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It’s MONDAY, so let’s spend the day in a pleasantly soothing spot, yes? Yes. No sense in getting ourselves all worked up, right? Relax. Someone else will take care of it.


All of the Winners From the 2023 BAFTAs
After facing a backlash over the lack of diversity among the nominees at the 2020 BAFTAs, the British Academy took significant steps – including introducing a long listing process for each category, which is led by experts in the field – to ensure that a wider range of films would be considered for its highest honours in the future. Over the past two years, this move has yielded more inclusive and eclectic nominations lists, with the likes of Clemency’s Alfre Woodard, Judas and the Black Messiah’s Dominique Fishback, Rocks’s Bukky Bakray, The White Tiger’s Adarsh Gourav, and Passing’s Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga being recognised for performances that were ignored by the US’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
However, it should be acknowledged that the ultimate winners, particularly in the acting categories, have been more conventional choices, and have lined up almost exactly with that of the Oscars (with the notable exception of Joanna Scanlan who, last year, took home the BAFTA for Best Actress for After Love, in a category where the eventual Oscar winner, Jessica Chastain, wasn’t nominated).
So, will the 2023 ceremony bring surprises or anoint frontrunners as we head into the final weeks of awards season? Browse the full list of winners.


Patricia Field Has Always Trusted in Her Vision
The iconic costume designer discusses her new memoir, working on Sex and the City, and whether she’d return for And Just Like That…
In her memoir, Pat in the City, Field, now 82, transports readers through the various eras of New York City, from the Chanel-influenced fashion of the ’50s to the grunge downtown attire of the electric ’80s. Through the evolution and recycling of fashion trends, Field was never swayed to follow a formula; as she writes, her “real inspiration is timelessness and quality” which her award-winning work accurately showcases.
Patricia Field has a talent for not only keeping her finger on the pulse of contemporary fashion, but also pushing boundaries of individuality and storytelling. As an artist, designer, and beloved mentor, Field’s memoir chronicles everything from love, passion, culture, and the phenomenon that occurs when all three intersect with art.


The Moments You Might Have Missed From the 2023 BAFTAs
This year, the BAFTAs—the annual, star-studded highlight of the British film calendar—looked rather different: after six years of being held at the Royal Albert Hall, the 76th edition of the ceremony saw proceedings move from South Kensington to the Southbank Centre’s imposing Royal Festival Hall. There was a new format for the broadcast, too, with hosting duties divided between Richard E. Grant, who acted as the compère on stage, and Alison Hammond, who took the lead in the BAFTA Backstage Studio, where past and present winners, nominees, and presenters mingled. But, what else were attendees treated to during the more-than-two-hour-long ceremony? From the showstopping performances to a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, these are all of the moments you might have missed from the 2023 British Academy Film Awards.


Whitney Peak Is Changing History With Chanel Fragrances
She will be the worldwide spokesmodel of COCO MADEMOISELLE.

The Gossip Girl and Hocus Pocus star is already the face of Chanel, but you’ll soon see her representing the brand in an even bigger way, as the face of the COCO MADEMOISELLE fragrance. The move makes her the first Black face of a Chanel scent, and overall, one of the rare Black faces seen in fragrance ads. ELLE talked to Peak about perfume rituals, her scent memories, and being a part of history.


My Daughter, Eve
In an excerpt from her memoir, The Urgent Life, Bozoma Saint John recounts when she and her late husband lost their baby girl after she was born prematurely.

In Bozoma Saint John’s upcoming memoir, The Urgent Life: My Story of Love, Loss, and Survival, the award-winning marketing executive—who’s held high-profile jobs at companies like Pepsi, Uber, and Netflix—gives a raw, unflinching account of what it means to grieve.
In December 2013, Saint John lost her husband, Peter, to cancer. By then, the couple had already navigated a complicated marriage; lost their child, Eve, after she was born prematurely; and co-parented their daughter, Lael, during the years when the two were separated. “Loss taught me to live with urgency,” Saint John writes. “Faith taught me that I could survive the unimaginable. And love gave me the endurance to overcome not only fear but overwhelming grief.” Below, in an abbreviated excerpt from The Urgent Life, she tells Eve’s story.


Who Has Held the Queen Consort Title Throughout History?
There have been just eight Queens consort in the UK’s history.

In the history of the United Kingdom, there have been 11 royal consorts. Of those 11, just three have been men—Prince George (married to Queen Anne), Prince Albert (married to Queen Victoria), and Prince Philip (married to Queen Elizabeth II). The titles of the male consorts have been inconsistent; George was the Duke of Cumberland, Prince Albert was “Prince Consort,” and Prince Philip was the Duke of Edinburgh. However, for the eight women, they are automatically styled as Queen, and given the title Queen Consort.
Before the United Kingdom, there were Scottish royal consorts, English royal consorts, and Irish royal consorts, but for our purposes, we will focus on those who have been queen consort since the union of England and Scotland in 1707.
With the upcoming coronation of King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla, we thought it was an apt time to take a look back through the eight Queens Consort in British history.


KFC Is Getting Rid of 5 Popular Menu Items
We hope you aren’t a fan of the strawberry lemonade or the chocolate chip cookie.

If your go-to KFC order involves Popcorn Chicken with a medium strawberry lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie, then, wow, do we have some bad news for you. According to a spokesperson for the Louisville-based chain, it is currently undergoing a “menu simplification,” which means pulling several items from its restaurants.
Yahoo Finance reports, the soon-to-be discontinued items include Kentucky Fried Chicken Wings, Popcorn Chicken Combo, Nashville Hot Sauce, Strawberry Lemonade, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Hitting the heights: on set with the stars of the upcoming Emily Brontë film
Love, longing and literary ambition converge in a new film dramatising the little-known life of Emily Brontë

While the youngest sister, Anne, has a loyal following, fans’ focus tends to be on the eldest, Charlotte, who wrote Jane Eyre, and Emily, the author of Wuthering Heights and a subject of fascination for the actress Frances O’Connor, who makes her directorial debut with this compelling new film. Thanks to a dearth of historic records, Emily’s life has long troubled biographers, prompting O’Connor to write and direct a reimagining of the ‘misfit’ middle sister in her twenties. We see Emily flounder and fail at becoming a teacher, both locally and in Brussels, return home, write her astonishing, controversial novel about love, betrayal and revenge, and become the first sister to die from tuberculosis.


Dame Helen Mirren Paid An Emotional Tribute To Late Queen Elizabeth II During BAFTAs
Prince William was visibly moved.

Last night’s BAFTAs, which were held at London Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall for the first time, were full of memorable moments – from the Prince and Princess of Wales’ sweet appearance (feat. *that* cheeky bum tap from Kate), Carey Mulligan accidentally being named a winner, Little Simz’s performance, and Emma Mackey being crowned as this year’s EE Rising Star, to the countless epic looks on the red carpet.
But the award for the most heartfelt moment of the night must go to Dame Helen Mirren, who delivered an emotional tribute to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, the late Queen Elizabeth II. With Prince William and Princess Kate in the audience, Mirren spoke of the Queen’s long-standing relationship with BAFTA and her constant support of the arts.


Is It Wrong Not To Date Someone Just Because They Smoke?
One detail about Corbett’s reappearance on the show, however, has rocked the Sex And The City community more than any other: in some set photos, the notoriously anti-smoking Aidan is holding an (unlit) cigarette. Could this mean that the man who once gave Carrie a heartbreaking Sophie’s Choice – “It’s me or the Marlboros”, basically – has become a Cool Dad, mellowing a little as he’s aged? Or is the production just messing with fans, whom they know will swallow the bait whole?
On the one hand, not wanting to date someone because they smoke is a bit like getting the ick – if you hate smoking and you can’t get past it, it’s pretty much the same as being put off by the way your date orders a drink or dances. Plus, there are obviously good reasons to dislike smoking – maybe you’re particularly health conscious, or you hate the smell, or you dated someone really annoying who happened to also smoke, so now you just associate it with people who wear “fun” hats or do climbing or something.


18 Films Directed By Women That We Can’t Wait To See In 2023
The Best Director nominees list for the 2023 Oscars might have been a disappointing all-male washout, but take heart in the knowledge that there’s a bevy of truly unmissable female-led films to look forward to this year. Browse our pick of the 18 you just can’t miss.
Cocaine Bear (24 February)
Elizabeth Banks directs this tale based on one of the strangest true stories of all time: a bear that overdosed on a ton of cocaine. In her horror version, though, instead of dying, the animal wreaks havoc as a cast that includes Ray Liotta, Keri Russell and Brooklynn Prince watches on.


How Monopoly Became America’s Cruellest Board Game
In “Ruthless: The Secret History of Monopoly,” we learn how a game meant to critique capitalism came to embody it.

Most games invite players to best their opponents; few require such total humiliation as Monopoly. But in “Ruthless: Monopoly’s Secret History,” a new PBS documentary, we learn that this wasn’t always the case. The game was originally designed in 1903, by Lizzie Magie, a charismatic feminist, actor, and poet. At the time, most board games, like most novels for children, were viewed as vessels for moral instruction. Magie called her creation the Landlord’s Game, basing it on the theories of Henry George, an influential economist who argued that the value of land should be shared by the people rather than extracted by property owners. The game, which was meant to depict the evil of such owners, spread like a folktale, adopted by communities who tweaked the rules to suit their tastes and circumstances.


A Texas man built a 6-story treehouse with his family and friends using 4 shipping containers. It’s available to rent on Airbnb for $330 per night — take a look inside.
Steve Taylor spent a year and a half building a treehouse in Ladonia, Texas, using four shipping containers. The 50-foot structure has a cantilevered design, where one end is supported by steel beams placed in a tree. The treehouse can be rented on Airbnb, where nightly rates start at $330 for a minimum of two nights.


2 flight attendants got married in front of a plane in a wedding full of nods to their love story
Alex and Audrey Chowbay got married on September 3, 2022. The Chowbays, both flight attendants, got married at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston, Texas. The wedding included actual airplanes, late-night Whataburger for guests, and a private last dance.
Audrey and Alex, both 27, went to Dallas, Texas, for three weeks in 2018 to complete their in-flight training on their way to becoming flight attendants.
There were over 300 people at training, but Audrey told Insider Alex caught her eye by their third day in Dallas.


A retro hobby for the end times
The delicious, divisive, and surprisingly political world of contemporary home canning.

A growing number of Americans have taken up home canning in recent years, in what’s become a trend, a hobby, a political movement, and a response to the various bleak and bewildering conditions of life in the early 21st century.
Interest in canning started to spike in 2020 when a combination of supply chain disruptions, extra time at home, and unrelenting anxiety got locked-down Americans into DIY food. Marisa McClellan, author of Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round, started noticing an upswing that summer, when the arrival of seasonal produce coincided with the waning of the early-pandemic sourdough trend. Google searches for “canning” and “Ball jar” — by far the most popular vessel for home preserving — shot up in August 2020 to far above their pre-pandemic levels. Sales of the All-American Pressure Cooker, a popular pressure canner, skyrocketed as more consumers learned to preserve soups and stews at home.


How (and why) to stop holding a grudge
You can minimize the pain of a grudge, even if you’re not ready to forgive.

There’s something deliciously perverse about holding a grudge. Sitting atop your high horse, you cast judgment on the person who has wronged you, wondering how someone could commit such a heinous act. Weeks, months, and even years can pass, and all the while you hold on to your little treasures of spite.
Grudges exist on a spectrum, says Robert Enright, a professor in the department of educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison and a founding board member of the International Forgiveness Institute. Some grievances don’t impact your daily life, but you remember them nonetheless. These surface-level grudges are easier to relinquish, Enright says. Others take root in the soul and can grow into hatred.


Our Ultimate Guide to Canned Tuna, a Pantry Essential You Shouldn’t Overlook
Learn how to choose the highest quality option at the grocery store—and decipher label terms like white, chunk-light, and oil-packed.

Canned tuna is one of those ingredients that is easy to overlook, but you’ll be glad once you’ve made it a pantry staple. Versatile and packed full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, canned tuna can be a snack with chips on its own or the star ingredient in salad Niçoise or a simple pasta. If you haven’t bought or cooked with canned tuna in a while, you’ll likely be surprised by how many types are now available (and how good many of them are).


How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent That Will Effectively Clean Your Clothes
Use this expert-approved DIY detergent to remove dirt, stains, and odor.

We can all agree that washing our clothes regularly is essential, but what’s less straightforward is choosing the detergent we use to get them clean. Store-bought options are touted for their stain-fighting and color-boosting properties, which keep clothes looking their best. But according to our experts, you can make a homemade laundry detergent that has the exact same cleaning power, sans the synthetic fragrances and chemicals commonly found in commercial products. If you want to use a detergent that is eco-friendly and effective, look to this DIY mixture recommended by laundry and cleaning professionals.


The Tallest Underground Cave Waterfall in the U.S. Is Hiding in a Tennessee Mountain — and You Can See It by Glass Elevator
How to see the incredible Ruby Falls, inside Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you’re not sure if nature has a sense of humor, consider this: One of the most stunning natural wonders in the U.S. is hidden within another gorgeous American natural landmark. Ruby Falls, the tallest and deepest underground cave waterfall in the U.S. that’s open to the public, is set inside Lookout Mountain, which itself is one of the area’s top attractions.
Both sites are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a southern town known for its rock climbing, biking, and hiking. And while you’ll see plenty of people lined up to ride the glass-roofed Incline Railway up Lookout Mountain, the real gem is found inside the peak.





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