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Posted on January 06, 2023

Parostià Restaurant – Paros, Greece


Huzzah and hooray, darlings. You made it. It is FRIDAY of the first work week of the year for many of us. Pick a patch of sky and call it your own for the day.


30 Of The World’s Most Famous Stars Paid Homage To The Roaring Twenties For British Vogue’s 2023 Hollywood Portfolio
Love, feuds and fights for survival. Shame, grief and a longing to be seen. From zoomed-in stories of parenthood to epic tales that transcend universes, the most thrilling films of this awards season vary vastly in scale, but the performances that have broken through from them all nonetheless speak to the very core of what it means to be human.
There’s Cate Blanchett, whose turn in Tár, as a genius composer spinning out of control, gained her a standing ovation at Venice; Vicky Krieps, who brought a ferocious Austrian empress back from the dead in Corsage; Viola Davis, who roared with power as General Nanisca in The Woman King; and newcomers too, such as Thuso Mbedu, who sparkled in her breakthrough role alongside her.
And what more suitable way to celebrate a glittering crop of 2020s talent than by inviting them to take on a touch of the style and shimmer of the Roaring Twenties? Across London, New York, Los Angeles and a ranch in Durango, Mexico, Vogue gathered the actors who lit up screens this year. Take Taylor Russell, who swaps the messy cannibalism of Bones and All for Gucci pleats and old-school glamour. Or Michelle Yeoh, who glows as she reclines on the candy-striped sunloungers of The Peninsula in LA, after a frantic, fantastic turn in Everything Everywhere All At Once.
This year’s portfolio is not only a celebration of 31 actors at the top of their game, but an ode to Hollywood, and its ever-evolving ways.


Welcome to the Live Shopping Era
Could buying products online in real time change the way we shop forever?

“We’ve all been in that trap where you click on a pair of black pants, and then all you see are black pants,” says Brandon Holley, former editor-in-chief of Lucky and chief fashion officer at Shoptrue, a marketplace with 2,000-plus brands that combines AI with human expertise in the hopes that instead of regurgitating previously purchased products, it suggests recommendations in much the same way that a glossy magazine would. In other words, to provide the discovery that’s lacking in the e-commerce landscape. “I really believe e-commerce has a listening problem. And I think livestream is a huge opportunity because that discovery is live—and you have that immediate reaction. It’s an exciting place for e-commerce to embrace a little more.” (As of now, Shoptrue is in beta mode, and its plans to launch livestream are currently in the pipeline.)
One singular shopping memory sticks out to her: Holley once walked into a store and the salesperson sold her on a $4,000 green coat that she never would have purchased otherwise. “I was convinced it was going to change my life—I wore it so much. I loved that green coat,” she remembers. “That discovery—that’s what’s missing from e-commerce.”


The Biggest Revelations From The Duke Of Sussex’s Spare
Days before its release, the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, Spare, dominated the news cycle on 5 January after The Guardian revealed that it described a physical altercation between Harry and the Prince of Wales at Nottingham Cottage. Based on translations from the Spanish edition, which accidentally went on sale early, the rest of the memoir is similarly no-holds-barred in scope – with Harry detailing everything from his early experimentation with drugs to his strained relationship with King Charles III over the course of its 416 pages. (Notably, neither Buckingham Palace nor Kensington Palace has commented on any of the claims in the book so far.) Below, a summary of Spare’s most headline-making claims.


A New Cookbook Explores the Rich Diversity of Parsi Food
Farokh Talati has always wanted to share Parsi food with the world, his long-held goal being to open a Parsi restaurant to share the traditions and innovations of the cuisine he loves. And it was this very desire (and the luxury of time afforded to him during the pandemic when the London restaurant he worked in, St. John Bread and Wine, closed its doors) that compelled the chef to publish his first cookbook, Parsi: From Persia to Bombay, earlier this month: a collection of recipes and images that combine the cultural traditions of this small Indian ethnoreligious group with his own community of creatives and cooks in London.


The First National Ribbon Skirt Day Was a Stylish—And Powerful—Movement
In December 2020, 10-year-old Indigenous student Isabella Kulak—who is from Cote First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada—chose to wear a traditional ribbon skirt to her school’s formal event. In Indigenous culture, ribbon skirts are reserved for such special ceremonies or events. Each color of the ribbons, which are typically sewn horizontally across the skirt, represents a special meaning or person to the wearer. It’s a garment you wear with immense pride—only Kulak was told by a teaching assistant that her skirt was inappropriate, and she was encouraged to change.
Kulak’s account of racism spread online and resonated with the Indigenous community at large—many of whom have also experienced discrimination for wearing their traditional attire. It garnered so much attention that last year Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau deemed January 4 National Ribbon Skirt Day to encourage people to proudly rock their ribbon skirts. “Now everybody could wear their ribbon skirt with pride without feeling ashamed,” said Kulak.


One of Rome’s Best Restaurants Is Coming to the U.S.
Roscioli is slated to open its first-ever location outside of Italy.

Opened in the ’70s, Antico Forno Roscioli was the first location of the mini Roman empire, garnering unwavering loyalty among locals and tourists alike for its delicious fare. Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina, which opened in 2004, serves composed dishes — including what I feel is the best carbonara in Rome — as well as world-class cured meats and cheeses, plus gorgeous wines to pair alongside them. Roscioli Rimessa opened nearby in 2017, with cozy wine tasting dinners and cooking classes.


Why Mediterranean Cuisine Is More Than Just a Diet — And Why People Love It
U.S. News and World Report just named the Mediterranean diet the ‘Best Diet of 2023.’ What does that actually mean?

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for all-new “best of” lists. Straight out of the gate, U.S. News and World Report is back with its list of best diets, and for the sixth straight year, the Mediterranean diet has come out on top. But, there’s more to this cuisine than what you eat.
To come to its conclusion, U.S. News and World Report editors dug deep into medical journals and government reports to create what it calls “in-depth profiles” of potential choices. It then asked a panel of nationally recognized experts (including medical doctors, nutritionists, and nutritional epidemiologists) to answer a 40-question survey around each diet, which included questions like, “Are all food groups included in the diet,” and, “Can the diet be modified to meet cultural, religious, and other personal preferences?” Then, it asked 33 more experts in nutrition, food psychology, and chronic disease management to scrutinize its profiles before publication.


Who Is Lydia Tár? Cate Blanchett and Todd Field Lift the Curtain on Their Oscar-Season Masterpiece
Cate Blanchett is not an actor who skims a screenplay when she’s considering it. “I read scripts very, very slowly,” she says, “but this one I read incredibly quickly. I knew from the get-go that it was about really big things — metaphysical, existential things that I was interested in — so I read it very quickly and said yes immediately.” She turns to Todd Field, the writer-director of the film in question, “Tár,” and says, “And you crashed your car.”
On this chilly Sunday afternoon in mid-November, Blanchett has made the long trip to Los Angeles from Australia, where she’s been in production. She’s here to attend the Governors Awards as a formidable Oscar contender, having given one of the most rapturously reviewed performances of her career as Lydia Tár — troubled, lesbian, world-famous conductor of a major orchestra in Berlin. She’s sitting next to Field, who, it’s true, got into a bad car accident trying to get the screenplay to Blanchett. Field hadn’t made a feature since 2006’s “Little Children” — and, unbeknownst to Blanchett, had written “Tár” only for her, during a 12-week sprint in the lockdown stage of early COVID.


‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Comes Out as Gay
Noah Schnapp has just come out as gay.
On Thursday, January 5, the Stranger Things star made the big announcement in a new TikTok, where he can be seen lip-syncing to an audio clip of another person saying, “You know what it never was? That serious. It was never that serious. Quite frankly, will never be that serious.” And just to make the reveal crystal clear, Schnapp also added some overlay text to the video, writing that “When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was ‘we know.’”


5 Nail Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2023
The year 2022 was a big one for nails, with celebrity nail designs going viral, and the most in-demand manicurists becoming fully-fledged influencers. So what does this year have in store? From low-maintenance styles to elevated nail accessories, these are the five nail trends set to take over your Instagram feed in 2023.


Lily James On Playing Pamela, Walks With Emma Thompson, And The Highlighter That Does It All
Lily James’s CV is impressive. As well as playing Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy, she has also starred in The Pursuit of Love, Downton Abbey and Cinderella. The face of Charlotte Tilbury’s new Hollywood Glow Highlighter campaign speaks to beauty and wellness editor, Hannah Coates, about her wellness rituals and why 2023 is all about slowing down.


27 Nostalgic Golden Globes Snaps To Get You In The Mood For Awards Season
Awards season is almost upon us once again, with the Golden Globes up first on 10 January. Considered a precursor to the Oscars, the show has a long history of glamorous moments, both on the red carpet and at the ceremony itself: the irresistible ’50s gowns, gloves and gems worn by the likes of Jean Simmons, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe in the Golden Age of Hollywood; the iconic celebrity pairings we’d (almost) forgotten from the ’90s and early ’00s; Tom Cruise sharing a laugh with the stars of Sex and the City in 2004; and Beyoncé toasting Prince with a glass of Moët over dinner in 2007.


The National Library of France reopened after a 12-year restoration, and the building is a bibliophile’s dream come true — take a look inside
After a 12-year-long renovation, the National Library of France’s Richelieu site fully reopened in September 2022 — and it’s every bibliophile’s dream come true.
Spearheaded by Bruno Gaudin Architectes, a France-based architectural firm, the renovation transformed the historic Paris library with new corridors, storage areas, as well as a museum space.


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Had Some Weird Tense Drama Over Lipgloss
Meghan asked to borrow Kate’s lipgloss ahead of this public event and she was…not thrilled.

Remember when everyone was worried Prince Harry’s book would be a snoozy re-hash of everything he already said in his Netflix docuseries? lol, no. The Duke of Sussex truly came through with the royal tea in Spare, and even touched on Meghan Markle’s tense relationship with Kate Middleton.
Harry recalls one “awkward moment” where Meghan asked to borrow some of Kate’s lip gloss—which Harry describes as an “American thing.”
“Kate, taken aback, went into her handbag and reluctantly pulled out a small tube,” Harry wrote. “Meg squeezed some onto her finger and applied it to her lips. Kate grimaced.”


Lunar New Year Traditions & Customs From Around the World
This celebration of new beginnings in Asian communities includes a mix of customs from the East and West.

Believed to have originated during China’s Shang Dynasty, which began in 1600 BCE, Lunar New Year carries with it a trove of traditions—including things to do, avoid and eat—that are based on a combination of history, symbolism, superstition and myth. One major theme for every Lunar New Year: Attracting good luck and avoiding bad luck for the year ahead.
Whether you’re an immigrant, Asian American or an ally, take Lunar New Year as an opportunity to reaffirm your goals and recharge your hopeful energy for the coming year. After all, Lunar New Year is about starting with a clean slate, cleansing the negative and welcoming the positive and setting intentions for a prosperous, lucky and fulfilling year. Set yourself up for good luck this upcoming Year of the Rabbit by starting anew with a positive mindset and joining in on some of the following Lunar New Year traditions.


How to Keep Bagged Salad Fresh for as Long as Possible, According to Food Scientists
Say goodbye to slimy, wilted spring mix and baby spinach.

Whether you call them salad leaves or leafy greens, vegetables such as kale, spinach, and lettuces are some of the most versatile foods you can eat. They’re right at home in myriad dishes, from colorful salads to hearty sandwiches. Leafy green vegetables are also teeming with essential nutrients, including vitamin C and calcium.
If you typically buy bagged greens, you’ve probably had the unfortunate experience of finding wilted, slimy leaves in the bag just a few days after purchasing. To find out how to keep bagged leaves fresh long enough to reach your plate, we asked food professionals to share a leaf out of their book.


The Right Way to Store Your Knives, According to Knife Experts
Here’s how to determine the best storage method for the sharpest tools in your kitchen.

Few tools get as much mileage in your kitchen as a great set of knives. Whether you’re chopping onions, dicing potatoes, or carving a prime rib roast, using the correct sharp knife increases efficiency and makes the task all the more enjoyable. Your kitchen knives need to be stored carefully to keep them and you safe, and so they are easily available when you need them.
Knife storage options are plentiful, ranging from knife blocks and special drawer inserts to sheaths and magnetic strips. Here are some of the key factors to consider when weighing one against the other.


Want to improve your memory? Try these unexpected tips.
Your memory probably isn’t as bad as you think.

The brain is an extraordinary organ, with many wonderful qualities, including the ability to forget — which may actually be a good thing. “If we remembered everything that we experienced, our brains would be hoarders, clogged with all sorts of useless crap that gets in the way of what we really need,” says Charan Ranganath, a professor of psychology and the director of the Dynamic Memory Lab at the University of California Davis.
In today’s constantly plugged-in, always-on world, people are faced with a barrage of information — emails, news, pointless meetings, traffic updates, chitchat from family members — far more than anyone can process, Ranganath explains. “Instead, evolution favored quality over quantity,” he says. “We get good quality memories for the stuff that we are paying attention to, and that is often the important stuff. But if we’re not paying attention to something, we will never really get a good memory of it to begin with.”


The enthralling life of Princess Alice of Albany, the last surviving granddaughter of Queen Victoria, on the anniversary of her death
The globe-trotting princess, who died on 3 January 1981, was the longest-living British princess of royal blood

Princess Alice of Albany was born at Windsor Castle on 25 February 1883. She was the last surviving granddaughter of Queen Victoria, being the only daughter of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, the youngest of the four sons of Queen Victoria.
In 1903, Princess Alice married Prince Alexander of Teck, brother of Queen Mary. The couple had three children, but only their daughter, Princess May of Teck, later Lady May Cambridge, survived them.





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