolen from Jews during World War II.

Bruno Stefanini, a Swiss real estate magnate who died in 2018, spent his life collecting huge numbers of buildings, fine art and historic memorabilia, everything from castles to paintings to the toothbrush Napoleon is said to have used at Waterloo.
The collection underwritten by his fortune became massive — more than 100,000 pieces — and it included 6,000 oil paintings, many of them by important Swiss artists like Augusto Giacometti and Ferdinand Hodler.
“The sheer numbers are slightly overwhelming,” said Carolin Lange, head of provenance research at a foundation Stefanini created in 1980 in an effort to shepherd it all.


25 Most Beautiful Places in Japan
Don’t forget to pack your camera.

Japan is renowned for its delicate cherry blossoms and mesmerizing bamboo forests, but that’s only the beginning of the country’s charms. From the snowy wilderness of Hokkaido to the tropical forests of Okinawa, Japan has enough natural wonders to keep you in awe. Come explore some of the most stunning places across the country’s 47 prefectures.






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