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Posted on February 23, 2023

Le Grand Café Fauchon – Paris, France

We don’t know about all of you, but as we look out over the rolling hills of T Lo Manor, we are feeling the need for some sunshine after days of cold grayness. Let’s all pretend-go to pretend-Paris today, oui? It’s THURSDAY. Why stress or work?



Emma Mackey Isn’t Concerned About Getting the Facts Right in Emily
“If you wanna watch a documentary about the Brontës, there are loads and they’re great. But this is a story and an interpretation,” says the actress, who was named the 2023 BAFTA Rising Star last Sunday.

You don’t need to know anything about Emily Brontë before watching Emily, a two-hour epic about the legendary Gothic novelist who wrote Wuthering Heights. In fact, it might be better if you know nothing at all.
Historical precedence is cast out the window in Frances O’Connor’s breathtaking directorial debut, which imagines the heartbreak that may have inspired the writer to pen a book as seismically devastating as her 1847 novel. Though it may bruise the egos of die-hard Brontë purists, what actually happened on historical record matters much less than what could have happened.


Jinkx Monsoon’s Chicago Performance Is an Homage to Broadway’s Golden Age
The Drag Race alum opens up about their starring turn as Matron “Mama” Morton, queer representation, and what their grandmother has in common with Latrice Royale.

If during a season premiere episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you held your breath until one of the new queens said, “New York City has the best drag in the world,” you probably wouldn’t asphyxiate. That seems to be a line almost every season, with the New York queens declaring their city to be superior. The Los Angeles or Texas crews always stand offended and fire back, but right now, at this very moment, it’s difficult to put the kibosh on that bold statement. Why? Because blocks away from some of the best drag shows in New York, the crowned “Queen of all Queens” Jinkx Monsoon is giving a world-class performance as Matron “Mama” Morton in the long-running Broadway production of Chicago.


Chase Stokes Says John B’s Style Is “Dirtier” in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3
The leading man opened up about John B’s Kurt Cobain-inspired wardrobe and his personal style.

Netflix’s cult-favorite soapy teen drama Outer Banks (somewhere between The Goonies and National Treasure) is finally returning for its highly anticipated third season, chock-full of more outlandish adventures with everyone’s favorite Pogues.
We last left the crew shipwrecked on a deserted island (affectionately named Poguelandia by JJ, of course) without food or water and sans the Cross of Santo Domingo (after a season full of hunting it down). Season 3 opens up right where we left off: the teens are finding unique ways to survive off the land — spear fishing, berry picking, building shelter — all with their usual shenanigans we’ve come to know and love in the show’s three-season (so far) run.


This Is How To Actually Use Dry Shampoo, According to Stylists
Learn the proper technique.

I recently chopped my bangs at midnight on a whim. The number one lesson I learned from this rash decision? Not all dry shampoos are created equal. In fact, after a week of dousing my fringe in white aerosol spray, I realized that I might be using this product entirely incorrectly. Whether you use dry shampoo to add a bit of lift at the roots, to absorb sweat after a workout, or to eliminate the look of oily bangs (my No. 1 concern), here is everything you need to know about using dry shampoo–correctly.


Hayley Williams Is Our March 2023 Music Director
For our legacy issue, the Paramore vocalist shares a selection of songs that she admires for their lyrical impact and iconic instrumentals.

In February, the Grammy-winning pop-punk band released its sixth studio album, This Is Why, after a six-year hiatus. Mining urgent themes like anxiety, the news cycle, and the war in Ukraine, the project draws on the sonic energy of mid-2000s bands that heavily influenced Paramore like Bloc Party, Foals, The Hives, and Franz Ferdinand. “We were feeling a little nostalgic and as that feeling grew, we realized, ‘Oh, there are new ways to do it,’” says Williams of reinterpreting the era’s sounds. “The references and influences show through, but what’s really relieving and cool is that it still sounds like Paramore.”


Elizabeth Banks Answers All Our Cocaine Bear Questions
The director of the retro thriller on what it took to bring this bizarre true story to life.

Against all odds, the film that arrives in theaters this weekend is far more than the sum of its cheeky two-word title. Instead of a thin premise stretched to feature length, Cocaine Bear is an intoxicating blend of suspense, cut with equal parts action, dark comedy and crime caper, sprinkled generously with shocking moments that will have some viewers watching through their fingers. Rampaging bear aside, Banks’s deft direction gets us fully invested in the hapless humans who convene in the Chattahoochee National Forest, all curious creatures in their own right. “My initial reaction to the script was that it was also a great character piece,” says Banks, who spoke with BAZAAR.com about why she signed on to bring Cocaine Bear to life and the big-screen blockbusters that inspired her.


11 Shows to Watch If You Love 1923
Satisfy your craving for drama with these shows.

The Yellowstone universe just keeps growing, but with the finale of its latest prequel, 1923, debuting this week, true Dutton lovers may find themselves hungry for more. If you just can’t get enough of that delicious Dutton drama—or if you’re craving more period action and western thrills—these shows like 1923 deserve a spot on your watch list.


The Secret History of Jackie Kennedy, the Mona Lisa, and the French Ambassador’s Wife
Jackie may have brought Leonardo’s masterpiece to Washington in 1963, but she didn’t do it alone.

When the Mona Lisa made its U.S. debut 60 years ago—first hanging at the National Gallery of Art and then at the Metropolitan Museum—the loan from the ­Louvre dazzled nearly 2 million visitors and was considered nothing short of a diplomatic triumph. “In the American capital, the Mona Lisa will be the artistic attraction of all time,” British Pathé reported at the time. What was less obvious was the international effort it took to make the loan happen—and the woman who worked in the shadow of a first lady to ensure that it did.


The Savory Cocktail Is Dominating Menus, and We’re Here For It
Brine-packed, ultra-spicy, and spiked with food-ish flavors, welcome to the year of savory cocktails.

The ’90s were dominated by sugary-sweet, disco-hued drinks. The 2000s? We leaned on classics from cocktail history — Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds, and other precisely-made drinks. Over the last few years something has shifted, and we now want our drinks savory, salty, packed with umami, or even pulled directly from the vegetable drawer.


Why Olive Oil Is About to Get More Expensive
It’s not just olive oil quantity that droughts and heatwaves will impact either.

Experts are warning that olive oil could join the list of kitchen staples seeing a price hike this year.
Droughts and intense heat ravaged olive-producing regions across Europe in 2022, causing a poor harvest season that will likely see supplies dwindle.
Major olive oil-producing and exporting countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal are projecting lower bounties. Italy alone, the world’s second-largest olive oil producer, is expected to produce 37% less oil from the 2022/23 season compared to last year, according to the Institute of Services for the Agricultural and Food Market.


V&A Museum to open the David Bowie Centre for the Study of Performing Arts
The space will chart his creative process and feature never-before-seen archival pieces

The V&A Museum has acquired the entire David Bowie archive and is preparing to open a new permanent space dedicated to the late icon. In 2025, the institution will launch The David Bowie Centre for the Study of Performing Arts – described as a “sourcebook for the Bowies of tomorrow” – which will be located at the new V&A East Storehouse, in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.
Within this, more than 80,000 items – spanning six decades of Bowie’s iconic career – will be made public for the first time. The creation of the new centre will provide an intimate window into his self-expression and thought processes, from the start of his career in the 1960s until his death in 2016.


Here’s How Often You Should Wash Your Bras—and the Right Way to Do It
Washing and drying your bras properly will help keep the elasticity intact.

Bras are one of the hardest-working garments in your closet. Not only is a bra the foundation of any outfit, but it also helps keep your posture aligned throughout the day. Since bras sit right next to your skin, they easily pick up sweat and dead skin throughout the day. Washing your bra doesn’t just remove these substances, it also keeps your bra’s elasticity intact, which is necessary for its longevity.


12 Stunning Table Décor Ideas to Elevate Any Meal
These creative tablescapes are guaranteed to impress at your next gathering.

When having guests over for a meal, few things set the tone quite like your tablescape. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a casual brunch, laying out a few beautiful place settings and an equally attractive centerpiece will elevate any dining experience. It doesn’t take much to set up an attractive tablescape—and how big you go is entirely up to you.
From personalizing your table with simple handwritten place cards to creating a cascading centerpiece with houseplants, your guests will feel extra special when they see the effort you put into decorating your dining room table.


11 Roles That Prove Cate Blanchett Is The Ultimate Chameleon
Is there any actor quite as versatile as Cate Blanchett? The 53-year-old double Oscar winner has built a reputation as a chameleonic character actor since arriving in Hollywood from her native Australia. She’s played monarchs, movie stars, a conservative activist, an elf and the goddess of death – not to mention a prolific conductor in Todd Field’s critically lauded Tár, for which she seems poised to win her third Academy Award.
Ahead of the ceremony, we shortlist 11 of her best films and TV shows that you need to rewatch now.


7 Of Audrey Hepburn’s Greatest Givenchy Moments On-Screen
Over the course of her Hollywood career, Audrey Hepburn worked with directors as varied as Billy Wilder and George Cukor and starred opposite Tinseltown’s most famous male leads, including William Holden, Marlon Brando and Rex Harrison. The one constant throughout her starring silver-screen turns? Her love of Hubert de Givenchy.
As Hepburn once said, “Givenchy’s clothes are the only ones I feel myself in. He is more than a designer, he is a creator of personality.” On what would have been the revered couturier’s birthday, revisit the greatest moments from Hepburn’s on-screen love affair with Givenchy.


Everybody Hearts Paul Mescal
‘Normal People’ plucked the Irish actor from anonymity, sparking a new global infatuation. Now, Nicole Kidman’s barging into his dressing room, Ridley Scott’s gift-wrapping ‘Gladiator 2’ for him and ‘Aftersun’ has earned him a surprise Oscar nomination: “It’s been a f***ing wild year.”

Imagine the high, then, that Mescal is feeling today, his 27th birthday.
Adding to the adrenaline is the fact that this birthday comes nine days after Mescal learned he’d been nominated for an Oscar for his work in A24’s Aftersun, a festival darling from first-time director Charlotte Wells of Scotland. With that, Mescal gains entry into one of Hollywood’s most exclusive and illustrious clubs: 26-year-old best actor nominees. It consists of Orson Welles for Citizen Kane, James Dean for Giant, Heath Ledger for Brokeback Mountain and Ryan Gosling for Half-Nelson. If he wins — and it’s anyone’s race with five first-time nominees, including his fellow Irishman Colin Farrell — he will be the youngest best actor winner ever, beating Adrien Brody by three years.
It’s a bit much to take in for a guy who just three years ago was an anonymous young theater actor in Dublin. “It’s a world that I may be starting to understand slightly,” he says of his success. “And I love work. If I could work every day, every hour, I would. I get itchy when I’m not working. I know at some point I’ll get tired and probably burn out for a little bit, but I don’t feel that now.”


Nobody knows what the point of homework is
The homework wars are back.

The rise of the no-homework movement during the Covid-19 pandemic tapped into long-running disagreements over homework’s impact on students. The purpose and effectiveness of homework have been disputed for well over a century. In 1901, for instance, California banned homework for students up to age 15, and limited it for older students, over concerns that it endangered children’s mental and physical health. The newest iteration of the anti-homework argument contends that the current practice punishes students who lack support and rewards those with more resources, reinforcing the “myth of meritocracy.”
But there is still no research consensus on homework’s effectiveness; no one can seem to agree on what the right metrics are. Much of the debate relies on anecdotes, intuition, or speculation.


Incredibly rare Rubens masterpiece set to fetch $30 million at auction
The portrait, which is the only Rubens of its kind to fuse mythology with reality, will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s New York this spring

In a dimly-lit room, a painting stands illuminated by a single light. Come closer, and you’ll see a solitary figure dressed in armour, turned to face you, spear in hand, helmet complete with feathered plume. The background is black, save for a halo of light around the figure, the brushwork is fluid and light. His eye meets yours. This is Rubens’ 1620 oil painting, Portrait of a Man as the God Mars.
It is of incredible value; the only known Rubens portrait of its kind, fusing mythology with reality as the sitter dresses as Mars, the god of war. It’s due to be auctioned in Sotheby’s New York this May, with an estimate of $20-$30 million (approximately £17-£25 million) – and it’s one of the top three highest-valued Rubens paintings ever to be sold at auction.


She’s Oscar-Nominated, but Hong Chau Hopes to Stay an Underdog
Up for best supporting actress for “The Whale,” she never dreamed of being a performer. But she has turned into “a force of nature,” says Brendan Fraser.

The 43-year-old Chau didn’t dream of becoming an Oscar-nominated actress: Born in a refugee camp to Vietnamese parents, she grew up in New Orleans and majored in creative writing and film studies at Boston University. After she signed up for an improv class to cure her shyness, her teacher encouraged her to pursue performing, and Chau moved to Los Angeles to seek parts. But success initially proved elusive, and skeptical casting directors told her that booking anything more than a day-player role was beyond her grasp.
“After a few years of trying, you think, ‘Is it really worth it to try to dedicate my life to this?’” Chau said. “But what kept me going was the delusional hope that I’d get to work on a cool, weird movie, because those were the movies that I liked. I just kept hoping that something would happen and, thankfully, it did.”


If You Love Crispy Chicken Skin, This Is the Recipe for You
A gingery peanut sauce finishes Melissa Clark’s latest, which is just as much about the skin as it is the juicy dark meat.

As juicy and succulent as the meat of properly roasted chicken may be, I’m really in it for the bronzed bits of skin curling at the edges of the bird.
Salty, crispy and slicked with schmaltz, chicken skin is at its best when it’s been seasoned with garlic and salt, then left to sit uncovered in the fridge for a few hours before roasting. This gives the skin a chance to absorb all the flavors and to dry out. And the drier the skin when you pop the bird into the oven, the more golden and sizzling it will be when it emerges.





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