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Posted on December 13, 2022

Dandy Cafè at Umiltà 36 – Rome, Italy


Cozy modernism with a touch of the surreal, darlings. The perfect LOunge for a TUESDAY, widely regarded as the worst day of the week by an international community of experts. Slide your way into a banquette, order a cocktail, and peruse our menu of distractions while you soak up the vibe.


Why I’m Buying Back Appropriated Clothing as a Power Move
Earlier this fall, I was mindlessly scrolling—as I often do—through secondhand listings on Vestiaire Collective, The RealReal, eBay, and Grailed. On 2nd Street Vintage’s website, I spotted it: a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier top. In my size. For under $150. Was I dreaming?
My initial desire turned to shock as I examined the piece a little closer. The Wild West top featured sepia images of Native American people on it, resembling American photographer Edward Curtis’s famous early-20th-century portraits. The faces were plastered over a scenic mountain landscape worthy of a John Wayne film. This all felt so cartoony and stereotypical. It carried forward the trope that Indigenous people only exist within the context of Old Hollywood Westerns—or worse, that they only exist in the past.


How Chicago Became an Art-World Capital Without Giving In to Art-World Clichés
The city’s reigning artists, gallerists, curators, and community builders have created a style all their own

Theaster Gates has been thinking about monuments. “Young Lords and Their Traces,” his new survey at New York’s New Museum, is all about the way objects carry memories. It’s a familiar theme in Gates’s work, which often highlights the labor, craft, and life in reclaimed materials. The recent losses of some people who were important to him in different ways—like Gates’s former organ teacher and friend Alvin’s mother, Christine Carter, and his longtime colleague at the University of Chicago professor Robert Bird—were weighing on him. So Gates decided to turn the entire show—a collection of sculptures, clay vessels, paintings, repurposed items, and mixed-media works—into a memorial. In tribute to Carter, an organ is the focal point of an entire gallery, flanked on either side by works made from floorboards taken from New York’s Park Avenue Armory. Bird’s expansive library of books on film, art, Russian literature, modernism, and media theory is neatly arranged on a set of shelves in the middle of another. There are tar paintings inspired by the craft and discipline of Gates’s late father, Theaster Gates Sr., who was a roofer, as well as the items and works of other artists, like a boot that belonged to the painter Sam Gilliam and a pair of sneakers from Virgil Abloh.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Share Dreamy New Photo with Kids Archie and Lilibet
Plus, intimate shots of their life together.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan continue opening up about their happy life together since stepping down as senior members of the royal family.
In a new trailer for their docuseries, Harry & Meghan, released by Netflix today, the couple share never-before-seen photos of their romance and their tight-knit family of four.
One particularly dreamy shot shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walking with their two kids: Archie Harrison, 3, and Lilibet Diana, 1. Harry carries their daughter on his shoulders, while Meghan carries their son and gazes lovingly at her husband and Lili.


Brittney Griner’s Wife Shares First Photos Since the WNBA Star’s Release from Russian Prison
“Yesterday my heart was made whole,” she wrote.

Now that Brittney Griner is finally home following nearly one year in Russian custody, her wife is thanking the people who made her return possible.
This weekend, Cherelle Griner shared her first Instagram post since the WNBA star’s release. In it, she included two collages featuring photos of friends and advocates who used their voices to call for Griner’s freedom.
“Yesterday my heart was made whole thanks to the collective efforts of MANY! I’m humbled by their hearts. To care for another, a stranger to some, a friend to some— is humanity in its purest form!” Cherelle, who’s been married to Brittney since 2019, wrote.


Why Christian Dior’s Couture is Canon
After all, it was 75 years ago that the New Look moved France’s psyche out of post-World War II doldrums and into an era of all-is-possible optimism.

After all, it was 75 years ago, following the devastation of World War II, that Dior debuted his haute couture with a stunning proposition the renowned fashion editor Carmel Snow immediately dubbed the New Look. The nipped-waist, full-skirted silhouette felt radical in its return to a sternly constructed line and in its wanton opulence after years of mandated austerity. Dior is credited with helping to move the French nation’s psyche out of the postwar doldrums into an era of all-is-possible optimism. In doing so, he codified fashion as an essential barometer of the society’s mindset.
The impact of that moment has not diminished with time. Couture’s relevance now is rooted in the intimacy of craft. It depends on sui generis artisans for its existence, and they, in turn, depend upon couture for their livelihoods. Chiuri considers this a huge responsibility, which is why she was fiercely committed to safely producing and showing (virtually) couture during the lockdowns that followed the onset of the Covid pandemic.


This Festive Cheese Wreath Lets Everyone Know You’re Serious About Dairy
And a portion of every purchase goes toward a good cause, too.

Love the holidays and cheese equally? The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) and the wine and cheese shop Lady & Larder have something very special just for you.
In honor of the festive season, the CMAB teamed up with the cheese shop run by twin sisters Sarah and Boo Simms to create the California Cheese Wreath Kit. The kit, the group explained, is made up of a collection of California cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, and other items used to create an edible arrangement for seasonal gatherings and gift-giving. And best of all, for each kit ordered, a $20 donation will be made to Feeding America (as part of a guaranteed donation of $10,000 to Feeding America.)


Chips Ahoy! Is Releasing a New Cookie, and It Looks Like Its Most Delicious Yet
Get ready for a real cookie party in 2023.

Attention cookie fans: Your 2023 is about to get a whole lot sweeter, thanks to Chips Ahoy!
On Thursday, the famed cookie brand announced it’s introducing a brand-new flavor in the new year, Chewy Confetti Cake Cookies, inspired by its upcoming 60th birthday celebration. Specifically, it’s hoping the fresh, colorful creation will attract younger fans in the Gen-Z set and help them get to know its flavors a little better.
“We all know that Chips Ahoy! is here for the happy. Now, for its 60th birthday, it’s here for the party,” Natalie Gadbois, the company’s senior brand manager, shared in a statement. “Our chewy cookies introduce new tastes, flavors, and sensory experiences that we know Gen-Z looks for while still keeping the same, familiar Chips Ahoy! cookie quality fans of all ages have come to know and love.”


Have we forgotten how to relax?
Because ‘having it all’ includes wellness, too

For generations, women have fought to ‘have it all’. Now, arguably, we’ve never had more choice or more opportunity (bar a few notable steps backwards). In today’s social media-dominated landscape we’re all multi-hyphenates with portfolio careers and side hustles – mothers, bosses, businesswomen – with more attention then ever placed on our value in both professional and social environments. We are ‘having it all’, it seems – but what we’re not having enough of, is rest.
Experienced transformation coach Jo Glynn-Smith agrees that, for so many of us, rest isn’t where it should be on the priority list. “Sadly, rest is something that is not taken seriously enough and being ‘busy’ all the time is a badge of honour,” she tells me. “We seem to celebrate people who sleep less and work more, but this is putting too much pressure on every part of our minds and bodies, let alone our relationships.”


Jennifer Coolidge on Fighting ‘Evil Gays’ and Seasickness in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 Finale
While Tanya fended off “evil gays” in the Season 2 finale, Coolidge herself battled seasickness. “I told Mike I didn’t want to be on a boat ever again after ‘White Lotus’ Season 1, and of course there were two yachts I had to be on,” she says. “I was so nauseous.”
In an interview following the end of the second season, Coolidge — who in September won an Emmy for playing Tanya in Season 1 — sat down with Variety to discuss how her own “obliviousness” inspired the character, becoming an instant meme and what “The White Lotus” has meant for her and her career.


Ava DuVernay Becomes the First Black Woman on a Ben & Jerry’s Pint with New Caramel Flavor
Ava DuVernay’s ice cream flavor, Lights! Caramel! Action!, will start shipping nationwide in January 2023

Ava DuVernay has a new directorial role — but it’s not for the big screen!
The Oscar-nominated filmmaker, 50, “directed” her very own ice cream flavor with Ben & Jerry’s, making her the first Black woman to ever grace the brand’s pints.
The flavor — Lights! Caramel! Action! — is made of vanilla ice cream with salted caramel and graham cracker swirls and pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough. Available in both dairy and non-dairy almond milk versions, the ice cream will start shipping nationwide in January 2023.
The reasoning behind DuVernay’s flavor combo is simple. “Because I love them and I eat them in real life. First of all, chocolate chip cookie dough. What more needs to be said?” she tells PEOPLE exclusively.


Adam DiMarco’s Guide to Sicily: Where to Eat, Drink, and Party Like The White Lotus Cast
The actor reveals the cast’s go-to spots in Taormina and some behind-the-scenes tales from season two.

Despite being filled with misogynists, cheaters, and ego maniacs (or at least some really good actors embodying those characteristics), the ensemble cast of season two of The White Lotus has absolutely stolen the hearts of fans who tune into the series every Sunday night. It’s not only Mike White’s brilliant writing and Jennifer Coolidge’s impeccable delivery that has won over audiences—the cast’s chemistry seems to transcend age, language, and geography. (Leo Woodall called The White Lotus “the greatest job” he’ll ever have and F. Murray Abraham recently said he’d be up to shooting the season “all over again.”) Almost every week, with the cadence of a new episode dropping on HBO, the actors post IG carousels of behind-the-scenes images, showing off their day trips to various Italian cities, nights out in Taormina, and a whole lot of bonding.


The Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in Your Shower—and How to Make a Fragrant, Mood-Boosting Bundle
When hit with hot water, the fragrant plant reduces stress, provides relief from respiratory issues, and increases energy levels.

Eucalyptus makes a beautiful addition to floral arrangements and works as a stand-alone plant, too, thanks to its striking blue-green, coin-shaped leaves. But the greenery is more than just a decorative piece: The fragrant scent that fresh eucalyptus gives off has aromatherapeutic properties that make it as beneficial as it is eye-catching. This is especially true when you hang a fresh bunch of eucalyptus in the shower.


How to Make Dairy-Free Versions of Your Family’s Favorite Holiday Recipes
Chef and Food Network judge Carla Hall shares her best tips for making plant-based pie crust, creamy gravy, baked goods, and more.

For chef and author Carla Hall, it’s not the holidays without huge quantities of cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes, her grandmother’s five-flavor pound cake, and lots of pillowy dinner rolls—which only Hall is allowed to make. As the culinary matriarch of her family, she helps guide the menus at all of their seasonal celebrations. And though she doesn’t follow a strict dairy-free diet, Hall describes herself as a flexitarian who has always been interested in learning how to cook for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.
“I want to teach people that [cooking without dairy] is accessible and not hard. It teaches you how to flavor foods and get depth of flavor,” she says. Luckily, making dairy-free versions of our favorite holiday dishes is easier than it’s ever been, thanks to a wide variety of options now available in supermarkets. These substitutes go beyond alternative milks; they include plant-based cream, sour cream, cheeses, yogurts, and more.


For U.S. Museums With Looted Art, the Indiana Jones Era Is Over
Prodded by law enforcement, and pushed by foreign governments, American museums are increasingly returning artifacts to countries of origin, but critics wonder at what cost.

For decades, there was a swashbuckling aspect to collecting by American museums. In the 1960s, for example, some museum curators embraced the chase for prized artifacts as if it were big game hunting.
Thomas Hoving, a Metropolitan Museum of Art curator who later became its director, took particular pride in his ability to outsmart rivals in the global pursuit of masterpieces. In one instance he recalled spiriting a Romanesque relief from a Florentine church out of Italy with the help of a dealer who, Hoving said, often stashed objects under a mattress in his station wagon.
“My collecting style was pure piracy,” he boasted, “and I got a reputation as a shark.”
Today many U.S. museums are facing a reckoning for their aggressive tactics of the past. Attitudes have shifted, the Indiana Jones era is over, and there is tremendous pressure on museums to return any looted works acquired during the days when collecting could be careless and trophies at times trumped scruples.


Indigenous Founders of a Museum Cafe Put Repatriation on the Menu
Two chefs celebrate the culture of the Ohlone people at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology at Berkeley, which is seeking to redress past mistreatment of Native Americans.

Healing is what the cafe hopes to bring to its new site. One of the country’s largest repositories of sacred artifacts, the Hearst Museum has a complex‌ and fraught history with the region’s Indigenous people. It currently holds about 9,000 ancestral remains and 13,000 funerary objects collected since the 1870s — the majority Ohlone — and it has been slow to‌ ‌ repatriate them, according to the California State Auditor’s office and the university itself.An additional 200,000 archaeological objects in the museum are awaiting assessment by tribal experts to determine their significance.


Jennifer Coolidge takes Hollywood: Ariana Grande interviews her ‘queen’ for EW’s 2022 Entertainers of the Year
The two friends talk “guys,” cheese, and the White Lotus and Watcher star’s incredible 2022.

Heights may not be her thing, but when it comes to her comedy, Coolidge has always appeared fearless. Since her big break as one of Jerry’s flings on Seinfeld in 1993, she’s delivered one scene-stealing performance after another, with unforgettable appearances in the American Pie and Legally Blonde franchises and Christopher Guest’s hilarious satires. Even still, the 2 Broke Girls alum admits that things feel different after the career-defining year she’s had reprising her role as aloof millionaire Tanya McQuaid on The White Lotus (which concluded season 2 on Sunday) and devouring the scenery as menacing real estate agent Karen on Ryan Murphy’s The Watcher.
“People that I’ve admired for many, many years — for many decades — have DMed me… people that I just worship,” says Coolidge, who also had us cracking up in those UberEats Super Bowl commercials and that Old Navy holiday campaign. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, how could this person possibly know who I am?’ So that’s kind of cool! And then, creative projects that are all of a sudden showing up — some really fun jobs that are coming in, that’s about as good as it gets.”




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