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Posted on December 14, 2022

Spring Feast Restaurant – Chaohu, China


A cool, open, airy sort of LOunge is exactly what we all need on this WEDNESDAY, don’t you find? The perfect place to break off into chatty little groups or to spend your time brushing up on the old social-distancing skills. All are welcome in the T LOunge; the introverts and extroverts, the gregarious and misanthropic, the loud, the quiet, the bemused and the angry. Let it all out, kittens. Or not!


Allow Stanley Tucci to Make You a Drink
The Searching for Italy star talks trending cocktails, the key to being a great host, and why his signature martini is always the way to go.

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: Stanley Tucci has range. The Oscar nominee, whose career spans several decades, genres, moods, and vibes (you’ve seen him in The Devil Wears Prada, Lovely Bones, Big Night, Julie and Julia, among countless other films), is equally believable playing a deliciously jaded fashion stylist as he is a stone cold serial killer. And that’s just his acting career — the man is also a producer, director, travel host, and, perhaps most unexpectedly, a cocktail-making Instagram sensation.
That last accolade, which began when a video of Tucci mixing a quarantine Negroni for his wife went mega-viral, is how I found myself sipping a martini with the actor in a sky-high Manhattan bar at 3 pm (for journalism). Mr. Tucci’s most recent project, a partnership with Tanqueray No. TEN, celebrates his love for entertaining, mixology, and a good martini, so you better believe that when he invites you for a drink and a chat, you say yes.


See Prince William and Kate’s sweet family Christmas card starring George, Charlotte and Louis
The family were photographed in Norfolk

The Prince and Princess of Wales have delighted royal fans by releasing a new family photograph for their 2022 Christmas card, starring the proud parents with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children were captured by trusted photographer Matt Porteous in Norfolk earlier this year.
The joyful snap shows the family walking hand-in-hand down a path on a bright, sunny day. The Prince of Wales, dressed in a casual navy shirt and jeans, stands on one side of the photo alongside Prince George, nine, who is holding hands with his sister Charlotte, seven, followed by Prince Louis, four, then the Princess of Wales, casually attired in dark jeans, white plimsolls and a white broderie anglaise blouse. The children are all dressed down in shorts, trainers and casual tops as they smile happily for the camera.


President Joe Biden Just Signed a Historic Same-Sex Marriage Bill
Love is love.

In a historic move for the LGBTQ+ community, President Joe Biden signed legislation protecting same-sex and interracial marriage.
The Respect for Marriage Act passed with bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress following months of negotiations and controversies surrounding how it would affect different religions.
The Senate initially passed the bill 61–36, and the House voted last week 258–169 to send it to Biden’s desk for approval.
The act prevents states—regardless of their individual laws on marriage—from using the “sex, race, national origin or ethnicity” of a married pair as a basis for denying them constitutional rights or protections. It also states that the federal government must recognize a marriage between two individuals if the marriage was valid in the state where it was performed.


Why Were We So Obsessed With Costume Design This Year?
Film and television dominated the conversation—both online and in person—with staggering force this year. A new hit seemed to arrive each month followed by a fresh barrage of memes and in-jokes: Inventing Anna, Euphoria, The Dropout, Severance, etc. Yet some of the most passionate pop culture discourse was hardly about plot lines or performances: It was about the clothes.
2022 was a banner year for costume designers. Instagram accounts dedicated to series, like @Closetofeuphoria, accrued thousands of followers. Wardrobes went viral. Carmy’s crisp, Carhartt-tinged uniform in FX’s The Bear made a lot of menswear enthusiasts say, “Yes, chef!” And I can think of several other examples: Lydia Tár’s suits; Wednesday Addams’s TikTok-beloved modern goth garb; the custom Prada looks featured in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis.


What’s Lost When Your Favorite Fragrance Is Discontinued?
I’m always falling in love. With people, with places, with fragrances, with anything. Every time I do, I want to keep that thing as close to me as possible for the rest of my life and into the next. Forever in a single kiss, an eternity in a spritz of perfume. But more often than not, life has other plans. As a beauty and fragrance writer, I spend much of my time interrogating my personal relationship with beauty. I often create ties to color and scent that are more than just skin deep. So imagine my shock when I began to hear whispers that my all-time favorite fragrance was being discontinued. Beauty products are discontinued every day to make room for newer, more exciting things. It’s normal. But the news of my favorite scent, Byredo’s 1996, being pulled from the shelves forever hit me harder than just another product because, to me, this wasn’t just another product.


TV Series Theme Songs Are Back in Fashion as Big-Name Composers Tune Into the Small Screen
Remember when TV themes were instantly catchy earworms? Back in the days of “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Bonanza” and “Mission: Impossible?” And the later days of “The Rockford Files,” “Cheers” and “Friends?”
Those days appear to be back. Think about “Game of Thrones” (and now “House of the Dragon”), “Succession,” “Westworld,” “WandaVision” and “Only Murders in the Building,” just to name a few, and chances are the musical openings for each will haunt your thoughts for the next hour or two.
Why? Are we in a new golden age of television music? The answers, say a quartet of currently busy media composers, are surprisingly complex.


‘Beauty and The Beast’: How Joan of Arc Inspired Belle’s Updated Princess Gown
ABC celebrates the 30th anniversary of “Beauty and The Beast” with a hybrid broadcast special.
The two-hour special, premiering Thursday, includes live never-before-seen musical performances and features brand-new sets inspired by the classic story. Costume designer Marina Toybina was tasked with creating original outfits that pay homage to the 1992 animated feature and heritage while having a modern touch. “90% were made from scratch and we’re looking at close to 400 costumes,” Toybina says of her designs.
Award-winning singer and songwriter H.E.R. will play Belle, Josh Groban is playing The Beast, Joshua Henry will play Gaston and Rita Moreno is the narrator.


Baby, This Was Keke Palmer’s Year
From Nope to that surprise SNL pregnancy announcement, Palmer is the scene-stealer of the year.

Keke Palmer glides into Nope on the wings of a many-feathered monologue. In the blockbuster film, written and directed by Jordan Peele, Palmer plays Emerald, the charming animal wrangler for Haywood Hollywood Horses, a legacy company that trains horses for film and commercial productions. She bounds in to give a safety speech on a film set, delivering both her family history and the serious rules of the shoot with endless charisma. The monologue is a mouthful, but Palmer, in real life, did 14 different takes for Peele, relying on her stamina as a longtime actor to buoy her through the highs and lows of the speech. Her delivery—a precision blend of acting, comedy, and even a little singing on the side—shows the wealth of Palmer’s talent, which she’s been refining and displaying for nearly two decades now. An ascendant moment for a longtime star entering a new phase of her career.


The ultimate engagement ring guide
Planning on popping the question? Let us help you find the all-important ring

Buying an engagement ring can feel very, very serious. And so it should – an engagement ring is a momentous piece of jewellery attached to a major life decision. For many couples, it is also the most expensive purchase they’ve ever made together. It doesn’t, however, need to be intimidating – there is a wealth of independent designers, expert brands and even concierge services that can help you navigate through the myriad stones and styles to find the perfect ring.


Motherhood Quotes – 23 Of The Best Mum Sayings From Celebrities Like Jennifer Lawrence And Meghan Markle
Brace yourselves for a mix of emotions.

Motherhood is a unique experience that involves joy and enlightenment as well as trials and tribulations.
Many people say nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood, from the late-night feeds with a newborn and the immediate caregiving role one adopts, to the happiness and heartbreak involved with bringing up a child.
And for many women, motherhood looks widely different, whether it involves raising a baby with a partner or as a single parent, fertility treatment, surrogacy and adoption.
While motherhood may come in different forms, we often look to others to help provide a shed of light, guidance and advice when it comes to parenting.
That’s why we’ve rounded up the best quotes from celebrities who either have children or about to become first-time mums, from the downright hilarious to the unapologetically deep. Here’s a selection of standout recites from women as they navigate parenthood.


Disappointing photos show what it’s really like to visit Disney World for the holidays
The first time I saw the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) in 2000, I was hooked on the magic of Disney World at Christmastime.
But as an adult, I’ve quickly learned that expectations don’t always match reality.
Unsurprisingly, a lot of people like to go to Disney World for the holidays, so throughout November and December, anticipate longer lines for all the rides.
Rides that have special holiday overlays, like Living With the Land and Jungle Cruise (seasonally dubbed Jingle Cruise), may have even longer waits.
Springing for Genie+ or individual Lighting Lane passes, which let you wait in shorter lines, might end up being a good investment — particularly at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.


20 Small Laundry Room Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Your Space
It can be difficult to set up a functional laundry room if you’re short on space. Dark corners, cramped rooms, and even low ceilings can all make this area of your home feel small and ineffective. Fortunately, a few minor tweaks can help your laundry room work harder—regardless of its square footage.
Our small laundry room ideas will help you make the area brighter, create coveted storage (without taking up more floor space), and personalize your room in ways that can make even the tiniest nook feel more efficient.


24 Delicious Eggplant Recipes You Can Enjoy All Year Long
With its endless possibilities for preparation and gorgeous aubergine hue, eggplant is one of our favorite produce items. Technically, it’s a fruit, but it’s generally treated like a vegetable, and it comes in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s also versatile: Try it grilled, roasted whole, or as part of a vegetable stew. Eggplant makes a great sandwich filling or pasta sauce—and it can even be made into meatballs and more.
Before we share our favorite eggplant recipes, it’s important to know how to identify a good one at the market: The flesh should give a bit when it is gently pressed; there should be no hard spots (avoid produce with brown or soft spots). The skin should be shiny and smooth (not wrinkled or mottled) and stems should be green. A whole eggplant will keep up to a few days in a cool place, but don’t store it in the refrigerator—this will damage its texture.


In search of an attainable New Year’s resolution
How to actually improve your life, one small change at a time.

It’s that time of year again — when seemingly every advertisement, social media post, or well-meaning loved one is quick to remind you how you’re due for a refresh, a restart, a rebrand. Self-improvement is difficult any time of year, but you may feel extra pressure to embark on a life change at the top of the new year. The desire to set goals often comes on the heels of the start of a new week, month, year, semester, or birthday, dubbed the “fresh start effect.” When the slate is wiped clean in any capacity, people feel more compelled to conquer a challenge.


Reclaiming a Place in Animation History for a Female Pioneer
A historian of the form has unearthed works by Bessie Mae Kelley that rank as the earliest-known hand-drawn animated films directed by a woman.

The pioneers of hand-drawn animation were all men — or at least that is what historians (men, almost exclusively) have long told us.
Winsor McCay made the influential short “Gertie the Dinosaur” in 1914. Paul Terry (Farmer Al Falfa), Max and Dave Fleischer (Koko the Clown, Betty Boop) and Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker) each made well-documented early contributions. Walt Disney hired a team that became mythologized as the Nine Old Men.
Earlier this year, however, the animation scholar Mindy Johnson came across an illustration — an old class photo, of a sort, depicting the usual male animators from the early 1920s. In a corner was an unidentified woman with dark hair. Who was she? The owner of the image, another animation historian, “presumed she was a cleaning lady or possibly a secretary,” Johnson said.


Michelle Obama’s Fashion Declaration of Independence
The former first lady dressed with a new sense of freedom on her book tour.

When is a book tour not just a book tour? When it is a platform for the refashioning, literally, of a major public figure — when it is a way for someone whose image at one stage of her life has been memorialized for posterity to signal that it is time to move on.That she, for one, already has.
So it seems in the case of Michelle Obama, at least judging by the image-making on view during her sea-to-shining sea promotional junket for “The Light We Carry,” which came to a close this week. That something new was going on (and not just a new book) was obvious not just to those who made it to a theater to listen to her discuss her memoir/self-help tome with such figures as Gayle King, Conan O’Brien, Ellen DeGeneres and Tyler Perry, but to anyone following along on social media.





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