Maude Apatow, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, and Zendaya at EUPHORIA FYC Event

Posted on December 20, 2022

The ladies of Euphoria put on their working-on-a-weeknight-during-the-holidays best for the “For Your Consideration” event. One last gasp of promotion for the show’s second season. We are here to recognize their efforts and then get judgey about it, in that order.



Maude Apatow in Rodarte

FYC events can go any which way when it comes to fashion, with the stars and the style of the piece being considered having the largest impact on the dress code. Euphoria is a show that practically demands attention-seeking promotional fashion. Having said all that, this does look like a bit too much to us. It’s overdesigned and the textiles are harsh and cheap-looking.




Hunter Schafer in Rick Owens

She loves herself a heavy boot. They wouldn’t be our first recommendation for a gown in this style, but Rick Owens pieces practically demand a little edge and darkness in the styling. It’s a strong look with a lot of attitude and it stands apart from some of the more ingenue-esque styles of her co-stars.




Sydney Sweeney in Thom Browne

This is perhaps just a little too twee in some respects, but the style and color make for a nice change of pace for her. We could’ve done without the barrettes, collar bow, and doggie purse.




Zendaya in Schiaparelli

It’s funny. On almost anyone else, we’d be all “SLAY, girl!!!!” but our first reaction to this look on Zendaya was “Oh, she’s taking the night off, we see.” Which isn’t a criticism of the ensemble. She does, in fact, quietly slay in it. But it’s also a nice little indicator that this A-list fashionista didn’t want to pull focus from her co–stars.


[Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images]

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