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Posted on January 18, 2023

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Let’s all go somewhere that’s green today, darlings. Today is WEDNESDAY and we all deserve a little celebrating and procrastinating, just for the hell of it. Feel free to peruse our conversation-starters below and dive right into it or sit silently in a corner, happy to be away from it all. It’s always all good in the T LOunge, as we’re sure you know by now.


Jane Fonda on Collecting—And Selling—Extraordinary Works by Black Southern Artists
Fonda is a long-time supporter and champion of Black art from the American South and serves as a trustee of Atlanta’s Souls Grown Deep Foundation, which promotes the work of Black contemporary artists from the Southeast. In 2014 that organization made a transformative donation to the Metropolitan Museum of Art of 57 works by African Americans from the South, and a highlight of the landmark gift was 10 pieces by Thornton Dial, a former steelworker in segregated Bessemer, Alabama.
For the past 20 years, Fonda has collected major works by Dial (who died in 2016 at age 87) and his contemporaries in Alabama, including his brother Arthur and his son Thornton Jr., and on January 18, 14 pieces from her collection will be sold as part of Christie’s auction of outsider and vernacular art in New York.


Michelle Yeoh’s Best Red Carpet Outfits of All Time
The actress has perfected the art of a dramatic red carpet moment.

From sculptural dresses to swoon-worthy gowns, here are our favorite looks Michelle Yeoh has worn on the red carpet through the years.


How Do You Dress a Killer Doll?
M3GAN’s costume designer on achieving the doll’s perfectly creepy persona.

There’s a long, rich tradition of spooky-as-hell doll movies in Hollywood, but M3GAN has already forged her own visual identity in the canon. She doesn’t have the overtly macabre look of Annabelle or the campy carrottop hairdo of Chucky. Instead, M3GAN sits in the heart of what cultural critics call the “uncanny valley”—the idea of something that looks nearly human, but also not quite, creating an unsettling effect. Of course, that unsettling effect comes from her lifelike face and unusual eyes, but it also has a lot to do with her costume: a perverse and drab babydoll dress; flattened, enormous grosgrain pussy bow; skintight striped T-shirt; and white cotton tights.
We catch up with the film’s costume designer, Daniel Cruden—whose credits include Avatar: The Way of Water, Outlander, and The Hobbit films—to learn more about creating a creepy doll aesthetic for the 21st century, and which pieces one or two of the actors may or may not have stolen from set.


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Respond to Jeremy Clarkson’s Apology for Hate-Filled Column
Sources at Amazon Prime Video also reveal that the controversial British TV personality’s contract will not be renewed.

Not good enough. Despite claiming to have apologized to the Sussexes for his misogynoir-laden tabloid column about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, a spokesperson for the couple tells BAZAAR.com that the British TV personality only reached out to Prince Harry.
In a statement released by Archewell, the couple also criticizes Clarkson for failing to address his history of articles spreading “hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories, and misogyny.”
“While a new public apology has been issued today by Mr. Clarkson, what remains to be addressed is his long-standing pattern of writing articles that spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories, and misogyny,” the Sussex representative says. “Unless each of his other pieces were also written ‘in a hurry,’ as he states, it is clear that this is not an isolated incident shared in haste, but rather a series of articles shared in hate.”


A Closer Look at Elle Fanning’s Risk-Taking Critics Choice Look
Elle Fanning was undeniably one of the best-dressed stars in attendance at the 28th annual Critics Choice Awards this Sunday. Fanning—whose Hulu series, The Girl From Plainville, was nominated for Best Limited Series—chose an unexpected take on the 19th-century bustle skirt from Alexander McQueen. Perfect for a 21st-century It-girl!
Fanning is no stranger to retro silhouettes. Her silky Gucci slip dress at last year’s Golden Globes, for instance, channeled Grace Kelly’s sleek style; as did the Dior ensemble she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. But for the Critics Choice, Fanning and stylist Samantha McMillen were drawn to McQueen’s romantic version of the bustle, a garment from the early-to-mid 1870s consisting of a pad or frame worn underneath a skirt to exaggerate the hips.


Preserved Lemons Make Everything Better — Here’s How to Cook With Them
Add a dose of salty, tart umami to everything from soup to salad dressing with one of our favorite fermented ingredients.

Trying to step up your cooking game with no extra fuss? Reach for a jar of preserved lemons. Preserved lemons are one of our favorite ways to cook and eat better, not to mention enjoy more out of lemons. Grab a jar, water, and salt and you can give your cooking a pop of acidity and salty goodness.
Preserved lemons trace their origins to North Africa; they’re a key ingredient in Moroccan and other North African cuisines as well those across the Middle East and the Mediterranean.


This Is Why Chocolate Feels So Good to Eat, According to Science
It all comes down to the perfect amount of fat.

Everyone knows that chocolate tastes delicious, but a group of researchers has been looking into why having a mouthful of chocolate feels so good too.
A team from the University of Leeds’ School of Food Science and Nutrition and its School of Mechanical Engineering have determined that part of the reason eating chocolate is so satisfying is because of the way its fats interact with various parts of our mouths.
That last sentence may sound unappealing, but it’s apparently true. In a study, which has been published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, the Leeds researchers explained that when those bites of chocolate hit our tongue, a “fatty film” — their words — is released into our mouths, providing an irresistibly smooth sensation as we chew.


After ‘Veep’ and ‘Seinfeld,’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Finally Ready to Be a Movie Star
Louis-Dreyfus does not fumble her sentences or search for words. She is as well spoken and polished as a politician and yet she seems truthful, genuine. The harder she is pushed and prodded on sensitive issues — her cancer diagnosis, the high-wire act of comedy and political correctness — the more confidently she volleys back with assured and concise responses. Maybe this is the reflex of a person who’s done hundreds of interviews, but more likely it’s just proof of how deeply she knows herself.


The Images, Colors, and Mind-Boggling Technology of Avatar: The Way of Water
Nearly three decades of collaboration brought director James Cameron and cinematographer Russell Carpenter to the Avatar sequel, which melded brand-new technology with some of the oldest camera tricks in the book.

“Russ and I have worked together so much, we’re kind of like an old married couple,” says James Cameron. He’s talking about—and is on this Zoom call with—the cinematographer Russell Carpenter, who won an Oscar for his work on Titanic and reunited with the director for Avatar: The Way of Water. To Cameron, who spent years developing new technology before he even started principal photography on the film, Carpenter is a vital grounding force. “Russ’s greatest gift as a cinematographer is that it’s an aesthetic feeling that he brings to it,” Cameron says. “I get up in my head technically, and he kind of always grounds me with, ‘What are we trying to say here? What’s our mood?’”


Prince Charles’ Former Butler Says This Is the Only Proper Way to Eat a Pastry
See if you agree with his suggestions.

Finally, we’ve got an answer to an age-old question: What, exactly, is the correct way to eat a pastry? Sure, we’ve all got our opinions. Some people peel croissants before chomping into the buttery center. Others dig in, bite by bite. Some take one pastry, while other people wouldn’t consider it breakfast without (at least) two.
To settle the debate that you didn’t actually know was a debate, Grant Harrold — royal commentator and Prince Charles’ former butler — shared his thoughts in a recent video on Instagram.


Madonna Had The Most Hilarious Way Of Announcing Her Upcoming ‘Celebration’ Tour
A game of truth or dare with Amy Schumer, Lil Wayne and Jack Black? Why not!

Ever since Madonna deleted all of her Instagram posts out of the blue a few days ago, rumours have been swirling about a possible world tour. And last night, our (like a) prayers were answered, as the Queen of Pop took to social media to announce her upcoming Celebration Tour that will kick off this summer and span 35 cities across the world.
But beyond the insanely exciting prospect of seeing Madonna perform all the greatest hits from her 40-year career for the first time ever, the best part of the announcement had to be the hilarious video that accompanied it.


Wait, Is Channing Tatum About To Star In A Remake Of Ghost?
A Dirty Dancing sequel is, of course, on its way, but even more good news for fans of Patrick Swayze-starring cult classics from the ’80s and ’90s? The steamy romantic fantasy Ghost – which featured Demi Moore as sculptor Molly Jensen, as she grieves the loss of her boyfriend – might be getting a remake. And the dashing Hollywood stalwart who could be playing Manhattan banker Sam Wheat, the role made famous by Swayze? None other than Channing Tatum.


The Seedy Glamour of Nineteen-Seventies Hollywood
Ave Pildas set up his camera on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, capturing a now vanished world of tourists and drifters and junkies and aspiring starlets.

The photographer Ave Pildas arrived in Los Angeles in 1971, not a high point for Hollywood glamour. Smog choked the city, the Hollywood sign was crumbling, and the old movie palaces had become porno theatres. But Pildas was entranced by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where he would run errands and eat lunch while working at Capitol Records, as an artistic director. “I was looking around and saying, ‘My goodness, this is like Times Square West!’ ” Pildas said recently. “It was just full of life. There were a lot of actors going to auditions. Most people were wearing shorts and sandals, and, if you saw somebody in a costume, that looked strange. And then, at that time, there were all these hookers in short shorts, and a few massage parlors on the boulevard.”


Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Vision Board: Graceland, Jewelry and Lots of Jumpsuits
Director Luhrmann was given access to the icon’s archives, including unheard recordings, personal correspondence and Presley’s most fashionable looks.

To call Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis “detailed” is an understatement. The Warner Bros. musical biopic, which stars Austin Butler as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, tracks Presley’s life and career from his beginnings as an average boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, with a beautiful voice and great looks to one of the most important figures in American pop culture history.
Like Luhrmann’s previous films, including the best picture-nominated musical Moulin Rouge!, Elvis is an epic, kaleidoscopic project and a tribute to the title character’s legacy, told primarily from the perspective of his infamous manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). It’s also a mashup of cultural references, from Elvis’ own music to contemporary songs by the likes of Doja Cat, Presley’s various performance eras and his fabulous — if fatal — excess once he became one of the most famous men in the world.


Everything You Need to Know About Turbinado Sugar, Including How to Use It in Baked Goods, Rubs, and Cocktails
You shouldn’t, however, use this ingredient as a substitute for white or brown sugar, say our experts.

The number of sugar options on the grocery store shelf is vast—and exciting for people who like to cook and bake. Different sugars give you different textures and flavor profiles to play with. Beyond the standard light and dark brown sugar, you’ll find a range of sweeteners in caramel hues. Among them is turbinado sugar. It’s chunky, sparkly, and crunchy, and often labeled with words like “natural” or “raw.” But it’s not really a raw or natural version of brown or granulated white cane sugar—nor is it a healthier or comparable substitute. It is, however, a versatile ingredient with its own special uses.


4 Important Lessons on Life and Italian Cooking That We Learned From the Pasta Grannies
These YouTube-famous Italian grandmothers share much more than lasagna-making tips.

A group of female Italian cooks in their 70s, 80s, and 90s have become famous for the food—especially the pasta—that they make at home. They’re known as the Pasta Grannies and are beloved all over the globe thanks to a series of YouTube videos that document them making pasta by hand in their own kitchens.
Through these videos and two cookbooks, the Pasta Grannies have let us into their kitchens and warmed our hearts. We can watch them and learn more about the traditional ways of making pasta—and pick up a few life lessons along the way.


Clothes Make the Con Man
George Santos used fashion to flout the rules.

Throughout history, the greatest grifters have understood that dressing the part is half the game. And so it has been with George Santos, the Republican congressman representing parts of Long Island and Queens, who has been unmasked as having fabricated pretty much his entire résumé in his quest to get elected, potentially committing campaign finance fraud in the process.
Why, people keep asking, did it take so long for his lies to be revealed? Why did no one think to poke deeper? Why did the people who did know something fishy was going on not speak up?


Hummus, Tahini and Other Tastes of Home in Jerusalem’s Old City
A local provides a throw-away-the-map food tour of the Muslim quarter, offering a window into the city that tourists rarely see.

There is perhaps no other city in the world where you can hear three languages spoken by the locals to a soundtrack of church bells, the voice of the muzzein and the chatter of tourists from every corner of the globe. But Jerusalem, where I grew up in a Palestinian family, is also two universes within each other: one inhabited by its residents, another reserved for those briefly passing through its arched alleyways.
And while locals happily share the city’s famous landmarks with visitors, we tend to guard its less familiar treasures, particularly when it comes to food, for our own enjoyment.


The Secrets to Beating Jet Lag, According to a NASA Astronaut
NASA astronaut Mike Massimino gives Travel + Leisure the best tips on how to avoid jet lag.

It’s not exactly a secret that here at Travel + Leisure we’re big fans of flying. Something we’re not fans of? Jet lag. Luckily, Mike Massimino, a former NASA Astronaut, has the secrets to beating jet lag for good.
In honor of the very first-ever National Lose the Jet Lag Day (put on by the suite of United credit cards from Chase), T+L sat down with Massimino, who is also an advisor to the new high-tech Timeshifter app, which aims to help travelers beat jet lag with modern science.





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