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1890 Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay – London, UK


Old world elegance? Why yes, we don’t mind if we do. It’s WEDNESDAY, darlings. You deserve a plush banquette to call your own for the day.


It’s Not Just Women Directors Missing From The Oscar Nominations – It’s Women’s Stories
In 2021, Nomadland, a film about the lives and loves of a retired woman on the move in America, won three Oscars, including best actress for Frances McDormand and best picture and best director for Chloé Zhao, who became the first woman of colour to win a best directing award. It felt as if something, however slight, had changed. A film that very much represented women and how they see and experience the world had taken away the top prizes.
Well, as you were then. This year’s Oscar nominations revert to type. In the best directing category, there are no women.


Madonna Biopic Starring Julia Garner Scrapped as Singer Embarks on World Tour
The anticipated biopic of music legend Madonna is taking an indefinite holiday. The project, which the icon was going to direct herself, is no longer in development at Universal Pictures, multiple sources told Variety.
Speculation over the fate of the movie began instantly after Madonna announced a career-spanning world tour last week — one that sold out shows in New York, London, Paris and other cities in minutes. Insiders familiar with Madonna said her sole focus Is the tour, but she remains committed to making a film about her life one day.


The True Story of Why Robert Redford Almost Didn’t Make The Way We Were
In an excerpt from the new history The Way They Were, secrets from the set of the iconic Barbra Streisand film are finally revealed.

Even before he became a movie star, Robert Redford knew exactly what kinds of roles he wanted to play and what kinds he didn’t.
The actor had assiduously avoided playing any role that capitalized on his awesome chiseled face and his dazzling golden hair, which had been more strawberry blond in his youth. He had learned to play against type, because in his earlier Broadway career, Redford seemingly coasted along on his male beauty in the back-to-back hits Sunday in New York and Barefoot in the Park.
Essentially those 1960s plays were glorified sitcoms before more adventurous TV fare, like All in the Family and M*A*S*H, made such fluff obsolete on the stage. Those two comedic roles didn’t require much more of him as an actor than great looks and, to be honest, equally great comic timing and charm.


The Best Shows On Hulu Right Now
Most streaming services have delved into making their own content, but Hulu has been working on their stable of hit shows for years. Their FX on Hulu hub also means that some of the most popular shows on FX are available on the platform in full, making the collection even richer. Plus, you can always add on other subscriptions to your account, from networks like HBO and Starz, so you can catch even more of your favorite shows in one place.
It’s likely that if you’ve heard someone talking about a new show this year, it’s coming from Hulu. Below are some of the shows you know and some you didn’t that are available on the streamer. They have something for every viewer: teen drama, horror artistry, historical comedy, true crime, and even more of the Kardashian family.


Oreo Is Launching a Limited-Edition Cookie That Comes Stuffed With Other Oreos
It’s extremely meta.

Oreos have been on supermarket shelves since early 1912, before Charlie Chaplin glued on a fake mustache and appeared on camera; before anyone had actually seen the South Pole; and before travelers could even imagine airport delays — or airports. And over 100 years later, it’s still delightful when they roll out new flavors, like last year’s triple-creme Neapolitan version or its seasonal Snickerdoodle. And earlier this week, the cookie brand announced the imminent arrival of another limited-edition flavor, called The Most Oreo Oreo.


Trader Joe’s Just Announced Its Customer Choice Awards — Here’s What Won
Plus, all the fan-favorite items added to its Hall of Fame.

For 14 years, Trader Joe’s has asked its customers to list which nine products they’d take with them to a deserted island, compiling the most requested items into its list of Customer Choice Awards winners. This year, the survey received over 18,000 responses for the nine categories, but you likely won’t see your top-tier favorites in the winner circle.
That’s because the California-based company announced that for this year’s awards, it pulled five of its highly-awarded products from the competition altogether. Instead, it honored favorites like Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo, Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets, and its Mandarin Orange Chicken by placing them in the new Trader Joe’s Hall of Fame.


Why Vinho Verde Is the Up-and-Coming Portugal Wine Region to Know
With its otherworldly landscapes—from volcanic islands and forested beaches to steep mountain ranges lined with UNESCO-protected vineyards—Portugal is a treasure trove of natural splendor. As with most booming tourist destinations, however, certain highlights tend to lure visitors in more powerfully than others: Lisbon’s ornate architecture or the Douro’s serpentine river, for example. For those keen to explore the country deeper and differently, Vinho Verde awaits.
Often confused as a style of wine and not a physical location, Vinho Verde consists of nine subregions in the northwest corner of the country, stretching all the way up to the Spanish border. The landscape is one of undulating, verdant hillsides with two rivers flowing throughout (the Minho and the Lima) and diverse microclimates that allow for unique, varied wines—not all of which are the fizzy style you might expect.


Ruby Tandoh’s Latest Cookbook Is an Accessible and Stylish Ode to Real-Life Cooking
If you’ve logged your requisite man-hours staring fixedly at Great British Bake-Off reruns, you’ll need no introduction to Ruby Tandoh, the British baker and writer who was runner-up on the show’s fourth season. Since her time on Bake-Off, Tandoh has made a career of challenging long-held preconceptions within the food industry, writing about everything from sugar to fictional cooking with energy and depth.
Her fourth book, Cook as You Are: Recipes for Real Life, Hungry Cooks, and Messy Kitchens, was recently published in the U.S., and it’s as incisive and warm as its predecessors. Vogue spoke to Tandoh about the importance of meeting home cooks where they are, how the pandemic shifted her cooking habits, and why she gravitates toward cookbooks that feature illustrations rather than photos.


Two Hard-to-Find Italian Pasta Shapes Are Hitting Shelves in the US
Plus, one entirely new shape.

In case you’re still mourning the discontinuation of Ronzoni’s nostalgic star-shaped Pastina pasta shape, we have some carb news that might lift your spirits. Pasta manufacturer Sfoglini is teaming up with The Sporkful Podcast creator and host Dan Pashman to add three likely-new-to-you pasta shapes to your pantry. The two existing shapes hitting the brand’s roster are quattrotini and vesuvio — fun to look at, fun to wrangle on your fork, and fun to eat. The third is a new shape designed by Pashman himself, called cascatelli.


Engagement rings: How to get the most for your money
Here’s how to maximise your budget, whatever you’re planning to spend

It might not be all that romantic a thought, but just as engagement ring trends are influenced by fashion’s zeitgeist and celebrity proposals, they are also swayed by the economic climate and the price of raw materials, such as gold and diamonds. This year, therefore, it comes as no surprise that couples are focused on finances and keen to make the most out of their money. Searches for ‘engagement ring budget’ are up 21 per cent year on year, according to a survey conducted by Hatton Jewellers, and it is seemingly more important than ever to shop smart.
Read these tips on how to maximise your budget, whether you’re in the market for subtle scintillation or a serious investment piece.


How Andrea Riseborough Got That Surprise Oscar Nomination for ‘To Leslie’
Up until a few weeks ago, most people had never heard of “To Leslie,” an indie film about a woman trying to rebuild her life while battling drug addiction and alcoholism. Now, the film’s star Andrea Riseborough is nominated for the Academy Award for best actress in a leading role.
So how did such a small film end up breaking in, seemingly at the last minute? Awards pundits wrongly assumed that the celeb-backed campaign, while noteworthy, was a little too late to make a nomination happen. It came down to support from the film community, Riseborough said Tuesday.


Oscars Love ‘Everything Everywhere,’ but Best Picture Race Is Far From Over
Tuesday’s Oscar nominations brought the jaw-droppers many expected. Some met with joy, and others with heartbreak.
Social media and awards pundit circles have been touting Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once” as an undisputed front-runner for most of the awards season. With a leading 11 nominations, it’s in an excellent position to win the best picture statuette for distributor A24, the same studio that pulled off the memorable “Moonlight” upset over “La La Land” at the 2017 show. A24 led the day for studios with a resounding 18 nominations, with Netflix in second with 16.
The multiverse flick landed expected noms for acting — Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu — but flexed in the artisan races like costume design, original score and original song. However, holding the title of the “one to beat” can bring the claws out of other studios and strategists who want to come out on top.


Move Over Moses and Zoroaster: Manhattan Has a New Female Lawgiver
The artist Shahzia Sikander calls her eight-foot sculpture, the first female figure atop a powerful New York appellate courthouse, an urgent form of “resistance.”

Frenzied commuters in New York’s Flatiron district have been stopped in their tracks in recent days by an unlikely​ ​apparition ​near Moses, Confucius and Zoroaster. Standing atop the grandiose state courthouse is a shimmering, golden eight-foot female sculpture, emerging from a pink lotus flower and wearing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s signature lace collar.
Staring regally ahead with hair braided like spiraling horns, the sculpture, installed as part of an exhibition that opened last week, is the first female to adorn one of the courthouse’s 10 plinths, dominated for more than a century by now weathered statues representing great lawgivers throughout the ages — all of them men.


6 Furniture Trends That Will Make You Want to Redecorate in 2023, According to Interior Designers
Here’s how to trial these popular textures, shapes, and materials in your own home.

From small accent chairs nestled into cozy bedroom nooks to oversized sofas that make a grand statement, new furniture can instantly re-energize your home—or help you keep your interior fresh on a budget. Whether you are toying with the idea of a new piece or are all-in on redecorating in 2023, take note of the best furniture trends of the year before you start shopping.


Knock Knock: These Front Door Paint Colors Are Trending—and Boosting Curb Appeal—in 2023
From soft red to powder blue, these are the shades to consider if you’re ready to give the front of your home a refresh.

Though it may seem like a small change, switching up the color of your front door is a weekend project that packs a mighty punch. A fresh coat of gorgeous paint can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal, set the tone for your exterior, and make for a notable first impression on any visitors. Best of all, this is a straightforward DIY task that even home improvement beginners can nail. If you’re contemplating re-painting your front door, consider one of these shades, which are trending in neighborhoods across the country in 2023.


The 18 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2023
Here’s where to go in 2023 to get the most bang for your buck.

Want to hit the road without breaking the bank? Kayak, one of the world’s leading travel search engines, shared with Travel + Leisure a list of the cheapest places to travel this year.
To determine the most wallet-friendly destinations, Kayak considered searches for flights from July 2022 through November 2022 for travel in 2023. It then took into account the top 100 most-clicked destinations with the lowest average flight and hotel prices, excluding outliers based on certain criteria such as travel restrictions and security concerns. Prices are on average.
Traveling the world doesn’t have to be out of reach. Take a smart and savvy approach to visit desirable destinations at (relatively) affordable price points.




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