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Posted on January 11, 2023

Mathura Restaurant – London, England

Darlings, just for today, let’s go with elegance. We’re taking white linen and gold-rimmed china. We’re talking plush velvet and damask, soft lighting, and pretty things to comfort the eyes. We deserve it and so do you.


Ke Huy Quan Is Back and Better Than Ever
After a 20-year break from acting, the former child actor returned to the big screen in Everything Everywhere All at Once—and won a Golden Globe.

While a whole generation knows Ke Huy Quan as Short Round in the 1984 film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Data from The Goonies, a new crop of fans has been introduced to the actor as sweet Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All at Once. Quan’s lovable, googly-eye-obsessed character is the heart of the A24 hit and the moral compass that remains steady as the rest of the world (and the entire multiverse) crumbles around him. Everything Everywhere was Quan’s first role in almost two decades, but the actor had no trouble finding his footing once he was back on set: His standout performance landed the 51-year-old his first Golden Globe for best supporting actor in a motion picture.


Raiders of the Lost Artifacts
The debate over who owns ancient objects has turned art investigators into modern-day Indiana Joneses, swinging through museums and, increasingly, the living rooms of private collectors looking for looted antiquities. The line between preserving and purloining the past has never been less clear.

The Rosetta Stone is one of those historical artifacts that has turned, over time, from object to symbol. The original stele was claimed by Napoleon’s troops when they occupied Egypt in 1799 and then taken by the British as one of the spoils of war when they defeated the French in 1801. The inscriptions on the block were the code to translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the name endures now as a metaphor for any key that can unlock hidden knowledge.
To see the actual Rosetta Stone, you have to visit the British Museum in London, where it has resided behind glass for the last 220 years. But just as Britain’s largest museum was preparing to mark the anniversary of the deciphering of its most popular attraction, cries for the stele’s return have reached a crescendo. More than 100,000 Egyptians signed petitions, saying the Rosetta Stone belongs in the land where it was created, in 196 BC.


65 Of The Best And Most Anticipated Books Of 2023
This year’s TBR list is a veritable feast.

The new year has already brought with it a crop of impressive, headline-driving books (see: Prince Harry’s explosive memoir Spare, and Kashana Cauley’s inventive The Survivalists), but the rest of 2023’s library promises to be just as enthralling. Apologies in advance to your mile-high TBR list; it’s about to get a lot taller.
Ahead, you’ll find 65 hand-picked titles, many of which ELLE has already had the chance to flip through and assess. These recently published and soon-to-be-released books come from a broad range of categories, including fantasy novels, historical nonfiction, celebrity memoirs, essay collections, romance, and literary fiction. (The only thing you won’t find here is young-adult books and series, which we reserve for other, more specific lists.)
Narrowing down the most anticipated titles from a list of thousands is never not a daunting task, and so to make up for any gems we’ve missed, you can check back on this page as we update it throughout the year with the true best of the best. Better prepare your pre-orders, and happy reading.


Gwen Stefani Says ‘I’m Japanese’ and Stands by Her Harajuku Era: ‘It Should Be Okay to Be Inspired by Other Cultures’
Gwen Stefani is standing by her Harajuku era, which started with the release of her 2004 debut studio album, “Love. Angel. Music. Baby,” and continued with the 2008 launch of her “Harajuku Lovers” fragrance. Stefani was widely accused of appropriating Japan’s Harajuku subculture in her album’s artwork and marketing. She also traveled with four “Harajuku Girls,” Japanese and Japanese-American backup dancers who served as a kind of public entourage for Stefani. The group even inspired the bottle shapes for Stefani’s fragrance.
While Stefani’s Harajuku era launched nearly 20 years ago, it’s back in the news due to an interview the singer gave to Allure magazine to mark the launch of her new vegan beauty brand, GXVE Beauty. Stefani was asked about what she learned from her Harajuku era, to which she doubled down on defending it. Stefani said she was introduced to Japanese culture by her father, who worked at Yahama for 18 years and frequently traveled between California and Japan.


27 Winter Recipes to Put on Repeat
While comfort food is welcome all-year-round, in winter, it’s the ultimate way to combat darker days and cold weather. We always keep a few winter dinner recipes in our back pocket to pull out when the temperatures drop: A soul-warming bowl of ginger-and-turmeric noodle soup, a stick-to-your-ribs pot roast, or a creamy, rich macaroni and cheese practically bubbling over the casserole dish. And we also seek out seasonal ingredients to make the most of winter produce—think citrus and root vegetables—and use them in fresh dishes like Puntarelle-Citrus Salad with Roasted Beets. You’ll find all of those spectacular winter dinner recipes and more in this collection.


The Best Behind-The-Scenes Celebrity Beauty Selfies From The Golden Globes 2023
How the A-list get ready to go out-out.

Yes, we’re all borderline obsessed with the stunning hair and make-up looks hitting the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes, but it’s the behind-the-scenes getting ready selfies that we’re far more intrigued by. Make-up free celebrities? We’ll bite.
From last minute LED facials involving full light up helmets, to sheet masks, lip masks, eye masks… well just a whole lot of masks, and more Dr. Barbara Sturm than Hailey Bieber’s bathroom cabinet, the A-list getting ready to go out-out routine is on a whole other level.


Why You Should Store Nuts in the Freezer
The pantry won’t protect their oils and keep them fresh.

You stocked up on nuts for all your holiday cooking and baking projects, and are now left with piles of pecans, cashews and almonds. These nutrient-packed morsels are expensive, so proper storage is key to keep them tasting sweet and nutty until you’re ready to whip up a pie, brittle, pesto, cookie or snack.
Nuts are loaded with healthy, yet delicate, oils that spoil over time. If you’ve ever tasted a rancid peanut, you can attest to how a once toasty, creamy nut can quickly turn bitter and acrid. Luckily, extending a nut’s shelf life is easier than you think, and no special equipment is required. Here are some tips for extending the shelf life of nuts.


All The Key Moments You Might Have Missed From The 2023 Golden Globes
The 2023 Golden Globes ceremony was never going to be a dull affair. The fact that it went ahead at all was controversial, given the criticism the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – the organisation that votes on the awards – has faced over the last two years, for alleged self-dealing and a lack of diversity among its members. However, the star-studded show’s return to screens wasn’t the only notable thing about the night.


Pizza Hut Is Bringing Back a ’90s Fan-Favorite
Everything old is new again.

They say fashion trends are cyclical, but as Pizza Hut is proving, the same can be said for food trends too.
On Tuesday, the pizza giant announced its plans to bring back a favorite straight from the ’90s — The Big New Yorker. According to the company, it’s bringing back the 16-inch pie 24 years after its initial launch as a way to honor its most avid fans, who have been begging for its return for years — including a few thousand of them who started a Change.org petition demanding it get done. And the company is doing it right in time for the Super Bowl.


Jerrod Carmichael Just Gave The Most Subversive Golden Globes Monologue Ever
How, exactly, do you host an award ceremony that went untelevised the year before after the systemic racism of its voting body was publicly exposed? The 2021 LA Times story that revealed the 87-person Hollywood Foreign Press Association had no Black members had serious ramifications for the Golden Globes – but for the broadcast’s grand return on 10 January 2023, the HFPA made at least one decent decision, tapping comedian Jerrod Carmichael to emcee the proceedings.
Carmichael didn’t shy away from addressing his role at the Globes head-on, tackling the complications of being a Black performer tasked with rehabilitating the image of a predominantly white institution. “I’m here because I’m Black,” Carmichael announced, allowing the audience to sit in tittering discomfort before continuing: “This show, the Golden Globe Awards, did not air last year because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which I won’t say were a racist organisation, but they didn’t have a single Black member until George Floyd died. So do with that information what you will.”


Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, Jeremy Pope, Ke Huy Quan, Adam Sandler and THR’s Actor Roundtable
The season’s Oscar contenders open up about returning to acting after grief and disappointment and how to stay hungry over the course of a long career: “Expectation is a dangerous thing.”

Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, Jeremy Pope, Ke Huy Quan, Adam Sandler and THR’s Actor Roundtable
The season’s Oscar contenders open up about returning to acting after grief and disappointment and how to stay hungry over the course of a long career: “Expectation is a dangerous thing.”
That will almost certainly change for most — if not all — on Jan. 24, especially given that their 2022 performances already have been recognized with major nominations. Farrell, Fraser, Quan and Butler received both Critics Choice and Golden Globe noms; and Pope landed the latter and is, like Quan, nominated for a Spirit Award, too. And some already have wins tucked under the belts, with Quan having scored Gotham, L.A. Film Critics Association and New York Film Critics Circle awards, and Farrell having earned Venice Film Festival, National Board of Review and New York Film Critics Circle prizes.


The best and worst moments from the 2023 Golden Globes
That monologue! “Bill Niii-eee”! People yelling at the poor piano player! A catalogue of the Globes’ highs and lows.

After staying out of sight in 2022, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Golden Globes returned to the Beverly Hilton in all of their chaotic glory. Here are our picks for the highs and lows of the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards.
BEST: Jerrod Carmichael tells it like it is
“I’m here because I’m Black.” Jerrod Carmichael kicked off the night by addressing the (white) elephant in the room, a.k.a. the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Pacing the stage contemplatively, the comedian summarized the Globes’ controversy with casual frankness (“they didn’t have a single Black member until George Floyd was killed”) while the audience tittered nervously.


Coming soon: Beef, coffee, and chocolate, without a side of environmental destruction
A new law in Europe could help prevent our favorite foods from flattening forests.

Many popular grocery store items, from beef to coffee, have a dark side. They’re often grown on land where forests were cut down.
That means that when you shop, you might be inadvertently contributing to the ongoing destruction of nature. And much of it is happening in the Amazon rainforest and Congo Basin — two of the most important ecosystems on Earth.
That’s the bad news.
But thankfully, there’s good news, too. In December, the European Union agreed on a landmark law to prevent companies from selling beef, coffee, and a handful of other commodities in the EU if they’re grown on land where forests were recently cleared.


Trending Bedroom Paint Colors to Try in 2023—Plus, a Few Painting Techniques That Will Add Major Character
Consider using these popular shades on structural details, like mouldings, or to create accent shapes.

Trending Bedroom Paint Colors to Try in 2023—Plus, a Few Painting Techniques That Will Add Major Character
Consider using these popular shades on structural details, like mouldings, or to create accent shapes.
“Defining spaces that are used at different times has become increasingly important, so that we can change mood at the end of our working day,” says Joa Studholme, color curator at Farrow and Ball. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on giving your bedroom a makeover in 2023—and be sure to bookmark the defining paint colors and must-try accent techniques that will dominate the design world this year.


How to Clean Your Hairbrush—and How Often You Really Need to Do It
Regularly cleaning your brush prevents dirt, oil, and bacteria from being deposited right back onto your scalp.

While you may regularly clean your makeup brushes and face towels, one beauty tool that’s often overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance is your hairbrush. A hub for excess dirt, oil, and dust, an un-clean hairbrush can cause those substances to wind up back on your head.
To keep your scalp clean, removing the hair from your brush and giving it a thorough scrub regularly is a must. While we understand that you might not want to add yet another beauty chore to your list, cleaning your hairbrush is one you’ll be thankful you took the time to check off.


In a Land of Blending In, Décor That Dares to Stand Out
In Denmark, “we’ve been in a white or gray or beige box for what — 20, 25 years?” said one decorative artist. “I think people have had enough.”

When Nicholas Manville started a job as the creative director at the Danish silverware maker Georg Jensen, he knew Denmark had a decorative history that was less subdued than the neutral palettes and minimalist interiors that have come to characterize décor in both the country and the larger Scandinavian region.
Vikings who lived in the area used a rainbow of colors — red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple — when making textiles, shields and ship sails thousands of years ago. Centuries later, the Danish architect Verner Panton made vibrant shades of orange and violet a hallmark of his furniture and interiors.


7 Best Train Rides in Texas — Vintage Cars and Scenic Views Included
See the Lone Star State in a whole new way.

Train travel is all the rage in 2023. Just ask Pinterest, which predicts it to be one of the hottest travel trends of the year in its annual Pinterest Predicts report. As the company notes, “In 2023, train travel will make a major comeback. Thanks to quicker boarding, extra legroom, scenic views, and a lower carbon footprint, Gen Z and millennials will find a renewed love for this timeless mode of transportation. Searches for Europe interrailing, train quotes, and train travel aesthetic are all trending way up.”
But don’t let Europe have all the fun. Sure, our European counterparts have well-known rail lines that get a lot of love, but there are plenty of tracks in the U.S. that are worth your attention, too. And Texas happens to be home to more than its fair share. Read on for seven fantastic train rides in Texas — both big and small — that you can join on your next trip to the Lone Star State.




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