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Posted on December 21, 2022

Alex Bar and Lounge at the Resort Hotal Alex – Zermatt, Switzerland


ARE YOU FEELING COZY YET? As we lurch our way through this holiday week, trailing cookie crumbs and glitter behind us, it would do us all a little bit of good to spend some time in a gorgeously cozy LOunge, soaking up the vibe and taking a break from all that enforced jingle-jangle. It’s WEDNESDAY. Have a seat.


The Anatomy of a Holiday Movie Outfit, According to Hallmark’s Costume Designer
Yes, there’s a ‘falling in love’ look, and also one specific coat

According to costume designer Keith Nielsen, there’s a method to those movie outfits as well. Although he did get to play around with fashion for a period piece this year, Hallmark’s A Holiday Spectacular, which takes place in the ’50s and stars octogenarian Ann-Margret, Nielsen says that for more contemporary stories, like Lifetime’s The 12 Days of Christmas Eve, which he also worked on, there is a formula he follows for each look.
Ahead, he breaks down the anatomy of a holiday movie outfit, including the pieces you’ll likely spot on screen, the importance of color, and where to buy a classic coat.


The Deeper Meaning Behind Margot Robbie’s Jewelry in Babylon
Turns out, the glittering diamonds reflect her character Nellie’s story, costume designer Mary Zophres explains. See exclusive photos of the pieces here.

Thoughts of Old Hollywood may conjure visions of bombshell glamour, decadence (if not full-on debauchery), glittering diamonds…and Chanel. The French fashion house has a long history with Tinseltown, dating back to the 1930s, when United Artists mogul Sam Goldwyn invited Madem
oiselle Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel from Paris to design gowns for his Los Angeles starlets, on and off-the-screen. In Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s bombastic (not-so-)Golden Age of Hollywood epic, the collaboration continues.


The Best Thing I Did This Year? Travel to Paris Alone
As much as I fancy myself a contrarian—for a 40-year-old mother of two and recent-ish city expat to suburbia—like many basic women, I dream of Paris. The pull was perhaps never more magnetic than in recent years, when the pandemic grounded me with my two hellions—first, hyper-locally in a New York apartment, and then from traveling anywhere at all. It had been 10 years since my first and only long weekend in the City of Light, for my 30th birthday, when I’d ticked off all the touristy boxes—the Seine boat cruise, the shadow of the clock at Musee d’Orsay, dinner with my then-newly-married husband over the red-checked tablecloths at La Fontaine de Mars—but we ran out of time before we could do what I really wanted to do: wander around the Marais, languish at cafés, poke around for special vintage things and generally pretend to be Parisian.


Meet the jeweller using old NHS X-rays to create future heirlooms
“This is a previously unused source of silver that has been lying dormant until now”

With concerns about the planet at an all-time high, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to shop responsibly – and one of the best ways to do this is by investing in brands that use pre-existing materials.
Now, jeweller 886 by The Royal Mint has developed a particularly ingenious way of recycling: transforming disregarded medical X-rays into contemporary pieces of luxury jewellery.
“There has already been so much material extracted from our planet, so there’s plenty of precious metals already in circulation,” Dominic Jones, creative director of 886 by The Royal Mint, tells us. “Seven per cent of the whole world’s gold reserve is stored under people’s beds and hidden away in drawers as broken laptops and phones. The idea that this material is there, unused, when we are still pulling up new materials, doesn’t sit well with me. The X-ray silver is exactly the same: this is a previously unused source of silver that has been lying dormant until now.”


Prince Harry and Meghan have another show coming to Netflix
This project is inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela

It will feature segments with Meghan and Harry, alongside interviews with late Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, climate change activist Greta Thunberg, social justice attorney and advocate Bryan Stevenson, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, South Africa’s national rugby union team captain and campaigner Siya Kolisi, feminist activist Gloria Steinem, and anti-apartheid activist and former justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, Albie Sachs.


The Best Documentaries of 2022
From Amy Poehler’s Lucy and Desi to an exposé on the rise and fall of Abercrombie & Fitch, these are the documentary films and series we loved watching this year.

This was a year filled with thought-provoking and groundbreaking cinematic takes on cultural moments, icons, and social movements through documentary. While some of the below projects and series made an early mark at the documentary competitions at Sundance Film Festival, others found their home on streaming platforms, showing the appetite for true stories is as great as ever. From Sundance hits like Amy Poehler’s Lucy and Desi to Lifetime’s Janet, here are our favorite documentaries and docuseries from 2022.


My Year of Reddit and Relaxation
I misjudged the Web site, which can be a pleasing oasis of text-based communication.

One such stronghold is Reddit, the expansive network of discussion forums founded by a pair of graduates of the University of Virginia in 2005. Today, according to Semrush, an Internet metrics tracking company, Reddit is the fifth most visited Web site in the United States, but its rudimentary interface and its blunt functionality hark back to a more innocent era of online communication. On Reddit, character limits on posts are high, and the mechanism for adding an image to a post is cumbersome. This means that users usually default to communicating in writing, in a way that is more nuanced—if sometimes more long-winded and pedantic—than on any other platform.


How Hallmark takes over your TV every Christmas
The cheesy spectaculars are big business — and make Hallmark the top cable network among most women.

There is a place where it’s always Christmas. Where there is always snow on the ground, where togetherness is the word to live by, where the horrors of the world reliably subside amid the flurries of a beautiful snowstorm. If, in Narnia, it was always winter but never Christmas, then on the Hallmark Channel, it’s always winter and always Christmas (at least between the months of October and January).
The standard line about Hallmark’s endless parade of made-for-TV Christmas movies is that they’re dumb and super cheesy, but they give your grandmother something to watch. They embrace ideas of tradition and family, but only in the vaguest sense. They’re apolitical in a way that people who blanch at the idea that all art is political call apolitical.


18 Christmas Shots That Make Any Holiday Party Extra Festive
From candy cane Jell-O shots to cookie shooters and more!

Cute and festive, Christmas shots are an easy way to get everyone in on the holiday fun — it’s practically a team-building activity (include them in your Christmas party games!). While you could just fill shot glasses with any ole spirit and call it a day, we think it’s more special — not to mention delicious — to mix up a quick drink and pour a round or three. This holiday season, we’re celebrating with shots tinted Christmas red, candy cane–inspired Jell-O shots and creamy eggnog riffs, to name a few. Serve sweet chocolate shots or creamy pumpkin pie shots instead of (or along with) your Christmas desserts or enjoy sweet-tart sips that make the perfect accompaniment to similarly mini-sized Christmas appetizers. But, really, Christmas cocktails of all sorts on the boozier side could be divided into shot glasses and knocked back. The sky (and maybe your alcohol tolerance) is the limit!


‘Carol of the Bells,’ a Christmas Staple From Ukraine, a Century Later
It started as “Shchedryk,” a song about a little bird that was first performed in the United States in 1922. Its enchanting melody has since been sung by Beyoncé and Barenaked Ladies.

For years, the composer John Williams made the twinkling Christmas favorite “Carol of the Bells” a staple of his seasonal program.
“It’s a beloved carol that beautifully eokes the wonder and excitement of the holiday season,” he said in a recent interview. “It was always a highlight of our annual Boston Pops holiday concerts for the many years that I conducted the orchestra.”
The first time the Mannheim Steamroller founder Chip Davis played it for an audience, it “caught everybody off guard,” he recalled of his own bombastic arrangement, first released in 1988 for the group’s second holiday album, the blockbuster “A Fresh Aire Christmas.” “It’s a really invigorating tune and they never heard me do anything quite like it.”


How to Organize Your Pantry and Keep It Tidy, According to Experts
Even the most organized people struggle to find ways to keep their kitchen pantry tidy—and we can understand why. When you’re constantly adding and removing new and old food items, disorder happens fast. Before you know it, your cans, spices, and baking essentials are clumped together and you can’t seem to find the products you’re actually looking for.
The trick to eliminating this unnecessary chaos is to develop an efficient organizational system for your pantry. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, with some self reflection, you’ll be able to create a system that works for your household. Once you’ve figured out what your needs are, start by editing out the items you no longer have use for (as well as anything that has expired). Then place the necessities back into your pantry by following these expert-approved tips.


The Right Way to Store Honey to Keep It at Peak Freshness
Honey can actually last decades—but only if you store it correctly. Learn whether you should refrigerate honey, what do when it crystallizes, and more essential storage tips.

Whether you enjoy it stirred into tea, dissolved for a glaze, or simply spread on toast, honey is one of the most versatile pantry staples. The best part? It’s also one of the most shelf-stable. Despite its longevity, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to storing this sweet stuff and keeping it tasting its very best.


How to Clean Every Type of Floor—and Keep It Spotless
Giving your space a good cleaning is essential to achieving a happy and healthy home, but maintaining your floors—especially when your house has a variety of different flooring that all requires its own specific type of maintenance—can feel like an insurmountable task. Still, cleaning the floors regularly is a necessity. Once armed with our tips, you’ll find that your weekly clean doesn’t have to be something you dread. Whether your home is mostly hardwood, carpet, tile, or stone­—or even a mix of all four—we’ll teach you how to properly clean it. What’s more, we’re sharing pro-approved products for every task.


This Remote U.K. Island Is Home to a Rare Breed of Wild Ponies and a 13th-century Castle Where You Can Spend the Night
Lundy Island, located in the Bristol Channel, is the perfect place to explore the U.K.’s beautiful natural scenery.

“It is a bit of a squeeze in there,” the heliport steward says, prepping us for the helicopter.” There isn’t much room for feet.” We are sitting at the Lundy heliport, in a waiting room building that strangely resembles a scout hut. The walls are plastered with informative conservation boards — details on a zero-rat policy to protect seabirds like Lundy’s beloved puffins, an explanation on the migration pattern of sharks, and, of course, a tiny section dedicated to the Lundy ponies. Looking around at the 40 or so people waiting for a helicopter, you quickly begin to wonder which factor most drew them to this remote British island. Are they intrigued by the ponies as well?


Shania Twain on Reclaiming Her Throne: ‘I Don’t Have Anything to Prove Anymore’
The country-pop icon reflects on her storied career, the difficulties that nearly ended it — and how she returned stronger than ever — as she prepares to release her new album Queen of Me

She’s still the one!
Nearly 30 years after her first album, country icon Shania Twain is back and busier than ever.
Twain, 57, has scaled some historic peaks. The bestselling female country artist of all time with more than 100 million records sold worldwide, Twain redefined the genre with rollicking hits like “Any Man of Mine,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” But she also endured devastating lows on her path to superstardom, from her parents’ tragic deaths and a shocking betrayal that led to her divorce from her first husband to a battle with Lyme disease that nearly destroyed her voice.



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