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Posted on December 05, 2022

Vino Veritas Restaurant – Oslo, Norway


Let’s meet somewhere bright and airy today, yes? That way, we can shut out the world while still getting a little fresh air and Vitamin D, should we do desire. It is, after all, MONDAY. That requires extra attention to our self-care needs. Grab a seat and start chatting.


Do We Dare? Art Deco Jewelry Might Make its Return
Art Deco is a style born post-crisis, when boldness was embraced and imaginations were unleashed. The jewelry is marked by fearless lines, irreverent inspiration, and wildly unusual materials. Is it back?

A Cartier High Jewelry ring made of carved coral bars and an emerald center stone with a small diamond drilled into it is what finally got me to say it out loud. But the thought had been rumbling inside my head for a whole week while I looked at 2022 high jewelry collections in Paris. A white marble pebble and diamond bib at Boucheron. Those enormous Mystery Set ruby bows and the triangular emeralds at Van Cleef & Arpels. All the rock crystal at De Beers. The Messika pieces directly inspired by Howard Carter’s 1922 King Tut discovery. “Are we in some kind of new Art Deco?” I asked. Loudly.


Preparations Begin for King Charles III’s Coronation as Crown is Removed from the Tower of London
Described as “the most important and sacred of all the crowns,” the St Edward’s Crown will be used crown the King in May.

The King’s coronation will include the core elements of the thousand-year-old ceremony but is also expected to reflect more modern times. Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned alongside him, but it has not yet been confirmed what crown she will wear. The crown that the last Queen Consort—the Queen Mother—wore when she was crowned in 1937 has caused controversy because it contains contains the Koh-i-Noor diamond. This was presented to Queen Victoria during the heyday of the British Empire, but its ownership is a much-contested subject, with those in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan all laying claim to the gem.
Other insignia used in the coronation contain the Cullinan Diamond, which was found in South Africa in 1905. This features in both the Sceptre and Imperial State Crown and its ownership sparked discussions when these appeared on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as she lay in state.


Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon on Their Moving Duet in George & Tammy
Showtime’s new six-part series George & Tammy begins on the bathroom floor, where George Jones is on another drinking bender. The Texas-born crooner, who earned the diminutive “Possum” to describe his unusual, wiry appearance, would go by another nickname—“No Show Jones”—for the numerous concerts he would miss due to alcohol. When Tammy Wynette (real name, Virginia Pugh) first meets Jones for an audition in a motel room the following morning, her three daughters in tow, she finds him passed out naked with two girls in his bed. “I haven’t shit in three days,” Jones growls. “Mister Jones,” Wynette responds curtly, “I’ve got mouths to feed and a messy house, so if you’re not gonna say ‘yes’ to me, then I’m just gonna get on with my day.”
Jones and Wynette would go on to become not only the biggest hitmakers in Nashville, but also among the most well-known couples in America.


Chateau Lafite Rothschild Adds Its First New Wine in Over 100 Years
With a suggested retail price of $99, the Anseillan label is intended to be more affordable at restaurants

In recent years, many of the most expensive wines in the world — including the most expensive bottle ever sold — have been courtesy of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in the French region of Burgundy. But for many drinkers, the first producer that comes to mind for its priciness is from another part of France: Château Lafite Rothschild. The famed Bordeaux winery held the most expensive bottle record before Romanée-Conti snatched it in 2018 and, as of this time last year, was still listed by Liv-ex as the most traded fine wine brand in the world.


Super 8’s New Candle Collection Smells Like an Epic Road Trip — Snacks Included
Snap up the limited-edition candle set while you can.

Candles are hot — and not just literally. All sorts of brands have been diving into the world of scented candles, and the more unexpected, the better. From McDonald’s creating a set of six candles that smell like a Quarter Pounder when burned in unison to Miller Lite releasing a candle with the aromas of a dive bar, we’ve continued to see interesting spins on the common candle. And now, the Wyndham-owned hotel chain, Super 8, is getting in on the action with a set of (you guessed it) eight candles meant to mimic the smells of an epic road trip adventure.


The products used to create Gwendoline Christie’s 1950s make-up look in Wednesday
The transformation drew inspiration from Hitchcock’s movie heroines

Television characters are increasingly inspiring fashion and beauty trends, and Gwendoline Christie’s transformation for Netflix hit Wednesday is the latest on-screen look grabbing the attention of lipstick fans. Starring as Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy, Christie has since revealed that the role was her first experience feeling “genuinely beautiful” on screen.
The actress thanked director Tim Burton and costume designer Colleen Atwood, as well as the project’s hair and make-up team for her “transformation” in a recent interview.


History of the Hero: The Gucci Bamboo bag
We chart the rise and reinvention of the brand’s iconic, bamboo-handle bag, from Ingrid Bergman to Harry Styles

Gucci today may be synonymous with irreverently luxurious, no-holds-barred maximalism, but you may be surprised to discover that one of the house’s most iconic bags was created out of scarcity.
The Gucci Bamboo – then known only by its product number, 0633 – came to fruition in 1947, in post-war Italy. Designer Guccio Gucci and his team of Florentine artisans responded to the not-so-small problem of a leather shortage by equipping their latest bag with a distinctive handle (and turnlock closure) crafted from bamboo – an incredibly durable and lightweight material that could be easily imported from Japan. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.


How the Cinematography of ‘Women Talking’ Plays With Time
Visually, Polley and Montpellier decided to present scenes that were nonjudgmental, but, he adds, “we weren’t afraid to present images to the audience that would draw you into how these women were feeling.”
A gothic-inspired color palette would make the audience feel a conflict between this suppressive community and the repression that women had experienced. Says Montpellier, “We wanted to shift the audience from these very intense dialogue scenes to the landscape outside and the children that are playing [outside] so that you’re constantly reminded [that] this is what is at stake.”


The White Lotus’ Sabrina Impacciatore Thought She’d Never Get Another Role After Valentina
“I thought, I am fucked. Like, I am fucked! This role is gonna ruin my life,” Sabrina Impacciatore exclaims over a Zoom call from Los Angeles. The 54-year-old Italian actress — well-known and well-loved in her native country after rising to fame on ’90s variety show Non è la RAI — plays Valentina, the manager of the White Lotus Sicily in season two of Mike White’s hit HBO anthology series. Her role is the Italian counterpart to Murray Bartlett’s Armond, a character whose existence was paramount to season one’s conclusion and won Bartlett his first Emmy.


So You Want to Be a TikTok Star
The social-media platform is transforming the music industry. Is that a good thing?

The music industry has been the canary in the digital-content coal mine ever since Napster made music free, in 1999. As technology has steadily altered the form recorded music takes—vinyl records became cassettes, then CDs, then MP3s, then streams—the industry has found new ways to monetize the thing that never changes: the emotional connection a song creates between an artist and a fan.
Now music is meeting a kind of metaverse, in the form of the rapidly evolving platform of sound, video, social media, and marketing that is TikTok. Even before the covid-19 pandemic, TikTok had become a potent music-discovery tool. In one minute on the site, a user like my fourteen-year-old daughter, Rose, might swipe through twenty or more brief videos, each with a short piece of a song synched to it by the video’s creator. Some songs are new, but many are decades old.


Jim Parsons Embraces Being a “Late Bloomer
The ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Spoiler Alert’ star discusses hitting his second-act stride by taking on nuanced gay characters.

Jim Parsons is learning to like control. For nearly his entire career, the actor best known for a 12-season run starring on The Big Bang Theory has been almost exclusively invested in delivering the best performances possible. Even after one of those massive deals to stay put at the late sitcom birthed a shingle, That’s Wonderful Productions, navigating the off-camera stuff often felt like work better suited to someone else. The company has thrived: The Big Bang spinoff Young Sheldon recently hit 100 episodes, the comedy Call Me Kat has been a rare scripted success at Fox, and Netflix’s Special proved a critical darling. But its latest project, in which Parsons also stars, signals a shift. “Spoiler Alert has changed everything,” he says of the movie, out in theaters Dec. 2 via Focus Features and based on Michael Ausiello’s memoir about losing his partner to cancer. “Something that once made me feel distracted actually informed me as an actor. I’ve realized that I want our company to get to a place where we’re almost solely producing for me.”


During a flight, I had to shield my son’s eyes from a nude sex scene on-screen. The airline told me next time I should just change seats.
In April, my 15-year-old son was competing in a national speech competition, and we were both ready to unwind as our flight took off. We had our snacks and books, and because our seats had screens, I knew we could laugh at our favorite shows. I thought I was ready.
What I was not ready for was having to shield my son’s eyes from an explicit nude sex scene.
It happened after we settled in for our flight. I started looking through the options for in-flight entertainment. As I looked at my screen, I could see the one in the row in front of me. I saw a nude sex scene in clear view. To be clear, this was not a passenger’s personal device. This scene was playing on the seat back, with the airline providing the entertainment.
I was shocked. That shock turned to horror as I realized the scene was in clear view of my son sitting right next to me.


Diane Kruger plays the ultimate heiress as she graces the cover of the January issue
In Tatler’s January issue, on sale 1 December, Ellie Austin meets a woman who’s as beautiful and complicated as her latest role

It’s no surprise that Diane Kruger – the archetypal blonde beauty, the woman whose face launched a thousand ships as Hollywood’s Helen of Troy and who’s due to play Marlene Dietrich – should feel at home in her latest incarnation: as a seductive, self-centred 1930s Los Angeleno heiress.
‘I just love that whole world,’ she says, leaning forward intently on her desk. She’s at her townhouse in New York’s West Village, bright-eyed in a loose-fitting denim jumpsuit, her hair damp, her cheekbones high and sharp enough to cut glass. ‘Those femme fatale characters are always fun to play. For me, it’s kind of why I became an actor… I just think they are mysterious. They feel feel – I don’t know – dangerous at times.’


For Emma Corrin, Identity Is an Ever-Evolving Project
Onscreen and off, the nonbinary star of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “The Crown” has been exploring gender and the cost and responsibility of being heard.

The British actor Emma Corrin knew that signing on to star in an adaptation of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” the racy D.H. Lawrence novel, would mean nudity and sex — and lots of it. They were even prepared to be wet, thanks to a pivotal scene in the rain, when the titular couple (Corrin as the lady and Jack O’Connell as the paramour) lovingly frolic naked. “It was that scene in the script that really drew me to the project, because I was like, that’s wild. I haven’t seen anything like that onscreen,” Corrin said.
And yet, that sequence was also “the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life,” they said. (Corrin identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.) There was no movie magic, no hiding behind camera angles and modesty protectors: It was leaping, dripping, fleshy full-frontal vulnerability. Watching the movie, they said, took “a lot of whiskey.”


Greta Gerwig, in the Pink
The actress-writer-director is once again collaborating with her romantic partner, Noah Baumbach, in “White Noise” and “Barbie.”

Greta Gerwig can be scattered. But she likes to say that the greater the chaos and uncertainty, the calmer she gets.
When I met her at her office in Chelsea, she was very calm. This, despite the whirlwind: She’s six months pregnant with her second child, another boy. She’s promoting her star turn in a Netflix black comedy with Adam Driver and Don Cheadle — an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel, “White Noise,” directed by her partner, Noah Baumbach. And she’s editing a movie due out in July that she directed — and she and Mr. Baumbach wrote — that has generated giddy excitement, along with intense curiosity about Ms. Gerwig’s approach: “Barbie,” a cotton-candy-pink extravaganza starring Margot Robbie and, as the living doll’s consort, Ken, a platinum Ryan Gosling.


20 Classic Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipes to Help You Get in the Holiday Spirit
No matter how big or small your celebration might be, it’s not a festive gathering without a platter of classic Christmas sugar cookies. Whether you’re having a cookie swap, setting up a decorating afternoon for your kids, or bringing your family together in the kitchen, these sugar cookie recipes are just the thing to make this season extra special.
Start with a simple but magical recipe—our Ideal Sugar Cookies. All you need are a few basic ingredients—all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, eggs, and vanilla—to make these treats. From here, you can cut them into a variety of festive shapes (think stars, Christmas trees, bells, and ornaments) and decorate them with Royal Icing, sanding sugar, and hard candies.
Or try one of our many other special variations, like Vanilla-Bean Sugar Cookies and Earl-Grey Sugar-Cookie Dough. There’s no better way to welcome the holiday season than with a batch (or two!) of sugar cookies.


This Small California Town Offers a European-style Holiday Getaway — With Christmas Markets, Festive Events, and Dazzling Decor
Danish holiday traditions shine bright in this sun-splashed Southern California destination.

The ultimate passport-free escape that feels like Europe without needing to hop on a long-haul flight, Solvang is an enchanting village in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley with Danish-style architecture, wineries, and postcard-worthy scenery. Dazzling decorations, an abundance of yuletide events, and holiday markets make it particularly popular during the festive season. Plus, you’re bound to get some tasty gløgg (or Scanvidnan mulled wine).
This sun-soaked Southern California gem is also proof that you don’t need heaps of snow, or any flakes at all, to feel merry and bright. Besides, the comfortable climate just means it’s more enjoyable to walk around the quaint downtown, marvel at the light-bedecked thatched roof buildings, snap photos of the iconic windmill, and feast on smørrebrød at the outdoor eateries. And it certainly wouldn’t stop you from rocking a cute Christmas sweater.



One Dough, Six Cookies
With this simple shortbread recipe, you can make six different holiday cookies to share.

What is the single most important ingredient in a great cookie tin? Variety, of course.
And it’s much easier than you think to achieve. This forgiving dough turns into the most delicious shortbread by itself — and then can transform into a number of cookies: clever snappy, jammy, tender, chocolaty treats in different sizes, shapes and designs.
You can certainly take on one recipe at a time, or you can make all six in a single day. To prepare impromptu batches throughout the season, keep the dough wrapped in the refrigerator and bring it out when cravings strike. You probably already have most of the additions for the variations — they’re pantry staples — but stock up on more for endless cookies.
With these recipes, a gift-worthy set of shortbreads is just a few bakes away.



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