Princess Cathy Releases the Hounds(tooth)!

Posted on February 28, 2023

Why, we do believe the Princess is having herself a bit of a fashion moment. It’s so rare to see her play around with her rather rigidly self-enforced style restrictions that we are forced to take a break from the busiest red carpet week we’ve had in months just to highlight her last two day looks.


At the Wales Vs England Six Nations Match in Catherine Walker

We weren’t even going to feature this look from the weekend, simply because we’re stuck in the throes of awards season red carpet coverage and didn’t have the time to devote to it. Even then, we noted with some eyebrow-raising how bold this coat is on her and how great it looks on her. Houndstooth – and indeed, almost any other patterns except the occasional floral – is not normally in the Princess’s style wheelhouse. Love the big red buttons and the overtly retro vibe of the look. This has more personality to it than roughly 90% of her other day looks. We would have considered it a lightly notable diversion from her usual stately style norms, but then she had to come out this morning in this:


At the Aberavon Leisure & Fitness Centre in South Wales in Alexander McQueen and Zara

Twice in one week is a THEME – and Cathy doesn’t normally do themes unless it’s, like, wearing green in Dublin or whatever. We don’t know what spurred this on, but she is definitely in a minor “turtleneck + houndstooth + black tights” style phase. We approve! She looks great in both outfits, they’re really photogenic, and they offer her the one thing she needs most in her public profile: a little personality and a sense of fun. We can’t imagine anyone sprung those bike rides on them without planning it ahead of time (royals do not get forced into doing anything on the fly), which makes her choice of skirt here all the bolder. Once again, one gets the sense that she’d be perpetually happy if she could spend her days hanging out with kids and moms and/or kicking a ball around.


Style Credits:
First Look: Catherine Walker Coat | Mulberry Bag | Aquatalia Boots
Second Look: Alexander McQueen Coat | Zara Skirt | Mulberry Bag | Gianvito Rossi Boots


[Photo Credit: Matthew Horwood/PA Images/ Images, PA Images/ Images]

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