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Posted on December 06, 2022

Penelope a Casa Restaurant – Milan, Italy


For today, let’s have a little bit of fantasy. Twinkling lights, fine crystal, and lots of little nooks and spaces to bounce to and from as the mood strikes you. It’s TUESDAY and that calls for a little bit of capriciousness, wouldn’t you say? Grab a spot, order a drink, and peruse today’s distractions, lovingly curated for you.


Idina Menzel Opens Up About the Other Side of IVF
Ahead of her new documentary, Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage?, she shares what it’s like to realize it’s “time to let that go” — and focus on the present.

Idina Menzel has been keeping a secret for the last four years.
Menzel tried unsuccessfully to have a baby with her second husband, Aaron Lohr. After several rounds (too many she lost count) of in vitro fertilization, she didn’t get the follicle count or a go-ahead from the doctor that the cycle would have been good enough to complete the whole process.
“At a certain time, you’re exhausted emotionally and physically. It becomes apparent that it is just time to let that go and move on,” she tells InStyle of ending IVF.


Christina Ricci Is Ready to Pass the Torch to the Next Wednesday
The actress says Jenna Ortega is “truly incredible at making Wednesday a modern badass.”

Wednesday has the knowing wink and heightened all-black-everything style that makes it a sure thing for fun adult viewing. But thanks to its nostalgic callback—and Ricci’s original and brilliant performance—the show is also reminding older fans that the “creepy…kooky” heroine is a pretty accurate mood avatar for our current state of stylish exhaustion. Basically, Wednesday Addams is like the side-eye emoji, except in real life and wearing Prada. For those of us who watched Ricci devour the part 30 years ago, seeing the actress back in her element has double the joy. “I’m happy whenever people my age say Wednesday was a big part of their youth,” she says—because obviously, it was a substantial part of hers, too.


These Glitter Ombré Nails Will Steal The Show Every Time
They’re perfect for the holidays.

Nothing screams “festivities” more than a bit of sparkle. Whether you’re donning a head-to-toe sequin jumpsuit, have integrated some tasteful tinsel in your hair, or adding a sparkly nail polish to your repertoire — jazzing up your look with a dash of shine and shimmer is a surefire way to liven it up.
Adding sparkles to your manicure is one of our favorite ways to infuse this type of joie de vivre into our beauty routines. There are so many colors and finishes to choose from — it’s the ultimate accessory. Plus, it’s easy to swap out whenever you want a change, so there’s less of a commitment than say, a hair transformation.


How the White Lotus Costumes Play into the Sicilian Fantasy and Farce
Costume designer Alex Bovaird shares what clothes can reveal about the hotel guests this season.

“Nothing’s too much for The White Lotus” was costume designer Alex Bovaird’s philosophy whenever creator Mike White questioned if sartorially the show had pushed too far this season. For the new set of episodes (airing now on HBO), Emmy nominee Bovaird traded caftans and bikinis in Hawaii for sharp tailoring and bold prints in Sicily, tapping into the luxury hotel’s opulent surroundings and the overarching theme of sexuality.
Authenticity of locale was also essential. Even before Bovaird stepped foot on set—and before White had even chosen the deluxe Four Seasons clifftop San Domenico Palace in Taormina—she was using social media to research the setting.


42 Festive Photos of Queen Elizabeth Celebrating Christmas Over the Years
Queen Elizabeth knew how to get into the holiday spirit.

When December rolls around, the royal family brings Christmas cheer not just to England, but to the world. When Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1952, she continued the tradition of making the holiday a big part of life at Buckingham Palace. Over the years, she’s sported many festive outfits, decorated lots of trees, and greeted thousands of eager members of the public.
Little did we know that 2021 would be Queen Elizabeth’s last Christmas. In memory of Queen Elizabeth, and to mark the royal family’s first Christmas without their matriarch, take a look at these photos of the Queen celebrating Christmas over the years.


What Is Social Media Doing to Our Concept of Pregnancy?
Earlier this year there was an Instagram story prompt that asked people to share photos of themselves pregnant. I can’t remember the exact wording, but I do remember the profound ambivalence I felt while tapping through these different-sized baby bumps—the tiny swells of the first trimester to the watermelon-sized growths of the final days. Part of me loved to see all the smiling faces clutching round bellies; particularly if I was close to the poster, it gave me a thrill of joy to see my friends in their fullness. But I also felt a pang of sadness for myself. I have almost no photos of my pregnancy with my older daughter.


Tilda Swinton and Olivier Saillard Play Dress-up With Costumes From Famous Pasolini Films
You don’t have to be fluent in Cinecittà to get swept up by the latest original performance by Olivier Saillard and Tilda Swinton. “Embodying Pasolini,” their fourth collaboration, premiered at the Mattatoio in Testaccio, a one-time slaughterhouse-turned-theater in Rome last summer. This weekend, it opened in Paris at the Fondazione Sozzani as part of the Festival d’Automne contemporary arts festival.
For this new project, the star fashion curator and the multi-award winning actress took a new tack to exploring clothes: rather than imagine sartorial inner worlds as they did in a trilogy that opened with “The Impossible Wardrobe” (2012), then “Eternity Dress” (2013) and “Cloakroom” (2014), here they delve into the filmography of the iconic Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini and the costumes designed for him by Danilo Donati. Inspired by RoMaison — a project that showcases the creativity in Rome’s most prestigious costume design studios —“Embodying Pasolini” let the duo dive deep into theatrical ephemera and the couture-level craftsmanship behind it.


Miller High Life Made a ‘Leg Lamp Beer Tower’ — Here’s How to Get One
“It must be Italian!”

As far as classic holiday films go, they don’t get much better than “A Christmas Story.” Though the film was released 38 years ago, it’s still making an impact thanks to one very seductive leg lamp. In fact, that leg is so beloved that nearly four decades later, Miller High Life created its own limited-edition High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower.
Though, to be clear, Miller High Life’s leg isn’t a 1-1 replica. The beer company says that even though its beer tower is a nod to the film’s iconic lamp, it has a few key differences. Namely, its leg is modeled after the brand’s Girl in the Moon from its labels. But, just like in the movie, the lamp will arrive in a “fra-gee-lay” box — with High Life quipping that it “must be Italian!”


IHOP Is Finally Making Mini Pancake Cereal a Reality
Soon, you can pour yourself a bowl of pancakes.

IHOP restaurants have evolved to serve a lot more than just breakfast. But we all know it does the first meal of the day best, which is why it’s no surprise the brand is doubling down on its early morning dominance with its new pancake-inspired breakfast cereal. And it’s all thanks to a few viral videos from 2020.
Nearly three years ago, social media was flooded with videos showing miniature homemade pancakes served in bowls cereal-style.


Katy Hessel on how she re-wrote art history
As The Story of Art Without Men is named the 2022 Waterstones Book of the Year, we revisit our interview with its author, Katy Hessel

In October 2015, Katy Hessel – then fresh from an art-history degree – walked out from Frieze Masters in shock. She realised that out of the thousands of artworks presented by the institutions and galleries before her, not one was by a woman. “I thought, how have I been so blind to this world we’re living in?” she tells me from New York, where she has been curating a show. “How have I never questioned my own attitude or the spaces I’ve been in? I was ashamed.” That night, she couldn’t sleep and decided to challenge herself to post about a different female artist every single day on Instagram. The commitment has paid off: with almost 300,000 followers, her account @thegreatwomenartists has become an essential resource for the art world and beyond. As a result, Hessel has collaborated with brands such as Dior, and the artists Deborah Roberts and Chantal Joffe; she hosts her own chart-topping podcast; and has spent the past two years writing The Story of Art Without Men.


The exact lipstick Catherine Zeta-Jones wears as Morticia Addams in Wednesday
And how to get the look

So far, the fashion and beauty trend dominating December is gothic elegance – largely thanks to our preoccupation with the excellently executed new Netflix show dedicated to the Addams Family, Wednesday. Given how small-screen characters are increasingly inspiring fashion and beauty trends, this comes as no surprise. But vampy chic make-up was also sent down the autumn/winter 2022 runways – with bewitching smoky eyes and muted palettes at Bora Aksu, Halpern and Max Mara, as well as the spring/summer 2023 catwalks of Alessandra Rich, Rochas and Chanel, where plummy lips and sooty eyes sat against clean, fresh skin.
Both this generation’s Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, and Morticia, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, are the poster girls for the look. While Wednesday’s beauty vibe is the epitome of “soft goth” – as the show’s make-up artist Tara McDonald explained, Morticia’s is certainly glam goth.


Kirstie Alley, ‘Cheers’ and ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Star, Dies at 71
Kirstie Alley, a two-time Emmy-winning actor who rose to fame with her role as Rebecca Howe in the NBC comedy series “Cheers,” died Monday of cancer. She was 71.
Alley’s death was confirmed through her official social media presence, which shared a statement from her children.
“To all our friends, far and wide around the world… We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered,” reads the statement. “She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with a certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead. As iconic as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother.”


Our Behinds, Our Selves
In Butts: A Backstory, author Heather Radke gets into the politics, symbolism and history of a body part simultaneously revered and scorned.

Over the past few years, perhaps no one has spent more time thinking about butts than Heather Radke. In 2019, the writer and WNYC RadioLab reporter published an essay in the Paris Review about the shame attached to having a large backside while she was in high school. Part of her research entailed interviewing women who had very different experiences with — and relationships to — their butts. “Some wished their butts were bigger, some had mothers who told them to cover their butts because they were too sexy, some loved their butts,” Radke, 39, told me. Many of her peers felt strongly about this body part, and so Radke grew curious about how it became so charged. Early inquiries into the butt’s cultural history proved substantial, and Radke soon realized that it might take a book to untangle the derriere’s thorny symbolism.
The result, Butts: A Backstory (Simon & Schuster) is out now and examines how American culture’s complicated feelings about “the butt” are the product of science, eugenics, fashion design, and Big Fitness (even before such an industry existed).


The Most Productive Way to Start Your Morning, According to Your Personality Type
Not every morning routine is one size fits all. Choose the rituals that speak to your key personality traits for the best results.

If you’re trying to perfect your morning routine, you can take inspiration from dozens of sources: productivity experts, business icons, celebrities (Martha included!), and more. But it’s likely that none of them will be the version that’s exactly right for you.
“A productive morning routine is possible for everyone, and it also looks different for everyone,” says time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick. “Our mornings set the tone for our entire day—anyone who’s ever gotten up ‘on the wrong side of the bed’ knows what this feels like.”


How to Recycle, Reuse, or Donate an Artificial Christmas Tree
There’s definitely a right way to get rid of artificial trees.

A reader recently came to us with a puzzling query: “Our artificial tree has seen better days. Can we recycle it?” asked Joanne Solomon of Athens, N.Y. The benefit of an artificial tannenbaum is that it lasts for many, many holidays and is a mess-free alternative to a classic pine or fir. But as the years go by, there’s bound to come a time where you simply have to let your artificial tree go.
What’s the right way to do just that? Unlike the real versions, there’s a little more that goes into properly disposing of your artificial tree than simply leaving it on the curb—as it turns out, recycling isn’t always an option, and even when it is, there are other things you can do with your artificial tree, too. Here are some ways you can correctly recycle, donate, or reuse that old artificial Christmas tree.


How to Store Christmas Cookies So They Stay Fresher for Longer—Plus, 2 Genius Ways to Refresh Too-Dry Treats
Heed our expert tips to keep your seasonal sweets in their prime.

Are you making tree-shaped sugar cookies or gingerbread and snickerdoodles this year? We hope so: The tradition of baking Christmas cookies is one many families look forward to. Whether you are whipping up several dozen or just a batch or two, knowing how to store your cookies properly will ensure they maintain their flavor and texture.
There are a few different factors that go into keeping homemade holiday treats fresh, which is why we asked professional bakers to explain how to properly store Christmas cookies to guarantee optimal freshness throughout the season.


Who was Kim Philby? As his story is retold in A Spy Among Friends, how the public school boy turned KGB double agent
Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce star in the ITVX drama, premiering next week

Philby’s web of deception has been the subject of endless fascination – as well as film, TV and book adaptations – and is poised to capture the imagination of audiences once more when it is retold in star-studded mini-series, A Spy Among Friends.
Released on 8 December on ITVX, the new free streaming service replacing the ITV Hub, the slick show is an adaptation of Ben McIntyre’s 2015 bestselling book about the friendship between Philby (Guy Pearce) and Nicholas Elliott (Damian Lewis), a fellow MI5 agent.




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