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Posted on January 04, 2023

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Today’s LOunge is extra loungey, which is a thing we all need as we all try and make our way through the first work week of the year. The good news for us is that the stars have started coming out of their holiday hidey-holes, so we may actually have a few things to show you today. So settle in, grab a bed to call your own, and wait for someone to come by and give you what you want.



Meet the Newer, Bolder Michelle Williams
With “The Fabelmans,” the Oscar-nominated actress moves from minor-key naturalism to more stylized performances: “I wanted to make work that an audience member had to deal with.”

What motivated her to pursue an acting career at such a young age? “It was like a stand-in for selfhood,” Williams said, “like maybe I could get regard for a woman that I was playing and that would somehow transfer to me, this person that I didn’t really know how to inhabit yet.” As she grew older and won parts in Off Broadway plays or indie films like “The Station Agent,” it felt to her “like I was given a little morsel, and I would tuck it away,” she said. “I collected them and strung them along, and then they started adding up.”


Designing Margot Robbie’s Crowdsurfing Playsuit for ‘Babylon’
Costume designer Mary Zophres used tricks to create a red outfit that telegraphed debauchery without being too revealing.

Director Damien Chazelle’s mandate to his costume designer on Babylon was simple: “I don’t want this to look like another ’20s movie.”
That edict translated into no flapper dresses, no cloche hats (on the principals) and no feathered headbands in the Paramount film, set to hit theaters Dec. 23. As the movie’s three-time Oscar-nominated costume designer, Mary Zophres, notes, “Damien wanted authenticity but didn’t want it to be a trope; he was like, ‘Bring me fresh ideas!’ ” Creating costumes for the epic about Hollywood debauchery and decadence during the late 1920s was a larger-than-life game of numbers where Zophres and her team built close to 10,000 costumes, ranging from items for a Singin’ in the Rain number to a nod to 1916’s Intolerance battle scene.


Jeremy Renner Thanks Fans for Support Ahead of Reno Sheriff’s Update on “Tragic Accident” Involving Snowplow
“Thank you all for your kind words. Im too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all,” the ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Hurt Locker’ star said.

Jeremy Renner was run over by his snowplow after getting off of the equipment, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.
According to authorities, a family member was driving Renner’s vehicle when it got stuck due to weather conditions near his home. The actor got his snowplow, which weighed at least 14,330 pounds, to get the vehicle out, but when he got out to speak with the family member, the machine started to roll, hitting Renner.


Queen Margrethe Weighs In on Her Controversial Decision to Remove Titles from Her Grandchildren
The Danish royal family is (very publicly) feuding.

In September 2022, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe announced her decision to remove prince and princess titles from four of her grandchildren. “It is a consideration I have had for quite a long time,” Margrethe told reporters after the decision was announced. “I think it will be good for them in their future.”
Soon after, Prince Joachim and his family made their unhappiness with the decision known. Margrethe then released another statement, saying “I have made my decision as Queen, mother and grandmother, but, as a mother and grandmother, I have underestimated the extent to which much my younger son and his family feel affected.”
Here’s everything you need to know about the title controversy—and everything that the members of the Danish royal family have said since Margrethe’s decision.


How ‘Women Talking’ Costume Designer Quita Alfred Sourced Outfits From a Real-Life Mennonite Community
Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, costume designer Quita Alfred felt a connection to the nearby Mennonite community. When she spoke with director Sarah Polley about working on her new film, “Women Talking,” Alfred describes the moment as “rather serendipitous.”
Adapted from Miriam Toews’ novel, “Women Talking” was inspired by a true story.
Alfred recalls telling Polley, “I’m in the heart of Mennonite [community] in North America, and if I can get a jump on this before we start prep, I’m likely to be able to find almost everything that we need.”


In the Ecuadorian Amazon, Wituk Face-Painting Is an Act of Resistance
As a spokesperson for Mujeres Amazónicas and Women Defender Program Coordinator at Amazon Watch, Nina [Gualinga] has been raising awareness and taking action against extractivist practices in the Amazon from a young age. Historically, Sarayaku women have been at the forefront of the struggle in defense of their territory, often putting their lives at risk in the process. “All of us have grown up within that struggle, seeing old women guiding and advising younger leaders to defend the territory and not to forget our culture and traditions,” Nina says. Her mother and younger sister are also part of the movement to protect Indigenous land.


Prince Harry’s Memoir Is Reportedly “Worse Than the Royal Family Is Expecting”
Sources say that Spare is “Tough” on Prince William.

Like the rest of the world, the royal family is anxiously awaiting the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. And just like everyone else, even the king of England doesn’t quite know what to expect. In a new interview, sources close to the family revealed that the “personal and emotional” biography is “tough on William in particular,” so while there have been headlines about William’s behavior after the release of Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docu-series, Harry & Meghan, there may be more on the way.
“Generally, I think the book [will be] worse for them than the royal family is expecting,” a source told The Sunday Times. They went on to explain that there are some surprises in store, namely for King Charles: “Everything is laid bare. Charles comes out of it better than I had expected, but it’s tough on William in particular, and even Kate gets a bit of a broadside.”


How ‘Babylon’s’ Cocaine-Snorting Opening Sequence Came Together
When film editor Tom Cross and writer-director Damien Chazelle worked together for the first time on 2014’s “Whiplash,” it paid off for Cross with an Academy Award win for film editing. (The film also won Oscars for sound mixing and supporting actor.)
But that was just the beginning of a four-film collaboration that continued with 2016’s “La La Land,” 2018’s “First Man” and now “Babylon,” Chazelle’s bold, brazen, audacious, adrenaline-fueled 3-hour-and-8-minute epic about Hollywood’s volatile transition from the silent film era to sound in the late-1920s. It’s a whole lotta movie that finds the Oscar-winning “La La Land” director pulling out all the stops, working without a net and throwing in everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink.


’90s Drinks Are Back—and More Cocktail Trends for 2023, According to Bartenders
Whether you order them at your favorite bar or mix them at home, these are the drinks you’ll be cheersing with this year.

Like fashion, food, architecture, and literature, cocktails reflect the period in which they’re poured. So what will we be drinking this year? Post-pandemic, we’re a little less fussy, but at the same time more tuned in to quality over quantity. We’ve examined our drinking habits, found joy in embracing the good old days (or, well, the ’90s), learned to love agave-based spirits, and can’t seem to get enough of riffs on the Negroni. We checked in with bartenders and tastemakers around the country for their picks on what’s pouring down the pike—here are the drinks, spirits, and serves coming to a shaker near you in 2023.


10 Essential Laundry Room Organizing Tips
If laundry tops your list of least favorite chores, that may have something to do with the way your laundry room is set up. These utilitarian spaces can range in features and design, from makeshift nooks to entire rooms. But if it’s not organized properly, a laundry room can feel overwhelming and chaotic, no matter the size.
Thankfully, with some simple solutions to common laundry room layout issues—like where to hang your delicates to dry and a spot to fold everyday items—you’ll quickly streamline your space. In an effort to help you make the most of your laundry room, we’re sharing our best organizational ideas that will make this your new favorite room of the house.


The Terrifying Collapse of Damar Hamlin and the Everyday Violence of Football
Hamlin’s cardiac arrest has shown us again what we always should have seen about the risks of America’s most popular sport.

The ethos of football is to play on. A player breaks his leg, hobbles off, and the game goes on. A player is concussed, stumbles off, and the game goes on. A player breaks his neck, is carted off, and the game goes on. Football is violent. The violence is intrinsic to the sport—a feature of it. It is part of the stakes, the thrill, the intensity, the draw. And yet there is a line, one that is almost inconceivable, even to the men who accept the risks and the fans who celebrate them for it. On Monday night, the line was crossed. It was clear from the faces of the players and the coaches: there was little thought of the game’s going on. “Immediately, my player hat went on,” Troy Vincent, the N.F.L.’s executive vice-president of football operations and a former cornerback, said to reporters after the game. “How do you resume play after you’ve seen such a traumatic event occur in front of you in real time?”


The tragic true story of ‘beauty queen’ Empress Elisabeth of Austria, as her life is brought to screens in Corsage
Marie Kreutzer’s new film delves into the life of the ill-fated ‘Sissi’, but who was the real empress?

Bathing yourself in olive oil or washing your hair with a combination of eggs and cognac may seem like an odd beauty strategy in 2023 (or maybe not, if you consider the latest TikTok trends), but in 1880s Austria, such treatments were beloved – nay obsessed over – by ‘beauty queen’ Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary. In an attempt to preserve her youthful skin and ‘radiant complexion’ (the empress was famously terrified of ageing), Elisabeth would prepare her own beauty compounds and creams. Her personal favourite was named ‘Crème Céleste’ and comprised of white wax, almond oil, and rosewater; a concoction she was apparently confident could forever preserve her natural beauty.
Elisabeth has returned to the public consciousness of late, in light of two recent releases: Netflix’s The Empress; and the 2022 film, Corsage, with Vicky Krieps take in the starring role, which debuted at the Cannes film festival last year and has now hit the big screen.


Touching story behind the deeply personal photo on King Charles III’s thank you card to well-wishers
It was a fitting tribute to the his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles III selected a photograph full of meaning for a card he sent to well-wishers who wrote to share their condolences on the death of his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
King Charles chose a childhood picture of him and the young Queen smiling out of a window in Balmoral during the Royal Family’s visit to their Aberdeenshire estate. The photograph was taken in September 1952, shortly before Charles’ fourth birthday and just months after the Queen ascended the throne on the death of her father, King George VI.


The Gay Rights Movement Before the Gay Rights Movement
In his debut novel, “The New Life,” Tom Crewe reimagines the lives of two pioneers who studied, and supported, homosexuality in 19th-century England.

Tom Crewe’s intricate and finely crafted debut novel makes fiction of real history: In London, in the 1890s, two men, John Addington Symonds and Henry Havelock Ellis, collaborated on a study supporting freedom for “sexual inverts,” or what we would now call gay rights. Their efforts predate popular conceptions of the fight for equal rights, and it’s their lives and work that take the spotlight in Crewe’s reimagining.
“The New Life” opens before the two men meet, with chapters alternating perspectives as a half-welcome third party disrupts each one’s marriage. The novel first introduces John Addington, a wealthy writer and a closet sexual invert himself who begins to indulge his long-held desires with a much younger, working-class man named Frank Feaver. The story then shifts to the sexologist Henry Ellis. Henry’s wedding to the feminist Edith opens his story, but his marriage becomes agitated by the boisterous Angelica, who quickly bonds with Edith while they are on their honeymoon.


19 Beautiful Destinations With the Best Scuba Diving in the World
Looking for an underwater adventure? Here are 19 places for the best scuba diving in the world.

With oceans covering more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, it’s no surprise that the deeps contain innumerable places to explore. But to find some of the best scuba diving in the world at accessible limits for recreational fun, you have to know where to look (you’ll also need to be certified to dive, and PADI can help with that).
From vibrant coral reefs teeming with fish to spooky shipwrecks in the Pacific, follow our lead to some of the best scuba diving in the world.




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