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Infinity Restaurant at Sydney Tower – Sydney, Australia


Darlings, we have entered that two-week stretch of the year when us telling you to relax and procrastinate is hilariously un-needed. So, Happy Procrastinating Festival to all who celebrate (which is almost everyone)! Despite the holiday, we actually have a few frivolous things to show you today because the celebs are working extra hard at their poledances this year. For now, settle in, enjoy the view, and sample from the menu as the whim strikes you.


Don’t Rain on Funny Girl‘s Parade
Lea Michele and Ramin Karimloo, the stars of Funny Girl, are the toast of the town and Broadway’s most charming on-stage pair. And to think, it almost never happened.

The other day, Lea Michele received what anyone playing Fanny Brice in Funny Girl dreams of getting: a note from Barbra Streisand herself.
“It was so surreal and such a wonderful moment. The fact that she acknowledged my performance—I could cry,” Michele says, referring, of course, to Streisand, who created the role of Fanny Brice in the 1964 Broadway musical and won an Oscar for her iconic performance on screen in the 1968 film adaptation. “I called Jonathan [Groff] and Ryan Murphy sobbing.”
Michele laughs when I ask if Streisand suggested in the note that she should direct her in a remake of the film. “I hadn’t thought about that yet, but now you’ve placed it in the universe,” Michele says, agreeing that it is, indeed, a good idea.


Here’s When Every New Episode of 1923 Drops
Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford star as Prohibition-era Duttons in this Yellowstone prequel

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are joining the Yellowstone universe. The A-list actors star as Jacob and Cara Dutton in 1923, the newest Yellowstone prequel. Per Paramount+, “The series will explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.”
Ford’s Jacob Dutton is the brother of James Dutton (Tim McGraw), from 1883, another Yellowstone prequel. “He’s the silverback,” Ford says of Jacob. “He’s responsible for that branch of the family. These are two people with a very strong bond to each other who are facing really complicated circumstances.”


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Released Their 2022 Christmas Card
Happy holidays from the Sussexes.

It’s that time of year again, when the British royal family wishes everyone a happy holiday season with an annual Christmas card. And this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went the eco-friendly route and sent out a paperless version.
On Friday, the Sussexes revealed their 2022 holiday card, which featured a black-and-white photo of the couple holding hands at the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award Gala in New York City earlier this month. “Wishing you a joyful holiday season,” they wrote. “From our family to yours, and on behalf of our teams at The Archewell Foundation, Archewell Audio, and Archewell Productions, we wish you health, peace, and a very happy new year.”


How To Happy Hour Like Sarah Jessica Parker
Pointers include: canned cosmopolitans and her favorite bars in New York.

“I didn’t really drink cosmopolitans until long after the show went off the air. I’m not a huge drinker, and I think I was so consumed by work for so long for so many years. Especially with Sex and the City, I was working 18-hour days every single day for years and years and years. I would go to work at six in the morning, come home at two in the morning. It was absolutely bananas. I didn’t really ever drink until after the show was off the air, and I think I [went] somewhere that actually had a cosmopolitan and it was just made really, really well. It was like a revelation for me because the cosmopolitans on the show typically are just cranberry juice and water. Obviously, we’re not drinking real alcohol when we’re shooting.
So, I came to my own affection for the drink much later than most people would have imagined…But I really do love a cosmopolitan. I feel like it’s important that if I’m going to do something, that I have some real enthusiasm about it.”


Buckingham Palace Holds Meeting to Apologize for Racism Incident at Camilla’s Party
Royal households “will continue their focus on inclusion and diversity,” the palace says.

Buckingham Palace arranged a meeting to make amends for an incident involving racism, which occurred at a reception hosted by Camilla, Queen Consort, last month.
The meeting between Ngozi Fulani, founder of Sistah Space, and Lady Susan Hussey, took place this morning at Buckingham Palace.
“At this meeting, filled with warmth and understanding, Lady Susan offered her sincere apologies for the comments that were made and the distress they caused to Ms Fulani,” the palace said in a statement today. “Lady Susan has pledged to deepen her awareness of the sensitivities involved and is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the issues in this area.”
Meanwhile, the palace said, Fulani, “who has unfairly received the most appalling torrent of abuse on social media and elsewhere, has accepted this apology and appreciates that no malice was intended.”


Bill Nighy Is Making Up for Lost Time
How are you picking roles these days? Are you looking for anything? And how has that changed over the years?
I mean, when I first started, I pretty much took any job that came because I had to. And then you make a little money and you can wait a little time. But any actor who’s as fortunate as I am, you easily turn down 10 times as much as you actually do. At the moment, I’m an old hand and I’ve been around for a long time, and traditionally my generation of British actors just sits around and waits for the phone to ring and people to say, “Do you wanna come do this thing?” And you go, “Yeah!” or “No.” Whereas now, I am trying to be a bit more 21st-century about it, a bit more modern, and get in at the beginning of things and generate things and make suggestions. It’s a little late in the day—I could have done that a long time ago—but as the film discusses, I’m a great procrastinator.


Rebel Wilson on Her New Dramatic Role, Early Motherhood, and Making Room for Romance
If you’ve watched Bridesmaids as many times as I have, you likely need no introduction to actor Rebel Wilson’s comedic chops; she’s capable of delivering the most anodyne lines in a way that threatens to elicit drink-spilling laughter. But this winter, she’s expanding her repertoire with a dramatic role in Celyn Jones’s film The Almond and the Seahorse, which features Wilson and Charlotte Gainsbourg as two women doing their best to cope with their respective partners’ traumatic brain injuries.
Recently, Vogue spoke to Wilson about making the quantum leap from comedy to emotionally raw drama, why she opted to welcome her first child via surrogate, and the rom-com-worthy story of how she met her girlfriend.


Yes, There’s a Difference Between Roasting and Baking—and It Involves Temperature and What You’re Cooking
The terms are often used interchangeably, but each has its own defining characteristics.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice still learning the basics of the kitchen, understanding fundamental culinary terms and techniques—and how to apply them—will only expand your skill set. While some method are self-evident (boiling pretty much always involves liquid and bubbles), others may be more challenging to differentiate, stumping even seasoned chefs. One such example? Roasting versus baking. These terms, which both involve making something in oven, are often used interchangeably. But are you roasting chicken? Or are you making baked chicken?
We reached out to food professionals to gain more clarity on the distinctions and similarities between roasting and baking—and found some exceptions to standard epicurean schools of thought.


How to Clean Your Menorah After Hanukkah, Including Wax Buildup
Two experts on Judaica share their tips for restoration, whether it’s made of silver, gold, or another precious metal.

Once Hanukkah has ended, we’re often left with menorahs covered in hardened wax, explains Tsadik Kaplan, an appraiser of antique Judaica and author of Jewish Antiques: From Menorahs to Seltzer Bottles. “Since many of the candle holders are lit night after night, there can be some serious wax build-up, especially on the first, second, and third candle holders, as well as on the ninth ‘servant light’, which can be used to light the other lights,” says Kaplan. “The wax does not need to be removed after the holiday, you can procrastinate (like I do), until the following year, when I spend a little time the day before the holiday cleaning my menorah.”


Standing by ‘George & Tammy‘: How the Cast and Crew Captured George Jones and Tammy Wynette‘s Songs and Spirit
Above all else, Showtime’s “George & Tammy” limited series was charged with getting two things right: the relationship, and the records. Cut any creative corners on either the music or the portrayal of the marriage, and the series might have been shamed by all of Nashville and the country-loving world at large. So far, the series has gotten a lot of love and credit for standing by the truth of George Jones and Tammy Wynette from those who know either the story it’s portraying or the nuts and bolts of the classic solo and duo recordings that are being recreated… in their entirety, and not crammed into medleys or montages, it’s worth noting.


Where Are All Our Favourite Christmas Movie Stars Now, From ‘Home Alone’ To ‘Love Actually’
‘Tis the season to wonder what these stars got up to during the other 364 days

Christmas movies are rare in their ability to find a balance between full on corniness and the saccharinely sweet moral lessons we learn from them that we take into our everyday lives. Even when they’re bad, they’re oh so good.
For most people, you’ll watch a good Christmas favourite *at least* once a year. The joy and cheer felt when snuggling up to watch a good festive film is now a part of an intricate annual rite of passage during the season.
As iconic as festive plots and infamous costuming in our favourite Christmas movies can be, one thing that can never be denied, is that its the cast – in particular the notable child stars – ultimately make those films that little bit more memorable. They exist within such significant place in our hearts, bringing back childhood memories having been etched into our festivities for so long that we occasionally we forget that time moves on, and these stars grow up IRL. Shocking, we know.
For those who are curious, we set out to discover what our favourite Christmas movies stars have been up to ever since ‘CUT’ was called on these classic film sets.


The Story Behind Princess Diana’s Favourite Jimmy Choos That “Started Everything” For The Brand
Nowadays, Jimmy Choo is a household name, with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to the Princess of Wales being among the luxury shoe brand’s high-profile fans. But it was another royal who was credited for putting the label on the map back in the day: Princess Diana.
Specifically, it was when the former Princess of Wales wore a pair of pale-blue satin sling-backs by the Malaysian shoemaker, alongside a glittering Catherine Walker minidress, for a performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall in June 1997. “It really started everything for us,” Jimmy Choo’s creative director Sandra Choi previously said.


A Closer Look At Elizabeth Taylor’s Many Spectacular Engagement Rings
Elizabeth Taylor’s expansive jewellery collection reflected a life filled with love and loss. The actor was engaged 10 times, married eight, divorced seven and widowed once. Her personal life was only marginally less colourful than the precious stones that shone from her many rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.
Though she had been presented with three before it, Taylor’s first real gobstopper jewel came when Mike Todd proposed to the then 24-year-old with a “not quite 30 but twenty-nine-and-a-half” carat engagement ring in 1956.
While for most women, their engagement ring is likely the showpiece of their jewellery collection, some of Taylor’s were modest compared to her non-matrimonial rocks – she had been married to Richard Burton for five years when the couple bought the famous $1million (£750,000) stone that was christened the Taylor-Burton diamond.


“We’re a Little Scary and Powerful”: THR’s Actress Roundtable With Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh and More
Danielle Deadwyler, Emma Corrin and Claire Foy also talked about depicting trauma without fetishizing it, why female directors are better than male ones and the power of saying no: “There’s so much change at this table.”
From how they’ve dealt with hearing no to how they’ve learned to say it themselves, the actresses who delivered some of this year’s most memorable performances are sharing their strategies for navigating a changing Hollywood — and a changing world.


The Year in Cat Eyes
How a retro beauty trend left its mark on 2022’s TV shows, TikTok videos, and Taylor Swift lyrics.

Cat eyes, like leopard print and red lipstick, always seem to cycle in and out of fashion. But, this year, the cat eye—a sinuous black line drawn across the top of the lid which flicks up at the corner—left the confines of a makeup trend and became ubiquitous, boomeranging from runways in Paris to red carpets in Venice and across the cultural landscape. Cat eyes could be spotted on television and in film, trending on TikTok and Instagram, and even winding their way through books and pop songs. Usually, a cat eye feels nostalgic, even a bit cliché, evoking Sam Haskins and “Cowboy Kate,” Edie Sedgwick, or the old-world sophistication of stars like Sophia Loren, Meena Kumari, and Eartha Kitt (who not only wore a cat eye, but even played Catwoman on TV). In the past year, though, the style evolved into something much more dynamic and confrontational. Suddenly, there were spiky cat eyes, reverse cat eyes, double-winged cat eyes, bejewelled cat eyes, smoky cat eyes, and more—the bolder the line, the better. Less Jean Patchett on the cover of Vogue in 1950, more Dua Lipa in bustier minidress, fishnets, and rhinestones.


42 Best Christmas Traditions to Make This Holiday a Memorable One
Here are some unique ways to spend time with family this season.

The holidays are always a special time of the year, but part of what makes it so magical is the people that we get to spend it with and the traditions that live on. Every family has their own unique way to celebrate, from Christmas activities that range from counting down the days with advent calendars to baking festive Christmas cookies, there are so many Christmas traditions to partake in.
If you are looking for new ways to make memories with the ones you love, Good Housekeeping editors and contributors are sharing some of their favorite Christmas traditions that are near and dear. Although Christmas is celebrated differently around the world, a lot of traditions share a common ground such as making traditional Christmas foods based on your region and decorating for the holidays. Some of our favorite holiday traditions that you’ll find on this list includes sing your favorite Christmas songs, binging Christmas movies or making homemade ornaments to cherish for years to come.
So, if you are wanting to start a new Christmas tradition this year, there is no doubt that you’ll find a winning idea from our list of unique ways to celebrate the holidays.


78 Best Christmas Appetizers Perfect for Hosting a Holiday Dinner
These easy and elegant finger foods are the best way to start any gathering this season.

When it comes to Christmas dinner, your main course is the star of the show, but the delicious appetizers and finger foods are what really get the party started. You can keep things simple with an appetizer that can be prepped ahead of time, or go for something elegant that will truly wow everyone at the table. If you’re looking to keep things lighter, there are plenty of healthy appetizers to explore, including vegan options that will have people reaching for seconds. These cheery Christmas appetizers are the perfect way to kick off a festive meal, whether you’re cooking for two people or twenty.
This list of Christmas appetizers includes everything from holiday salads that make the most of winter veggies to cozy cheese plates that come together in minutes. But there’s no reason you can’t get creative with something like homemade salsa or flavorful chicken wings. Some of these dishes even come together in the air fryer, saving you time and kitchen space for the rest of the meal.
If you’re looking for even more inspiration for Christmas dinner, we’ve got you covered with ideas for holiday side dishes, seasonal cocktails, and of course, Christmas desserts. After all, it’s not a dinner without Christmas cookies and other festive, sweet holiday treats to cap off the night!


The very serious science of humor
How studying what tickles our funny bone can help explain who we are.

To find mirth in the world is to be human.
No culture is unfamiliar with humor, according to Joseph Polimeni, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba. For someone who analyzes humor, Polimeni tells me he’s still surprised by its complexity: How words and phrases and jokes have different meanings to everyone, but we all have the instinct to laugh. Just as humans have an innate ability to understand language, Polimeni says, so, too, do they have a reflex for comprehending everyday comedy. Sure, there are people who are better suited at making others laugh, but “almost everybody,” Polimeni tells me, can appreciate a quip.
As much as humor is universal, how it works is, to most people, a mystery. We seek out laughs in nearly every form of media, from film and TV to memes and TikToks. At the box office, popular comedies rake in big bucks. Funny people are idolized in pop culture.


Courtly Love Can Be Deadly
In the historian Sarah Gristwood’s “Tudors in Love,” for both monarchs and courtiers the stakes are higher than romance.

History had its first glimpse of Anne Boleyn on the same day Henry VIII did. The date was March 2, 1522, at a pageant in honor of ambassadors from the imperial family of his queen, Catherine of Aragon. A gorgeous fake wooden castle was erected, festooned with tinsel and rich fabrics. Glitteringly attired ladies — representing virtues like Beauty, Mercy, Bounty and Constance — occupied its towers. A hail of dates and oranges pelted by assailing knights was repelled by the ladies’ own merry fusillade of comfits and rosewater. A disguised King Henry led the knights as they “captured” the ladies in a ritual of dance.
One of them, writes the historian Sarah Gristwood in “The Tudors in Love,” was Perseverance. A newcomer on the list of noblewomen, she was “a dark-haired figure; not beautiful but polished to the hard glitter of a gemstone by a youth spent at the continental courts.”


Who Controls Panettone? The Gold Rush Is On
The Christmas treat that one chef calls “the mountaintop” of baking has become a global moneymaker, inspiring laws, contests and a fervid debate over how to make it.

Who owns panettone?
In the last decade, the Christmas classic has burst its Italian borders and gained a global profile. Like Basque burnt cheesecake and French croissants, panettone is being tested and transformed far from home, with new flavors like black sesame, Aperol spritz and cacio e pepe. There are Japanese versions leavened with sake lees and Brazilian ones stuffed with dulce de leche; supermarket minis that cost $2 and truffled ones that fetch nearly $200.
When the standard was set, most likely in 15th-century Milan, panettone was a domed sweet bread with a tender, bright-golden crumb, scented and studded with sugared fruit. It belongs to the same luxurious holiday tradition as German stollen, Polish chalka and British fruitcake: treats made once a year from expensive stores of butter and eggs, refined flour and sugar, spices from Asia and preserved fruit from the Mediterranean. Bits of chocolate were added later, and regional ingredients like lemon on the Amalfi coast and hazelnuts in Piedmont.


This Travel Checklist Will Help You Prepare for Your Next Trip Like a Pro
Be fully prepared to take the best vacation ever with this easy-to-follow travel checklist.

You’ve picked your destination, you’ve booked a hotel, and your plane tickets are in hand. Now all that’s left to do is pack. But what exactly do you need to bring along on your adventure? Here’s an easy-to-follow travel checklist to help you prepare for your next vacation, starting with packing tips.


This Is the Best Season to Visit the National Parks in the American West
Many of the magnificent national parks of the American West are at their best during this cooler, quieter time of year.

Every summer, millions flock to the red-rock landscapes of southern Utah. But the pro move is to visit in spring — the earlier, the better — to avoid the unbearable heat, the crowds, and the possible flash floods that can spoil a summer trip.
To in-the-know locals, springtime goes by a few names. Best known is mud season, that time of year when mountain trails in the region are still boggy from snowmelt. But April and early May also signal the peak of what we in Utah call desert season, when the weather is more temperate and fewer people visit some of our region’s most stunning natural places.


The 25 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2022
Ashley McBryde’s small-town concept album, Adeem the Artist’s revelatory songwriting, and Willie Nelson’s celebration of the restless spirit were among the high points in a year that saw country music pushing even further past its boundaries

FLASHING BACK TO this year’s CMA Awards in November, the consensus was that it was one of the “more country” shows in recent memory. The same can be said of the music that came out of Nashville, Texas, and points in between in 2022. Kelsea Ballerini, Joshua Hedley, Lainey Wilson, Ashley McBryde, Charley Crockett, and Hailey Whitters all incorporated elements of bygone eras into their albums: be they from the rugged Seventies, the golden Eighties, or the glossy Nineties. (Lainey Wilson even wrote this era’s “Strawberry Wine” in “Watermelon Moonshine,” a standout of her superb Bell Bottom Country album.) Yet no matter how far or recent each album looked back, they managed to sound fresh and contemporary.


Two Works by Lavinia Fontana Come to Getty
A painting and preparatory drawing are the Museum’s first acquisitions by the accomplished Italian artist

Lavinia Fontana, a prolific painter, created more than 130 known paintings and over 30 drawings from the mid-1570s until her death in 1614.
Now, two of these, a small painting on copper and a preparatory drawing for it, have come to Getty. Together, the artworks provide insight into the artist’s creative process.
A small painting on copper, Fontana’s The Wedding Feast at Cana was acquired earlier this year and marked the first work by the artist to enter Getty’s collection. The preparatory drawing was recently acquired.
Both works depict an episode from the Gospel of John (2:1-11) in which Jesus, his mother Mary, and his disciples are invited to a wedding. When Mary notices that the wine has run out, Christ delivers a sign of his divinity by turning water into wine at her request. Fontana depicted this miracle occurring amid a lively and sumptuous feast.





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