Keri Russell and Elizabeth Banks at the COCAINE BEAR Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on February 22, 2023

Director Elizabeth Banks and star Keri Russell were in a celebratory mood at the premiere of Cocaine Bear, possibly because it looks like they created an instant camp classic, if the early online reactions are any indication. Good for you, ladies! It’s time to break the glass ceiling on campy gorefests, we say. Elizabeth Banks has always been at her best in campy or comedic roles, so this tracks.


They kind of look like they’re dating.


Keri Russell

She’s very gets-the-job-done in her red carpet approach. Every picture of her looks like it was taken just before she asked “Are we good here?” Style-wise, we think she defaults to comfort, ease, and maximum impact with minimal effort. This looks better on her than it probably should, but our only real quibble is that the skirt and the jacket are too far apart in weight. We realize it’s a “I’m wearing his jacket over my gown” sort of thing, but it doesn’t quite come together. Great shoes, though.


Elizabeth Banks in Alaïa

That dress looks like it was made out of the backdrop for a drag show and we are duty-bound to love it for that reason alone. We do not, however, understand why she’s pairing black tights and shoes with it.



[Photo Credit: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages – Video Credit: Universal Pictures/YouTube]

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