Grammys 2023: Ladies (and One Man) in Non-Basic Black

Posted on February 06, 2023

Before we kick things off, just know that titling posts like this one can be an absolute nightmare, because obviously you can’t call it “The Blacks” or whatever, so we apologize for the clumsy title. It’s not even an accurate title, because at least one of these looks is incredibly basic.


Anitta in Atelier Versace

Nicole Kidman wore this exact dress in a Vogue editorial 20 years ago and no one has worn it since, just to give you an idea about how these custom gowns live out their lives, so to speak. We thought this looked amazing on her, ridiculous train and all.


Charli D’Ameliio in Carolina Herrera

Meh. It’s okay, but just okay. People expect a little more from a Grammys red carpet look and by people, we mean us.


Doja Cat in Atelier Versace

It’s dramatic as hell and she looks great in it, but we feel a little let down. She’s been pushing the envelope on her public style for a while now and, drama aside (most of which is provided by the textile), it’s a pretty basic design.



H.E.R. in Bach Mai

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a sheer skirt that wasn’t also panty-baring. We don’t love the skirt itself, but the overall look is pretty great on her. The hair and shades do a lot to complete it.



We’re not sure why Madonna showed up dressed in a Miss Trunchbull costume from Matilda The Musical, but she’s Madonna and we’re long past wondering why she does what she does. The styling is kind of awful and of course her facial work is incredibly distracting, but the design’s not bad.


Olivia Rodrigo in Miu Miu

Our editor at Cosmopolitan asked us to include Olivia in our writeup and for the first time ever, we refused. When we told her that we couldn’t possibly work up a full sentence on such a blandly boring look, she immediately agreed. Girl, it’s the Grammys. Step it up.


Queen Latifah

She looks gorgeously unfussed. It’s not the most exciting design in the world but she really gives it life. LOVE the hair.


Sheryl Crow in Alexander McQueen

She looks great but the dress is boring.


Steve Lacy in Saint Laurent

Quite possibly our favorite menswear look of the night. Obviously, it’s a pretty basic (if really, really nice) tuxedo, but the styling takes it to a whole other level, from the shirtlessness to the clutch, to the killer boots and brooch.

[Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy, Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy, Francis Specker/CBS, Sonja Flemming/CBS, Stewart Cook/CBS, Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Courtesy of Miu Miu]

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