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Strato Bar & Lounge – Melbourne, Australia

It’s TUESDAY, the Oscar nominations are out, and we feel like an expansive view of a gorgeous skyline is just the thing for us all today. Grab a seat and be all cosmopolitan and stuff.


Oscars: Michelle Yeoh Makes History as First Asian Best Actress Nominee
The Malaysian icon, nominated for her star turn in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ is the first Academy Award best actress nominee to identify as Asian.

It took 59 years for Michelle Yeoh to land her first lead role in a Hollywood film. And it’s taken 95 years for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize a woman who identifies as Asian in its best actress category.
On Tuesday morning, the Malaysian-born performer, who became a movie star in Hong Kong before successfully crossing over to the global stage, received her expected Academy Award nomination for her multifaceted role in A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once. It is the first career Oscar nod for the beloved icon, 60, known stateside for her supporting (yet scene-stealing) turns in such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Tomorrow Never Dies and Crazy Rich Asians. But for the Academy, the achievement is even more consequential.


An Epic Journey Through Bhutan’s Historic Pilgrimage Routes, With a Side of Luxury
When a child is born in Bhutan, they are visited by an elder monk who triangulates their astrological chart: a detailed reading of past lives and future fates intended to serve as a guide on their journey through life.
It felt fitting, then, that on my first day in Bhutan—as my journey began—my guide, Sonam, escorted me down to a private lounge at the first lodge in Thimphu, the capital city, to have my own astrological chart deciphered and read. Excited to hear about my previous incarnations and what the next decades of my life have in store, I eagerly offered up my birthdate, exact time, and location to an old man wrapped in vermillion robes. His smile faded to something more serious as he studied a tome of swirling Tibetan script.


Everybody’s In: Celebrating a New Era of Impact
Cover star Shania Twain says her songs belong to everybody, influencer David Lopez builds empathy through beauty, Vic Mensa celebrates the diaspora — being “in” isn’t about exclusivity anymore, it’s about making meaning for everyone.

InStyle’s mantra is “Everybody’s in,” and that means we work to make sure anyone who finds their way to our stories can find themselves reflected in them. It means the worlds we cover look like the world we inhabit and all its gorgeous diversity. Now, we’re expanding that phrase into more than a motto, turning “Everybody’s In” into a series of articles celebrating the changemakers who embody the inclusivity, accessibility, and joy we take care to spread.
Of course there are several women on the list, including Ms. “Let’s Go Girls” herself, Shania Twain who, in our cover story says she’s reached an “auntie-ish” phase in her life and career, ready to teach younger artists lessons she’s learned. “I’ve gone through them, so what good are they if I can’t pass them on or share them? It’s like dying with a good recipe,” she says. Gisele Barreto Fetterman, wife of newly seated Senator John Fetterman and an active community organizer in her own right, shares the same sentiment succinctly, saying: “If I can’t bring you with me, I’m not going.”


How to Watch Jason Momoa’s New Show Chief of War
Momoa will star in, write, and executive produce the Apple TV+ original series about Hawaiian history.

Jason Momoa is set to star, co-write, and executive produce a TV show about Hawaiian history for Apple TV+. Chief of War will follow “the story of the unification and colonization of Hawaii from an indigenous point of view.”
“This epic adventure begins at turn of the 18th century when the four major kingdoms of Hawaii were in a state of war. Based on the true story of Ka’iana, a war chieftain who travels to the outside world and learns more about the men invading his island home. Knowing the separate kingdoms will eventually crumble under the weight of foreign interests, he returns home and joins a bloody campaign to unite the warring islands in order to save them from destruction,” a plot summary reads on a casting call.


What’s the Matter with Men?
They’re floundering at school and in the workplace. Some conservatives blame a crisis of masculinity, but the problems—and their solutions—are far more complex.

First, there was Adam, whose creation takes center stage on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Then, fashioned out of Adam’s spare rib, there was Eve, relegated to a smaller panel. In Michelangelo’s rendition, as in the Bible’s, the first man sleeps through the miraculous creation of his soul mate, the first woman and the eventual mother of humanity. Many of our foundational myths are, in this way, stories about men, related by men to other men. The notion of female equality is, historically, an innovation. “Woman has always been man’s dependent, if not his slave; the two sexes have never shared the world in equality,” Simone de Beauvoir wrote in “The Second Sex,” published in 1949. “And even today woman is heavily handicapped, though her situation is beginning to change.” Nearly three-quarters of a century later, that change has continued. By a variety of metrics, men are falling behind parity. Is the second sex becoming the better half?


5 Foolproof Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day
From the traditional to the unexpected, wow your loved ones with one of these beautiful blooms.

While you can easily leave your Valentine’s Day flower decisions up to your florist, it’s fun to add some personal flare when choosing the perfect blooms for your partner. But with so many varieties to choose from, it’s helpful to know a few show-stopping options that will make a huge impact when gifted on February 14. From niche takes on the classics to boldly colored blooms, these foolproof flowers are perfect for your valentine.


Yes, you can have kids and fight climate change at the same time
The progressive case for population growth.

Let’s get this out of the way first. I am not here to tell you to have children. I’m not your mother or your mother-in-law. I’m not the college classmate who posts endless photos of their progeny on Instagram. I’m not your priest, your pastor, your rabbi, or your imam. I’m not going to tell you about all the joy you’ll harvest as a parent or all the fun you’ll pay in recompense. Have a Nick Cannon-sized family, don’t have any kids at all, whatever. It’s your life.
That said, the ocean that is population is made up of the drops of countless individual decisions, and in the US and much of the world, it’s trending in only one direction.


20 Special Date-Night Recipes for Two
Whether it’s your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a date night in, we’ll help you plan the ultimate menu for a romantic dinner at home with our recipes for two. These dishes result in an elegant meal that’s easy to pull off—and will make the time you spend together extra delicious. Whether you’re feeding a carnivore, a pescatarian, a vegetable-lover, or a dessert fan, you’ll find date-night dinner ideas that make eating in so much better than going out.


Sale of Princess Margaret’s wedding tiara reportedly left Lord Snowdon heartbroken
Lord Snowdon, who died in 2017, was reportedly ‘crushed’ by his children’s decision to auction 800 items their late mother owned

Princess Margaret’s late ex-husband, Lord Snowdon, who died in 2017, was reportedly ‘crushed’ that his children sold his former wife’s wedding tiara in 2006, a new episode of Channel 5 series, Secrets of the The Royals, reportedly claims.
The episode claims that ‘David Linley and his sister Sarah broke their father Lord Snowdon’s heart’ with their decision to sell 800 of their late mother’s items, including the Poltimore Tiara, according to the Daily Mail, who appears to have seen a preview episode of the series. Speaking on camera, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, wife of the 11th Earl of Sandwich, reportedly adds, ‘This Christies’ auction was heartbreaking for Lord Snowdon… in fact, he wrote to his children asking them to stop it.’ Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret had divorced in 1978.


These Are the 9 Antique Trends New—and Experienced—Collectors Need to Know About in 2023
Wooden furniture, colorful quilts, and early-American wares are particularly hot right now, say a mix of esteemed collectors.

Increasing numbers of people are turning to antiques and vintage items for furniture, décor, and gift-giving, and experts know why. Namely, home items produced from mass manufacturers simply don’t match the quality level of those from bygone eras—and then, of course, there’s the notion of personalization.
“[People are] finding that antiques last longer, they are a better value, and have no long lead times,” says Sonia Davis of Found Birmingham in Alabama. “Even with new construction, homeowners want one-of-a-kind pieces to warm up their spaces to counter all the new. They are mixing the old with the modern and really trying to use their home as reflection of their personal style—and they know they can achieve that with antique furniture.”


A New History of Modernism: Lesbian, Feminist, Fragmented
“After Sappho,” Selby Wynn Schwartz’s debut novel, considers the lives of women artists and intellectuals at the turn of the 20th century.

“A poet is someone who swims inexplicably away from the shore, only to arrive at an island of her own invention,” Selby Wynn Schwartz writes in “After Sappho,” her first novel.
The twin currents of lesbian desire and creative self-invention drive Schwartz’s narrative, an informal history of the emergence of modernism, told through interconnected anecdotes about real-life women artists, writers, intellectuals, actors, translators, dancers and feminist troublemakers in Europe at the turn of the 20th century.
Throughout the novel, the legendary life and work of the Greek poet Sappho beckons with inspiration.


The Right Way to Use a Meat Thermometer for Perfectly Cooked Beef, Chicken, and Pork
This tool ensures all meat is cooked to safe internal temperatures.

From hearty beef tacos to succulent ribs, meat recipes are the centerpiece of many meals, which is why you turn your focus to achieving the perfect color and texture when preparing them. In addition to perfecting these aspects of the dish, it’s important to incorporate a meat thermometer into your cooking process; this will ensure that your beautiful meal is also safe to eat. That’s why learning how to properly use a meat thermometer—including where to insert it for different cuts and what meat temperatures to look for—is so important.


The Corporate Cafeteria Is Broken. So How to Feed Workers?
Even as the sprawling dining halls of old struggle with emptier workplaces, food is still important to employees, particularly the young. Many companies are reinventing the company meal.

The corporate cafeteria can be an especially lonely place these days.
“You used to walk in at 12 o’clock on a Tuesday and stand in line to get something,” said Casey Allen, 46, who works for a division of the agricultural chemical company BASF in Raleigh, N.C. “Now, you walk in and you’re usually first in line.”
A paternalistic fixture of white-collar life born of the Industrial Revolution, the office dining room survived the midcentury move to sprawling suburban office parks. It weathered the rise and fall of cubicle culture and power lunches, and more recently, the lavish excess of the Silicon Valley office lunch.
But as the American office emerges from its pandemic slumber, can the cafeteria survive layoffs, a workweek that sometimes requires only a few days in the mother ship and a new, more demanding generation of employees?


How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Which Can Harbor Dust and Grease From Frequent Cooking
Pro tip: It’s important to never let the wood get too wet when cleaning, which can cause the material to warp.

Your cabinets are the backdrop of your kitchen, so you want to keep them in pristine condition. But everything from splattered grease on the doors to stray crumbs on the shelves can make these nooks (and their façades) a hub for built-up grime. As these substances accumulate every time you cook, regularly cleaning your kitchen cabinets is a must. If yours are made from or finished with wood, you’ll want to be extra diligent about how you clean and dry them so you don’t ruin the material.


In New Zealand, Sauvignon Wishes and Sashimi Dreams
A road trip on the country’s South Island offered perfect wines, stunning views, intimate restaurants and the chance to make a pilgrimage to a salmon Shangri-La.

For my first night on New Zealand’s South Island, I’d booked an Airbnb in Hawkesbury, a hamlet in the middle of the country’s most important wine region, Marlborough, famous for the huge quantities of sauvignon blanc it produces. The single-lane dirt road to my lodging snaked past some rusty old vehicles in the middle of a working farm, dipped down into a valley, ascended and then circled a steep hill, finally revealing a small, perfect cabin nestled on a gentle slope. The only things visible from my home for the night were rolling hills blanketed in vivid green‌, backed by rocky mountains towering over them. ‌
New Zealand had just reopened to the world, and I was on a road trip.


Barilla Wants to Send One Couple on an Unforgettable Romantic Trip to Italy, Here’s How to Enter
Its time to prove how much pasta (and your partner) mean to you.

Nothing says romance like a trip to Italy, and pasta brand Barilla is making sure that dream comes true for one lucky couple ahead of Valentine’s Day.
The company, which is introducing a limited-edition heart-shaped pasta in time for the romantic holiday, will give away a free trip to Italy complete with stays in Parma and Florence and lots of yummy pasta dishes, Barilla shared with Travel + Leisure. To enter the sweepstakes, entrants must fill out a form online and write how Barilla brings them closer to their loved ones.


This Small Mediterranean Island Is a Hidden Gem With Historic Towns and a Stunning Coastline
Ready for an island escape unlike any other? Gozo is waiting.

Looking for an island getaway where the waters are electric blue, the history is deep, and the crowds are thin? Then it’s time to head to Gozo.
Located in the Mediterranean, Gozo is just one of the breathtaking islands part of the archipelago of Malta. It’s a place that’s been inhabited for thousands of years and has remained a quiet and stunning destination all that time. It’s a place where outdoor enthusiasts and laid-back vacationers can both find a little bliss, if they’re willing to make the trek. Here’s what you need to know about planning the perfect getaway to Gozo.


“Now I Feel I Have A Centre”: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Welcoming Daughter Malti & Her Life With Nick Jonas
From Bollywood to Hollywood, actor, producer and entrepreneur Priyanka Chopra Jonas has always fought to make her mark. Yet nothing could have prepared her for her journey to motherhood, finds Jen Wang.
As Bollywood’s most successful crossover star, since a career-launching win at the Miss World beauty pageant in 2000, Priyanka has been, in her own words, “grinding”. Audiences who discovered her eight years ago, when she secured the lead role of Alex Parrish in ABC’s FBI drama Quantico, may not even be aware that she had already appeared in more than 50 films before she arrived in Hollywood. With her production company, Purple Pebble Pictures, she’s launched a dozen film projects and, in 2021, added New York Times bestselling author to her résumé with her memoir, Unfinished.


39 Of The Most Breathtaking Chanel Show Sets Ever
Just as anticipation surrounded the unveiling of a new Chanel collection when the late Karl Lagerfeld was at the helm, the big reveal of the show set was always a guaranteed moment at Paris Fashion Week – a tradition his successor Virginie Viard is continuing. Over the years, Chanel models have walked runways that riffed on cafés and casinos, icebergs, supermarkets, space rockets… even enormous bottles of Chanel No5.




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