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Posted on December 23, 2022

Rolf’s German Bar and Restaurant – Gramercy Park, New York, USA

FESTIVE AF! That’s how we’re feeling today. Having just completed a 30-hour whirlwind tour of New York museums and restaurants, we’re safely ensconced back home, snug as two bugs in a rug as we wait for the epic cold snap to begin. We will spend the next 48 hours eating cookies. We’ll try to fit in some proteins and leafy greens, but we’re not making any promises at this time. We’ll be showing you the top five red carpet looks of the year later today and we’ll be back next week with a look at our favorite movie costumes of the year, as well as a podcast with our various 2022 faves across several categories. Until then, have a fabulously wonderful weekend, even if it means staying in and reading or going out for takeout. It’s all good! The point is to have the best end-of-the-year observance that makes you happy. LUVYAMEANIT.


Amanda Seyfried on why she will never divert away from her personal style
The actress opens up about the challenges of red-carpet dressing and what she thinks makes a great investment piece

Amanda Seyfried still feels uncomfortable on the red carpet. As one of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces, you might assume that she wouldn’t be fazed by it, but, like so many A-list actresses, she still struggles to feel at ease in the unusual situation. Posing in front of so many photographers will always have its challenges, she tells me, and no matter how much experience you have, it rarely feels like a natural thing to do.
“I really enjoy experimenting with fashion on photoshoots, but the red carpet is a different animal; it’s very brief and it’s very frantic,” she says, speaking to me over Zoom from her kitchen table, dressed down in a cosy knit. “You don’t really have enough time. When I’m on a shoot, it feels more like acting – it’s more about the art in fashion, which is really fun for me. You can take as long as you like to feel comfortable and make the clothing work for you, which just isn’t really the case on the red carpet.”


Vicky Krieps Hopes Corsage Reminds Women They Can Be ‘Difficult’ and Still ‘Shine’
Marie Kreutzer’s new film about the rebellious Empress Elisabeth of Austria has timely messages about women aging and defying the expectations thrust upon them.

In Marie Kreutzer’s new film Corsage (out Dec. 23), we meet Empress Elisabeth of Austria on the cusp of her 40th birthday. As the 19th-century empress once wrote in her diary, it’s the age where “a person begins to disperse and fade, darkening like a cloud.” The line is voiced in the film, revealing so much about what the protagonist, and what society at the time, made of getting older. Vicky Krieps, the Luxembourg-born star of the film and its executive producer, first brought the project to Kreutzer because she wanted to paint a contemporary picture of the empress famously known for her beauty, her corsets, and her rebellious streak. The two had collaborated on the 2016 film We Used to Be Cool, a comedy released just a year before Krieps’ breakout role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread.


The Best TV Shows Of 2022
We have to give 2021 props for blessing us with shows (or, as we like to call them, pandemic-era distractions) like Mare of Easttown, WandaVision, and Succession. But 2022 has posed some steep competition in the TV department: With the return of favorites like Bridgerton, Euphoria, and The White Lotus, plus the arrival of buzzy new dramas like Severance and The Bear, this year’s slate kept our eyes glued to the screen.
From classic revivals to new installments of our favorite series, here are the shows we loved in 2022.


A New Harvard-Led Study Shows Women Are Turning to Cannabis for Menopause Symptoms — and It’s Working
Eat the gummies. Just tell your doctor.

For many people, popping a fruit-flavored cannabis gummy to relieve perimenopause and menopause-related symptoms like mood swings, insomnia, and hot flashes, has long been part of their wellness routine. But now, thanks to a recent Harvard-led study in the journal Menopause, this self-treatment is finally gaining recognition from the medical community.
The study, which examined the use of cannabis in 131 women in perimenopause and 127 women who had passed through menopause concluded that “Nearly 79% endorsed it to alleviate menopause-related symptoms. Of those, 67% said cannabis helps with sleep disturbance, while 46% reported it helps improve mood and anxiety.”


Ain’t No Mo’ is Broadway’s Most Important New Play
Writer-star Jordan E. Cooper discusses his biting satire about the Black American experience.

What if, in an effort to end racism in America, the U.S. government gave every Black citizen descended from slaves a one-way ticket to Africa? This question is at the center of Ain’t No Mo’, the formidable new play starring and written by 27-year-old Jordan E. Cooper that made its Broadway premiere on December 1. Directed by Obie winner Stevie Walker-Webb and produced by Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels, the production is a searing—and uproarious—examination of the turbulent experience that is being Black in America today.
The opening scene takes place on November 4, 2008, the day Barack Obama was elected president, and is set at the funeral of Brother Righttocomplain, who represents centuries of warranted Black grievance. With a Black man in the highest office, it seems he can finally be laid to rest—except, as we soon discover, Obama’s presidency results in little respite.


How Women of a Certain Age Became the Best Dressed Characters on TV in 2022
You love to see it.

A standup comic on the road, elementary school teachers, lawyers, Indigenous healthcare workers, and amateur sleuths are only a handful of the varied career paths depicted in the best television of 2022. In fact, so many of our current favorite shows include or have at their center glamorous, powerful, and interesting female characters d’un certain age. Best of all, their costumes are as varied as they are fabulous—much like the life experiences of these women.
Town & Country spoke to 10 costume designers about their work on contemporary-set series that includes the return of beloved characters on And Just Like That (plus a sneak peek at season two), a 13-year collaboration with Christine Baranski, Abbott Elementary’s lively Melissa Shemmenti and dignified Barbara Howard, and two vampires who take fuchsia and silver lamé into immortality.


15 Photos of a Free-Spirited Young Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda has never been a wallflower. In addition to carving out stellar careers in film and fitness, she’s spent much of her life actively fighting for the rights of others, using her platform and privilege to be a voice for people without one. Her activism has resulted in her being arrested several times—including as recently as 2019, while participating in climate change protests in Washington, D.C.
She may have had a famous actor, Henry Fonda, for a father, but she’s certainly held her own on the big screen. Before playing the lead in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, Fonda took on the chic sci-fi role of Barbarella in 1968. In The Electric Horseman and Barefoot In The Park, she starred opposite one of Hollywood’s greatest exports, Robert Redford. Not forgetting her standout smash-the-patriarchy performance alongside Dolly Parton in 9 to 5. And she’s still a free spirit at 85.


2022 Was the Year of the Celebrity Renaissance
[Jennifer] Coolidge isn’t the only celebrity who’s had a renaissance of sorts this year. Don’t call it a comeback, but a handful of stars have reemerged into the public consciousness with exciting new work, reminding us of their greatness. Last month, for instance, Lindsay Lohan made her return to acting (after nearly a decade!) with Falling for Christmas, a Netflix holiday film that snagged more than 31.2 million views in its first four days. Turns out we all missed us some LiLo—and she isn’t going anywhere. “I’m not gonna stop doing rom-coms,” Lohan told Vogue. “I just finished one, and I’ll be doing probably another one very soon.”


The Princess of Wales Celebrates Her Christmas Concert in Festive Knitwear
Middleton has offered up another take on festive knitwear in a promo for Royal Carols: Together At Christmas, filmed on 15 December and due to air in Britain on Christmas Eve: a black sequined cardigan by Self-Portrait with a gold braided trim and black diamanté buttons.
The black shade is notable: members of the royal family never wear it except when in mourning, and this year’s carol service is dedicated to the memory of the Queen. “Her Majesty held Christmas close to her heart, as a time that brought people together and reminded us of the importance of faith, friendship and family, and to show empathy and compassion,” the princess says in the teaser. “This year, we’ve invited hundreds of inspiring individuals to the service. Those who showcase the power of connectedness and community values, allowing us to continue Her Majesty’s tradition of recognizing and thanking those who have gone above and beyond to support others.”


Nepo Baby, Gatekeeping, Gaslighting: The Words of the Year Were More Than Just Slang
Each year brings with it new slang. Take, for instance, some of the trending words and phrases from 2021: ”vaxxed,” “It’s giving…,” “…understood the assignment.” But this year, the most popular buzzwords, beloved by Gen Z especially, felt more loaded. “Nepo baby,” “gatekeeping,” “gaslighting”: These words were shorthands for something else, sure, but they were also useful terms for attacking or critiquing systems of power.
Nepo baby was undeniably the star of the year (even if the Oxford Dictionary decided to crown “Goblin Mode” instead).


This Bakery Has Used the Same Gingerbread Recipe Since 1807 — Here’s the Secret
It’s just as delicious today as it was then.

In 1807, Thomas Jefferson had comfortably settled into the sixth year of his presidency, Napoleon led his French forces to a victory over the Russian empire, and a Swiss baker named Christian Winkler bought a bakery in a town that was then known as Salem, North Carolina. Winkler’s descendants continued to run that bakery until 1926. Although it’s currently owned by the Old Salem Museum and Gardens, it’s still there and still baking sugar cake and other holiday treats, including one very special cookie that the team makes using the same recipe Winkler did more than 200 years ago.


A reminder to anyone grieving this Christmas
Christmas can be a difficult time of year; Bazaar’s writer opens up about grieving during the festive period and explores ways to help

We’re all too familiar with the saying “time is a great healer”. Of course, it is, to some extent. When someone dies, the longer that time goes on without them, the more used you get to them not being around. You no longer go to message them when something funny happens; you don’t look out for the perfect birthday card you know they’ll just love; and you discover new ways of navigating through life without their support. Instead of making new ones, their memory lives on through stories and pictures.
With that said, there are things that time certainly cannot heal. No matter how many years go by, grief will never fail to catch you off-guard. A lyric in a song, a re-run of a favourite show, the sight of the first swallow and then the last. One moment has the power to change it all. You think of how you’d do anything to be with them again; what they’d make of everything and of the person you’ve become without them.


Why Some ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Costumes Took Over 200 Hours to Build
How long would it typically take to build a costume?
“Depends on the costume. It started with a lot of research and development that goes into it. But what did the character and scene dictate to me and to Jim? We followed a lot of the template of the first movie and took it to a higher and more complicated standard. With the Na’vi world, I think on average it took around 200 hours per garment. That was without the research time before that to decide if it was going to be a real shell, a 3D-printed shell or a laminate shell. We kept returning to the natural world and the natural shells because those are the ones that really give life. We found that all this magic of 3D printing, which we did in some cases to augment, wasn’t as good as what was real, handcrafted, sculpted by hand and individual bespoke pieces.”


From The Archive: Nigella Lawson’s Recipe For “The Queen Of Christmas Puddings”
“There is nothing worse than going for Christmas lunch and finding someone’s done something interesting,” Nigella Lawson declared in her first food column in British Vogue’s December 1995 issue. “I don’t want pheasant Marengo or lobster medallions in Armagnac sauce; I want turkey, Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, bread sauce, roast potatoes, dense, aromatic, herby stuffing, and a great pink roast ham, parsley-smothered or spiked with mustard, too.”
She was, however, willing to make certain concessions when it comes to dessert – offering a delicious alternative to a traditional Christmas pudding.


11 photos that show how the White House and Windsor Castle are decorated for the 2022 holidays
Around the world, royals and politicians are preparing for Christmas and the holiday season.
As Christmas 2022 approaches, the White House and Windsor Castle have decked their halls in preparation for the holiday.
Both have decades-old traditions they rely on to celebrate the season, including extravagant decorations.
Photos show how the White House and Windsor Castle get in the holiday spirit.


How to Clean Every Type of Christmas Ornament the Right Way
Follow these expert-approved tips to ensure your precious pieces are pristine before tucking them away in storage.

By December 25, our halls are decked with all of the essentials that speak to the Christmas spirit, from twinkling lights to our favorite festive ornaments. And when sleigh bells are finished ringing for the holiday season? That means it’s time for a thorough clean-up. When you’re ready to pack away your ornaments, it’s important to take the utmost care. Ensure they are cleaned (and stored!) properly, so they’re in the best possible shape when you take them out again next year. To help, we tapped cleaning and holiday décor experts who shared their best tips for polishing up all kinds of ornament types, from fabric and wood to glass and vintage iterations.


4 Chef-Approved Ways to Make Soup Less Salty—Plus, How to Avoid Oversalting
It happens to the best of us—even to professional chefs. Here, they share their tried-and-true tricks for reducing the saltiness of soup.

If you’ve oversalted your soup, don’t panic. Salty soup is a common kitchen mistake, even for professionals. And no, you don’t have to suffer through a bowl of soup with a little too much salinity—there are some easy fixes. Even if you’re starting with a store-bought broth or pre-made soup, these chef-approved tweaks will help reduce the sodium and make your soup more palatable.


27 Grapefruit Recipes Where This Bold Citrus Shines
If lemons are sour and oranges sweet, grapefruit picks up the slack in between. The popular citrus fruit comes in white, pink, and red varieties, and is available year round.
When shopping for grapefruit, choose ones that are heavy for their size, with smooth, rather than bumpy, skin. These are good indicators that the grapefruit will be juicy. Then enjoy their bright complexity in sweet and savory dishes alike, from cookies and cocktails to salads and mains.


Why the Manhattan Is Such a Classic Cocktail—and How to Make It the Right Way
Get your martini glasses out for this three-ingredient drink.

The Manhattan is so much more than the sum of its parts. Standing stately in a classic V-shape cocktail glass, this cocktail is as majestic and sophisticated as the New York City borough it was named after. And yet, it is one of the simplest drinks to commit to memory: two parts American whiskey (some say bourbon, others say rye), one part sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, and a cherry. Stir, strain, and sip—done.


Revisiting the Queen’s most memorable Christmas Day speeches, as King Charles III prepares for his first
The Queen’s speech, delivered 69 times over the course of her historic reign, became part of the fabric of Christmas Day. Broadcast from Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, the address was an opportunity for the monarch to talk about herself, her family and the Commonwealth. She sometimes read a bible verse or a poem. And she tied it all together with a theme – reconciliation, service, inspiration – that reflected on the previous year and would enlighten the next one.


The ultimate Christmas gift? A private tour of Versailles, courtesy of this exquisite hotel that lets you live like Louis XIV
If you dream of liveried footmen taking you on an after-hour tours of the Trianon, or walking along the Hall of Mirrors with no crowds, enjoying Marie Antoinette’s signature almond milk with orange blossom, look no further for the ultimate costume drama à la Louis XIV at Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle, France.


Ali Ahmed Aslam, Credited With Inventing Chicken Tikka Masala, Dies at 77
A Glasgow restaurateur, he was part of the rise of the British curry house — and played an essential part in its story.

Ali Ahmed Aslam, the Glasgow restaurateur who was often credited with the invention of chicken tikka masala, died on Monday. He was 77.
His son Asif Ali said the cause was septic shock and organ failure after a prolonged illness. He did not say where Mr. Aslam died.
Much like Cartesian geometry, chicken tikka masala was most likely not one person’s invention, but rather a case of simultaneous discovery — a delicious inevitability in so many restaurant kitchens, advanced by shifting forces of immigration and tastes in postwar Britain.
Many cooks claimed that they were the ones who served it first, or that they knew a guy who knew the guy who really did. Others insisted it wasn’t a British invention at all but a Punjabi dish. None of those stories seemed to stick.


36 Hours in London
Up for a flavorful London weekend? Stuff yourself royally with a “full English” and a Sunday roast, journey into the literary heart of the city and stroll along the Queen’s Walk.

To the casual observer, London may present itself as a capital wedded to traditional and, at times, perplexing institutions, particularly over the past year, from the rotating cast of prime ministers to the choreographed schedule of mourning following Queen Elizabeth II’s death. In actuality, London is a complex knot of old and new. It is also an almost insurmountable task to try conquering the city in one weekend. This itinerary — which traverses an 1800s wine bar loved by a new generation, a night out in South London’s Caribbean heart, centuries of British art under one roof and riverside strolls — is here to help you unlock some of the city’s sprawling, youthful and diverse nature.


Cathedral of St. John Finally Solves a 100-Year-Old Problem
The cathedral’s dome, a tour de force of tile, was supposed to be temporary. Instead, it’s lasted more than a century. Now, after a $17 million rehab, it could last a couple hundred more.

It cracked. It creaked. It leaked.
Ever since the famed Spanish architect Rafael Guastavino designed the enormous dome in the early 20th century at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, in the Manhattan neighborhood of Morningside Heights, it has been a source of wonder. It has also been a cause for worry and woe, requiring seemingly endless repairs.
But now, after a painstaking three-year, $17 million rehabilitation — and just in time for Christmas festivities — the dome’s 113-year-old aches and pains have been tended to. Its striking terra-cotta tile has been repaired, and a new copper exterior has been added.


The biggest pop culture moments of 2022
The face-offs (both fictional and real), celebrity deaths, interviews, and other entertainment stories that dominated headlines this year.

What will you remember most about pop culture in 2022? What headlines will come to define the past 12 months and perhaps be a Jeopardy! answer in the coming years?
Pop culture is never short of pure moments of glee, but scandals, deaths, and legal battles can also capture the spotlight. From Stranger Things, Funny Girl, and Don’t Worry Darling, to Taylor Swift, Elton John, Harry Styles, Will Smith, Kanye West, and more, we’re looking back at some of the biggest pop culture moments of 2022.


I Visited 8 European Christmas Markets in 2 Weeks — and These Were My Favorites
Here’s what it’s like to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium — all in one trip.

I have my hometown of Chicago to thank for my love of Christmas markets. When I was growing up, my family would make the one-hour trek from our northern suburb to Daley Plaza, where the Christkindlmarket is held. There would be a huge discussion around which weekend to go: The market opens in mid-November, so picking a pre-December Saturday or Sunday means you’ll be less likely to run into crowds, but still a full month out from Christmas. On the other hand, venturing into the city closer to Dec. 25 guarantees you’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other glühwein seekers, but the excitement and festivity of the season somehow makes the packed stalls feel quaint rather than claustrophobic.







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